Disclaimer: Cursed disclaimer, how you continually work to deny my false claims.

Summary: The team does what they always do, with the case and the solving. Tony works on his elaborate revenge plot. Ziva remains unimpressed.

Spoilers: Nothing on the show, because it's a non-continuous casefile. You should read my story Locked first, but only if you really, really care why Tony is so desperate for revenge. Otherwise, nothing is going to happen for some reason you shouldn't already be aware of as the obsessed fan that I assume you are. Y'know, like me.

Tony stared across the gap between his and Ziva's desks. She was typing, referring to the open file on her desk every so often. Occasionally she sighed dramatically. He continued staring. He was formulating a plot. An evil plot. Something even she couldn't see through. He narrowed his gaze, wondering if he was going to have enough trick her. This was going to take an exceptional effort.

She'd clearly gotten sick of his constant staring. Not looking away from her computer screen, she asked, "Can I do something for you?"

He maintained his unbroken gaze. "That question has way too many possibilities."

"Confine them to things applying to the cold case files we're supposed to be checking up on."

Their eyes met for a moment before she refocused on her monitor. "So can I assume you've found something on the Hochstein case?"

He extended his arms and cracked his knuckles. "Oh, doubtful."

"Then don't you have some work to do?" She struck her keyboard with more force than necessary, highlighting her own apparent commitment to work.

He chuckled, swinging his feet onto his desk and lacing his fingers behind his head. "Oh, I certainly do, Zee-vah."

She sighed again, surveying him briefly before again turning to her computer. "Something that involves actual work?"

"Of course. My brain is always running at full capacity. And you do work here after all." He grinned as he realized he'd caught her attention.

She typed a few more lines before standing and sauntering to his desk. She settled herself calmly on the edge. "You wouldn't be threatening me, would you, Tony?"

Placing his elbows on his desk, he swung his feet to the floor and leaned toward her. "Now why would I do something foolish like that?"

"Oh…I don't know." Her palms were flat against his desk and she was bending very close. He maintained his position as she got closer. She was getting a little too close for comfort. She whispered, "Can you think of a reason?"

He contemplated getting closer. If he timed it exactly he could be in her personal space before she could pull back. Assuming she'd pull back; he knew she wouldn't pull back. He decided to risk it anyway and half-stood, his nose grazing hers as he got in her face. "You're a smart girl. You figure it out."

Rather than tensing, she actually seemed to relax. "You're so fond of giving me pointers on my English. Why don't you spell it out for me?"

Oh, God. This was it. This was the moment. He could feel her warm breath on his face. His nerves started to take hold, pushing him forward and pulling him back at the same time. He wasn't sure that he wasn't hallucinating her eyelids actually fluttering closed.

"Ah-HEM!" They both hastily turned to McGee as he cleared his throat unnecessarily loudly. He looked back at them unflustered. "Just thought you should know I'm still here."

Ziva remained unfazed, though she was now sitting upright, arms crossed over her chest. "Where else would you be, McGee?"

"I could run down to the lab if you'd like some privacy." McGee attempted to intimidate Ziva by engaging her in a staring contest and failed. "Or I could just finish this report."

Assured that he had submitted, she walked slowly back to her own desk. "Good idea, McGee." She aimed a glare at Tony. "If we finish this paperwork, perhaps we can all go home early."

"Plans for tonight, Zee-vah?"

"As a matter of fact, Tony, I've got a date with…"

"Two dead bodies, Officer David," Gibbs interrupted as he walked around the corner, coffee in hand. "We've got a double homicide in Manassas. Marine and his brother. Think you can all save that paperwork for another night?"

"I'm almost done here…"

"That wasn't a real question, McGee."

"Right, boss." McGee rushed to clip his gun to his belt and dropped the gun and holster on the floor. He bent to recover them. "Any other details?"

"Yeah, McGee. I'm having you all grab your gear because local PD has three eyewitness accounts and arrested a guy they're bringing in as we speak."

"You never actually told us to grab our…" McGee paused as Gibbs stared. "I'm grabbing my gear, boss."

He hurried to join the group as they stepped into the elevator. Gibbs faced forward, standing next to McGee and not turning to the pair behind him. "I'm not going to have to give a refresher course on the rules am I?"

Tony shot a glace at Ziva before asking, "What do you mean, boss?"

"I just want to make sure everyone's been paying attention: not taking anything for granted, always carrying a knife, not dating co-workers." He glanced significantly over his shoulder. "I'm sure all of you are familiar with the important ones."

Ziva waited until he had stopped looking at them before she rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, Gibbs. I never go anywhere without my knife."

He grunted and rolled his own eyes. "Yeah, because that's the one I'd be worried about."