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Chapter One

Two months.

Two months and Yuki Eiri or anyone for the matter hadn't managed to get rid of him yet. Why? He had asked himself countless times, the new teacher was no better than the last one. In fact, he was worse.

Shuichi Shindou. A young man of twenty-two years with bright flashing pink hair and sparkling amethyst orbs, who claimed to be a 'smart teacher. The replacement for last year's teacher that students of Genesis High School Academy had driven out.

He had an extraordinary look, and a dramatic personality to match Shindou Shuichi, teacher of Class Four, ran around the school like a wild animal. He went to lunch breaks with his students, rounded the school in the afternoon, warning any remaining students that they were locking up, before leaving campus.

He sang loudly from the teachers' faculty room and could be heard all the way down the hall to room four. He didn't try to suppress his laughter when overhearing conversations unintended for his ears, and when it happened to be a bad joke about him, all he did was laugh some more before skipping along on his way.

The least he could do was at least give detention slips.

Yuki Eiri was in Shindou-sensei's class, most unfortunately. He was the school's biggest player, and in justice to his formidable reputation, he often sent the school's news line sky-rocketing with his 'hot' adventures involving rich foreign girls and even more with Orientals.

At first sight Eiri knew that the man was going to be in trouble. There was no way that the older man's innocence would be left unscathed if he stayed in this particular Academy, and strangely…the student found himself worrying about it.

The teacher was much too gullible, to easy to manipulate- and to top it all, Shindou-san was oblivious to it all! That heavenly borne quality annoyed the hell out of the hot blonde student…yet at the same time, he found himself hoping this positivism would never dissipate.


"Good morning class!"

The talking ceased immediately in Class Four as all heads turned to the front of the room.

The door opened and in walked their much un-loved principal Seguchi Tohma. However, the high-pitched voice did not come from the eternally calm and focused Seguchi. It was from a head that had poked in from the halls, a head with a pink bush for 'hair'.

The students returned to their seats and Eiri, who was sitting at the very back minding his own business and gazing distantly into the blue sky, turned at the commotion.

"G' morning." the students half-heartedly mumbled, staring at the bizarre sight of the pink haired atrocity walking in after Seguchi Tohma.

The school principal raised a dainty, gloved, hand and beckoned towards the unknown man. He had that mischievous smile that only Eiri recognized. Not only that, he also caught those aquamarine eyes directly pointing at him as if to command 'pay attention because-'

"Class, due to the retirement of your last teacher, Sensei Megaru," Tohma began, only stopping to allow a group of talking girls to stop. All students made sure then they were silent, "Due to her submission of retirementlast year," he repeated, "I've assigned to you a new sensei. Class, this is your new homeroom and first period teacher, Shindou-san."

Everyone blinked.

Surely he wasn't serious? That pink hair and foreign looking eyes? And what about those clothes- ripped up jeans and wife beater with a brown jacket? Even students dressed better than him! Eiri snorted inwardly and turned his attention back out the window.

As always, Tohma blabbed on and on about how he expects them to treat their new teacher. Eiri couldn't help but wonder if this 'Shindou-san' was aware of the events that had precipitated Megaru-sensei's retirement. If he had, he would be aware it had evolved into a teacher's greatest horror story… and he would be a lot more wary of the class he was about to devote himself to.

It really wouldn't surprise him if the teacher didn't. Their principal and other administrators tended to 'conveniently' forget that part when they hired new teachers... most especially when it came to this class, the 'Bad luck' class number four.' Funny how that superstition applied to the situation… 1

"Yuki Eiri?"

Said student snapped out of his thoughts and mentally slapped himself for spacing out. He hadn't realized that the principal had already left, leaving the handful of students in the hands of the bratty looking teacher.

Hng, 'bratty, 'brat. That fit his exotic sensei perfectly.

"Here." was the answer, and Yuki did not miss his teacher's awed look as the man considered his appearance. Almost everyone who first met himdropped everything to speculate on his pale featured hair and eyes. These features that were not commonly seen in Japan had even caused, on more than one occasion, feelings of hatred withinhis family…

Shindou-san nodded at him, smiling almost innocently, and placed the attendance board down before sitting himself on the empty long table at the front of the green board. Swinging his legs to and fro, then side to side like a bored child, his wide grin returned as he viewed the class.

"Let's start over okay? That guy was so stuffy!" he giggled, not seeming to care if others didn't want to acknowledge him. "My name is Shuichi Shindou, I'm twenty two and..." he paused as though not knowing what else to say before he piped up with, "I like strawberries!"

A group of girls giggled, and some broke into smiles. Eiri rested the side of his chin on his right palm with his pencil resting against his cheek, attention slightly caught.

"Let's see..." Shindou-sensei hopped off and made his way to the chalkboard. Upon writing his name in hiragana 2 he set his chalk down and commented, "Anyways, I guess you guys are stuck with me for some time." He rubbed the back of his neck, sticking his tongue out as he said, "Also, my mother said that teaching wasn't the right career from me, but I'm here,'ll have to suffer that too!"

There were a few more donations of laughter echoing in the room now, and the students seemed to take in the weird looking punk as their teacher. They seemed to be quickly accepting his easy going sense of humor and open personality.

"Does anyone have anything to share that they did exciting during the summer?" the pink haired man asked. Upon returning to his desk, he proceeded to sit on the table top, "Don't be shy." When no hands came up, he perked up, "I know! I'll start! This summer...let's see...this summer I found a new club that's great hanging at, and my girlfriend dumped me!"

A few girls 'awww'd" at the comment, warming up to their teacher even more. Sappy little creatures. Eiri thought. Then one girl in the front row stood up and sheepishly offered, "I drew a painting of Tokyo City."

Eiri noticed that only her small group of friends clapped at the sharing thought. Predictably, so did Shindou-sensei, clapping the loudest.

"I'd like to see that some time Hanako-san!" he exclaimed.

How the hell did he remember her name? The gaijin 3 looking student stared expressionlessly as more students drew courage and shared their activities during the long break of the summer.

He tried to pay attention, but Eiri's eyes seemed to constantly wander from whoever was speaking back to his strange looking sensei. The student soon found himself amused by the parade of expressions across the teacher's face from horror to amusement, as he listened to the students continuing on their stories.

When Shindou-sensei turned his head and caught Eiri's hard gaze, the student forced himself to look out the window, half embarrassed at being caught staring.

"Eiri-kun, did you want to share something also?" The teacher called, surprising half the class, which reflexively turned their heads to the best looking student in the room.

"Really Yuki-kun?" the girls asked collectively. The possibility was uncharacteristic of Yuki Eiri, who never paid attention to anything, let alone offer his own opinion.

Eiri remained silent. He knew that Shindou-sensei would catch on to the silent treatment and hopefully decide that maybe provoking a student, especially him, on the first day of school wasn't the best strategy,

"No?" was the disappointed question. When there was no more reply, Eiri thanked the Gods the man backed off.

Everyone liked their new teacher well enough to leave Eiri alone and return their attention to the teacher, listening for whatever game Shuichi had planned next. Then Eiri got to wondering if the class liked their new teacher enough to let him remain.

Class Four took savage pleasure from inflicting pain on their teachers. They had caused more than enough grief these past three years they had been in the prestigious high school. Systematically, half a dozens of teachers had been forced to submit letters of apology and retirement to their Principal within the first month of employment.

This had caused some problems, but none of the school officials could pin point one person causing it since all students maintained their innocence. Every student in Eiri's class were from powerful families with some kind of influence in the world, and only the Gods knew what would happen should Seguchi or any of the monitors of the school grounds reprimand the wrong student.

Eiri glanced at the clock and sighed heavily. It looked like he had spaced out of the whole first period and, before he knew it, his sensei Shuichi was gathering his coat saying, "This has been a very good beginning of the year for me. I hope to learn from the students this year as you learn from me also." and with that he walked towards the door.

"Bye sensei!" the students called, cheerily waving at the man as if he were younger than them.

Yuki Eiri waited a moment for the bell to ring, the indication for teachers to switch. At the sound, he stood and made his way out the classroom, ignoring the empty stares from his fellow students.


Two months.

That's how it had been for two months.

Eiri would come in the morning, stay for the first hour of school and then ditch. He didn't know why, but it amused him to see the reaction of his classmates at the older man's antics, or maybe it was Shuichi's antics alone that baffled him. He wasn't sure.

On the first day of school, Shuichi had alreadymemorized all the student's names. At the end of the second week, Shindou-sensei knew where everyone sat for lunch. By the end of the first month, only Shuichi remained as the one person who hadn't been victimized by class four.

When the end of the second month came around, Eiri and most of the students who once had the habit of ditching school before it even started, remained for as long as the first subject, leaving the class half empty by second period.

Today, Eiri arrived in school earlier than the usual, and as he pulled his car into his personalized and named 'seniors' lot, he caught sight of a figure not too far away. The person was getting out of the passenger side of an unfamiliar car.


The student watched as his diminutive teacher waved good bye at the rapidly departing car, staring down the street until the pink haired freak finally noticed it was far gone.

When the speculated man turned around, Eiri feigned a blind eye and started heading for the school building. It had been like that for some time, too. Every single time the teacher would look at him, Eiri had to turn away. It wasn't that he was timid. It was just...something close to a habit.

Heaven forbid should the student admit he liked looking at his sensei. That and the fact that after the first two months, Eiri had already resolved to protect that glowing virtue inside his teacher.

Shindou-sensei had become a 'must' teacher.

He must remain in Genesis Academy.


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1 The superstition in Japan is that the number 4, being 'shi' means 'death' and so it's been established as bad luck.

2 One of the Japanese writing systems

3 Foreign

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