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Silver orbs revealed themselves and shined when they saw the bright sunlight out the window. Draco Malfoy smiled in happiness and stretched before looking over at his side, expecting to see his boyfriend, Harry Potter. But all he saw was empty space causing him to look around, frantically for the brunette who was sleeping beside him last night. That's when he noticed that his room was white. Everything was white and...cold! Freezing cold! His room was filled with snow and the room looked completely different from last night!

The blonde jumped out of bed and fell into the four feet of snow, face first. He sputtered out the white substance before trying to open the door but found it hard to move yet he continued to try to open the wooden door with no success. He started pounding on the door but soon gave up after twenty minutes when he suddenly heard laughter. He turned to see Sin, Pollux, and Theo standing outside the window in snow clothes, laughing at him. The blonde blinked in confusion since their hotel rooms where on the highest floor so how could his friends be standing outside his room?

Sin smirked and said, "You're in a shack, Little Dragon."

Just as the blunette informed his cousin of his whereabouts, a pile of snow broke a portion of the wooden roof and fell on top of the blonde's head covering his entire body in snow. The three outsiders laughed insanely at the Malfoy heir's predicament and almost doubled over in insane giddiness. Draco glared at his so-called friends, his eyes being the only visible thing through the snow.

Harry had woken up warm and toasty, smiling at the thought of being on vacation with his friends and boyfriend with nothing to worry about. The boy sighed in happiness before he turned over to see the empty space where Draco had slept in. Harry chose not to worry since it was most likely that the perfectionist was in the bathroom, getting ready for the day. The brunette decided to go get ready in one of his god brothers' room so he didn't disturb his boyfriend's routine.

After the boy got ready and got dressed in some warm clothes, he went to the dining hall Sin's grandmother gave them to use while they stayed. He only found Virgil, Castor, Logan, and Blaise sitting at the table. He smiled at everyone and greeted them good morning. "So, where are Sin, Theo, and Pol?"

Castor shrugged, eating a bowl of honeydew. "None of us have seen them."

Harry nodded and began to eat his breakfast when Draco ran past the dining hall doors, leaving a trail of water behind him. The brunette blinked and ran after him but stopped when he heard Theo, Sin, and Pollux laughing behind him. He looked at them and asked, "What happened?"

The three smiled innocently while Harry rolled his eyes before running to help his boyfriend. The trio walked into the hall and sat down with smiles on their faces. Sin grinned as he asked, "Who wants to go snowboarding?"

The group of teens was on the top of a hill where a snowboarding course was located. Theo glared at his boyfriend who just smirked at him before riding off. The brunette was forced to come due to their agreement and sulked. Castor decided to stay with Theo since he didn't feel like doing anything active for the moment so the two walked toward the cafe nearby to get something warm to drink and snack on.

Blaise watched as Virgil, Sin, and Pollux snowboarded like professionals before turning his attention on Logan who was snowboarding on the half pipe away from all of them. The Italian couldn't help but stare at the blonde who was graceful at whatever he did. The thought flew out of his mind when he saw Logan hit his head against the ridge and rolled down the side. " LOGAN!"

Virgil, Sin, and Pollux stopped and took off their snowboards before they ran over to the injured blonde. Blaise held the boy in his arms, inspecting him for any injuries but didn't see any external wounds. The Italian took off his boyfriend's helmet, seeing that he appeared fine and sighed in relief when the boy groaned. " Logan, are you all right?"

The boy groaned a little, clutching his head for a moment before he opened his warm, soft blue-green eyes and answered, "It's Luke..."

The older Von Hellfire boys and Pollux grinned as they hugged their missing friend and brother, taking him away from Blaise. "Luke!"

Luke smiled, hugging back, glad that he was back in the land of the conscious instead of hiding behind Logan and Lucas for all these years. He turned to look at Blaise and smiled shyly with a blush on his face. "Thanks...For putting up with me, Lucas, and Logan."

Blaise blinked in confusion for a moment before the situation sank into his head and smiled back. "It's no problem at all."

Virgil and Sin wrapped their strong arms around the youngest Von Hellfire, holding him between them while glaring at Blaise. Luke rolled his eyes at his older brothers' over protectiveness and slipped out of their arms so he could stand next to Blaise. "I'll be fine, guys. You can leave."

The older Von Hellfires pouted a little before walking off with Pollux. Luke looked up at his boyfriend, smiling sheepishly. "I'm sorry...For making you go through all of this."

The Italian just smiled and held the blonde. "It's no problem. I would do it all over again."

Luke smiled, hugging the older boy before he began to teach the brunette how to snowboard. Blaise wasn't well-balanced; ending up falling on his arse more than half the time but he was having a good time since Luke would always be concern and kiss Blaise to make him feel better. The older boy declared to himself that he liked Luke the most out of his three personalities.

The group of boys walked through the shopping area near the lodge where it was crowded with people from all over the world. Sin was carrying five heavy bags in each hand with everyone else snickering behind him except for Theo since he was looking around to see what else he could get his boyfriend to buy for him. Draco and Blaise were smirking at the torture Sin was going through while Luke and Harry were smiling in amusement at just how much Sin was a pushover. Pollux was flirting with a cute guy he met at one of the stores they had gone to and Castor was just talking with Virgil who was smiling at the boy.

Some yards away from the group was a sixteen year old with shoulder length dark, black hair and deep, piercing onyx eyes wearing all black. The dark teen was sitting in front of a cafe where his father was talking with a client while he sat there, reading his advanced chemistry textbook from school. He looked up when he heard familiar voices and sneered when he saw the group of popular yet troublesome boys. He hated Pollux Lupin-Black the most since the boy would always play pranks on him throughout primary and secondary school. Due to Pollux's father and his birth giver's feud with each other, they had passed it onto their oldest children. Actually, it the feud was because of Sirius who could never let anything go while Severus Snape, his birth giver, wanted to move on from childish fights.


Steven Tristan Snape-Riddle or more known as Steven Snape or Snape Junior looked up at his father who was Tom Riddle, one of the most influential businessmen in all of Europe. The teen had received his father's looks and thankfully his nose while he received his mother's hair, eyes, and pale skin. "Yes, Father?"

Riddle looked at the group of boys, recognizing the Von Hellfire brothers, Draco Malfoy, and Blaise Zabini due to their parents' high status and businesses. "I want you to make friends with them."

Steven looked at the man like he was actually Sirius Black and not his father. The boy grew up with no friends. Sure, he had play dates when he was young but that was only so his father could have a meeting with the other kid's parents. Kids would only talk to him because their parents told them to so Steven never trusted people. His parents had divorced due to Riddle using his son to meet with new clients so Snape divorced the man to protect their only child. The divorce didn't stop Riddle from using his son to get what he wanted even though he still loved Snape. "You must be out of your mind."

"I'm not."

The teen glared at his father. "I will never make friends because no one likes me. I will only make associates because of you."

Riddle waved off the boy's information like it was an annoying fly. "Don't be so melancholy. You sound like your mother."

Steven rolled his eyes at the man, thinking, That's because he was the one who actually raised me all my life. The teen just got up from his seat and left, not bothering to tell his father anything since he would just ignore him.

Pollux had spotted his crush and saw the annoyed look on his face so he told the guy he was flirting with that he would see him later. The guy grinned and nodded, not knowing that Pollux had lied to him. The brunette turned to the others and said, "I'll see you guys later. I just spotted another cute guy."

Castor rolled his eyes at his older brother who ran off. "When will he ever think without his dick?"

Virgil just chuckled. "Maybe he just did."


The white blond Von Hellfire just smiled as they went back to their hotel so Sin could drop off all of Theo's stuff before he gets dragged out again.

Steven was walking through the streets, his boots crunching the snow underneath his feet. He was mentally cursing his father for thinking more about being wealthy and successful than his own family. The teen growled and almost jumped out of his skin when someone grabbed him by the arm.

"Hey, you okay?"

He turned around and was about to curse whoever touched him but was shocked to see the last person he ever thought would ask him if he was all right. Steven quickly turned his shock expression into one of loathing and hissed, "What do you want, Black? Here to torture and humiliate me?"

Pollux had decided to stop hurting the other boy ever since the start of the school year so he was hurt at the words that were filled with hate. "No. I just wanted to know if you were all right. You looked upset and sad and...lonely."

The science prodigy raised an eyebrow at the slacker, wondering if he was just messing with him or not. By the look of hurt in his blue eyes and face, it was genuine concern. "I'm fine, Black. But I'm not so sure about you." Pollux blushed, trying to hide it but the taller boy had noticed. "You're really freaking me out, Black. What the hell is wrong with you?"

The oldest Lupin-Black grinned when his childhood enemy asked what was wrong with him. Sure, it was asked harshly but it was still out of concern for him. "Nothing's wrong with me. I...I want to start over. Pollux Lupin-Black but you can call me Pol." He grinned as he held out a hand to his secret crush.

Steven raised an eyebrow at the boy, wondering if he was mentally ill or something. After over a decade of the two hating each other, suddenly his tormenter wants to be friends with him. Something was going on and he was going to find out what whether he liked it or not. He took the offered hand and replied, "Steven Snape."

Pollux felt a shiver run down his spine when he grasped Steven's hand and grinned. "Can I call you Steve?"

Steven frowned and answered, "No."

Pollux followed Steven as they walked through the streets. "How about Stevie?"



"What the...No."

Pollux continued to try to give his crush nicknames but was rejected every time since Steven hated nicknames and thought they were improper and stupid. The outgoing teen was ecstatic being with the other boy and didn't care that Steven was cold and mean towards him.

Sin was sitting with the others, not including Pollux, as they drank hot chocolate around the fireplace. Theo was sitting next to the blunette, resting against his side with Sin's arm around his waist. He looked around and declared, "Pol's not coming back any time soon."

The others agreed since they knew the outgoing, mini-Sirius and continued on with their own conversations.

Blaise smiled as he held Luke in his arms, glad that he got to be with the original since Lucas was just too innocent and Logan was just too violent. The blonde smiled up at him, holding one of Blaise's hands and hugging his arm. The Italian had gotten used to Sin and Virgil glancing at him every now and then. He was scared of them but he was extremely scared of their father due to all the rumors that surrounded the man. He was amazed that Damian Von Hellfire married and had kids with Gabriel Malfoy, most likely the nicest, gentlest, and caring man in the world. He was glad that Luke took after his mother and not his father.

Harry leaned against Draco, smiling with him. The blonde felt like the luckiest person on Earth to have Harry with him. His day had started out horrible due to the stupid prank his cousin and friends played on him. He was surprised that he didn't catch a cold or worse after spending most of the night in some run down shack with snow inside. Harry had helped him warm up after he ran to their hotel room where he took a hot, relaxing bath and ate some hot soup. Draco held Harry close, never wanting to lose him.

Virgil played chess with Castor, enjoying the time he had with the younger boy. He has always liked the mini-Remus since the boy was gentle, kind, smart, beautiful, and all around perfect to him but knew that Sirius would kill him if he tried anything with the youngest Lupin-Black. Plus their age difference didn't help either and Virgil didn't know how Castor felt about him.

"Hey, guys!"

Everyone turned to see Pollux, grinning like a mad man as he walked into the room. Sin raised an eyebrow at his friend and asked, "And where have you been?"

Pollux smiled innocently, replying, "Out."

Luke chuckled while Sin rolled his eyes. "Come have hot chocolate with us, Pol. Did you have dinner yet?"

The older boy grinned, taking a cup of hot chocolate. "Yup. Mediterranean food is good!"

Draco raised an eyebrow at the brunette. "You usually eat junk food...Who were you with?"

Pollux grinned. "Just someone and I'm not going to say anymore."

The others looked at each other, wondering why Pollux would hide a new relationship when he's been with so many people before. They exchanged looks that vowed to find out who the mystery person could be and why Pollux would keep him a secret.

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