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Chapter 13: Vandalized

Mrs. Kayou was just about to call the police when her daughter entered the house, a little soaked from the drizzle outside and not alone, a classmate in tow. "Welcome home dear, I was worried, why hadn't you called?"

"I'm home now mom." Her daughter replied, smiling apologetically. "I'm sorry."

Shaking her head Mrs. Kayou smiled and rushed to the closet with the towels, hurrying back and handing it to each girl to dry off. "Oh, who is this new friend? I haven't met you before." she smiled kindly at the polite bow from her daughter's friend and said, "Dad's not coming home tonight, so you won't mind sitting in for him do you? I cooked so much, but he was suddenly called into an emergency at the hospital."

"Oh!" her daughter's friend replied, nodding eagerly and saying, "I'd love to!"

"Would you like to call your paren-" Mrs. Kayou started, but her daughter walked towards the living room with a wave of a hand,

"She doesn't need to mom; she'll be staying here tonight and I have a favor to ask."

The mother glanced from the friend to her daughter, "A favor?" Both girls nodded, and the kind lady nodded eagerly, ready to give her daughter anything, "Sure dear, what is it?"


There was a loud moan in the apartment, the echoes of itleading down the hall and into a room where two figures lay in bed.

"Yuki..." Shuichi whispered breathlessly, his hands grasping unto his lover's strong shoulders, finishing, "-I'm so tired...Yu-ki." but he didn't let go.

"Not yet." his student replied, kissing his heavily perspired forehead. "Just a little more." he said, burying his nose into his teacher's neck, inhaling the powerful scent of their intermingling sweat from the heat of their love. Eirimarked him gently before pushing up and looking down at his lover, both of them bare as the day they were born and both of them only for each other to see. "Just one more more time with you."

Shuichi's cheeks reddened, nodding as he clung unto his partner, his lover gave him the promised ecstasy that would be short lived in its physical form. His hold tightened around the teen's neck and he cried aloud his student's name.

Not a second longer Eiri followed into the bliss of lovers; all the pain and heartaches in him chased away.


"Yuki." Shuichi whispered, his head shifting in his lover's arm to look up at his lover.

Eiri whose head was supported up by the very arm Shuichi was snuggling against looked down at him, shifting his gaze away from the brightly lit sky.

"I love you Yuki." Shuichi spoke softly, lips reaching up for a kiss, lingering for a moment to hear the same from him. When none came he brushed away the disappointment and kissed his lover lightly, happily thinking to himself; 'That's alright. Yuki surely loves me. and settled back down on the pillows. He grinned a little at the frown on his lover's face and instantly knew that the boy was worrying. What about he didn't know, neither did he care as long as they never got separated.

"Pretty." Shuichi thought, dreamily staring at the teen's narrow gaze. He must have been more tired than he thought when he saw those very eyes looking down at him as if he was the only thing in the world that mattered"Pretty." He thought again, and closing his eyes.

Meticulously Eiri settled to the snuggling man and caressed his cheek, kissing him one last time before saying in an ironicalvoice, "You're the pretty one." and closed his eyes.

He had been so worried about Hanako. Shuichi, their teacher, didn't know her as the real person she was inside- oh but Eiri knew, and he didn't want anything bad happening now. It would have been easy for him to just think that it's all over now, but Hanako won't let it go. Not if she could help it...unless...

No. He thought, scooting Shuichi closer to him, this is enough for now. I won't worry tonight.


Saturday. Shuichi thought, blindly padding to the bathroom and closing the door behind himself.

If it had been any other Saturday he would have been fine, but particularly, this semester's Saturday and the next and the one after that he was scheduled to monitor clubs meeting on Saturdays, and that was the majority of them since students were too busy studying on weekdays. He worriedly bit his lip as he undressed and stepped into the shower.

Hanako is one of those students who stay to catch up for the club she participates in...Tea club I think? Shuichi was weighed down. He didn't feel ready to face her yet...he's just rejected her the night before after all. Oh...what am I going to do! He thought to himself, banging his head against the tile wall, baka baka baka--

"Eyah!!" Shuichi yelled, turning around with the bar of soap readyto strike upon the intruder who had wrapped cold arms around himOnly it was, "Yuki!" he gasped, letting the young man take away his weapon, "You scared me to death idiot!!"

"Idiot?" the student replied, raising an eyebrow before soaping the shorter man, rubbing the bar in specific areas where hard evidence from their night's activities was showing. "You're so busy hitting yourself on the wallanyone could come in and molest you. You're the idiot."

"I don't have to worry." Shuichi said haughtily, smiling as he reached for his own raspberry-strawberry shampoo his Yuki had gotten for him especially. Foaming his hair Shuichi leaned against his lover and 'hummed'contently at the now warm hands washing him everywhere- and even sneaking a little touch here and there. "Yuki wouldn't let anyone go in the bedroom knowing I'm in it naked. Let alone in the bathroom- I think you have a radar on even when you're in a comma."

"Shut up," was the embarrassed response before Eiri pulled him roughly around and kissed him hard.

"Yuki...Yuki!" Shuichi protested, half heartedly pushing him away. His lover didn't stop, insisting further on to continue his quest of fulfillment for his hunger. Shuichi cringed as his back settled on the cold bathroom tiles, head tilting back some more as his love's fingers tugged hard on his pink tresses while the other hand wrapped around his waist and hoisted him up with a little 'hop' from Shuichi as an aide. "More Yuki-" Shuichi cried, pushing himself back against the wall as he dug his fingers on Eiri's shoulder.Eiri pressed forward and ground who ground their pelvises together, holding unto Shuichi's thighs, legs stiffening. "Ha-" Shuichi huffedas they rubbed erotically against each other gasping and shaking uncontrollably, "Yuki I'm so close! Faster..."

" Mm. Me...too." Eiri grunted in difficulty, speeding his movement against the man, before stopping and finallyreaching at his own member and directing it at Shuichi's puckered entrance.

"Hagh-" Shuichi yelled at the feeling, stiffening even more as Eiri's whole member sank into him and began to thrust, "Yuki, please- just a little more," he moaned bracing himself when he heard another grunt from his lover.Finally, crying against the shoulders that held him up as the feeling became unbearable in him he cried out,"Ah- Yuki, I'm-I'm coming-"

"Hold on." Eiri hissed, wrapping his hand to stop Shuichi's ascent. He quickened his pace and pushed one last time, buried completely before he allowed Shuichi to go.




The two lovers jolted, crashing from their pleasure prematurely. Shuichi peered over his lover's shoulder to see Tatsuha bouncing in – skidding to a halt and as he stared, bug-eyed…at them.

There was a short pause then Shuichi opened his mouth.



"You did that on purpose!" Eiri growled, advancing towards his little brother who was instantly off and running, rounding the table in the kitchen and using it as an obstacle against the raging fury heading his way.

"No!" Tatsuha cried with tears that were left over from laughing, "I'm sorry! Really aniki! I seriously didn't know!!!"

"How could you not know?!" the elder of the two twin looking brothers asked, angrily adding, "I know Shuichi's scream can reach the hallway and he wasn't holding out back"

"Not with that size he can't!" Tatsuha laughed.

The blonde's left arm shook and curled into a fist, greatly tempted to kill the little spoiler. There was nothing more he wanted. Now, after the great embarrassment of Tatsuha, of all people, walking in on themright in the middle of their release, Shuichi had screamed and threw things till Tatsuha AND Eiri had to get out and take refuge in the kitchen. Truthfully, Eiri wasn't finished yet with his lover, who even after the interruptionlooked hot and frustrated it was...almost impossible not to want to be wrapped around his little lover again.

"That's it. OUT!" Eiri ordered, pointing towards the door. When Tatsuha gave him a huh' look, he repeated, "Get out right now! I have to go to school and Shuichi is also going, so you can't stay! OUT!!!!"

"But Eiri!" Tatsuha cried, "You said I could stay here!!"

"I don't remember. Get out." he caught Tatsuha's lapel and started dragging, having none of the crying and wailing from his brother.

"Noo!" Tatsuha wailed, "I'll tell! I'll tell Tohma you're doing it everywhere with one of his teachers! I'll tell him! I'll tell him-" he tried to struggle free but his brother's hold was much stronger, and resigning to fate, Tatsuha sniffed to the apartment goodbye. It would have been so much better if he'd stayed here without having anyone at his his sister for instance.

Suddenly as they arrived at the hallway the door opened, Shuichi stepped out with nothing on but Eiri's blood red shirt hanging down just past his thighs. "What's all this noise?" he asked looking down at the teary eyed Tatsuha, "Oh- leaving already? I was just about to make a little breakfast. Won't you stay for some?"

Eiri started to say,"Shu-" But was immediately cut off by Tatsuha's enthusiasm,

"YES!! I Want to eat here!"

Eiri disapproved instantly and called out Shuichi's name, but when the man turned around and looked at him with wide, bright sparkling eyes and an innocent head tilting pose the writer couldn't find it in himself to say anything. Just keep an eye on Tatsuha. He convinced himself, and headed to the kitchen.

By the end of breakfast, through Tatsuha's slyness andShuichi's naivety, Eiri had ended up agreeing to the very thing he was against. Letting Tatsuha stay.

"Alright," Shuichi called, pausing at the entranceway and putting on his sneakers, "We're going." and gave a cheery wave and exited the door ahead of Eiri who had paused to threaten Tatsuha.

Eiri himself took time to threaten Tatsuha, "Don't drink all the beer and this place will be the same when we get back. If you break anything, so help me I'll--"

"Yeah yeah-" Tatsuha gestured away with a hand, "Do you hear that? I think he's calling you." he grinned at Eiri's glare as the man grabbed his car keys and headed out. Tatsuha listened to them bicker out the hallway before finally hearing the sound of a victory squeal from Shuichi. "My brother is so whipped," Tatsuha grinned, relishing he'd finally discovered the way to Eiri's apartment wasn't through Eiri but through Shuichi. He shut the door and turned, headed for the living room and TV.


Eiri glanced at the passenger seat where the teacher sat quietly. He'd been waiting for the brat to say something. Sure that as soon as they walked out he argued a little over letting Tatsuha stay but Shuichi's argument of 'He's your brother be kind' really worked and he'd settled with a sullen 'fine' and decided to just ignore him all the way to school. Which had been working when Shuichi suddenly fell silent for the last ten minutes.

He was just about to open his mouth and ask when Shuichi spoke, "Yuki...I'm so nervous." he paused when the student parked his car at the end of the street where it was a safe distance for him to be dropped off without anyone seeing. "With the monitoring of the clubs I might run into her. Then what will I say?"

"Whatever you want."

"Yuki I'm serious!" Shuichi replied pouting.

Eiri met his gaze and responded; "Who said I wasn't?" he looked up ahead to nothing in particular and continued, "It's fine whatever you say. None of that will make a difference now. Last night, you said that when you rejected her she asked about me and you didn't answer- she may already have made assumptions about us and all you can do now is deny or accept it."

Looking down at his lap Shuichi struggled with himself, saying, "I'm so jealous you could say all that Yuki. But...I don't want any trouble. What if...what if she really did know about...about what we're doing and tells? I don't want trouble, ever, Yuki!"

Right in the middle of pulling out a pack of unopened cigarettes, Eiri stopped and leaned back on his chair, eyes slowly raking over the small man staring back at him eagerly "It doesn't matter. If she wants to tell everyone she'll find a way on how to do it." He raised a hand and cradled the heart shaped face saying softly, "Trouble was one thing we couldn't pick out if we wanted this relationship to work."

Touched, Shuichi kissed his palm and leaned towards him, embracing his ever wise and cool lover before pushing back and saying with a smile, "Okay then! Whatever happens let's always be together, let's always be happy!!"

"Baka," the student said, watching as the man regained his usual self and opened the door, "Is there such a thing?" he said beneath his breath, watching him walk away. He stayed for a moment before putting away his cigs and started the car.

I guess there is.


"Look look! There's Shindou sensei!!" a girl from class 4 squealed before gesturing to the other students to look out the window.

There was a great deal of laughter and calls from the window as the teacher entered the school gate. It seemed really all the students adored the pink haired sensei.

"Hanako, what are you doing there? Come on here and look!" a friend called out.

The auburn haired student nodded but stayed unmoved at her desk, "Later." she whispered, and concentrated her eyes down on her paper she'd been pretending to work on for the last minute just so she didn't have to get up and see...see that teacher who had rejected her...for...for a guy.

It seemed that not a moment longer the very teacher she had been thinking about entered the room, laughing and smiling at the students and stopping by to only get the role on who was there and then dismissing everyone to go to their club areas. Hanako was one of the many who piled towards the door, being the last one out of the door.

"Hanako." came her teacher's voice. She looked at him; already the tears starting to come, oh she's never felt so sad like this! "Hanako can I talk to you for a moment?" he pleaded.

Hardening her stare she met his eyes and turned away quickly, "No." she began to walk down the hall, her pace quickening as she heard the teacher hurrying also.

"Hanako! Please, just for a moment!! I want to tell-"

"I don't want to hear it!" she cried, pushing and kicking the entrance door, she descended down the steps and added harshly, "I'm going home so leave me alone!"

"But if you'd just listen-" Hanako heard no more. What had she been thinking coming here in the first place knowing that Shindou sensei would be here? What was she hoping for?

She'd been too busy thinking she didn't see a person coming her way and pummeled against the student. Looking away from the ground and up she blinked at the person. She didn't need to say anything.

"Rei!" Shuichi gasped; shocked beyond words at who he was seeing at that moment. He waited for his hallucinations to end, but there remained Miyari's sister, hair tied in a ponytail and wearing Genesis' uniform. "Rei- what are you doing here?"

"I'm a transfer student, teacher. Hanako-chan doesn't really want to talk to you, so I don't think teachers should harass their students anymore."

"" Shuichi began- ignoring what she'd said.

Placing a hand on Hanako's shoulder, Rei said in a monotone voice, "Hanako's mother was kind enough to allow her daughter's long distance friend to transfer to this school. She's in the school's head committee group and contributes a large sum of money to the funding of this school, so Principal Seguchi couldn't really say no."

Shuichi's brow wrinkled in confusion. "Eh...but why did Miyari- wait, does Miyari know you're here right now?"

"Teacher," Rei began with an indifferetair in her voice, "my private life is none of your business. Come on Hanako. You promised to show me around school today."

"Y-yes." Hanako stumbled, turning a different direction from the teacher, saying, "I'll show you the clubs first." and with that the two were off, leaving a very confused teacher behind.

Shuichi's hand began to shake, he hadn't thought of Rei since they left Kobe, and now on top of the problem he had with Hanako, there's also Rei...God, he needed someone to talk to right now!!!

Then as if heaven sent, a voice from the gate called out, "Hey Shu!" and turning around with pools of tears gathered around his eyes, he looked up at to spy his angelic best friend and shouted,



"So that's what happened." Hiro said, nodding as he went along Shuichi's story. He grinned, "I feel kind of flattered that you'd tell me about Hanako's confession."

"Hiro" Shuichi sighed, slumping on the teacher's desk, "It seems all my problems are catching up to me."

"Well you reap what you sow. Besides, I can finally call Miyari back at Kobe and tell her that her sister's fine. She's going ballistic; as it turns out that kid's been missing for a few weeks now and Miyari had no clue she's actually not in the city anymore."

"What?!" Shuichi exclaimed, "Rei's been missing and Miyari or you hadn't told me? What kind of friends are you!!!"

"Well it wasn't my idea," Hiro defended, "Miyari didn't want you thinking it was your fault. Besides, Rei has some complex problem involving you so she called me to keep an eye out. She only needed one person to help her and you've become unreliable since you've met your new lover. That 'blonde' Miyari said." Hiro placed a hand over Shuichi's open mouth and smiled, "Now let's focus like you said. Miyari is here and she got Hanako to somehow help her move here and she knows about you and Yuki. Chances are she probably already told Hanako."

"I know that! But I still have to talk to Hanako and tell her the truth on what's going on with Yuki and me! I don't want her to think of something and over exaggerate it! I want her to know facts that me and Yuki are going out!"

Hiro grinned and began to search around his desk, shaking his head as he said, "Well I just came here today to get some paperwork done, but now that I'm talking to you, I have to say that you're a little smart on your part. If there's nothing worst in the world to a girl it's probably being rejected and right now Hanako's probably doubting if she's so unattractive even a guy could beat her at this whole love life thing."

Processing what Hiro just said Shuichi shook his head, "I'll just talk to her after school, but right now I have to go and walk around school and check on the clubs."

"Hey Shu!" Hiro called. When Shuichi looked at him he grinned confidently, "You'll think of something."

"Thanks Hiro. You're the best."


"Swimming club, fifteen members, Reading club twelve members, Volleyball club fourteen members, Band club eight, Homework/Study club twenty, Cooking club twelve, Track team seven, photography nine...and tea club," Shuichi stopped, sighing when the students informed him that Hanako had gone, "nine students."

This is a nice turn-out. Shuichi thought, I've never seen so many involved with clubs and I still have a few more to go. It's like a regular school day. Turning down the hallway Shuichi checked the next room he was heading towards in his clipboard. The computer room. "Huh, I wonder what club this is?" Shuichi asked himself, reaching for the door when it suddenly opened.

"Hey brat." came the all too familiar voice, sending chills down the teacher's spine.

Shuichi looked over his shoulder and saw a few more students parked in front of computers turning their heads towards the door. Darn, I guess I can't hug him. "Ah Yuki-kun!" Shuichi greeted, "I'm here to take the role for"

"Journalism, stupid." the last part was soft and mocking. Typical of his lover.

"Good morning sensei!" The students waved, some with eyes sparkling as they stared at Eiri's back.

"How many-"

"Eighteen." Eiri said, followed by an exasperated gesture towards the girls who was waving at him.

Shuichi jotted it down and nodded, "Makes sense since Yuki is here." he smiled up at his secret lover and nodded, "Okay then, I'll be going." he started to turn when he suddenly remembered, "Oh Yuki!" he lowered his voice so that the others wouldn't hear, "We're eat lunch together right?"

"Yeah." The student agreed, looking down at his watch before saying, "I'll be on the slopes near the track field behind the West building in...five minutes." he paused looking down at Shuichi's unmarked club list, " there when you're finished." before Shuichi could say anything the writer had already turned around and closed the door.

Cute. Shuichi thought to himself, reminiscing at the pink tint on Eiri's cheek. He'd like to see that again someday, and then turning around Shuichi hurried off to the next club.

In record time, Shuichi marked off the rest of clubs in no longer than twenty minutes, it would have taken a shorter time to do, but there was just too many students who had been eager to talk to him and he had no choice but to converse with them while thinking of a certain someone waiting for him. He just hoped now that Eiri wasn't serious about the whole five minute thing.

"Yuki!" Shuichi waved, stopping before the blonde who was leaning against the tree with a notebook on his lap. "Sorry I'm late! I'm really sorry!" and to his relief Eiri waved it off, setting aside his writing and replying,

"It's fine. I did say until you're finished taking the roles."

Shuichi nodded and wasted no time in presenting him their lunch, sealed in a large black bento box and wrapped in a green cloth containing inside two fried fishes, rice, and omelet among other things. Taking some in his chopsticks, Shuichi pointed it towards Eiri and said, "Itadakimasu!"


"What?" Hanako asked, looking surprised at Rei. She bit her bottom lip and looked down, "I...I'm not sure about this."

Rei sensed hesitation and shook her head, "You knew he would be here today and that's why you came, because you wanted to see him. The only way now for you to get his attention is to remove the distraction."

"Yuki...kun." Hanako whispered. "Rei...I really don't want to hurt my teacher."

"You won't." the other replied, "You were eager yesterday when we discussed the plan. Don't be a coward! After this, when there's no more Yuki both of us will compete with each other and neither of us will have an advantage!" Hanako didn't reply, since she met Rei the dirty feeling in her began to swell up more and more each hour they were together.

"I don't know Rei." Hanako repeated, flinching when Rei stood before her and reached in her bag. Hanako watched her for a moment extricate a long metallic can with red stripes in the middle, and with a 'clink' it stood right in front of her.

"Then think about it. When you've made up your mind I'll know before school lets out." The auburn haired girl watched Rei walk off with authority, disappearing from the door and leaving her alone. Then her eyes moved at the can, and standing up she took it in hand and exited the room.

She pondered over everything she would be risking if she went ahead with the plan. Was being in love with her teacher really worth turning on a fellow student? The decision weighed heavily on her…

Hanako looked out the hallway windows and up at the blue sky, contemplating, Is he? Her train of thoughts stopped abruptly when she caught a movement at the corner of her eyes. Curious, she looked down among the trees, squinting a little past the branches that served as a curtain to the people below. Beneath she could make out two persons, one was smaller than the other, and one had strawberry colored hair and the other gold...Yuki-kun and Shindou sensei.

She watched for a moment as the two conversed, then slowly her classmate tugged at Shindou sensei's hand and the man himself fell on the teen with their lips meeting. And the worst part for Hanako was when her teacher didn't push Yuki away but instead relaxed into him and the kiss, allowing himself to be a younger man and...and relishing into it.

Feelings of hate swelled immediately and the confusion in Hanako cleared. What little conscience she'd been nurturing died a swift death, the question she had presenting a simple answer. Her fingers around the can shook, and then tightened.


Shuichi opened his eyes slowly as his lover's lips pulled away, the weight on him shifting to his side. He wanted to stay like this for a a moment longer. It seemed that each time they were together the times were shorter and shorter...and then everything ending in an instant.

"We shouldn't have done that." Shuichi whispered, touching his lips, "Someone could have seen." but nevertheless the two kissed again, "I love you Yuki." Shuichi confessed for the thousandth time, sitting himself up and regaining control before something more demanding happened. Shuichi cleaned up fast, packing away all their left over before standing up and smiling down at his lover, "Yuki, I'll see you later then, okay?"

Eiri nodded, and Shuichi was off with a happy smile.


Eiri looked down at his watch. 2:30. "Where is that brat?" he asked himself, irritated. School had let out thirty minutes ago, and he'd been waiting attheir agreed spot near his car, but it seemed that Shuichi was taking a habit of being late today.

Suddenly Eiri's phone rang.

"Hey, where are you." he demanded more than asked.

His lover's shy voice immediately softened him, "Oh, hi Yuki! I'm sorry, but can you just go ahead of without me? Something came if it's okay- I'll just take the bus. I don't know when I'll be back so could you start dinner if I'm not back by around six?"

Eiri raised an eyebrow, suspicious and curious at the same time. "I guess that's fine." He finally said, "I'll go now then."

"Okay. Bye Yuki." click.

He didn't approve of Shuichi's call just now. Something had surely come up, and Eiri hesitated for a moment, planning on turning around and back to school just to check on Shuichi...but if he did that and the teacher was right in the middle of talking to Hanako, she might shut him out.

Eiri drove home, confident that Shuichi would set it all straight to Hanako- he'll get it through to her that he and Shuichi were together...and that nothing she did would change that.

Eiri walked silently to his apartment, pausing only before the door in curiosity when he heard a few banging noises inside. He looked down at the crack of the door and noticed several footsteps running to and fro, their shadows going back and forth. With a frown Eiri flung the door open, saying out loud, "Tatsuha what are you---"

He stopped in the middle of his sentence when he saw his things scattered all over the apartment and Tatsuha shouting from somewhere, "Aniki watch out!" but Eiri didn't have time, there was pain and he fell to the floor, everything all around him darkening.


Uncomfortable. That was how Shuichi felt, sitting at some park bench and watching the sun slowly die down.

After the bell had rung that afternoon he checked the school grounds, bid the students goodbye and even asked around where Hanako was. When he received no answer, he finally headed for the school gate ready to lock it up and meet with his lover who must have been waiting impatiently at the end of the street, impatient, but ever waiting.

That was when he saw the last of the students waiting at the gate. Rei. "We didn't really get to spend time when you visited, so today maybe you could spare a little time for me." she said. Shuichi didn't argue. He wanted to be with Yuki, but Rei was still family to him and spending a few hours with her wouldn't kill him. So after the phone call to his lover, they both began to walk. Rei had already changed into her normal clothing so they didn't stand out, but after the first thirty minutes in silence Shuichi decided he could help lighten the mood if they went and had a snack.

After buying hamburgers and sodas from a family restaurant, Shuichi followed Rei who led them to a park and together sat at the bench, munching on their food. They ate slowly, another half hour passing by.

"It was all Miyari's fault," Rei finally said, breaking the first layer of silence, "you left because of her. That's why I left her."

"She's worried about you. After Hiro tells her you're here she'll drive down and drag you back to Kobe."

"I won't go back."

Shuichi stopped eating, "You have to Rei. It's not a matter of choice for you; she's your sister and guardian."

"Then come back with me." she said.

It was the teacher's turn to be stubborn now. "No."

"But why? You don't have to go back for Miyari! Just come back for me!"

Shuichi shook his head, "I'm sorry."

"No!" Rei cried, shaking her head side to side while looking at him beseechingly, "I've never said anything before but I've always liked you ever since I was little! You're all I ever heard from my big sisters and so I had no choice but to fall for you too! Is it really hard to like me?"

"No of course not!" Shuichi objected, "It's not that at all!"

"You've been so busy with that guy you're hurting everyone and rejecting all the women who love you!"

Shuichi stood up, all his food falling on the ground, shouting to the world, "Because I don't love any of those women!!"

Rei looked away, clear in the eyes she was about to cry. She turned away. "I could love you more than...more than that guy could."

"Rei." Shuichi said softly, his hand resting on her head, "It's not a matter of gender you know. If it was I wouldn't have given yours and Hanako's feelings some consideration. If I loved Yuki because he was a guy I could easily be attracted to Hiro, but I'm not. I don't love Yuki because he's a guy, I love him because I've never felt so happy anywhere else than just being with him."

Rei looked up meaning to ask Even with sister? But the look in Shuichi's eyes answered it already. She screwed her eyes shut and shuddered away from Shuichi's touch, vehemently saying, "I'll never believe you! Not until I see it, not until you prove it! And you'll never be able to! I'll never see you the same as you were when you were with sister."

Shuichi knelt down and began to gather his scattered food in a plastic bag while saying, "I'm sorry that you feel that way Rei." he stood up and smiled, "But I have faith in Yuki and I know we'll always be together no matter what. I'll figure something out, and when I'm at lost, Yuki will know what to do next. That's a part of him I also love, he's ready to catch me every time I need him."

Shuichi bent low and smiled at her, kissing her forehead before saying, "You'll see it someday."


Shindou-sensei stepped in the elevator, eager to see his lover. Saturday was almost over...and even though he hadn't talked to Hanako at all, at least he and Rei had come into some kind of understanding.

Yes, Shuichi was confident that she'd see someday and get over him, and after telling her that, Shuichi decided to focus on the personat hand: Reiko. He asked her what she's been doing for the past months and she told him aside from scheming on how to get him back she had been writing and reading a lot in Greek. As it turned out Reiko had a great want to leave the country and travel the world with her sister.

Shuichi then told Reiko about his teaching, how he loved his students but was transferred to class 3-7. And as time passed…during their time together…

… the gap between them that had been left behind when Shuichi was in Kobe closed. Shuichi bought Rei souvenirs and the two went their separate ways. Rei surely pacified at the moment that even though she may not be worth as much as Yuki, I'm not completely invisible to Shu-chan.

"Hello?" Shuichi called out into the dark apartment, kicking the door shut behind him. "Yuki! Why are all the lights off?! Yuki? Yuki? Yuki?" Shuichi finally got the light on and gasped at the mess. He hopped over the debris on the floor, wondering at the chaos when his lover was usually so neat and tidy. "Yuki why is all your stuff on the ground?" He gasped, moving further into the apartment, "Are you moving out--"

He stopped at the living room, scanning the room and crying out in surprise when two bulging red eyes glared at him from the corner of the room.

"Ah!!" he cried out, panicking as to why there was a man tied to the ground, but peering closer as he clowly approached, he identified him as, "Tatsuha?"


Rushing to him andquickly took off the gag in the young man's mouth and untiedhim, "Oh my god, Tatsuha are you alright?!"

"Ugh. Yeah..." Tatsuha replied groggily, shaking his hands and feet free, happy that they were once again moveable, "Damn that witch can really tie a knot."

"Oh my goodness- where is Yuki, Tatsuha?!" Shuichi grabbed him by the collar and started shaking him, "Where is he Tatsuha! Where? Where?!"

"I...don't know!' Tatsuha replied through the chokehold, "Some gang took him. They left a note on the table though." Shuichi dropped Tatsuha like a bat and grabbed for the coffee table, reading the two worded note.

"AT SCHOOL?!" Shuichi read out loud. He whipped out his cell phone and dialed quickly, "Hello? Hello Hiro? Hiro I need you to come down here at Yuki's apartment right now! Yuki's been kidnapped by a gang!!!" the news and Everything moved quickly after that, everything happening so fast that the next thing Shuichi knew he was racing down the streets on the back of Hiro's motorcycle after putting Tatsuha safely in bed.

"Hey Shu did you call the police?" Hiro asked.

Shuichi shook his head, "No. Tatsuha said the neighbors probably already did."

"But why at school?" Hiro asked, still puzzling over the story Shuichi had told him, "Hey, you don't think that it has anything to do with you?"

"No...but Tatsuha said there was a girl who seemed to know Yuki pretty well...and it was Hanako."

Hiro's tires squealed into a stop before the school gates, "Are you serious? She's in a gang?"

"I don't know!!!" Shuichi yelled, frantically hopping off and jiggling the gate, five other locks had been added to the one the school used and seeing no point in using the key he boosted himself and jumped over, Hiro followed behind.

"Yuki!" Shuichi began calling, cupping his hands by his mouth, looking around as he ran along the courtyard towards the entrance, "Yuki!!" he called again. An arm reached out to him and grabbed a hold of the back of his shirt, "Hiro let me go! Let me go!" Shuichi began to struggle.

But Hiro didn't let go, swallowing a lump in his throat he instructed calmly, "Shuichi...look around us."

"What Hiro?" Shuichi asked.

"Look at the school buildings."

Impatiently Shuichi did as he was told. He had to focus a little before he noticed that someone had sprayed all over the main school building a message: SHINDOU SENSEI AND YUKI EIRI ARE HAVING AN ILLICIT TEACHER/STUDENT AFFAIR. The kanji for 'affair,' 'teacher' and 'student' being the largest characters on the wall.

Shuichi froze as if his feet were rooted to the ground, his whole body shaking, and face pale. He tried to look away, but it was everywhere!! It was on the school gate walls, written over and over and over again, written in every sizes the message conveyed in every color, blue red, orange, purple and yellow.

The two teachers were startled when a voice behind them whistled. "Someone was busy." K said, entering the scene with one Fujisaki.

"You guys!" Shuichi cried, rushing to the two, "You have to help me find Yuki! Please help me!"

K looked at him questioningly, "Normally the first thing to do is erase all of these vandalism to the property. This particular secret isn't really something to be shared to everyone."

"K! I don't care about the messages!" Shuichi argued, eyes raking over the school property but dismissing it all entirely, "I have to find and make sure Yuki is alright!!"

"But Shindou-san, the people who did this might be dangerous! We have to call the police!" And as if to make a point Fujisaki started dialing in his cell phone, only to have it taken from him and thrown to the ground.

"No! I'm going to go look for Yuki!" Shuichi shouted, heading for the main building.

"Well, he's at the rooftop on the main building." Hiro said. When the three gave him a questioning look, he pointed to the rooftop of a building and asked, "Isn't that a bunch of kids up there? And the one tied and on the ledge of the roof is Yuki isn't it?"

"Oh my gawd you're right!" Fujisaki cried.

K shared, "I guess those are the leaders up there." pointing at the three people standing near the fence and looking down at them. K didn't recognize any of them except for the one in the middle, "Hey...isn't that Kayou from class four?" and with a little grin he added, "Well I'll be. Hey Shu, look it's--"he turned to the teacher to point it out, but where Shuichi once stood was now empty. "Shu?" he asked, looking around to find a cloud of dirt leading to the main building.


Eiri opened his eyes, Eff. he cursed at his throbbing head, it felt like someone had hit him with a hammer- not that a small lamp post made any difference. He tried to move, but looking down at himself he saw the reason why he couldn't. Someone had been busy tying his hands and feet, even to the extent of gagging him. He had been freaked to the core before when Tatsuha had called out his name, but now that he was here, hanging on the edge of the school's rooftop with time all alone in his mind to think, none of this was really a surprise now. Typical... He thought, seeing from the corner of his eye Hanako sitting next to him and right in the middle of snapping a flip knife shut.

So the monster comes out. He said to himself. In the four years that Eiri had been in class four, he had come to know each and every single student in his class whether he wanted to or not. Secrets had been shared and along those lines, he had learned that Hanako was part of a gang in the past, and not just a member, but the very leader. That was until a close friend of hers died in the middle of their 'prank...and that was when she had decided to go straight from there on and out. Or, at least as straight as her little twisted mind would allow…

She noticed his attention and leaned forward, snapping out the knife long enough to cut his gag then looked away.

"You must really want him." Yuki grunted, blinking his half eyes to open wide, his eyesight blurry, "to revert back to your old self."

Her eyes rose to him, half of her face curtained by her side swept bangs. "There's no other way now is there?" she asked, standing up and walking to him, pushing Eiri with her black booted foot. Her voice lowered threateningly, "You know what I hate most about you?" she asked, her other foot sending Eiri rolling on the ground, "How you have the lousiest personality!!!!" she knelt down and grabbed a handful of his hair, "Yet you still managed to become popular without having to say a single kind word to anyone!"

"Nobody forced the school to write a paper about the new 'gaijin-looking' student that moved in to class four." Eiri replied, keeping his eyes cool unto her fiery ones.

"Shut up!!" she yelled, slamming him down on the ground. "You act all calm and look down at everyone, but class four overlooked it because of your past- and everyone loved your indifference even though you were cold to everyone and everything- how could anyone love you! How could anyone want to accept you!"

By then Eiri could feel the blood oozing from his nose and at the corner of his lips. Just when he thought he really was just going to remain tied up beaten hostage, she roughly pushed him down on the ground and pinned him with her knee on the small of his back, harshly cutting his bound hands and feet free from the rope.

"Look at you now!" she laughed bitterly, "All bruised and beaten, all you ever had was your looks- that's all anyone ever saw in you!" she charged towards him with both hands formed into strong fists, thirteen years of karate suddenly coming in hand.

Eiri dodged the first attack, but the second came squarely at his shoulder, knocking him back.

"Nothing in you is worth anything but your looks! Your looks that deceived anyone!" she yelled, coming towards him again.

"Pisses me off." Yuki mumbled beneath his breath, his golden round eyes darkening and narrowing even more. He grabbed hold of Hanako's fist and twisted her arm to her back, pulling it up painfully as he growled, "You're right. I'm not worth a cent without my looks, but it wasn't me who chose to deceive anyone. Our classmates chose to praise me for my looks, I acted indifferent. They praised that too and there was nothing else I could do."

"Don't fuck with me." she whispered slowly- her leg rounding and twisting towards him, sending Eiri flying near the entrance door. "You can run." she said with a grin, "Go ahead and head to the door, it's unlocked."

"I'm not going to run." Eiri replied, "You clearly have unfinished business you want to settle." and proving him right Hanako reached in her khaki pocket, extricating her Swiss knife.

"You bet I do." she replied, her feet seemingly dragging towards him as she looked at him for the first time with the eyes Eiri knew from the old Hanako, "I just don't understand how something so pure like sensei could be with you." her face contorted in the most horrific way as her anger from rejection and from witnessing their happiness earlier that day surged to the surface, "I just hate how it doesn't make sense that someone as mean and impure like you could be with teacher!!" and appearing as if she was swaying side to side with her knife in hand, she charged up towards her sworn enemy.

As she had spoken Eiri had looked down at his feet, then when silence reigned he looked up to see her nearing him rapidly, but it was all slow to him as he replied, "I don't get it...either."


Shuichi was almost out of breath, but remembering his lover all alone at the top of the building gave him sufficient energy and immediately his legs kicked up again. They were really determined to share Shuichi's and Eiri's secret. Outside the school there was spray paint, inside there were flyers. It was no use, Shuichi wouldn't be able to take them all off in time, and paint over the walls outside.

Argh! That's fine! He shouted inside himself, I don't care! ...If everyone knew...then...then that's the end of my career. Fine. But right now I have to go to Yuki!

The teacher was nearing the end of his run, and he had to admit, Hanako really didn't want him going up. On the first floor the hallways were all blocked with chairs, but Shuichi tunneled right through them no problem. On the second floor someone had set up traps. The only reason he knew of this was the because of the arrow that had whizzed passed his head when he curiously stepped at a rope tied across the hallway. He was so close, one more level to go and 4th floor is where the storage room is, and passed that was the door to the roof.

"Hey- what've we got here."

Shuichi stopped, his feet skidding on the floor. Just ahead were a couple of teenagers, sitting on desks parked outside the hallway. One guy with reddish blonde hair looked down at him.

"Is this the guy Hanako's harping about?"

His friends nodded, some taking out chains from their pocket and winding it around their wrists.

"Geez, all this trouble for this kid?"

"Actually..." Shuichi said, "I'm...I'm a teacher."

One of the girls laughed and pointed at him, "This is the molester?"

"Hey-" Shuichi began, but was cut off as the group started to advance towards him, one of the guys licking his fingers as he muttered 'cute' in a hoarse voice, making the teacher shiver.

"Alright, get him guys!" one of them called and they started for him suddenly, all together, looking far too bloodthirsty and dangerous.

Shuichi began to shake uncontrollably, wondering what he was going to do when he heard gun sounds. Thinking that they were shooting at him, Shuichi stood stiff as a board and cowered inside, but when it stopped and he saw a few of the kids laying on the ground, he heard,

"Don't worry, it's just rubber bullets. Now go on Shu!" Hiro called, running alongside K and Suguru with their US military uniform, "We'll handle this guys!" he said and gave his best friend a thumbs up along K and a forced Suguru.

Shuichi nodded and swallowed his gratitude, running past the knocked out teens and up the next stairs shouting, "We'll go drinking sometime guys!! My treat!" and he was gone.

"Alright," K said in English, propping up a desk as their barrier, "It's show time."

I'm so close!! Shuichi cried joyously, overtaking three steps at a time while pulling himself up by the railing. First it was nine, then six, three and at last he reached the door. "Yuki-" he began to cry, but as he opened the door he could see his lover standing in front of Hanako...who was running after him...with a knife in hand.




Shuichi saw the sudden pained expression on his lover's face, and automatically his feet moved and ran to him, falling on his knees with the injured writer, arms wrapped around Eiri as the teen slumped against his shoulder.

Hanako dropped her bloodied weapon, "Tea-teacher?" she moved to touch his shoulder when suddenly his head turned and looked at her- with what Hanako can only remember the only time she's ever seen anger in his eyes, his brows gathered as he leaned away from her hand, arms holding on to his lover tightly.

"I don't love you!" Shuichi shouted, ignoring how Hanako flinched at his harsh words. "I'll never love you or anyone else!" he continued, tears gathering in his eyes, "I should have told you straight and I should never have dodged you! Yes, Yuki and I are having an affair! He and I are lovers and we're both guys! But I don't care because I love Yuki more than I could love Rei or you!"

Shuichi sniffed and buried his face in Eiri's neck, inhaling his lover's scent as he mumbled,

"I should have just told you. I'm sorry Hanako...I'm only in love with Yuki."


Shuichi's eyes opened wide. Pushing back, he looked up to see his lover looking down at him softly with his golden eyes. "Yuki?" Shuichi asked, removing his arms around him and letting his hands cup the younger man's face, "Yuki are you alright?"

At first Shuichi thought Eiri smiled, but the man slumped against him and whispered in his ear, "Shh...quiet now and listen to what Hanako has to say."

The teacher silently nodded and turned his head back to Hanako whose eyes were dripping with tears, each one coming directly from her heart.

"I'm sorry teacher," she struggled to say, "I...I didn't mean-" she wiped her eyes on the back of her hand, "I love you so much. I've loved you since school has begun, I just couldn't take it that...that you were won over by a guy! A guy who's not even nice, always mean to people and...and then you two were so happy...I didn't understand why he got you...and I- I'm still in love with you- so I...I figured to tell everyone- and...and...I'm sorry teacher."

"Hanako." Shuichi interrupted, turning away from her, "I can forgive you for telling everyone our secret...but what I can't and will never do is forgive you for hurting Yuki."

"Teacher..." Hanako sobbed loudly, falling to her knees, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me. Please never hate me. Please forgive me. Please, please, please...teacher." and as Hanako started chanting and beseeching to her beloved teacher, strong arms tenderly wrapped around her and before she knew it she found herself crying into Hiro's arms.

"Hanako." Shuichi said, waiting for her to look up at him, "I'm not your teacher anymore. Hiro here came today because he was worried about you, because you're his student..." he smiled, "So from now on, rely a little more in him...alright?" Shuichi got up on his feet and stumbled towards Hanako, pausing as she shut her eyes before he embraced her and said, "I can't return your feelings, but I'll never hate you, ever. Class four was my first family, and I want them to forever have the unity that I haven't seen anywhere else. So from now nice to Yuki too alright?"

Hanako nodded, arms clinging as Shuichi pulled away. She watched him return to Eiri's side still longing for him, then sadly she turned away and looked up to Hiro and smiled, "I guess I deserve to go to juvenile hall now."

"Dummy." Hiro replied, helping his student up. He placed an arm over her shoulder, "I'll take you home tonight..." he grinned, "And we've already sent your other friends home too."

Hanako leaned towards Hiro. "Thank you teacher." She whispered, strangely finding great comfort with him.


Shuichi didn't even notice as the two left, leaving him alone with his lover who had taken the first aid kit that Hiro had brought, applying a gauze over his cut.

" are...alright?" Shuichi asked almost too fearfully. His Yuki nodded, but it concerned Shuichi when the man didn't offer anything more to say. "Yuki, can you?" but it seemed the teen was deep in thought as his fingers reached for the bandage in the kit, fumbling it to the ground with the aid of his left hand that was shaking badly due to the cut near the shoulder.

Shuichi touched his hand, and Eiri started before meeting the teacher's eyes, expression a little surprised, only to just remember Shuichi was there. He surrendered the bandage roll, but remained silent.

"Yuki what's wrong?" Shuichi asked, his eyes meeting meeting and holding the golden gaze, his own eyes tearing up, "You scare me half to death because of all of this and you don't say a word afterwards to me. It's scaring me that you might be hurt even more than what you're telling me."

Eiri looked at his near-hysterical lover before opening his mouth, "I don't understand it either, why you're here with me."

"What kind of a statement is that?" Shuichi asked, appalled, but steadily wrapping the bandage unto his lover's injured shoulder.

The writer contemplated on what he was going to say, before deciding, "All the walls here reveal our secret. What will happen now?"

Shuichi sat up rigidly, worried now at his lover's words, "Yuki you're not going to break up with me over this are you?" when his lover didn't answer, the teacher continued solemnly, "Does it really matter what I say?" he looked away from the eyes that watched him intently, making him feel vulnerable and hurt at the same time. After all this...Yuki was now regretting it because their secret was out.

"Shuichi." Eiri called the teacher to attention, standing up before the small man. They looked at each other before Eiri reached down for his lover's cheeks and rubbed the small drops of tears away, saying, "I'm so tired of you crying all the time. I feel sick when you worry...I can't sleep at night knowing you're career is on edge every day we continue this. And when you're so happy and it's all taken away in a second by the people around us...that's..." he swallowed hard before murmuring, "That's what I hate most. But now that all the pretending is gone, and everyone will soon know about us...can we just think about you now? About us?"

His lover blinked up at him. "...Yuki?"

Eiri bent and kissed his lover deeply. Then he knelt to Shuichi's level and took his hand, kissing the back of it before opening his eyes and asking his red faced lover, "I guess what I'm saying is...let's run away."

Purple eyes widened...

" We'll go somewhere far." Eiri said, "Just us two...and we won't return." Eiri embraced Shuichi tightly, whispering only for the two of them to hear, "...I want us to be together...also...for as long as we can."

Shuichi blinked. And blinked again. Surely any moment now he was going to wake up and this would all be a dream. His alarm clock would ring and he'd jolt out of sleep, Yuki would mutter at him about being a brat and they'd go to school together just as always… but it didn't happen.

He remained here in the most wondrous time of his life- with the man he loves- telling him the very thing he wanted to hear, the very thing that could make a destroyed world to come to pieces. I want us to be together...for as long as we can.

Shuichi sniffed before he regained control of his arms and hugged his lover back with equal fervor, half laughing, half crying, asking, "You're not kidding me are you Yuki?" sobbing and kissing while questioning, "Can we that, Yuki?"

Eiri smiled and stood up, taking Shuichi's hands along with his and pulling his lover with him towards the door. "Let's go." he said, the sweetest words Shuichi knew he'd treasure for eternity.

"Let's run away, and never return."


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