Summary: Thanks to Greed, Envy is turned to whimpering feline and is FORCED to stay as one, but then again being a cat has it rewards such as—spending 'quality time' with a leather-clad chibi (Ed/Envy)

Cat's Cradle

Summary:Thanks to Greed, Envy is turned to whimpering feline and is FORCED to stay as one, but then again being a cat has it rewards such as—spending 'quality time' with a leather-clad chibi (Ed/Envy)

WARNINGS:Like I said this fic is YAOI (Envy/Ed, slight Roy/Ed) it also containscursing (quiet a lot actually) and if I'm up to it probably a lime/lemon. Oh and I'm also warning you of OOC-ness… So yah, you've been warned so no flaming me because its yaoi…yada yada yada.

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/Italicized/ are thoughts (you'll see this a lot with Envy)

CHAPTER 1: Restraint

"Fuck that stupid-arrogant-self-centered-good-for-nothing—" Greed growled as he paced back and forth the living room, of Dante's manor

Lust raised a brow before smiling at indignant sin across her. "My, my, my, Greed since when did you start talking to yourself? Is that perhaps a new hobby of yours?" she beamed, crossing her legs from the couch she was sitting on.

"Hey, GREED!! Didn't you know that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity?" Wrath sniggered as he sat himself between the two female homunculi.

"In-sa-niiii-ty" Gluttony slurred from his corner of the room as he busied himself with a dead corpse of some unknown animal. Said sin was simply content with his meal, and ignored his companions - such trivial matters such as Greed's tantrum didn't interest him.

"Don't be mean Wrath-" Sloth scolded "Talking to himself is probably just Greed's outlet of releasing his tension…"

"That right Wrath, besides, Greed was never sane to begin with" Lust added, with a cheeky grin.

"What is this?! Let's-Bash-and-Make-Fun-of-Greed-Day?! And who said I was talking to myself….bitch!" Greed roared as the female simply shrugged, finding much amusement on the frantic sin.

"Well… Einstein, you didn't actually name whoever that person is…Lust purred.

"Hmm…that guy must have been really good to get under your skin, ne Greed" Wrath laughed as Sloth simply nodded her approval.

"Goddamit!! Would you three just mind your own business!! I'm trying to think!!"

"Greed? Think?" Lust cried out "I wouldn't count on that…."

"I swear you can be such a harpy…an irritating one at that!!" Greed snarled as the woman glared at her so-called-brother.

"Sooo who exactly are you so mad about?" Wrath asked, finally breaking the tension between the two sins.

"Who else than that, stupid-arrogant-self-centered-good-for-nothing…and I don't mean me fucking harpy!!" he exclaimed before glaring at Lust who only rolled her eyes in reply



"Okay let see…" Ed murmured to nobody in particular as he sat on cool floor, book in hand. "The philosopher's stone…genocide…Dr. Marcoh" he scanned before flipping to the next page.

"Basically…" the blonde sighed, too engrossed with the documentary and not noticing the shadow stalking behind him.

"Basically Edward…you shouldn't be here…" a cool voice whispered in the blonde's ear, sending a shiver down the blonde's spine. Automatically. Ed jumped out in surprise and turned to the intruder only to be met with the cool façade of none other than THE Colonel Roy Mustang himself. He was grinning and somehow Ed knew he was in deep trouble. Call it…intuition.

"Err…Hi…Mustang…sir?" The blonde greeted as he abruptly stood up to pay his respects. He only did so when he was in trouble, hoping he'd get away—no such luck

"You've been snooping around have you?"

"Err…what made you say that?"

"Well…Edward, I'm sure you know that this is a restricted area…you know important documents… that the likes of you were not meant to read" Roy smirked as he circled the smaller alchemist, like a vulture to its prey.

"I…I-I …Al!! I-I was looking for Al...-I heard noises inside here…s-so I thought th-that ma-mayb—eep!" Ed lied only to be pinned to the wall by the colonel, both his hands in either side of the fullmetal's head.

"Oh? And what kind of noises? Mmm…"

"Err…" Ed murmured as he tried to push the colonel away. He definitely DIDN'T like being pinned to the wall. Especially when it was the renowned bastard of a colonel who was keeping him trapped.

"You're very fidgety o-chibi…" the man whispered as he tentatively licked along the blond's nape, causing the other to shiver from the unwanted attention.

"I won't fidget so much…if you'd JUST un-pin me…" Ed growled, irritably.

"Has anyone ever told you how very pretty you are…" the older man purred, ignoring the blonde's protests.

"I get that all the time…NOW GET THE FUCKING HELL AWAY FROM ME!"

"Is that so? Well…I'll do no such thing…" the flame alchemist murmured, as one of his hands traveled down to the other's nape then lower to his chest. It was only when the colonel's cold hand touched Ed's bare skin that the younger state alchemist began to struggle.

"What the fuck are you doing!! Get off!!" the blonde screamed, feeling the cool hand wander under his shirt, fingering his ribcage.

"Get off? Now why should I when I'm enjoying myself…mm…seducing you…" Roy grinned as Ed felt his blood rise to his cheeks and immediately resumed his struggling. "Besides…I'm jealous…you said other people had called you pretty…I bet they've been looking at that pert little ass of yours…"


"I don't like it when people look at what is mine…"

"Yours? You wish!!"

The colonel smirked "Yes mine…and we're just about to establish that…"


"My, my Edo-kun,feistylittle shrimp aren't we?"

"What the fuck!!"

"Such a dirty little mouth"

"I swear I'm going to fucking kill you"

"Tsk, tsk, and a short temper to boot"

"Would you stop it with the insults!!" Ed growled as Roy snickered before nuzzling the blonde alchemist who turned (if possible) redder than he already was.

"You know Edo…there's nobody in this room…" Roy whispered seductively in the blonde's ear, "nobody would hear us…or rather…nobody would hear YOU"

"Drop Dead" Ed snarled as he closed his eyes shut noticing that Roy was leaning closer…



Closer… that their lips were already inches apart…

Ed was dreading the worst

And when nothing happened he slowly opened a curious eye only to see no longer the colonel but a homunculus looking awfully like a Cheshire cat "Yo…o'chibi-san" the sin purred before giving the appalled alchemist a tentative lick on the nose.


"So what exactly did big-brotherEnvy do this time?" Lust grinned seeing how annoyed Greed was.

"What that fucking bastard did?! Oh, he just shape-shifted into me…caused a little havoc…fucked up my business…and my fucking life!!"

"Business?" Wrath muttered

"Oh you mean being a pimp?" Lust smirked only to be ignored by the male

"I swear that bastard needs to be taught a lesson…" Greed roared as he continued to pace back and forth the living room. "He needs to be restrained!!"

"Then perhaps it is Dante you seek?" Sloth started "All though I suggest not getting into Envy's business too much…"

"Dante hmm…I guess I might do just that!!"

"Desperate little thing are you?" Lust purred "But don't worry when Envy by chance kills you we promise to visit your funeral…"

"Bitch!!" Greed growled as he marched angrily out the room, slamming the door behind him.

Sloth gave a wary glance at the other "Lust do you think…it's a good idea to 'restrain' Envy?"

The sin smiled to herself. "I assure you it would be a blast…"

"Ooooh Envy would be soooo pissed" Wrath sighed already envisioning Envy doing a little tantrum, which of course includes, mass destruction and whole lot of pain…


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