X'Nedra's Story

disclaimer: the characters in this story belong to the original authors, David and Leigh Eddings. I just use the characters because the Eddings' Belgariad, Mallorean, Elenium and Tamuli shaped how I write. I can't express how much the characters they created have affected me and my world-view.

So, cheesy as it may seem, this fanfiction is dedicated to David and Leigh Eddings, my favorite authors and the ones who opened my mind to fantasy.

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Chapter 4: The Cavalry Arrives

Garion's pov

I hadn't even realized that X'Nedra had come to the throne room. My mind was beginning to fragment from the effort to drag my son back from the encroaching dark, and I even thought that X'Nedra had used the Brotherhood's communication. The healers and Beldaran had encircled us, the healers trying medicine and Beldaran feeding information to and getting information from Aunt Pol and Grandmother and Grandfather.

I wasn't paying attention to the surroundings, and suddenly I felt a wave of angry power sweeping the unhelpful healers away yet washing calmly over me. I looked up and saw Beldaran's stricken face and X'Nedra's disbelief. When she asked, we couldn't lie.

She asked Beldaran, but then turned to me, her eyes bright with the force of her emotion.

"Garion, my Belgarion, did you do that, so I could see my Geran?" she asked, as if she were afraid of my answer.

"No, X'Nedra. That was you."

Beldaran's pov

When Mum arrived, I could feel a tornado brewing. She is always angry when the healers are no use. She would get rid of them if Da had the healing prowess of Aunt Pol. But as angry as Mum gets, as distraught as she was when she arrived, no-one expected the explosion of her power. When I answered, and Da answered, Mum broke down next to Geran, sobbing. She was inconsolable, so I turned my attention to Aunt Pol.

What do we do now? I asked quietly. I didn't want to upset Mum anymore, but we needed instructions.

Give your strength to your brother. Get the guard to bring a stretcher, and take Geran to a big bedroom, where I'll have plenty of room to work. Aunt Pol's instructions were brusque and to the point, but they always were.

Grandfather's mind broke through, and he was anxious. Beldaran, where did that blast of power come from? We're getting ready to come across the Sea of Winds, and there had better be one hell of an explanation when we get there. You and Geran are NOT to be experimenting without one of us there!

You won't believe it. Are you going falcon, all three of you? I asked, deftly avoiding answering Grandfather.

All five of us Grandmother's voice said crisply. The twins are with us. Durnik and Beldin will be bringing the young shortly.

I finished up the conversation and turned to my father, who was still cradling Geran.

"Grandmother, Grandfather, uncles Beltira and Belkira will be arriving late tonight or midday tomorrow with Aunt Pol. Uncles Durnik and Beldin and Aunt Vella will bring the twins not long after. We are to give Geran all the strength we can spare so we can move him safely to a large room where Aunt Pol can work," I said, offering my hand to Da. He grasped it and I felt his mind open just a little bit to me. I offered a hand to Mum, but she shook her head.

"I'll get the guard, and I'll wait in Aunt Pol's rooms. That's where we should take Geran," she said stiffly, rising as if she were twice as old as she actually was.

The healers gave her wide berth, and the guards returned shortly with a sturdy stretcher. Da and I helped them get Geran onto the stretcher, never losing contact with him; losing contact was losing the life of my dear brother.

By the time we got Geran up to Aunt Pol's rooms, Mum had lit torches and the room was warm and clean in addition to being well-lit. The covers were turned down, and Mum was waiting. The guards carried Geran to the bed, and we all had to work together to get him into the bed. My brother likes sport, and he is a big boy. The guards removed the stretcher and returned to their station at the open door. They gave us what little privacy we could afford, and then it was just my parents and me.

"Da, rest for a while and get some food. I'll hold Geran for now, but if we give too much right now, we won't have it to give if the cavalry is late," I said, trying to comfort my father. He looked at me, and his eyes were so red.

"Is there anything I can do, right now, Garion?" Mum asked tentatively.

"Yes, X'Nedra. Help me to a bed close by and find me some food. You can come get me when Beldaran needs a rest. I managed to drag Geran back from the dark, so Beldaran should last a while. And stay by me," Da said, removing his hands from Geran and offering them to Mum.

"But can't I " Mum started to ask, but Da shook his head.

I nodded to Mum, and she helped Da out of the room, and I was alone with my brother.

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