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Two pairs of eyes stared in front of the vast, prestigious building in front of them while the two owners thought different things.

One was thinking, Bloody hell. A new school…

The other was thinking, Yay! A new school!

The older boy sighed a little while the younger smiled cheerfully before they walked into the building where it was beautifully decorated with crown molding and all that shite. They walked over to the main office where some attendance women were chatting away about them.

"Oh! I heard they were home schooled."

"Why were they home schooled? They're different ages."

"What? I thought they were transferring from a Japanese school."

"But their names aren't Japanese. Why would they go to a Japanese school in the first place?"

The sixteen-year old boy stood near the desk while the fourteen-year old watched the women with curiosity in his blue-green orbs. The women talked some more before the taller boy cleared his throat, causing them to jump in surprise but also gaining their attention.

One of the women smiled sheepishly as she said, "Oh! Sorry, dears. Um, how can I help you?"

The tall teenager smiled, charmingly that made the women blush before he replied, "I am one of the new transfer students, Sinclair Malfoy and this is my younger brother, Lucas. We're here to retrieve our schedules and hand in our information forms."

"Oh! Of course, dear." The woman took the tan envelopes that held most of the two boys' personal information before she handed them their class schedules.

Sin held his charming smile as he thanked the woman while the younger of the two, Lucas, jumped up and smiled cheerfully. "Thank you, miss!" The two brothers left the office and the women began to gossip.

"Oh! That little boy is so cute! I wonder how old he is!"

"And that young man! Woo! He took my breath away! If only he was older!" The women sighed, dreamily before they talked more about the two interesting new students.

Blue-black bangs hung in front of sapphire orbs that held silver in them before the young man took a deep breath and walked into the classroom of his first period with impressive mock-confidence. He saw groups of students together in their own little cliques spread out among the room, making him wonder if he'll ever fit into any of them.

"SINNY!" The two-toned eyed man turned around just as someone tackled/hugged him but thankfully for his martial arts training, he stayed on his feet despite the sudden attack.

"Pol?" (Pronounced Paul) Sin met into lively blue eyes with brown hair framing the face.

Pollux or Pol smiled in joy as he answered, "Yup! What are you doing here?"

"I just transferred here, love." The brunette smirked, running his fingertips over Sin's smooth but rough-looking handsome face.

"I'm glad. I need my big strong soldier here to protect me and defend my honour." The two teens leaned their faces close to each other, knowing full well that people were staring at them in curiosity and suspense. When they were about a centimeter away from their lips actually touching, they turned to the others with a 'What are you looking at' expression.

The girls sighed dramatically and 'aww'ed when they didn't get to see the two extremely attractive boys kiss while some of the male students glared at them in disgust and the rest flushed a little in embarrassment.

Pollux grinned at his ex-boyfriend who smirked in return. The brunette whispered into the blunette's ear "It's great having you around again."

Sin just smirked as he nodded before the door opened with a sudden bang gaining all of the students' attention.

Lucas looked at the door like it was going to bite his hand off if he touched it. The blonde boy's hand shook before he timidly touched the handle and grasped it. He took a deep breath and let it out and walked into the room. He saw that the classroom looked somewhat similar back to the ones in Japan but the atmosphere was different. He swallowed as he decided to take a seat at a random desk.

Just as Lucas began to relax a little, a bigger boy shoved him out of the seat making the blonde fall onto ground with his arse making first contact.

"Ow!" He looked up to see a group of boys glaring and smirking at him in superiority.

"Watch where you're sitting, you little cunt! This is my desk! So bugger off, you bloody wanker!"

The blonde wasn't used to the sudden hatred and hostility causing him to tear up in confusion, sadness, and hurt. The other boys saw that he was about to cry and began to laugh at the new boy who they chose as their newest target/victim.

"What a bloody poof! He's crying just because we said a few little words!" The cold-hearted boys laughed their arses off while Lucas tried to fight back the tears.

"Why do you have to slag off on the new kid, Washington? Too tired to wank off?" They all turned to see a fourteen-year old boy with long black hair and gold eyes.

"Just piss off, Lupin! Just because you're a poof as well doesn't mean you have to stick up for this prat!"

The black haired boy walked up to Lucas and helped him up before he returned to glare at the class bully. "You better watch your back, Washington. He may have people in high places that will beat you into a pathetic bloody pulp."

The group of bullies just glared at the normally quiet boy before they went to their seats. Lucas looked at his savior in gratitude and smiled in happiness.

"Thanks, Castor! You really saved me!"

Castor Lupin smiled warmly as he replied, "It's no problem. But I don't understand why you let people do that to you. You are Sin-the-martial-arts-champ's younger brother. Surely, you must have learned how to defend yourself."

The blonde blushed, smiling sheepishly. "Well…He did teach me but…I don't believe in violence, I'm a pacifist."

Castor sighed but knew the blonde well. He smiled as he patted him on the shoulder. "All right but when it starts getting out of control, I'm telling Sin." Before the blonde could protest, the door opened getting everyone's attention.

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