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"Look out Sammy!" Dean's words came too late as the bullet hit Sam in the chest. Sam fell to the ground, his eyes wide open in shock. Dean knelt next to his brother. "Come on Sammy." He lifted him up, blood flowing from the place where the bullet had exited out his back. People stood around the brothers, whispering amongst themselves, but Dean could hear every word. "Did you see what happened?" "Someone shot that guy." Someone screamed. "Call 911!"

Sam's eyes closed, he began trembling, his face contorted in pain.

It took everything Dean had not to chase after the shooter and kill him for shooting Sam, but he couldn't leave his brother, not even for revenge. Dean heard an ambulance coming their way, but it was becoming harder for Sam to breath, his breathing became shallow. "Stay with me Sammy." His voice was filled with desperation, he didn't even notice the tears filling his eyes. He felt Sam's heartbeat slowing down, his pulse fading. "Don't you leave me, don't you freakin dare."

The ambulance pulled up, the paramedics pulled out the gurney and ran over to Sam and Dean. Dean was taken aside by one paramedic while two others picked Sam up as gently yet as quickly as they could. "Sir, can you tell us what happened?"

Dean's eyes were glued on his brother. "I need to go with him." The paramedics placed sam on the gurney and put him in the back of the ambulance. The paramedic with Dean held him back in a way. "We need to get him to the hospital immediately, but I need you to tell me what happened."

"You don't understand, I need to go with my brother, now." The hardness in Dean's voice and look surprised even him as the paramedic took a step back. Finally the paramedic gave in. "Fine, but will you answer my questions on the way to the hospital?"

"Yeah sure whatever." He pushed past the paramedic and jumped in the back of the ambulance, he sat next to Sam. Sam's eyes closed, an oxygen mask over Sam's face. "You are going to be alright Sammy, I promise." The doors closed and the ambulance raced away, sirens blaring.


Sam and Dean had just left the local diner doing some research on a local haunted house, they were joking around and laughing as they walked towards the Impala. Someone leaned against the Impala as they walked over, he was tall and was smoking a cigarette. "Cool wheels." He said gesturing to the Impala.

Dean had an uneasy feeling about the man, he gave him a crooked smile. "Yeah, thanks."

Sam looked at Dean, he felt uneasy as well. "Well we have to be going so..."

The man flicked the cigarette away and reached into his pocket, pulling out a pistol. "Hand over the keys."

"Hey man, take it easy." Dean put his hands, Sam did the same.

The gun shook as the man pointed it at them. "Give me the damn keys." The man's voice also shook.

Dean took the keys out of his pocket and put them on the ground, as soon as the guy got close enough, Dean was going to knock him out.

But the guy didn't come for the keys, he saw a police car out of the corner of his eye and panicked, accidently squeezing the trigger of the gun.

The shot was loud, the guy dropped the gun and bolted. It was like slow motion to Dean as he watched the bullet hit Sam in the chest. He didn't have time to move, much less push Sam out of the way, all he could do was cry out. "Watch out Sammy!"