OK here's another new story. I've had this idea for a while, but I wanted to get my previous stories finished first, then I was working out the details. So, here goes:

Ties That Bind

Summary: Death is easy to fake, when you know how. It's easy to turn good to evil, turn people against their families, make them forget everything they ever knew, ever believed in, and even, maybe, to kill the ones they once loved...

Chapter 1 - Fireballs and Ashes

"Phoebe where are you!" Prue yelled, then she and Piper were thrown against the wall. Prue got up quickly and ran forwards, only to be sent back at the wall, with such force that she crashed through it and lost consciousness. Piper was, by now, on her feet, but Shax threw an energy ball at her, sending her flying through the hole in the wall and landing next to her sisters.

"What are you?" Dr. Griffiths whispered.

"The end." Shax replied. The doctor felt no pain as he was killed. Finished, Shax left.

The demon shimmered in once he was sure the coast was clear, knowing he only had a short time...

He darted over to Prue's lifeless body, lifted her up and lifted her over his shoulder. He took a small bag from his pocket and emptied its contents onto the floor where Prue had been lying. He slipped the bag back into his pocket them shimmered out, taking Prue with him...

Only seconds later, Leo orbed in with Phoebe, Cole shimmering after them.

"Piper." Leo breathed and dived to his wife's side, determined he wouldn't lose her, not again.

"Prue?" Phoebe called, looking around. "Prue?" That's when she saw it. The ashes that lay next to Piper. But it couldn't be – Couldn't – She looked frantically around, desperation and denial engulfing her.

As her wounds healed and vanished, Piper regained consciousness and found herself being hugged frantically by her husband.

"Leo? What happened...?" Piper asked.

"You and Prue were exposed..." Leo began, and explained as quickly as he could, as Phoebe desperately looked around, ignoring what she already knew.

"Piper, where's Prue?" Phoebe asked quickly, once Leo was done.

"Uh... she was right..." Piper looked to her side and frowned. "She was right here, I saw her before I passed out..." She too silently tried to convince herself that they couldn't be... Silently, Cole moved to the other side and knelt down.

"Ashes." Cole murmured. "They're ashes."

"Prue." Piper whispered. "Prue!" She yelled, and when she had no response, she knew. "No..." She whispered, looking at what was left of her sister as Phoebe screamed and collapsed into Cole's arms.


He knew the ritual by heart - it was important that ever detail was perfect. If he did just one thing wrong, who knew what could happen? And he'd been planning this for almost a year now...

"Did you get it?" His aide whispered from the shadows of the cave opening.

"Of course I did. She's right here." Ricker, the demon, laid Prue of the stone floor, in the middle of the circle he had carved himself. "Get the candles." He told his aide, who hurried to the shelf in the corner. Ricker arranged Prue so she was laid flat on her back, her arms by her sides. His aide set the jet black candles inside the smaller circles that were marked around, then lit them with the tip of his finger. The purple flames threw shadows around the walls, and over the witch.

As a rule, demons didn't generally use candles, but they were important, such simple things and so important. Once they were all lit, the aide darted back to the shelf, picked up the small metal bowl and carried back to Ricker who picked up a handful of the red powder inside. He threw it over Prue, and added another handful, then another. Then he began to chant the words he knew, and slowly the powder turned to smoke, which rose around her, and he knew, he knew it was working...