For #1: Wildflowers


It wasn't surprising that Sokka managed to pull off wounded animal so perfectly that even Aang and Katara started feeling sorry for him. He is the hunter of the group. So, no big surprise that he could pull off the big, innocent eyes with the look of complete helplessness. He even added a trembling lip and a sniffle. He looked so sad.

Unfortunately for him Toph is blind.

What's even more unsurprising is to see Sokka buried up to his shoulders in a flower field at the mercy of a four foot tall blind earth bender that could crush him with a tap of her heel.

"What did you say, ponytail?" said earth bender grinded out.

Sokka helplessly gulped. A quick look to the sidelines told him that he was all alone on this one. "Um…I said...you're looking…very…pretty today?"

"No, you didn't," Toph stated plainly. She kicked at the ground and delighted to hear a high pitched squeal as her bending hit the mark. "If I remember correctly, you said 'Toph, you're a girl. Shouldn't you be girly and pick yourself some wildflowers or something.' "

Sokka winced and in a squeaky voice declared, "Maybe I said something like that."

"Well," Toph snorted. "Let me show you 'girly.' "

The earth bender swiped her hand down and picked a wildflower from its place. In one fluid motion, she brought it up to her mouth and bit the flower straight off the stem.

Spitting it out at a stunned Sokka, she laughed. "How's that for girly?"


Well, how do you like it? It's a part of a list of prompts I found. I have a feeling Toph is the kind of girl who would do something like that. Drop a few lines please, their greatly appreciated.