Ok, a touya and an oc. enjoy.
It has been many years, since I saw the light. Well this light wasn't a regular light; it was a light that most Shinobi's search for…I guess you can call it freedom. Why call it freedom? Well its simple there are many rules that we had to fallow, what we want, well some of us, is the freedom from these rules, and so my quest began.


It was warm here, yet most say its cold, but I couldn't tell. I was an ice demon, so cold places didn't bother me. This place was once my home, now it's my prison. I lived high above the ground with the other female ice demons, it was quite boring there. They didn't do anything fun. Sure they cook, clean, and governed, but otherwise there wasn't anything to do. I was born into a family where I actually got to have a father, many other families didn't. That was because males weren't allowed here, I didn't know why then, I still don't know why now, there truly wasn't anything wrong with males. The other girls never talked to me. At first I thought they where jealous of me, but I realized they where actually frightened of me. I never new why when I was younger, but when my 18th birthday hit, everything changed.

I remember everything so clearly, like it was yesterday. I had woken up that morning with a searing pain in my back. The pain was like I had been fighting something the night before, and I had been wounded. For the first time my mother wasn't at home on my birthday. She was out and about somewhere in town, that's what I guess at first. Until the door opened and in walked the elders. My mother came in last, crying. I had a bad feeling about this. I turned to the elders for an explanation, when the eldest spoke, it was like the world had crashed into me.

"You are a threat to our society, for this we have no choice but to kill you or make you leave with no memory of this place." I hated the oldest elder; she thought too much and just wanted the fame for everything she did.

"You have no right" My father started to say, but the old hag lifted her hand.

"You your self shouldn't be here General, so be happy we let you live" she said. Many years ago there was a war near here, my father was a general, in secret he trained me to fight (girls weren't supposed to be like that, He also was a Shinobi), anyway. He survived only because my mom found him wounded in the woods.

So on from there. He was strong, but he didn't want to do anything against the government here. The old hag turned to me.

"I know you are loved too much here, so we'll let you go, and you will leave here tonight. If I find you here tomorrow I will make sure to kill you."

"What can I do? I'm not a fighter, I'm not a threat, I don't under stand." I said to her. She just snorted.

"That is your parent's problem." She said. After that, she left. I found out that I was actually an icier, with the power of the ice dragon. I got angry at my parents for keeping it a secret, that I actually sprouted wings. That's when the pain in my back had disappeared leaving large blue like wings. My mother and father apologized and left. Left me standing there, in the house all by my self. That day, was the last time I saw them. Sure I could fly back to them, but hell, I didn't know how to control my dragon side.

Anyway back to where I am now. I had heard that the spirit detective was here…wasn't it his job to help demons out in need, if so, I was heading to him. My slow trudges slowed down when I heard voices, they didn't seem familiar.

"But you are the Spirit Detective, so get with the program and do what you're supposed to do." The voice sounded old, very old. So the spirit detective was here, good. My quest is soon to be over. I slowly made up to the voices and the spirit energy, there where defiantly more than one person standing there, there where five… it was a whole group. I felt a sudden burst of spirit energy to find a wind demon in front of me.

"Ay lass what are ya doing here?" he seemed to have a grin of his face. It probably was there all the time. I just looked at him, he had red hair with a horn in it. His pants seamed to rise all the way to his chest into a crisscross shape.

"I am here to see the spirit detective…do you have a problem with this?" I stated calmly.

"No, lass not one bit, but ya don't mind telling me who you are?" he grabbed my hand started to float towards the group of males, some were actually females, and even humans where here. "oy, Yusuke, look what I found, or more like she found us, but anyway, she wants ta see ya" this guy he smiled way to much and had no care in the world. The one I presume was Yusuke turned his head and looked at me.

"And who is she?" he asked. He looked human but I could feel a demonic power in him…was he the spirit detective, and if he was. I don't blame him to be it. I pulled my writs out of the winds demons hand and put it beside me.

"Are you the spirit detective?" I asked. He just nodded. "well I need your help." I stated.

"What could he possibly do for you?" It was the old voice again. I found an old woman standing next to me…wait she was Genkai. Dad told me she was a very powerful lady in her youth days; even now she had power, well enough to hurt me by now.

"Genkai…" I whispered. She just nodded her head.

"I see you're an ice demon…but there is more to you isn't there?" she asked. She was smart, father wasn't kidding at all. I nodded.

"I'm an ice dragon…umm…" I went from looking to her to Yusuke. He just nodded.

"Come, let's talk." He said. The spirit detective looked much older than I expected him to look. His slick black hair didn't move at all when the wind blew. His green soot made him blend in with the grass and trees. He stopped by a bolder and sat on it, taking that I could sit down I did. "So…start from the beginning." He dragged out. I just nodded.

"Well you see, I had to leave the place I lived in because I was a threat to the society. I need a place to live and to train." He looked at me.

"What are you searching for?" I didn't know what he meant, but I guessed.

"I'm searching for the light" I said. He stopped looking far off and looked at me. Then he smiled.

"You're one of them." He pointed to some where behind me. I turned to find that he was pointing to the group of people. "You're a Shinobi…, your looking for the light, that's what those guys are looking for too. Let me see if you could live with them." He stood up and walked past me, leaving me in my thoughts. They where Shinobis? I had no clue. I guess it wouldn't be bad to live with them.

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