Chapter 24

Two years had past, and Hermione and Ron were happily married, a new baby on the way. Ron's dream had come true. Elizabeth, now ten years old, gladly accepted Ron as her step-father, even calling him Dad. Elizabeth would stay with Oliver every two weeks, but just for the weekend. Hermione had won over Oliver in the hearing about child custody. And she was happy she did. Elizabeth, Hermione, and Ron all lived in a little two story house outside of London in the countryside. Ron was a high paid Auror, and Hermione had a new job. She was head of the Department of Mysteries, and she loved it. Elizabeth still went to muggle school, now in 5th grade. The new baby that was coming was going to be a boy, and Ron was so excited that he was going to have a son. Hermione was due in two months, and she couldn't wait to welcome little William Ronald Weasley into the family. Hermione was more than happy to have Ron's full name as the middle name of their unborn child. William was Hermione's fathers name, and wanted to name their son after him. As the first seven months past, it seemed to pass to quickly. Hermione had gained about 35 pounds of baby weight, and thought she looked hideous. Ron told her every day that she looked beautiful, making Hermione feel better about herself. Elizabeth was excited about her new baby brother, and even picked out the paint color for the nursery. She picked a blue and yellow mix, that went perfectly with all the toys and baby furniture they had bought for the room. All in all the family was finally going to be complete when their newest arrival came into the world.

"Hermione! Hermione you up here?" Ron called out, looking for his wife who just seemed to disappear. He hit the top of the stairs, and heard a soft sigh coming from inside the nursery. In the doorway he saw Hermione standing by the window, looking out across the vast country side, gently rubbing her protruding stomach in slow circles. Ron smiled, and walked over to his wife, circling his arms around her, his own hands resting on her stomach.

"What are you thinking about love?" He asked softly in her ear, and she smiled.

"The baby. I'm just ready for him to be here. Two months is to long for my patience." She said with a chuckle. Ron nodded his head in agreement.

"We all want him to be here already. But don't worry, it won't be much longer. The time will fly by you'll see." Ron said, and kissed her temple. She leaned into him, sighing heavily.

"I'm also sick of carrying around all this extra weight." She said, and patted her stomach lightly. Ron chuckled.

"You'll get rid of that when you have William. Don't worry about that either." Ron said, and Hermione fully turned around in his arms, grinning up at him.

"Oh I will. I'm sure you don't want to make love to a woman who has stretch marks and extra fat on her now do you?" She asked, a glint in her eyes. Ron smiled down at her.

"I'd make love to that way anyways. No matter how you look." He said, and Hermione laughed.

"Alright, then I'll just leave all that there then after William's born." She said, and Ron kissed her softly on the lips.

"I'll make sure you watch what you eat." He teased and Hermione giggled, and kissed him again.

"I love you." Ron whispered against her lips.

"I love you too." She whispered back, and breathed in his scent as they hugged. She never got tired of honey and pine.

The End

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