And so began a new day in July. Atop the grass of a nearby graveyard, a marble headstone is placed in a plain fashion. Crooked, rather, as though the one person who cared to place it hadn't had much care at all.

Who was this troubled soul that lied six feet under, in the cold, moist ground, as the rain starts pouring down? The heavens cry for her innocence, as though only God himself knew that she were born with a curse, her family, as well, and dragged into the hell-hole town that existed on this earth: Silent Hill.

The engraved marble reads "Unique Du'Shat, born August 7, 1990." That's all it read. Not even a sentence of remourse to leave behind for the afterlife? Even the date of the death seemed insignificant.

It all began that fate-full summer. Unique, indeed a unique character who had easily outlived most albino children at the ripe age of sixteen, was blessed, yet, cursed with an amazing ability of premonition. She predicted short term fate, as that of her sister's, and then the fate of a lineage that followed her own shortly before, years ago, in the wretched town of Silent Hill.

As though ignorence is always stated as bliss, this would have proved it true. She soon learned of her own origin and just how far it would take her, whilst she continued to drag other souls with her into this hell without her own permission. She was the final source of the Dahlia bloodline, and once she discovered this, knew she had to stop it.

And so the cathedral was burned into ash, she, the only surviver after an attempt to defend herself from the loner, Daniel, her crush, cousin, and catastrophic downfall. Rushed to the hospital, she panicked when she realized that she had survived.

But had only done so for a short time.

Wretching in an unbearable pain, as though the same flames had consumed her once more, Unique died in agony as she gave birth to a six-months-premature son, who, despite his condition, breathed just as easily as a normal child would, and was kept under intense care by the staff for several years.

Fifteen years later...