1Chapter 1

"Harry! Harry!" Hermione yelled out through the flat. No answer. She walked out of her room, her black high heeled boots tapping against the hard wood floor. "Harry Potter?!" She yelled out once more. Harry finally showed himself. He stood in the open area to enter the kitchen with an apple in his hand, munching away.

"What?" He asked simply. Hermione made an irritated noise in her throat.

"What do you mean what? Didn't you hear me calling for you?" She asked walking towards him, her black skirt swishing with her.

"No. What do you want?" Harry asked again, picking some apple from his teeth.

"I wanted to know what time you and Ginny are meeting me at the club?" Hermione asked turning around so Harry saw that she needed him to clasp her necklace for her.

"We decided on 10:00. Is that okay?" Harry asked as he clasped the necklace together.

"Yes that's fine. Well im going now to meet Joshua for dinner. Do I look alright?" Hermione asked him, doing a little twirl. Harry smiled at her.

"You look beautiful as always Hermione." Harry said sweetly. Hermione blushed.

"Thank you Harry." Hermione said shyly and walked past him into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Harry watched her fill up her glass. Hermione had changed over the years that's for sure. Her long brown hair was down to the middle of her back, she wore it straight and sometimes curled. Her body had produced curves in all the right places. She was still petite but could still hold her grown if you got her over heated. Yes Hermione had become quite a beautiful young woman. It had been two years since they all graduated from Hogwarts. Harry, Hermione and Ron had moved in together shortly after that and soon set out to find jobs at the Ministry of Magic. And they all did. Harry and Ron were training to become Aurors and Hermione was working in the International Magical Office of Law. They all loved their jobs because it was what they all wanted to do and they pay wasn't bad either. Harry and Ginny were a couple, a wonderful at that fact. They had such love for each other that Hermione found herself jealous at times. She wondered why she couldn't or why she hadn't found her true love yet. Ron on the other hand was mainly focused on his job. He went every now and then but just enjoyed training or spending a quiet evening at home. That was odd for Ron but he had changed also over the past two years. He was handsome indeed and all the Auror training he was doing had shaped him quite nicely. Hermione had stumbled in on him few times putting on a shirt or taking one off. She would get cotton mouth every time she saw his body. He had defined strong arms, chest, abs and legs. Oh those abs. Hermione would drool from just thinking about them. Rons infamous flaming red hair was just below his ears and curled at the nape of his neck. His hair was curly and looked oh so soft. Hermione found herself wanting to run her fingers through it. As if you couldn't tell by now Hermione was crushing on one of her best friends. Harry knew it and was glad she was. Ron didn't show any signs of liking Hermione in the way she liked him but then again Ron could have been keeping that from his best mate. Ron was like that when it came to women. But Harry was still the dashingly handsome man he had always been. His dark raven unruly hair was semi long and semi short, but it suited him just fine. His memorizing green eyes with the mischievous glint in them shown bright as ever. Now that the war was over and Voldemort was dead, of course a huge weight was lifted from everybody but Harry had the most weight lifted from him. Auror training did his body well also. He was as defined as Ron but as Ron being a little taller than Harry, Ron had gotten the more muscle mass. Either way the Golden Trio had defiantly changed into adult hood.

"Well alright im leaving. Me and Joshua will meet you and Ginny and at the club at 10:00 sharp." Hermione said as she whisked by Harry again to grab her coat off the rack.

"See you then." Harry said and watched her smile at him and leave.

Joshua Mirrors was a man Hermione met at her job. He worked in the Department of Magical Creatures and was a good friend of Hagrids. Joshua was a charming young man with brown hair and blue eyes. Hermione was immediately attracted to him when she heard him talking about the abuse House Elves endured. They did always hold a special piece of her heart. They talked every now and then and became fast friends. Finally Joshua asked her out on date and Hermione accepted. Tonight she was meeting him at a restaurant called "Le Strants". It was a little Italian Bistro that had just moved into the neighborhood. She didn't live far from it so she decided to walk tonight. The November air was cold and made her cheeks rosy. When she finally made it she saw him waiting patiently inside the lobby for her. She walked and gave him a warm smile.

"Hello Joshua how are?" She asked politely giving him a quick hug.

"Hermione don't you think we've known each other long enough that you can call me Josh?" He said smiling down at her. Hermione gave a little laugh.

"Yes I suppose so." Josh laughed at her little modesty.

"Shall we?" He asked in a mock properly voice. Hermione laughed and nodded her head. She linked her arm with his.

"We Shall." And they both walked arm and arm to their awaiting table for two.

After dinner they headed for club "Majestic". When they arrived the club was packed and booming.

"Do you see Harry and Ginny?" Hermione yelled over the music to Josh. He shook his head no. Hermione surveyed the huge crowd once again and finally caught sight of flaming red hair.

"There they are!" She yelled at Josh. She took his hand and led him towards her friends. When they all caught sight of each other Ginny gave Hermione a hug and Harry and Josh exchanged a friendly handshake.

"We already ordered drinks! What will you two have?" Harry yelled over the music. Hermione thought for a moment and then answered.

"I think I'll just have a Butterbeer." She answered and Harry nodded.

"What about you Josh? Fire Whiskey?" Harry asked with a smirk. Josh nodded his head.

"I will if that's what you're drinking!" He answered, Harry laughed and clapped him on the back. Ginny rolled her eyes at Hermione and laughed.

"Men! Think they are so hardcore if they drink Whiskey!" Ginny said shaking her head. Hermione laughed.

"Just let them think what they want!" She said laughing with Ginny.

"Do you want to dance?" Ginny asked. "You know Harry won't!" She said nodding her head towards her boyfriend who was engaged in a conversation with Josh about Quidditch.

"Sure lets go!" Hermione answered and got up from the round booth they were all sitting at. Ginny told Harry where they were going and Hermione told Josh. The men nodded their heads and went straight back into their converstation. Ginny and Hermione made their way onto the crowded dance floor and started to dance along with the crowd. As they swayed their hips to the music Hermione surveyed the scene. She looked out amongst the crowd of people dancing and sweating. She looked up around the bar and noticed another head with flaming red hair. She looked at Ginny who had her back to her dancing. She tapped her shoulder. Ginny turned around.

"I think Rons here!" Hermione yelled. Hermione pointed her finger towards the bar where she seen the red hair. Ginny glanced over and a shocked look overcame her features.

"What the bloody hell is he doing here? He rarely goes out anymore!" Ginny said shocked. Hermione shrugged her shoulders. Sure enough Ron was sitting at the bar drinking a Butterbeer and staring off into space. Hermione noticed that he looked really handsome tonight. He had a striped white and blue button up shirt on and blue jeans with some ripped wholes in them. His hair was curly and she noticed him run a hand through it. She shivered from just watching him do that.

"Hermione are you okay?" Ginny asked, drawing Hermione out of her state of gawking. Hermione turned away from Ron to look at Ginnys smiling face.

"Yeah im fine. Why are you looking at me like that for?" Hermione asked, looking at Ginny suspiciously. Ginny smiled at Hermione with a knowing look on her face.

"Oh nothing." Ginny said in a sing song voice. She grabbed Hermiones hand and dragged her with her through the crowd of dancing people. Hermione panicked. Ginny was taking her to Ron. Why was this so childish to her? Hermione stopped Ginny in her tracks.

"Ginny this is childish! We aren't in school anymore, we aren't kids! If I want to talk to your brother then I will! I mean I live with the man after all!" Hermione ranted. Ginny just smiled up at Hermione. Hermione just let out the fact that she liked Ron. Hermione had the oh no look on her face.

"I knew it! I've known it for years!" Ginny exclaimed. Hermione blushed and smiled shyly.

"What are you talking about?" Hermione tried to play it off but Ginny just laughed at her.

"Okay Hermione, okay, im going back to Harry. Shall I tell Josh that you went to the loo?" Ginny asked. Hermione bit her lower lip, smiled and nodded her head. Ginny nodded her head back and walked off with a smile on her face. Hermione turned back around to find Ron sitting in the same spot he had been at since she first noticed him. She took a deep breath and let it out. She was going to be with Ron tonight, Josh or no Josh.

Well folks this is my first Harry Potter fanfic in AWHILE. Yes, yes I have been writing POTC fanfics and if you read those and are now reading this then I see you as one of my WONDERFUL devoted fans!!!! Well I hope you enjoy and an update is coming VERY shortly!!!!