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So training continued, well more like a fight. Touya and I had serous issues on who's a better ice demon. I swiftly dogged another on coming attack of 'shards of ice' and flung my self in a tree.

I hissed slightly when touched my thigh. He had gotten me, how? I saw his attack; there was no way, fine, if he wants to play that way that's fine. Jumping down I took a deep breath and aimed at Touya.

I blew my wintry breath at him, making anything in its path a Popsicle. Hissing in anger as he dogged it, I drew another breath and aimed once more, this time ready to fallow him if he dogged.

As predicted he did move, but this time wasn't lucky, he got frozen waist down. Huffing in amusement as he struggled to get his hands free too, I stalked my way over to him. He was a Shinobi after all, and tricks were used constantly.

This time it was really him, he had not time to think of something. Score, I won my first battle against a Shinobi.

"That was really great Crystal, though you really need to work on you technique, now let's stop this and eat lunch." Genkai said. I nodded and started to walk a way. I heard Touya grunt in announce as he struggled to get out. "Don't bother, that's solid ice" She stated. "Crystal, get him out of there"

Sighing I turned around and put my hand on his imprisonment. It quickly disappeared and I backed off. I didn't trust people here, there could fight, they could kill me and in no way was I going to get my self killed now, after I survived everything that happened.

"You don't trust him?" Genkai asked me as I reached her side. I just nodded, there was no need to really answer that. "You need to understand, that teamwork comes with trust Crystal. Since you don't trust others here. Lets do a trust exercise." What was she going to make me fall backward and have them catch me? How weird would we look.

"Fist off, someone's going to need to bandage that wound of yours Crystal. Why doesn't Touya do it. After all it was his attack that nicked you." Genkai stated. "I was rather very surprised that Touya was able to inflict damage to you. He is after an ice demon as you are." Others hummed in agreement.

"Touya-san and I are two different ice beings. He being the main ice demon and I being a Crystal Ice dragon demon. We are different and there fore are able to inflict serious damage to one another, well one more than the other." I stated right back while glaring at Touya for my misfortune of this wound.

"so that attack, when you froze the ground and all, is one of these differences you are talking about?" Kurama asked. I nodded wincing slightly as Touya tugged a little harder than necessary on my wound. "I wasn't freezing the ground just crystallizing."

"crystallizing… isn't that the same?"

"No. Not at all the same. Ice you can break off or heat up and turn it into water. Crystals on the other hand are harder to break and when heated become scorching hot and then quickly cool off." Kurama nodded.

"You do no have to answer this if you don't want to." Kurama always started off like this when talking about my past. It was nice of him. I have been here for month and I was greatly enjoying the presence of others, well some more than others actually. Like Touya for example, these four days he's been really aggressive towards me. "What exactly makes you and dragon?" Ah the old age dragon question.

"My father was the famous crystal dragon in the ice armies wake back when. My mother an ice-est." Touya tightened my bandage once again to tightly. "You it kill you to be anymore demanding Touya-san. If you have aggressive issues I advise you to take them with someone who isn't going to throttle you for it. Now what the hell is your problem, you don't say much to me anyway, but for the past four days you've been a pain in my ass, literally." Hissed at him. Comply stopping my conversation with one intelligent being to have one with a complete moron. All conversations stopped and was replaced with only ours. I didn't receive an answer just a glare from him.

"Ok, I'm normally very calm about these sort of things. But what the hell… would you like to step out on this Touya, I don't mind, really." No one moved. The tension in here was bad I could tell, fist of all my senses told me that Touya was about to explode so I waited for him and tried to edge him on for an answer.

And then it happened.

"Fuck you" He said. Well that was interesting. Of all things he could say to me was that. I gave him that you-are-so-stupid-look. You know, the one that says, where thinking it through before you said that or just acted on impulse.

"Well. I must say that more words you have spoken to me than you said to me in months. Though the chose of words could have been better." Suddenly Touya lunged at me and so I attacked back.

"Both of you no fighting in here" Genkai yelled, but that didn't stop us from fighting, no it just seemed to fuel our anger and made us land out side for our fight. This was not some duel that we where having before, this was an all out fight of survival and skill.

Shifting my power from ice to crystal, I would have a serous advantage, but what fun would that be if I couldn't use both. But my goal was to beat him. So now what. Touya attacked first.

He blew his shards of ice at me. But missed terribly. So attacked back with my own shards of ice, he dodged that by a hair. He seemed to slow down all of a sudden, as if he was just trying to prove that he was better at it and I should stand down. What did he think this was mating season.



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