Alkaline quietly slipped into Mr. Thornheart's class, her first period class, which consisted of World History. He was noisily tapping away at the old black chalk board with a piece of chalk, pecking away at it as is broke away into shattered pieces, debris flying everywhere as he continued drawing chickenscratch across the wall. He was on the subject of Di Vinci and drawing some of his genius inventions, like he knew the class could make out exactly what he was drawing, but Mr. Thornheart was unaware that he had the artistic skills of a 7 year old, and the handwriting of a Kindergartener.

"What I am showing you here," he began, still digging away at the blackboard, "is Di Vinci's idea of the helicopter." He continued lecturing, but in a slightly lower volume as Alkaline took her seat next to Eliza, a newly starting freshman. World History was a little different than most other curriculum classes; depending of the student's schedule and course code, World History can either be taken by a freshman or senior, and unfortunately, Alkaline was the lucky winner to being the only senior in this particular group of freshman snots.

Eliza, however, she didn't mind. She pretty much stayed to herself and kept her eyes forward, almost the teacher's pet, without the showing off part, but believe me, you wouldn't want to be Mr. Thornheart's pet. You became his personal janitor and go-for. The misbehavees received less punishment in cleaning the blackboards and desks as Eliza had when she became the valedictorian of the class, but she really didn't seem to complain too much. Rather, she kind of liked the attention she was getting, as she fell back into her shell at the mere mention of any other men giving her attention.

This bothered Alkaline about Eliza, for she feared Eliza would become one of those girls who sold themselves short for the attention of the wrong guys instead of letting her own talents and beauty shine through, and she was beautiful. She was a short girl, but had a beautiful enlongated neck and fingers, which stood out with the rest of her delicate figure. Her breasts fell short of anything spectacular, but any man who kept his eyes from her face to stare anywhere else would be blind. She had an adorable pixie nose, plush lips, and round , emerald eyes, which were somewhat peculiar, as her right eye faded into a light blue as you neared the pupil, like it contained an inverted cataract. Her hair was thick and strawberry blonde, and trailed down to the middle of her back, where the last three inches or so curled wildly.

Smiling warmly, quietly placing her backpack on the ground, Alkaline whispered, "Yeah, and helicopters go round and round like Mr. Thornheart's lectures."

"The only thing that will be going round and round will be the 'zero' I put on your participation grade if you don't stop coming in tardy," Mr. Thornheart finished, still looking toward the blackboard. He turned around and placed the defeated chalk on his desk violently. "School has only been in session for one week and you've been tardy each and every day," he continued sternly.

"Well, I have my own vehicle now, so I won't have to worry about gramps getting me up here late," she said almost a little too arrogantly.

Nostrils flaring, Mr. Thornheart proceeded for her desk, stopped in the aisle, and knelled over whispering "Well, by law, until you graduate, if you have below a 'D' average in this or any class, your license can be taken away, so I suggest you leave home a little earlier or get on the bus. I pay enough on my taxes every year to support these buses to get you punks here to class on time, and don't get paid enough to put up with you," he concluded, a bead of sweat rolling down his receeding hairline.

He backed away from the desk, leaving condensation from his sweaty palms on Alkaline's desk, and she watched it evaporate within secnonds, then looked up to see him proceed to the other side of the room to the whiteboard. He picked up the vis-a-vis, and returned to taking his frustrations out on this poor, defenseless marker. The aroma of it bleeding and dying filled the air.

"I know that Di Vinci is closer to the back of your books," he began, "but I think he is such a fascinating man, and his inventions and ideas are those that need to be addressed, you may find me commonly skipping through your books, going back and forth, instead of straight through, as history tends to skip around and repeat itself."

Alkaline rolled her eyes. "Last time I checked, it stayed on a pretty particular timeline," she mumbled.

"And Alkaline, I want you to write a twenty page essay on the Holocaust and read the entire assessment, pages 103-156, explaining the torture the Jews endured if they did not obey orders, and I want it on my desk tomorrow morning, on time."

Even the Jews didn't suffer this kind of torture, Alkaline said, in her thoughts this time. What's up with this guy? Does he have ears in the back of his head?

"Class dismissed," he concluded, giving Alkaline a quick glare before she departed out the door, Alkaline returning the favor. It wasn't against the rules, so she could glare all she wanted. So, there.

Alkaline took a sharp left after leaving the classroom, then crossed through the hall and savana of busy students, and attemped her locker combination to rid herself of these evil books. Eliza joined her, now having a chance to speak to her, and smiled. "Just because you're the only senior in there doesn't mean to have to show off," she laughed.

Alkaline chuckled. "I'm not trying to, but he wants to go and pull something like that on me when all I'm speaking is the truth, then 'higher Hitler'!" She raised her arm as if in Nazi support, then marched in place stiffly.

Eliza laughed quietly. "I think he's just giving you a hard time because you are the only senior in there, and maybe he expects more of you."

"Well, all I know is that tomorrow will be a much better day... and evening." Alkaline smiled, finally winning the battle with her locker combination. She thrusted the pesky textbooks into the metal storage with a "clang" then slammed it shut. "You going to the prom?"

Although it was August, the school had recently started a "Back to School" prom to be continued until it didn't deem necessary due to the number of students who were finishing their credits early and could graduate half way through the year opposed to in May. The later April prom was still available also, and the students could attend both if they desired.

"I have no one to go with, and I can't go by myself since I'm a freshman," Eliza said, trailing off.

Alkaline smiled, throwing an arm around her shoulder. "Well, why don't you and I go together?"

"You don't have a date?" Eliza pried.

"Nope, most of the guys here are already taking the cheerleaders," she replied sarcastically, "and the volleyball players, and the softball players, and the girls' basketball players... wanna know what they all have in common?"

Eliza remained quiet.

"Sexy legs," Alkaline said, irritated. "All show, and all blow, if you catch my drift."

"Uhm..." Eliza stated, beginning to ponder on what Alkaline said when she was interrupted.

"Come on, it'll be fine. I've got two tickets because I thought I would ask out Michael, but I chicked out, so don't think you're the only one that has bad luck with guys."

Eliza smiled, feeling appreciated and turned on her heels, flushed. "Well, next class is about to start, so I'll meet up with you later and I can get the tickets from you."

"Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?" Alkaline yelled out after her.

"I'm leaving early tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment."

"Mind if I tag along?" Alkaline asked. "I feel like playing a little hookie tomorrow, and we'll take my car and go look at dresses, okay?"

Eliza smiled sheepishly. "Okay, I'll see you later, then."

Alkaline knelled down to retrieve her backpack, threw it over her shoulder, and followed the amoeba of kids down the hall, and merged into her next class as the bell rang.