Chapter Four

Just then, the girls heard someone psst them. They turned around. "Professor Periwinkle. What's going on?"

"Splendora has locked herself in her room and will not show herself for the coronation." Periwinkle informed them.

"Which room?" Cassie asked.

"Her bedroom. In the tower, there." Periwinkle showed it to them.

"I know just where that is." Marnie said. "Help us." Marnie quickly put her right hand against the steel cage. Cassie put her left hand up. Periwinkle put her hands on theirs.


Cassie and Marnie disappeared, but their cloaks remained.

"You forgot your cloaks." Periwinkle laughed. "Fiddlesticks."

Marnie and Cassie appeared in Splendora's bedroom.

"Splendora's room is my dorm room? I wonder what that give you as a sophomore." Marnie joked.

"Marnie, the box." Cassie said, pointing to the desk.

They made their way over and Marnie picked it up. She tried to open it, but it was locked. Cassie handed her the key, which was laying right beside. it. Marnie put the key on the hole and turned. When she finally did get the lid opened, there was nothing there. "She hasn't used the box."

"Splendora still has the gift." Cassie said.

"Whether she wants it or not." A voice said from behind them. It was Splendora.

You must be of my family." She said to the two girls. "I put an enchantment of protection upon this room and everything in it. Only a Cromwell would be allowed inside."

"I am a Cromwell." Marnie said.

"Indeed." Splendora said.

"I'm not of your family. I'm just friends of your family." Cassie said.

"You must be some very powerful witch to break through my magic." Splendora said.

"I had help from Marnie." Cassie replied.

Splendora turned her attention back to Marnie. "How is it we've never met?"

"We're from the future." Marnie replied.

"Indeed. That would explain the clothes."

"Well, we all can't have a royal dresser." Marnie stopped and moved on to the problem at hand. "Look. We're here, because we need what ever it is you are about to lock in that box." Marnie said.

"Do you speak of this?" Splendora touched her amulet.

"That's the gift?" Cassie asked.

"This amulet was handed down to me by my mother, and her mother before her, and so on back to the beginning times. The Cromwell who wears this is indeed gifted with a very special old power. A power I would not wish on anyone." Splendora said.

"You could so wish it on me." Marnie said.

"Do you understand what this great power is?" Splendora asked.

"No. Not exactly." Marnie said.

"Mark this, In this amulet is the power of absolute control. With it, I can will anyone to do anything. I can control hearts and minds."

"And you don't want that?" Marnie asked.

"Our powers are to be used for good, to help people. Halloweentown is a refuge for all kinds of magical creatures. Those seven witches call themselves the Dominion for a reason. They want to use me and my gift." Splendora sat down.

"To rule Halloweentown and turn everyone else into slaves." Marnie said. "Cody and Ethan were telling the truth."

"Tis sad when a few people force their views on everyone else." Splendora said.

"My mom says that." Marnie said.

"Then she is wise. Tonight they will crown me their queen. I do not wish to be queen. Even my father said that King Arthur hid the whole royalty thing."

"Your father knew King Arthur?" Cassie asked.

"In truth." Splendora replied.

"What your father, Merlin?" Marnie asked.

"No, Marvin, Merlin's cousin"

There was a knock at the door. Cassie jumped.

"Splendora, Come out here now!" the hag called.

"I have made my decision. Tonight, I will lock away this terrible gift forever." Splendora said.

"Okay. I totally understand, but before you do that, can I just borrow it, real quick?" Marnie asked.


"Why not?" Marnie asked.


"Man, you're selfish." Marnie said...

Splendora stood up. "Silence." She said, her voice got real loud and menacing. Marnie's mouth snapped shut. "Dance." Marnie started to dance. She couldn't stop.

"Shake." Marnie started to shake. "Stop." Marnie did exactly as she was told. "Adore me." Marnie flew to the ground and adored Splendora just like she was told. The whole time, Cassie watched in horror.

Splendora looked at the girls. "This gift is a curse. With one word, I can make you my slave. This power can tempt even a good witch to dark deeds."

There was another knock at the door. It was the hag again. "Splendora., you must come out. We must prepare you for your coronation." She turned and hissed at one of the servants.

Back inside the room, Splendora snapped her fingers, giving Marnie back her right to speak.

"Why don't you just destroy the amulet?" Cassie asked.

"I cannot. Three Cromwells created the amulet, and only the power of three Cromwells will destroy it." Splendora informed them.

"Splendora Agatha Cromwell..." The hag knocked again, this time using her full name.

"Did she just say Agatha?" Marnie asked.

"Tis my middle name. I loathe the Splendora part. When all this is over, I will become just plain Aggie Cromwell."

Cassie and Marnie shared a look.

"You're Aggie Cromwell?" Cassie asked.

Splendora nodded.

"You do have a future. You'll have loyal friends, just like that fruit lady. And, and you'll be a great person and a good witch., and, and a beloved grandmother." Marnie finished.

"Grandmother? Whose Grandmother?" Splendora asked.

Marnie tapped her chest. "Mine."

"Well if you are my granddaughter, then my future is bright indeed."

The had knocked one last time. "Insolent girl." she screamed and walked way.

"Aggie?" Cassie called. The young Aggie Cromwell looked at her. "I will be your neighbor, and you will teach me a lot of what I know."

Just then, the hag called for the guards. Splendora quickly arose and walked over to the desk. She opened the silver box and took off her necklace. She placed it in the box, and relocked it. "There is only once place safe enough to hide this key. She handed it to Marnie. "The future."

"But I thought that you said the power could turn a good witch bad." Marnie said.

"I trust you, Marnie. After all, I will train you myself.."

Splendora looked at Cassie and Marnie. "Shall we?" They joined hands and opened the portal to time travel to the future.

"See you in a thousand years, grandma." Marnie said. " Oh, there's something you'll be needed." She threw up her hands and a huge pumpkin appeared in the room. It is the same pumpkin that can be found at the town square in Halloweentown. "Bye, Grandma." She said once last time and her and Cassie entered the portal.

Splendora closed the portal. The guards were knocking at the door. She opened it. "Hello, boys. Take this outside will you?" She asked, referring to the high Pumpkin.

Back in modern times, a portal appeared in Marnie's dorm room. Cassie and Marnie made their way through. Marnie held open her hand and there was the key. Her and Cassie made their way over to where Marnie had the silver box. She put the key in and unlocked it. The opened the lid and pulled out the gift.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Dr. Goodwin asked. Cassie and Marnie jumped. "Why don't you let me hold on to that so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands."

"It's a Cromwell family heirloom." Marnie said.

Dr. Goodwin made a motion with her fingers and the amulet flew from Marnie's fingers in to her hands. "I don't think you girls were very responsible. Skipping all those classes."

"What?" The girls asked together.

"You got here just in time. It's Halloween."

"I thought you needed me to save Halloweentown." Marnie said.

"We do in just a few hours."

"What makes you think I'll stick around?" Marnie asked.

"You wouldn't leave here without your brother, would you?" She snapped her fingers and was gone.

"Dylan!" Marnie cried.

Marnie and Cassie headed out on the grounds. They came across the planning committee. They ran into Burp-urp-snurt-pfsfsfsfst. "Marnie, the celebration is in a few hours and we need help with the fondue cart.."

"Drool check." the troll wiped his mouth. "Have you seen my brother?"

"No. Sorry."

"Marnie, Cassie." They turned around. Cody and Ethan were up, on the wall. "We've been looking everywhere for you guys." Ethan said/

"Where were you?" Cody asked.

"Field trip." Cassie answered.

"I'm so sorry I didn't believe you guys about the whole Dominion thing."

"That's all right." Ethan said.

"Yeah. You were concerned about your brother. You had every right to act the way you did." Cody said.

"We need to find Dylan." Cassie said.

"We already did." Ethan and Cody said together.

There was a party in the cafeteria. There was one party that was blocked off by a force field. That was for Witches and Warlocks only. The other party was for all the other creatures.

Dylan was dressed in a suit, serving everyone, still under the Sinister Sister's spell.

Marnie, Cody, Aneesa, Ethan, and Cassie all entered the cafeteria. Marnie opened the force field the first time. She slipped Aneesa, Cody and herself in before it closed again. Ethan re-opened it so him and Cassie could get in.

Scarlett was talking to some warlock. "Daddy said after tonight this is how the whole world will be like. Us, verses those things."

Marnie tapped her on the shoulder. "Having fun, Scarlett?"

"Not really. The service here stinks."

"Pudding, Scarlett?" Dylan asked, picking up a big bowl of green pudding. He started to walk her way when her eyes flashed red and a banana peel magically appeared on the floor. Dylan stepped on it and fell, dumping pudding all over himself.

Ethan and Cody rushed to his aid.

"Why are you using him like this?" Marnie asked.

"Oh, we're not using him. We're using you." Scarlett said.

"What ever you're doing, it's over." Marnie said.

"Not yet." Scarlett said. Sage raised her hand first, then Sapphire, and finally Scarlett. Bolts of magic flew out of their hands. It shot up to the chandelier and aimed for Dylan. Ethan jumped in the way first., and got zapped by the magic. He transformed into a dog.

The sisters did this one more time, finally getting him. He transformed into a dog as well.

"Fetch." Sage said, throwing two chicken legs. Ethan and Dylan caught them and took off running.

"You know one good thing about going to high school in the mortal world?" Cassie asked.

"What's that?" Scarlett asked.

"You learn stuff like this." Cassie pulled her fist back and punched Scarlett square in the face.

"Come on, we have to get your husband, and I have to find my brother." Marnie said, running after the two dogs. They proved too fast for the two witches.

After giving up, Marnie looked to the sky. "Mom, I need you." She cried.

In a flash, Gwen showed up. "I'd thought you'd never call."

"I wish that happened when I called for my mother." Cassie said.

Gwen walked up and gave each girl a hug. "I really messed up." Marnie said.

"Well, we mess up. That's how you learn. Just this week I blew a big sale by talking to a birdbath." Gwen said. Marnie and Cassie chuckled.

"But here at Witch University all mess ups become permanent..."

" midnight. Yeah I know. I read the handbook." Gwen said.

"I thought I could do this alone." Marnie said.

"I'm here now. And you were never alone. You have all the love and support you needed. And what do I always say?"

"We're stronger together."

Gwen looked down at her clothes and snapped her fingers. Soon she changed into a red top and a black skirt.

"Hey, Mrs. Piper. I love that outfit." Cassie said.

Later on that night, all the women were in Marnie's dorm room. "I wish there was something I could do, Marnie." Aneesa said.

"The celebration is about to begin." Cassie pointed out. She changed into an elegant black witches dress.

Gwen entered the room. "No one's seen the Sinister girls, Ethan or Dylan."

"Have you checked the pound?" Marnie asked.

"That's not funny." Gwen said.

"Cody is out looking for them." Aneesa said.

"Let's me see this prophecy again. First Millennium...Halloween moon...will find peace under her Dominion." Gwen said.

"The Dominion. That's what they call themselves, and Dr. Goodwin is one of them. I trusted her. All of this, the nice dorm and the scholarship. How could I have been so stupid?"

"You are not stupid, Marnie. You're eighteen. Do you have a witch's glass?"

"Yeah, grandma gave it to me. So I can multi-task."

"Okay, let's use this and find Dylan and Ethan." Gwen pointed at the laptop/witches glass and cast the spell. "Illumina Opscraratio." A huge cage filled with two dogs came on the screen. They could here them barking.

"Oh, Dylan." Gwen sighed. She turned around.

"Where are they?" Marnie asked.

"What's that on the lock?" Aneesa asked.

Marnie leaned in for a closer look. "It's an S."

"As in Sinister." Cassie said.

Just then, the lock lit up, and the S that was designed to look like a snake came out of the witch's glass and pulled Marnie through it.

"Dylan! Ethan! Where did you find them?" Marnie asked.

"We had help." Silas said. They pushed Cody to the front.

"Marnie, I'm sorry." Cody said.

"You're working with them?" She asked.

"No!" Cody said.

"Oh, yes he was. He just didn't know it." Silas said, walking to Cody. "Cody found your brother and Ethan, and we found Cody."

Marnie was relieved. At least Cody didn't betray her. It wasn't his fault.

"Let's us all go." Cody said.

"Oh, I will, as soon as Marnie agrees to work with us." Silas said.

Marnie couldn't take the whining much longer. It pulled at her heart. Marnie put her hands behind her back, and opened the hatch to the witch's glass that her mother gave her.

Back in her dorm, Gwen's witch's glass rang. She opened it. "What do you want from me?" Marnie asked.

"It's quite simple. Do what your foolish grandmother would not. Wear the amulet, use the Cromwell gift."

"You mean turn all those inferior creatures into slaves so the Dominion can rule Halloweentown?"

"You make things sound so...sinister, Marnie. We'll bring order to this place. Together we'll use the power to make things run much more smoothly. It will all be so much easier for everyone when the Dominion is in charge." Silas said.

"And you want me to be your queen?" Marnie asked.

"Only for one night." Silas said.

"One night?"

"Tonight at the celebration, you'll use the gift to cast a spell. Establishing the rule of the Dominion over Halloweentown. A spell which of course will become permanent at the stoke of midnight." Dr. Goodwin said.

"After that, we won't need you anymore." Silas said,

"Well, I won't do it." Marnie said.

"You insolent girl." Dr. Grogg said.

"Do you want your brother and Ethan to lap water out of a toilet for the rest of their life?" Silas asked. "All we have to is keep them that way until midnight and they will be in the doghouse, permanently."

"Fine, I'll do it." Marnie said.

"Marnie." Cody said.

"But, I'm going to need time to get ready. After all, a girl is only queen for one night once. I want my best friends, Aneesa and Cassie to be my royal advisors. I will hang out in her room, do my hair, and I'll wear a dress, so I can act the part." Marnie said.

Back in Marnie's dorm, Gwen nodded. Aneesa blew purple smoke out of her mouth. It covered Cassie,, Gwen and herself. And then they blew under the door and into Aneesa's lamp.

"It is my wish." Marnie said,

"Absolutely, my queen, absolutely." Silas said.

"Cody, make sure that you have Dylan and Ethan in the courtyard before midnight." Marnie said.

He nodded. "We'll be there." He said.

Marnie opened her witch's glass once more. "Beam me up, Genie." She said. Purple smoke came out of nowhere. It engulfed Marnie and carried her out the window.

Cody was struggling to get Ethan and Dylan to the courtyard. He had Dylan's leash in one hand and Ethan's leash in another. Finally, he saw Natalie. Gwen had filled her in on what happened. The love spell, the transformation into a dog and the evil plot.

"Here, take him. He's your husband." Cody said, giving Natalie Dylan's leash.

"I could just kill that evil witch." Natalie said, referring to Scarlett.

"Well, Just remember that when he transforms back, you need to kiss him right away. It will break the love spell. Since you are Dylan's true love."

"Got it!" Natalie said. "Then, after this is all over, I will crush Scarlett Sinister into powder."

Just then, the Sinister Sisters walked into the courtyard. "Speak of the witches." Natalie said, gritting her teeth.

"If you're going to try anything, wait until their dad and the other two change Ethan and Dylan back. Cassie already punched Scarlett in the mouth because Ethan got turned into a dog." Cody said.

"Where are they?" Gwen asked.

"I don't know." Cassie said, trying to use her mage sight. She looked through the darkness and all around people.

"Do you see them anywhere?" Gwen asked.

"No." Aneesa responded.

Just then, they spotted Cody and Natalie.

Gwen rushed forward. "Which one is Dylan?"

Natalie raised her hand. "That would be the one I have."

"Sweetie." Gwen said, dropping to her knees. "I promise we'll get you out of this." Dylan licked her face.

Cassie dropped to her knees as well. She was furious. "Don't worry, Ethan. I'll get her big time."

"Well, wait in line sister." Natalie said, half-joking. "I heard that you already got a punch in. Now it's my turn for revenge."

"I'll deal with whatever is left." Cassie said, calling dibs.

"If there is anything left after I'm done." Natalie said.

Just then, trumpets started to play. Everyone looked toward the balcony. There stood Marnie, dressed as a queen. She had on a beautiful dress. Her hair was in curls and she had a crown upon her head. Silas Sinister, Dr. Goodwin, and Dr. Grogg."

"It's almost midnight." Silas said.

Cody looked at Burp-urp-snurt-pfsfsfsfst.

"Prepare to receive the gift." Dr. Goodwin said.

"Change Ethan and Dylan back first, or no deal." Marnie said.

"Yes, my queen. By the powers of three." Silas said. He shot out a bolt of magic, so did Dr. Goodwin and Dr. Grogg. The bolts came together to form one large bolt. Then they bolt split in two. One bolt hit Dylan, while the other bolt hit Ethan.

A moment later, Ethan and Dylan were in their human forms, barking. Ethan rose and gave his wife a kiss.

Natalie got face to face with Dylan and kissed him to break the spell.

"Poseble thumbs. Thank you." Dylan said.

"Are you okay, honey?" Gwen asked.

"I'm okay, mom." Dylan said. "But I think I'll just sit and stay."

"As long as you don't roll over." Natalie said.

"Marnie Trainer, Granddaughter of Splendora Agatha Cromwell, take on your gift and fulfill the prophecy." Everyone looked at her. Dr. Goodwin leaned in. "After tonight, you'll be free to use your powers as you wish. You will be the greatest witch in the world. Isn't that what you've always wanted? Isn't that why you came here?"

"Yes." Marnie responded. "I'm ready to receive the gift."

A smile broke out on Dr. Grogg's face.

"Citizens of Halloweentown, behold. I give you, your queen." Dr. Goodwin said. She placed the amulet around Marnie's neck.

Everyone started cheering. The Sinister Sisters looked up, a look of satisfaction on their face.

Just then, the clock started to chime, signaling it was midnight.

"Queen Cromwell, grace us with a display of your power. Use your gift." Silas said.

"Citizens of Halloweentown. I now possess the power to make you my slaves and bend you to my will." Cody, Natalie, Dylan, Aneesa, Gwen, Ethan and Cassie all looked frightened.

She pointed at her mother and Dylan. She said a few words in Latin and they started to glow.

"Yes, my queen." Dylan said. Gwen just looked at him. "Did I just say that?"

Silas got a huge grin on his face.

"By the power of the Dominion, do as I command." Marnie said, pointing at Aneesa.

She held up her lamp. "For you, my queen."

"Now, Aneesa." Marnie pleaded.

Aneesa blew purple smoke out of her mouth. It traveled all the up to Marnie's neck. It grabbed the amulet and ripped it from her throat. Dr. Grogg, Dr. Goodwin, and Silas Sinister all had looks of horror on their faces. The smoke brought the amulet inside the lamp.

"By the power of three, I command you to destroy the gift forever." Marnie commanded.

"No!" The Sinister Sisters, Silas Sinister, Dr. Grogg, and Dr. Goodwin all cried at once.

Aneesa threw her lamp in the air. Dylan, Gwen and Marnie all pointed at the lamp. Marnie said one part of the spell, and Gwen and Dylan said the other part of the spell. Together they destroyed the lamp and the amulet inside.

There was a huge explosion and fireworks.

The Dominion made their way back inside the castle. They were going to attempt an escape. Unlucky for them, there were gargoyles waiting for them. They trapped them in a force field..

"Good job, boys." Professor Periwinkle said.

"This is ridiculous." Dr. Goodwin said. "Persimmon Periwinkle..." She started, raising her hand.

"It's Agent Periwinkle. Of the Halloweentown Anti-Dominion League." Periwinkle informed them.

"Preposterous." Silas said.

"What's preposterous is how long I've been under cover. Ten centuries. You are all hereby stripped of your magic powers and are under arrest for treason." She held up a witch's glass and everyone in the Dominion were sucked into the witch's glass.

Down at the party, Gwen, Marnie, Cody, Natalie and Dylan were all walking along. "So, your gift is gone forever."

"No it's not. My gift is and always will you, my family. My mother, my brother, my sister, my grandmother, my sister-in-law, and my husband." She said, taking Cody's hand. She gave her mother a hug.

"Man, This family is so mushy." Dylan said. Natalie and Gwen playfully slapped him.

Marnie turned around. "Just don't like my face." She gave her brother a hug.

She noticed Aneesa standing by the remains of her lamp. "I'm sorry about your lamp." She said.

"I was going to redecorate anyway." She said.

"You know, I'm looking for a roommate." Marnie said.

"Really?" Aneesa asked.

"Yeah, I have a really big room. It was originally built for a queen, you know." Marnie said.

Just then, Cassie and Ethan walked up. "Hey, Cassie. I'm going to be Marnie's roommate. You and Ethan can have my old room? It's bigger then the one you have now."

"Yeah!" Ethan shouted.

"He means thank you." Cassie said.

"But I'm going to go help Burp-urp-snurt-pfsfsfsfst." Aneesa said.

She walked away. Cody walked up and put his arms around Marnie. "You want to give it to them now?" He asked.

"Sure." Marnie said.

Cassie and Ethan eyed the couple.

"What do you have for us?" Cassie asked.

"Hold our your hand." Cody said, pulling something from behind his back.

Cassie nudged Ethan. He smiled at her and held out his hand. Cody dropped a miniature broom in his hand.

"We felt bad about Scarlett jinxing your broom, so we bought you another one." Marnie explained.

"Thank -you. That was really nice of you." Ethan said.

"No problem." Cody said. He looked to the sky. "Nice night for flying."

"You think?" Ethan asked.

The girls giggled and they agreed.

Cody pulled his broom our of his pocket. They got on first and then helped the girls get on.

Meanwhile, Gwen was staring at the two couples. Natalie and Dylan walked up. "Are you spying?" He asked her.

"No, I am not spying. Something on your mind?" Gwen asked.

"It's just that I can't believe that Marnie destroyed the gift."

"Well, you saw the fireworks." Gwen said.

"But it was a family heirloom. It belonged to Grandma Aggie." Dylan pointed out.

"And knowing Marnie, she probably did something with it." Gwen said.

"You mean like hide it?"

"Or she gave it to someone that she trusts completely." Gwen said hugging her only son. Then she turned to her daughter-in-law. "So, Natalie, is it going to be me and you or are you staying here?"

"Well, Dylan has the room. I was going to live here with him." Natalie replied.

The next day, Dylan was back to doing school work. His own, thank-goodness. Natalie was sitting on the bed. He picked up a book and opened it. It was a hollow book, and inside laid the gift.

He pulled it out, looked at it, and glanced at Natalie. She nodded. He stuffed it back in the book and placed it on the bookshelf. He turned to the door and shut it magically.