Chapter One

And it has been foretold that at the closing of the first millennium at the rising of the Halloween moon,, a Cromwell of great power will embrace the gift. Marnie Piper is a Cromwell from the prophecy.

"Keep it. Give away. Keep it. Give away." Marnie Piper, or now it's Trainer, sat on her bed, magically going through her clothes. Her husband, Cody, sat on a chair in the room smiling.

Just then, Gwen walked in, carrying a pile of clothes. She stopped when she saw the sight before her. "Marnie?"

"Hey, mom." Marnie said.

"What is going on in here?"

"I've decided to make a new start. I'm cleaning high school out of my closet. Actually it's cleaning itself out, I'm just helping it make decisions." Marnie replied.

"If I remember, high school was the second best part of my life. I got a chance to meet you and become a warlock." Cody said, snapping his fingers. A shirt and a pair of jeans popped out of his dresser and stretched out to be used the next day.

"What is the first best part?" Marnie asked.

"Marrying you." Cody flashed her a grin.

A white dress on a hanger flew by. "Did I buy that?" She asked.

"No, I bought you that." Gwen said.

"Oh, love it." Marnie said, nervously glancing at her mom.

Meanwhile in Halloweentown, Cassie and Ethan were in their potions lab. All we need now is fish guts and the potion is complete." Cassie said.

Ethan walked over to the shelves and picked up a jar with fish guts in it. Before Cassie could tell him how much to put in, he dumped the whole jar in.

It started to boil like crazy. "It's going to blow." He said, grabbing Cassie and shielding her from harm. The potion exploded and covered the couple in a hot pink liquid.

Ethan stood up and looked at Cassie. He smiled at her. "Oops."

Cassie threw back her head and laughed. "At least it's not hot." With a quick spell, the mess was cleaned up and put back the way it was.

"Ethan, Cassie, It's time." Ethan's mother called from downstairs.

Back at the Piper's house, Gwen was talking to a pot of soup. "Mother, just let me speak to her. Well, where is she? Well, just tell her I want to talk to her for a minute." She said.

Marnie and Cody walked into the room. "Mom, are you talking to soup again?" Marnie asked.

Gwen quickly put the lid on the soup. "Absolutely not. Oww." She accidentally burned herself. Cody walked in with a box. "There's room for that in the garage."

"Cool." Cody said.

Marnie picked up the box and said, "Garage."

"Marnie." Gwen scolded. Marnie jumped and the box fell. "Stop with the magic."

Cody picked up the box and took it out to the garage manually. He didn't want Mrs. Piper yelling at him for using magic.

Back inside, Marnie and Gwen were arguing. "You said no magic around Sophie." Marnie pointed out.

"Sophie's not here." Dylan said, walking into the room.

"Don't remind me. Off touring the galaxy, doing magic, casting spells. She's just too young." Gwen said.

"She's with grandma Aggie." Dylan said.

"Like that's supposed to make me feel better."

"Where's Natalie?" Marnie asked.

"Upstairs getting ready. Her older sister is getting married and she's going to stay with her family for a few weeks." Dylan said.

Cody walked back into the kitchen and took a seat at the counter.

Just then, the soup pot rang and shook. "Soup's done." Gwen said, pushing down on the lid. "Who wants some?"

"Not me." Marnie, Cody, and Dylan said all at once.

"We'll just let it simmer." Gwen said, still holding down on the lid.

"Gwen, you who..." A voice called. Marnie gave her mother a look, and walked over beside her. She lifted the lid off the soup pot. Inside was the image of her grandmother.

"Oh, Marnie, I thought the call was dropped." Aggie said.

"No, grandma, we're here." Marnie said.

"Oh, Gwen, before we lose contact..." Aggie started.

"Lose contact? Why would we lose contact?" Gwen asked, anxiously.

"Sophie is progressing wonderfully, but her inter dimensional time travel still needs a little work." Aggie informed them.

"Must run in the family." Dylan said from behind them. Natalie walked into the room, and gently nudged him in the ribs.

"Oh, Marnie before I forget, congratulations. Cody too." Aggie's image faded. Marnie took a side glance at her mother and got a weird look on her face.

"Bye, Grandma." Marnie said, closing the lid. "The soup pot coverage in this area stinks." Marnie said, walking away.

"Congratulations on what?" Gwen asked, following her daughter.

Cody would have normally followed them, but he knew that this was one battle he didn't want to get in. Instead he stayed in the kitchen with Natalie and Dylan.

"What?" Gwen asked upstairs.

Marnie held up a brochure. "Cody and I have been accepted to Witch University. We're going to school in Halloweentown."

"No, Marnie." Gwen laughed. "We discussed this. You to go community college for two years and then go to state."

'That's exactly what everyone here does." Marnie said, walking down the stairs. Gwen followed. "I'm not spending the next four years with the same people."

"Well, you're not spending them with a bunch of witches either." Gwen argued back.

"What's wrong with being a witch? I'm a witch, you're a witch. I just want college to be different. Like you said."

"College here will be different."

"How? I'll still have to hide my magic because of a few people." Marnie pushed. "I want to use it. Cody and I have powers no one else has, powers we haven't even discovered yet." Since the spell that made Cody into a warlock was so specific, Cody was just as powerful as Marnie. 'I want to dig deep and find out who I am"

"With all that power comes responsibility, Marnie." Gwen said.

"You stole that from Spider-man." Marnie stated.

"Listen to me, Marnie. The world is..." She paused. "Not all magic is good magic. There are some very bad witches in Halloweentown."

"Mom, I know you want to keep me safe, but I'm eighteen now. You can't control me anymore. We're going to Witch U."

Gwen crossed her hands over her chest. "If Cody wants to go, that's fine, but I won't pay for it."

"You won't have to." Marnie said.

She pulled open the brochure. A hologram of a woman appeared. "Hello, Marnie. My name is Dr. Goodwin, Chancellor of Witch University." Gwen gave her daughter a look. "On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to present to you and Cody Trainer a full scholarship. We could be proud to have a Cromwell at Witch University"

"I can't believe that you would apply for a scholarship without telling me." Gwen said in disbelief.

"I knew you wouldn't approve." Marnie said. She walked through the hologram. Gwen was alone with it for a minute. She snapped her fingers and the hologram disappeared.

That night, Cody was in bed, waiting for Marnie. She was sitting at her desk. She opened a drawer on her left, and pulled out the procure once again. She opened it and a hologram of the school appeared.

The next, morning, Natalie, Dylan, Marnie and Cody took their luggage out on the front lawn. "I don't think she trusts you." Dylan said.

"Dylan." Natalie scolded.

"I can go to college myself. Everyone else does." Marnie said.

"Well, you won't be by yourself." Cody added.

"Yeah." Marnie agreed.

"Can't you make these bags grow legs?" Dylan asked.

"Absolutely." Marnie said, shoving her suitcase in his arms.

"Not what I meant." Dylan retorted.

Cody put his left hand up in the air. His right hand met Marnie's left hand. She put her right hand in the air, and together they conjured the portal.

"Wait!" Gwen exclaimed walking up to them. She looked at her daughter, and then at her son-in-law. "So, do you have everything?"

"We think so." Marnie said.

"I just wanted you guys to have this." Gwen held up a bracelet and a watch with a pumpkin on it. "It's a personal witch's glass. It only calls home. I mean, if you need anything." Gwen added. Marnie flipped open a hatch and Cody pushed the button that was on the side of the watch. The one that is normally used to set the time. The glass part opened up.

"Mom." Marnie said. Gwen pulled Marnie into a hug. After that she gave Cody, Natalie and Dylan each a hug.

"Okay, you got to get going now. Bye." Gwen said, walking away with tears in her eyes. She got inside the house, closed the door and looked out the small window right next to the door.

"I can't believe we're finally going to Witch University." Marnie said. "How do you think we'll get there? Maybe they'll send a train of black carriage driven by headless horsemen, or maybe they send a Flotilla of Spanish Galleons to carry us across a misty lake." They glanced back one last time. Their mother waved from the window.

Then they entered the portal. Halloweentown was slowly materializing in front of them.

"Or maybe they'll just send Benny." Benny was a skeleton that drove a taxi cab in Halloweentown.

"Hey kids, welcome back." Benny said.

"Hey, Benny." Dylan called back.

"We're not kids anymore, Benny." Marnie said.

"Sister, to me everyone's a kid." Benny replied. "Who is this?" He asked, referring to Cody.

"Oh, this is Cody. He's my husband and a warlock." Marnie introduced. Cody quickly shook his hand.

"And you know Natalie." Dylan said.

"What's that all about?" Cody asked, pointing to a banner that read 'Halloweentown 1000 years.'

"The Millennium anniversary of Halloweentown. There's going to be a big celebration up at the castle on Halloween night. Big shindig." Benny informed them.

"Wow. This is the perfect time to go to Witch University." Marnie exclaimed.

"Yeah. Perfect." Dylan said, sarcastically. He put the last bag in the trunk of the cab and turned to Natalie. "I'll come see you when I have breaks and on the weekends."

"And I'll come visit you when I can get away." Natalie replied. He kissed her good-bye and watched her walk over to her family. He got in the cab and Benny took off.

Later on down the road, Benny started telling jokes. "Hey, kids. Why did the skeleton stop at the barbecue? He needed a pair of spare ribs."

The adults in the back all laughed.

"What did the skeleton say when he hopped on his motorcycle? Bone to be wild."

Marnie laughed. She looked to her right and saw that Cody was laughing too. To her left, Dylan had a big grin on his face.

Just then, Marnie spotted the castle. She stuck her left hand over Cody and pointed it at the castle. "Hey, it's the university."

"Ain't she beautiful?" Benny asked.

Dylan looked out the window too. "Okay, that's pretty cool."

As they pulled in, Benny told one last joke. "This street is pretty marrow, get it?"

When they came to a stop, Cody got out on his side, and helped Marnie out. He reached in and grabbed his bag, and then hers. She took it from him and together they looked around.

There were monsters, faeries, cats, dogs, trolls, goblins, witches, warlocks, and every kind of creature you could think of. Dylan grabbed money out of his pocket and paid Benny.

Cody and Marnie walked past a troll hanging up posters, talking on a cell phone. He mentioned something about scratch and sniff posters.

"It's exactly how I imagined it would be!" Marnie exclaimed. "Exciting, ancient, and magical."

Dylan shoved the rest of his money in his pocket and ran after them.

"Enjoy your stay in Halloweentown." Benny called.

All three of them stood on the steps. Marnie threw her hands up and shouted, "Hello, University."

At that moment, the woman from the hologram walked out the doors. "Hello, Marnie."

"Dr. Goodwin." Marnie recognized her.

"Welcome to Witch University."

Then she saw Cody. "You must be Cody?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Cody said, shaking her hand.

"And you are...?" She asked when she saw Dylan.

"My porter." Marnie replied.

Dylan looked at Marnie, then at Dr. Goodwin. "Her brother. Hi, I'm Dylan."

"Dylan, well. Shall we?" She asked, leading them all inside. As soon as the doors closed, the gargoyle on the left came to life. It roared and its eye turned red.

Somewhere in an office, in Halloweentown, an Asian looking warlock sat at a desk. "So the Young Cromwell is finally here." He pressed a button on his intercom system. "Alert the members of the Dominion. By Halloween night, the prophecy will be fulfilled."

Meanwhile out on campus, Marnie, Cody, and Dylan were standing and looking around.

"Sweet. My kind of people." Marnie said.

"You mean witches and warlock that look just like us, or all those other creatures, unburdened my magic." Dylan asked, grabbing his bag.

"I mean students, which you are not." Marnie said, forcefully.

"Guys, can we argue later?" Cody asked. Ever since he married Marnie, he played mediator between the two.

"Hey, is that Ethan and Cassie?" Cody asked.

"Hey, Ethan, hey, Cassie." Dylan called.

Marnie smacked him. "Aren't you late for something? Like your life?"

Ethan and Cassie looked up and waved. They were talking to Layla the cat.

"No kidding." Dylan replied. "But I promised mom that I'd help you move in."

Marnie looked at Cody and nodded. Together they pointed at their bags and pointed straight ahead. The bags levitated and started to move in that direction.

"Show off." Dylan said.

"Jealous." Marnie replied. "You know your powers won't wait forever. You better use them before you lose them."

"I prefer the magic of my brain."

"But magic is fun." Marnie said, looking to Cody for support.

"Yeah. Being able to fly, cast spells, etc." Cody agreed.

Just then, a man on a bench, reading a large book, waved his finger in the air and said something in Latin."

The bags dropped and all three of them fell.

"Hey. Did he say dusty benison?"

"He said descino benevicio." A girl, accompanied by two look girls that looked alike, said.

"You speak Latin." Dylan said.

"Want to translate that into an undead language?" Marnie asked. Cody brushed himself off and helped her up.

"It means no magic allowed." The girl responded.

"In dorms?"

"In the University." The twin on the right of the middle girl said with an attitude.

"What?" Marnie asked, looking at Cody. He gave her a puzzled look.

"Didn't you read the handbook?" The twin on the left asked.

The middle girl pulled out a handbook.

"Uh...yeah I read the handbook. Refresh our memories." Marnie said.

The old man stood up. "It says use of magic on University grounds is prohibited. Use of magic to complete school work will result in disciplinary actions. Use of magic on or against students, staff member or professor will be grounds for immediate expulsion."

"Good to know." Marnie said, nervously.

"Insolent child." The old man said, closing his book and walking away.

Cody glared at him.

"Wow. Someone needs more fiber in their diet." Marnie said, jokingly. "And I'm not a child." She called after him.

Dylan looked at the middle girl. She would make a good study partner. He thought. He walked up to her. "Hi, I'm Dylan."

"Hi, I'm not your type." she sneered.

"He wasn't asking you out. He's happily married." Cody said. He was sick of all the attitudes. He held up Dylan's left hand to reveal a wedding band.

The three girls looked at Marnie and the two men. The handbook she was holding vanished. They turned around and walked away.

"Hey, no magic allowed." Marnie shouted to them.

"She speaks Latin." Dylan said.

"So?" Cody asked.

"She would make a good study partner." Dylan responded.

"I don't think Natalie would like you studying with a self-centered witch." Marnie pointed out.


"Besides. It's time for you to go home." Marnie pointed out.

"Uh, not really." Dylan said.

"Uh, yeah it is."

"I'm staying." Dylan stated

"That's funny. It just sounded like you said that you were staying."

"I'm a student."

"Where?" Marnie asked.


"That's funny. It just sounded like you said here."

"Mom only agreed to let you go, if I said that I'd go too. Trust me, I don't want to be here either." Dylan said.

"Are you kidding me?" Marnie cried out.

"This might be a good thing. I'll have someone to hang out with." Cody said.

"I got to go find my dorm." Dylan said.

"Me too." Cody said. He kissed Marnie good-bye and followed him to the men's dorms.

Marnie's dorm room slowly opened. She walked in and looked around. "Fantastic. What a great room." She set her bags down and climbed on her huge bed. "No magic in school? But this is Halloweentown. It's supposed to be all magic all the time. I can't believe my mom sent my little brother to baby-sit me."

Meanwhile in the mortal world, Gwen was at the grocery store. In the background you could here someone over the intercom system. Clean up on aisle seven. Clean up on aisle seven.

Gwen stopped at the baskets of lettuce and opened the hatch on her witch's glass.

Back in Halloweentown, Marnie's witch's glass rang. Marnie took it off and threw it on the floor, mad a her mother.

After no one answered, Gwen shut the hath and gave up.

Back in Marnie's room, a hologram of Aggie appeared. She was the bracelet. She held out her hand and said, "Oh, nice bracelet." The bracelet flew from the ground into her hand.

"Grandma?" Marnie asked, getting off the bed. "What are you doing here?"

"Why, visiting you in college, of course." Aggie spun around. "I had hoped you'd get this room."

"Where's Sophie?"

"Oh, she's touring the galaxy with some little green dosons. Oh, I've seen it a million times." Both Aggie and Marnie sat down on the bed.

"I'm so glad you're here. I've got so many questions to ask you." Marnie said.

"In do little time." Aggie said, placing the witches glass on Marnie's right wrist. "You know, your mother is on your side. Try to cut her some slack."


"Oh, dear a solar flare is about to interfere with my slip stream." She grabbed Marnie's hand. "You must be very careful while you're here dear. There are secrets. Things I've should have told you."

"Tell me know." Marnie sad.

There was a short pause. "There's no time." Aggie said, getting up.

"Grandma!" Marnie called.

"I'm sorry dear." Aggie said, disappearing.

Marnie took of the witch's glass off her right arm and placed it on her left arm, where it belonged.

"But what if she's not okay, and that's why she's not calling?" Gwen said at the register in the mortal world. "I'm just not good at this."

"Coupon." The clerk said.

"Oh, right. Here." She handed him the coupon and proceeded to the credit card machine. "I'm a mom." She ran her credit card through the machine. "That's what I do, that's what I've always done" She entered her pin number. "I just didn't think that they'd all fly off at once."

She looked at the clerk. "I have an empty nest."

"Will there be anything else?" The clerk asked.

"I just want my little birdies back." Gwen said, walking away.

"Ma'am? You're groceries." He said.

Gwen turned around and snapped her fingers. The bag of groceries flew off the counter and into her arms.

After Gwen left, the clerk grabbed the microphone and said into the intercom, "Meltdown register three.

Back in Marnie's dorm room, a letter slipped in under the door. Marnie opened it. It read Please come see your resident advisor in room thirteen. Signed A.

Marnie made her way to room thirteen and knocked.

"Come in." a voice called from the other side of the door. Marnie opened the door and walked in. She was puzzled. There was nothing in the room, except a lamp. It was positioned in the middle of the room.

"How's in? Hello? My name is Marnie Trainer. I got your card and um, I just..." She was cut off, but purple smoke. It surrounded her and drug her into the lamp.

"Holy smoke." She said when she materialized again.

"Marnie." A girl sat on a couch. She got up and laughed. "I'm Aneesa, your resident advisor."

"My resident advisor is a genie?" Marnie asked.

"The first to be accepted at Witch University. My parents are very proud. Tea?" She asked, holding out a glass.

"Yes, thank you." Marnie accepted.

"But anyway I invited you here to talk about you. Any questions about the school?"

"Yeah, what's with the three style slaves that control the commons?" Marnie asked, sitting down.

"Sinister Sisters."

"I mean they're a bit snippy, but..."

"Sinister is their real name. Scarlett, Sapphire, and Sage Sinister."

"Oh." Marnie said.

"Their father is a very rich and powerful warlock. They rule the school." Aneesa informed her.

In the cafeteria at lunch time, the Sinister sisters entered the room. They each grabbed a tray and continued walking.

Marnie, Cody, and Aneesa stood in line. They noticed them walk in. "Hey, if magic is illegal, how comes they get to use it?" Marnie asked

"They're not. Some guys would do anything for Scarlett and her sisters. Even if it's illegal." Three warlocks pointed their fingers at the Sinister sister's trays. Decent food appears.

"Teacher." One of the warlocks warned. The other two boys pretended like nothing was going on.

Just then, Cassie and Ethan walked up. Ethan grabbed a cookie. "Hey. He said to Marnie and Cody.

"Hey." They replied back to the couple.

"Wow. That quite an extensive vocabulary. I can hardly keep up." Aneesa said, jokingly. "Marnie, Cody, This is..."

"Ethan and Cassie Dalloway." Marnie finished.

"You four know each other?" Aneesa asked.

Ethan just look at Cody and Marnie. Cassie elbowed him. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything." Ethan apologized.

"No, we're sorry. It must be really difficult dealing with your father's exile."

"Yeah, but your grandmother's been great, though."

"We worked for her over the simmer, helping her collect her more exotic potion ingredients." Cassie added.

"Snake spit, frog phlegm." Ethan interjected.

"We get the idea." Marnie made a face at Cody and Aneesa.

There was a long pause. "You guys want to sit down?" Cassie asked them.

"Sure." Cody, Marnie, and Aneesa followed the married couple back to their table.

When they sat down, Ethan turned to Cody. "So, you're a warlock now?"

"Yeah, it's great. I love flying my own broom, helping Marnie with her spells and potions." Cody replied.

"Like we do." Cassie said to Ethan.

"So, do you have your class list yet?" Cassie asked Marnie.

"Yeah, We've got History of the Worlds, Magic and Mortal, Magic themes using classical literature. Pretty basic college classes."

"So, why the no magic rule?" Cody asked.

"That's new. Student's used to be required to use their magi in classes." Ethan answered

"But that was before Witch University was for witches only. No, monsters, mummies or genies allowed." Aneesa added.

"When did it change?" Marnie asked.

"Last year." Cassie put what she knew into the conversation.

"Who's the dork that changed it?" Marnie asked.

"You are." Cassie, Ethan and Aneesa said at the same time.

"Marnie?" Cody asked, surprised.

"When you opened the portal between the worlds permanently, a lot of kids from Halloweentown went to college in the mortal world." Ethan said.

"Why would they do that?" Marnie asked.

"Why would anyone go to college? To get away from mom and dad. Far away." Cassie said.

"A world away." Cody agreed, looking at Marnie.

"Witch University needed more students so they opened enrollment to non-witches. That's how I got in, because of Marnie." Aneesa said, taking a bite of her French fry.

"Wow, that's great, but why no magic?" Marnie asked.

"To level the academic playing field." Cassie responded.

"It wouldn't be fair if witches could use magic on course work and the rest of had to do it the old-fashioned way." Aneesa added.

"Yeah, but look around some of us aren't following the rules. The Sinister Sisters, those guys. They're using magic."

"Yeah, but first they make sure that no faculty member is watching." Cassie said.

"That's rule number two. Do all the magic you want, but don't caught." Aneesa said.

In the mortal world, Gwen was pounding a sign in the ground with her shoe. The sign read Unreal Realty. "There! All I needed was a job. My nest isn't empty." She said, slipping on her shoe. "It's full of potential."

Later, she was standing on the porch, with a clipboard of papers in her hand. A couple walked up. "Hi, I'm Gwen Piper, real estate agent of this real estate. If you have any questions at all."

"What a dump." The man said. "I mean the front yard is totally a mess. Would it kill someone to rake a leaf or two?" He entered the house, followed by his wife.

After they were in, Gwen made a circling motion with her hand. All of the leaves in the yard flew into the air and reattached themselves to the trees and they turned green again."

In their first Class, Marnie, Cody, and Dylan were looking at their teacher. She was looking all around her desk looking for a book. "I really must tidy up." She said.

"Befuddled." Marnie said.

"Discombobulated." Cody said.

"I've over flummoxed." Dylan added.

"Over flummoxed it is." Marnie agreed. "Professor Periwinkle is definitely flummoxed."

"She's a dead ringer for your grandma." Cody said.

The elderly witch was going through a pile of books. She found the one she wanted and pulled it out. The pile of books fell, but froze in mid-air.

"Oh, fiddlesticks." She said. She paused a moment, then waved her hand over the frozen books. The magically re stacked themselves. She looked back at the class. "This will be our little secret." Everyone laughed.

"Now, I seem to have misplaced my collected works of William Shakespeare." Professor Periwinkle said, going to her seat.

Scarlett Sinister rose from her seat and walked between Marnie and Dylan. She had her hands behind her back. She made a movement and Marnie's book closed and flew into her hands. "I have a copy, Professor." She handed the elderly witch the copy.

"Oh, lovely. Extra credit for being well prepared, Miss. Sinister." Professor Periwinkle said.

Scarlett walked back to her seat, giving Marnie, Dylan and Cody the evil eye.

After class, Cody, Marnie, Ethan and Cassie were walking along the sidewalk. "It's not fair. She takes my book, breaks the no magic rule and gets extra credit for it." Marnie ranted.

Just then, a troll was walking behind the Sinister Sisters. "Uh, Scarlett, I was just wondering if you would like to help out with the Millennium celebration culinary committee." He asked.

"You're drooling." Scarlett said, heartless.

"Oh, only when I'm around food, think about food, or food like substances. It's a genetic condition. Nothing to be ashamed of." The Troll explained.

The Sisters turned around. One of the twins looked at him and said, "Scram, Snot-boy." She shot her arm out and the troll went flying. He spun through the air and landed with a thud. Saliva fell out of his mouth.

The Sinister Sisters laughed, turned around and walked away.

The two couples ran up to them. "Are you okay?" Marnie asked.

Cody and Ethan helped him up.

"She called you Snot-boy." Cassie said in horror.

"Oh, she can just never remember my name. It's kind of a hard one." The Troll said.

"What is it?" Cody asked.

The troll said his name. "Burp-urp-snurt-pfsfsfsfst the third."

"Yeah, that's a toughy." Marnie said.

"How come there's never a teacher around to see them use magic?" Cody asked.

"Thank you. Everyone's been so kind." The troll said.

"Well, not everyone." Cassie said, eying the sisters. They were walking away, laughing and throwing their hair back.

Next class was History of the Worlds: Magical and Mortal. When Cody and Marnie entered the room, Aneesa, Cassie, and Ethan signaled for them to come over.

"Ethan." Cody called.

"Cassie." Marnie called. Cody sat next to Ethan and Marnie sat between Cassie and Aneesa.

Scarlett saw this. "I'm sure." she said, jealous. Cassie and Ethan were the next powerful witches and warlocks in Halloweentown. First was Marnie and Cody, then her father, and then Ethan and Cassie.

Suddenly the old man from the first day, the one that called Marnie an insolent child, started speaking. "My name is Dr. Ichabod Grogg. You will address me as Sir, or Dr. Grogg. Not Grogg, Dr. G. G. Dawg or G-unit."

"On the desk before you, you will find a single sheet of paper. I require an essay to ascertain your familiarity with the entire history of the worlds, both mortal and magical. You may begin."

Each of them took out pen and pencils. When Dr. Grogg looked away, Scarlett blew on her pen, enchanting it. She set it down and it wrote the essay on it's on. Marnie heard the scratching on the paper and looked back.

Scarlett noticed her and winked at her. When Marnie turned back to her paper, Scarlett smiled. Dr. Grogg looked up and Scarlett quickly grabbed her pen and started writing it herself. When he looked away again, she let it go, letting it finish the essay for her.

She got up, walked to the front, gave her essay to Dr. Grogg. "Thank you, Miss Sinister." She walked to the doorway. Aneesa and Cassie rolled their eyes. Scarlett made sure no one was looking. She raised her hand and slowly letting it fall.

Soon, one by one, the students started to finish. Finally it was only Marnie that was left. She finished just as the bell rang. She walked to the front and handed Dr. Grogg her essay.

"Dr. Grogg, sir, I think we got off on the wrong foot and I just wanted to say..." Marnie started.

"Stop! Explain yourself." He showed Marnie her paper. It was blank.

"That isn't my paper. I wrote a full page. It was thoughtful, well organized, and concise."

"Something appears to be missing. The words perhaps." He said.

Marnie paused, thinking. "That witch hexed my paper." She said aloud.

Dr. Grogg blew on the sheet of paper. Blue smoke came out of his mouth. It covered the paper. "It appears that someone did use magic on this assignment."

"Ah ha. See..." Marnie started/

"What I see, Mrs. Trainer, is that you are in possession of a hexed essay. There will be a thorough investigation and there will be consequences." Dr. Grogg put Marnie's essay in a plastic baggie.

"I can't believe it. Scarlett did that. I should make her disappear." Marnie said aloud to herself. She made her way downstairs.

"Maybe she's jealous." Cody said. He, Ethan and Cassie were waiting for her at the foot of the stairs.

"You were ranting." Cody said when she looked at him.

They four continued on their way through the school.

"Why would Scarlett Sinister be jealous of me?" Marnie asked.

They all stopped. Cody looked around. Finally, he pulled a bouquet of flowers out of now where. "You got a loving husband who cares about you."

"You're one of the most powerful witches in Halloweentown." Cassie added.

"And you've got friends that care about you, like Natalie, Cassie, Aneesa and I." Ethan offered.

"Speaking of Natalie, How has she been?" Cassie asked.

"Pretty good. She's over at her parent's house while Dylan goes to school here." Cody said.

"As a matter of fact, Dylan is over there spending time with her right now." Marnie agreed.

Just then, the whole castle shook. "Marnie Trainer, you're wanted in the Chancellor's office now!"

"Got to go." Marnie said. She handed Cody back the flowers. Put these in my dorm room. I'll see you later." She gave him a kiss and made her way to the Chancellor's office.

Meanwhile, over at Natalie's parent's house, Dylan and Natalie were curled up on her bed. "That was amazing." Natalie said.

"You did all the work." Dylan grinned at her.

"I wish you didn't have to go back to school." Natalie pouted.

"I know. I'd much rather spend my time with you." Dylan said, getting dressed. "I have an idea." He pulled out his key chain and pulled a key off. "I have two keys for my dorm room. Stop by anytime." He said.

"I'll take you up on that offer." Natalie said with a smile. She too got up and got dressed.

"My break is almost over. I have to get back." Dylan said. He leaned in and kissed her.

"I know. I have an idea. Why don't I walk you back to school? I heard it was magnificent."

"Okay." Dylan smiled.

Back at Witch University, Marnie was trying to defend herself. "Dr. Goodwin, I know why I'm here and in my defense..."

"Marnie, you're not in trouble." Dr. Goodwin said.

"I'm not? How weird."

"Tea?" Dr. Goodwin asked. She snapped her fingers. A tray with a teapot and containers with sugar and cream appeared on the desk. A teacup appeared in Marnie and Dr. Goodwin's hands.

"Thanks." Marnie said. "So, can we find out who hexed my essay?"

"Some spells leave genetic finger print, but this one was too common. It could have been anyone." They each took a seat.

"So, how are adjusting?" Dr. Goodwin asked.

"Honestly, I came here to learn alchemy and amulets, potions and portons. I mean, can't you offer an elective just for witches?"

"You didn't read the handbook?" Dr. Goodwin asked.

"I skimmed."

"When this school was first established, there was an enchantment placed over the campus. All spells cast at Witch University become permanent at midnight on Halloween."

"You mean permanent, permanent?" Marnie asked.

"Indeed. And for many years it was a fine deterrent. Until we had a small mishap."

"How small?" Marnie wondered.

"A simple magical housekeeping lesson went horribly wrong. Half the freshman class had to be sent home as teacups." Dr. Goodwin explained. Marnie, who had her teacup at her mouth, made a face and put her teacup down.

"I'm just disappointed. I mean, I came here to learn to be a great witch. Like you."

"Marnie, you will learn more about yourself here, then you ever imagined." Dr. Goodwin leaned forward. "We are late for your next class." She stood up.

"We?" Marnie asked.

Dr. Goodwin and Marnie walked down a corridor. There was a bunch of kids standing together. Marnie immediately found Cody, Cassie, Ethan and Aneesa.

"Good the class is all here." Dr. Goodwin said.

"But ah, no classroom?" Ethan asked. All that was in front of them was a stone wall.

Dr. Goodwin made her way to the front. She pointed to the wall and said "Adaperio perplexion"

The wall disappeared, revealing a dig site. The entire class followed Dr. Goodwin into the room. "This is the old castle dungeon. It's usually off limits, but this year we've selected a few of you for a very special educational opportunity. You will spend this semester unearthing the treasures of a Millennium of Halloweentown history buried beneath this castle. Three quarters of your grade will be based on your personal discoveries here. You will be supervised in your work by our own expert in all things historical, Dr. Ichabod Grogg."

Dr. Grogg made his way behind Marnie, Cody, Cassie and Ethan. "The fossil himself." Marnie said, a little louder then she meant to.

Dr. Goodwin smiled at her, and one of the Sinister Sisters smirked. "He's standing right behind me, isn't he?" Marnie asked Cody.

He nodded. "Yeah."

Dr. Grogg began to speak. "A thousand years ago, this school was built on the ruins of Mrs. Trainer's ancestral home, Cromwell Castle." He waved his hands and magically the dust on a block of stone blew away, revealing the word 'Cromwell'. "I will instruct you all in the manual laws of archaeological recovery and identification."

"I expect great things." Dr. Goodwin said, looking at Marnie."

"Please, gather round. In any archaeological site you encounter, you will find these tools." Dr. Grogg said to a group of students.

Marnie, Cody, Cassie and Ethan all leaned in for a closer look. Scarlett Sinister waited a moment, then jumped forward and said, "boo."

All four of them jumped back.

"You must be so curious what's down there." Scarlett said,

"What?" Marnie asked

"What?" Scarlett mocked.

"Priceless family heirlooms, buried treasure."

"I'm just here to learn like everyone else." Marnie stated.

"Oh, but we're not like everyone else. You heard what Goodwin said. What we find here determines our grade. We're witches. We have powers."

"Which would be unfair to use."

"What's unfair is having our magic bottled up like this. I don't know about you but my fingers are itching to zap some nasty little old Cromwell antiques out of that hole." She looked to make sure that no teacher was watching and she snapped her fingers. A skull of an unknown create appeared in her hand. "Eww." She said when she saw it. "Dr. Grogg, look what I found." She said, walking over to the teacher.

Everyone rolled their eyes. When Dr. Grogg took the skull from her, he chuckled.

Marnie leaned back in to look down the hole. Just then, the castle started to shake and everyone got worried. Cody pulled Marnie back so she wouldn't fall in the whole.

Just then, there was a bright yellow light and a silver box flew out of the hole. It levitated in the air for a while. Marnie held out her hands and the box flew to her and gently landed in her arms.

She read what it said. "S. Cromwell."

"Cat sues." Dr. Grogg made his way over to where Marnie was. He took the box out of her hands and started to dust it off. He held it high. "How do I open it?"

"Use a key?" Marnie suggested. She got an evil glare from Scarlett Sinister, a bewildered look from Dr. Grogg. Cody, Cassie and Ethan looked at her with awe.

"Where is the key?" Dr. Grogg asked.

"Don't look at me." Marnie said.

After class, Marnie and Cody made their way over to where Aneesa, Cassie and Ethan were sitting. Just then, Dylan ran up to them. He just got back from Natalie's and it was going around the campus of what happened in the dungeon.

"You just had to show off." He said..


"You used magic in class. It's all over school. You could be expelled." Dylan said.

"I didn't use magic." The finally reached their destination. She looked at Cassie, Ethan, and Aneesa. "Tell them you guys. I didn't use magic to dig up that box.."

"Sorry, Marnie, but it didn't look good." Aneesa said.

"Yeah, the whole earthshaking, beam of light thing." Cassie agreed.

"The box landed in your hands." Ethan added.

"But I didn't do anything. It just came to me like it wanted to be with me, like it belonged to me."

"I believe you." Cody said, putting an arm around her shoulders. The other four looked at her. Hoping that she didn't get in trouble.

In a office, somewhere in Halloweentown, There was a group of people, covered in blue robes. "And now. A reading of the prophecy." Silas Sinister said.

And it has been foretold that at the closing of the first millennium at the rising of the Halloween moon,, a Cromwell of great power will embrace the gift. And all the world will find peace under her dominion. Marnie Piper is a Cromwell from the prophecy. The one we have been waiting for.

"And I am happy to report the child has found the ancient box, which contains the gift." Dr. Goodwin said, walking into the room, wearing an identical blue robe.

"Soon, we will rule Halloweentown." Silas said, wickedly.

"Or not." Scarlett said, walking into the room with her twin sisters, Sage and Sapphire.


"Hi, daddy." Sage and Sapphire said,

"Come in, come in." Silas said. Scarlett said down sideways on a red chair and the twins sat together on the couch. "you have made me so proud. I heard how you lured the Trainer girl into using her magic to bring forth the box. Well done. Now you must get her to open it."

"Uh...yeah. Listen, that's not going to be so easy. This Marnie chick is super tough." Scarlett said.

"She's just so good-goody." Sapphire added.

"Why don't you just open the box, Daddy? Everybody knows you're super powerful." Sage said.

"Silence!" A blue robed figure turned around and threw back his hood. It was Dr. Grogg. "Only a Cromwell may unleash the power."

"Grogg!" Silas shouted. "Please." He turned back to Sage. "Marnie Trainer has to open the box for the prophecy to be fulfilled."

"Oh." Sage said.

"Yeah, but if she has to use magic, there's no way." Scarlett said. Silas closed his eyes in frustration.

"Good-goody, remember?" Sapphire asked.

"Yeah, she like, follows the rules." Sage added.

Dr. Goodwin turned toward the girls. "Then we must work together girls. We must tempt her to break the rules. She must use her own magic to open that box. Do you understand?" She pointed a finger at Scarlett.

"Whatever." Scarlett replied.