Part Two


100: Blindness (Katara)

"Aunt Wu," Katara asked the fortune teller upon their second visit to her village. The older woman smiled, motioning for her to continue. "My fore---your predictions, they've not come true." Wu laughed, waving her hand around above the great flame centered in the room. Smoke rose, twisting every which way, and eventually settling into the figure of a teary eyed maiden holding a dying young man.

"Your heart is already open to the possibilities, young Katara," the fortune teller smiled. "But it is your eyes that are closed."

101: Scenery (Lu Ten)

He hated to see the mark that fire left upon the world. It destroyed all that it touched, burning even the hand that feeds it. There is no going on with life as if nothing happened when the flames erupt.

Staring at the long expanse of territory newly added to the Fire Nation, Lu Ten grew sick.

"He will come back," a young girl smiled up at him. He remembered her as one of the captives the Rough Rhinos took from the village by the mountain. She was an orphan now; the last survivor of her village.

"Who will?" he asked softly.

"The Avatar," she said, eyes softly glowing with an ethereal light he'd never before seen. "He will come back, and may the spirits walk with those who cross him, for Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Lu Ten turned away, laughing nervously. "So the Avatar is a woman, huh?" He turned back to the young green eyed child, but found that she was gone. All that remained were a set of footprints where she stood; the largest footprints he'd ever laid eyes on.

"We once were."

102: Nostalgic Memory Prompted by Sight (Iroh)

He bent, fighting against his old bones to pick up a leaf that had fallen. Holding it between his thumb and forefinger, he held it out to the young water tribe warrior beside him. "I met with the spirits, and asked why they took my son." The old man began, tears pricking the back of his eyes as he carried the leaf and tea cup in his hands. "They said, 'You must learn what it is to lose a son, for he will not be the only one."

He let the leaf go, smiling as it danced in the wind. Silently, he remembered a time when he used to walk these hills with Lu Ten, and then with Zuko. Now, turning his head to the young man beside him, he walked with a new son.

Yet, he could still feel the two he failed walking beside him, laughing like the children they once were.

103: Gorgeous Boy/Girl (Toph/Teo cutest couple EVER!)

Toph had never really been out into the real world. Her parent's had always sheltered her; hid her away from eyes that would judge her. What she had soon came to learn, was that while they had the best intentions by keeping those from judging her, they kept other comments at bay as well. Even through Earth Rumbles, she wasn't that out there for people her own age to see.

Iroh supposed this sheltered life she had once led was the reason for her current attitude. The blush, the sigh, the young man in the wheel chair being propelled off the mountain at high speed by a misplaced—or was it?—avalanche. Ah, the old man smiled, to be young and in love.

104: Something out of place (older Zuko/Mai)

He walked in the room nonchalantly, yet still carrying that royal flair to him that attracted her in the first place. She watched him carefully. Her eyes studied the way he walked—like an assassin, she smiled.It was lightly, so that only the most trained could hear his footsteps, yet with the unmistakable grace of someone at peace with themselves.

Mai smiled. He was so easily falling into her trap. Her insanely, and completely innocent free trap.

She sat behind the throne, quietly awaited for her target to come further into range. She wanted him to pay dearly for the hardships he'd caused. However, when he began to shed the robes of a Fire Lord—in return showing a very inviting stomach area—all bets were off.

Mai shook her head. She would not lose to the bastard. Not yet anyways. She turned her eyes back to where he stood. Her eyes widened with fear.

"Thought you'd trick me?" a very sultry voice mumbled in her ear. She fought off the urge to melt. "Fighting me?" It was like he could read her mind. In all probability he could. Mai cursed. "You never were a good fighter." His lips brushed against her skin, just enough to make her surrender. And surrender she did.

"How did you know?" she barely managed.

"You're really becoming sloppy. You left your robes by the door."

105: warm colors (Azula/Sokka…someone asked about that I think)

"You're a brainless son of a bitch Sokka!"

"At least I don't walk around like I have fishing hooks jammed up by ass!"

"Get out of my sight!"

"It's my damn house!"

"Fine, I'll go!"


-sigh-"What, peasant?"

"You forgot your stupid red shirt, cold bitch."

106: sunlight on water (Katara/everyone)

Air, earth, and fire stood in the forest watching the water dance in her element. They became entranced as the sun came out, highlighting her every feature. Air started heating up, earth felt like it could fly away, and fire was a breath away from showing sunlight what it could really do to water.

Katara managed to glance up, seeing the three men hiding in the nearby forest. Screaming, she sent a torrent of water their way, freezing them halfway up a tree. Iroh walked by smiling.

"You have learned a very important lesson young ones. 'Never spy on a girl when her soul is not the only thing bared to her element. It could get quite dangerous.'"

107: music box (Pathik)

He listened to the tuning, the soft melody and sweetness. All he wished was to trap the beauty in a box, and keep her to himself forever. Alas, he sighed. She is as music itself: only meant to be heard, not felt.

108: "our" song (Iroh, Zuko, Kataang's Baby)

Iroh smiled as he watched Katara cradling her child. Even though the young girl shared no blood to him or to Zuko, they both felt a connection. Perhaps that's why—he decided when he thought back to that day—that Zuko had taken the child in arms and sang to her in the most beautiful voice he could muster a song of falling leaves, and of a war she would never have to see.

109: Sound of Night (Roku/?)

Her eye twitched in frustration. She was angry, and only a fool wouldn't notice. "Idiot," she murmured, eyes trained upon the sight before her. Roku, high and mighty Avatar, was in the company of a young woman that he'd taken quite a liking to. Only, he was the Avatar, and as the Avatar he believed he was untouchable by love. Only hardships come from it, Mayu remembered him saying once.

She really hated it when he let his duties overpower his own needs. "Yes, you dumb idiot, love is a need," she murmured violently to herself. "You're going to get with that girl tonight, or I'm going to kill you." Mayu stressed out the last two words, making them seem almost like she was singing.

She smirked. He couldn't hear her. The fool had yet to master the listening to the wind as she had. She could hear all they were saying, but he was deaf to her devious plots. But, she thought as her smirk only grew, precious there can hear what I'm saying if I let her.

By the end of the night, the young woman in Roku's company was clinging tightly to his robes refusing to let go. She kept mumbling something about angry spirits and psychotic birds. The Avatar had no idea what she was saying, but something in Mayu's eyes made him very afraid to question it.

110: doorbell (the mechanist, Toph, Sokka, and Aang convo.)

"What is it?"

"I don't know, I've never seen one before."

"Is it like a door knocker?"

"No, no not at all!"

"The what is it?"

"I call it a doorbell. See, press here and…"


"A bell rings throughout the whole temple, signaling someone's here."




"Okay Aang, that's enough."

113: deaf (Sokka/Toph)



Aang cast a sly look towards Zuko, who was wearing a smirk of his own. "They make a perfect couple don't they.

Zuko's smirk only widened. "Yeah, deaf blind and definitely dumb."

114: Too Loud to Talk (Katara, companion to 113)

The racket continued. Toph and Sokka both screaming, but neither one really understanding the other. Katara could only thank the spirits Toph couldn't bend as well in her old age.

"I swear you can't hear anything in this place." She mumbled.


"Aang, honey, when are we going home?"

115: alarm clock (Meng/Lee)


Meng rolled over and whispered in her husband's nice sized ear. "I predict they will either shut up, or they'll be dinner." She smiled as he got up and walked outside. So predictable, she mumbled.


"Guess what's for breakfast?!"

116: pillow talk (Meng/Lee)

She was mumbling into her pillow incoherently, but Lee thought he'd heard a few howls coming from somewhere inside the dankness. Of all the definitions of pillow talk that he had heard, he didn't think the death threats she was giving hers really counted.

117: birdsong(Aunt Wu, companion to the two pieces above)

"Did you hear that Aunt Wu?" a young girl asked the aged woman. "It sounds like a bird was hit with a shovel."

Aunt Wu laughed. "Wait 'til she drops the big bomb on him. The poor boy will kill all those hybrid pigs thinking he has to fatten her up like a mother hog."

118: Red (Ty Lee)

Azula held up her arm, amazed that her brother could actually land a satisfactory blow on her. "It's red, your highness. You'll need to rest for a bit."

"No she's fine! It's more of a pinkish, purplish, bluish color really. Like, a…a…" Ty Lee cut in.

"Bruise? Whelp?" the doctor supplied. The young acrobat shook her head.

"No more of a 'ee' sound to it."

"Uncooked meat?" Mai smirked. Azula scowled at her, and nearly flipped her a finger.

"That's it!" Ty Lee burst into smiles. "How do you always know what to say?! Are you psycho?"


I redid it. This completes all 120 prompts as I had them written down. Sorry for the screw ups and everything, but I did get it done. Hopefully, not a lot of you read them because of the alert system. Now, it's fixededed and much better. And yes, I meant to spell it that way. Thanks for all the reviews, support, and awesomeness you guys.