Hey guys! It's me again with another DP fanfic called: "Heart of a Hero"! I had wanted to do this one for a few weeks now, so here's the summary:

An Anti-Phantom rally has formed by the unsure citizens of Amity Park, trying to resurface the negative points of Danny's superhero status. After several encounters with his enemies along with the rally, Danny is on the verge of quitting the superhero business for good. That is, until he finds a note to Phantom in the newspaper about a sick little girl named Tanya Willson and her dying wish is to meet the famous Phantom in person...

So, what do you think? Here's the first chapter as a sample of what is to come!

It was about mid Sunday morning in the town of Amity Park, Wyoming. The sun was shining brightly without a single cloud in the light blue sky. The townspeople called along the street or hurried to the mall's Sunday super sales in their speeding cars. Others were still sleeping in at home. One of the citizens, however, had his work cut out for him this weekend.

Danny Phantom was flying high the blue sky in a panicked flight formation, his body almost a tiny, fast moving grey-ish blur from down below. Several green blasts of energy swiftly passed him while he ducked and weaved though them with ease. He yawned. He had been rudely awakened by Skulker: the self proclaimed greatest hunter of the Ghost Zone, early this morning. Danny despised being woken up before his desired hour, which was usually ten o'clock in the morning.

"Come on, ghost child!" called Skulker in his sick playful tone. "You know you're better than this!"

Unfortunately for Danny, Skulker's new battle suit had returned since their small encounter when they were both shrunken by the Fenton Crammer: a ghost hunting invention created by Danny's father, Jack Fenton, that was capable of shrinking a ghost down ten times its size and slowly negate its powers overtime. Skulker's new suit had more gadgets and weapons than his last one, and even Danny didn't know how many new things came along with it.

Seeking the opportunity, Danny turned invisible and flew behind a large glass office building, in hopes of catching his breath for a short amount of time. He was too tired to fight, let alone hungry. He hadn't even had a bite to eat before he left the house.

"I have you now!"

The sudden boom of the hunter's voice made Danny's heart skip a beat. Skulker fired a barrage of small daggers out of his gauntlets, cracking and shattering the windows of the building as Danny ran across them on a ninety degree angle. The workers screamed and ducked under their desks as each dagger crashed through the glass.

Oops, Danny thought. I'd better get away from here, quick!

Leaping off the building, the half ghost took flight once more, only to be brought down by one of Skulker's hulking ecto-guns in the back. Danny was slammed into the middle of a street, causing cars to swerve off course and crash into each other. Danny shakily got up to his feet and stepped out of the deep crater, brushing rock and dirt off of his hazmat costume. If he was human, he would have died at falling from a hundred feet. Thank God he had ghost powers.

No sooner did Skulker follow him back onto the ground. Asphalt crushed under his weight as he took each step. Guns, blades and other weapons suddenly popped out of his suit through his mental commands.

"Enough with your games!" he shouted angrily, his fiery green Mohawk blazing wildly. "This ends now!"

Thinking quickly of the situation, Danny smirked. "Dude, I think you need to chill."

Before Skulker could figure out why Danny would say this, the half ghost's eyes shone bright blue, the kind of blue that Danny's human form possessed; only they were glowing. Danny shot a bright blue ectoplasmic blast right at the center of the stunned Skulker's chest, causing a thick crust of solid blue ice to spread over his armor in mere seconds. Skulker was as good as beaten with his mechanical ecto-skeleton frozen to the very gears and wires that held it together.

Still smirking at the frozen ghost, Danny took out his silver and green Fenton thermos. "Gee, you should change your title to the Ghost Zone's greatest ice sculptureā€¦"

Removing the top of the thermos, Danny pressed a button on the side and sucked up the defeated ghostly hunter in a flash of blue and white light. Slamming the cap tightly shut, Danny sighed in relief and yawned.

"Man, I'm beat," he muttered. "I'd better get back home quick, before Mom and Dad find out that I've been gone for almost an hour."

With another jump, Danny flew into the air once more, without even noticing the passengers of the crashed cars frowning at him through broken windshields. Some of them had gotten out, luckily unharmed by the impacts, and cursed angrily at the ghost boy as they shook balled fists through the air. But none of their angry curses or threats reached him, on the account that he was far out of hearing range.

Daemon Grey was one of them. Even though he and his daughter, Valerie, were alive and well, the damages to his small car were monstrous. Both of the headlights were smashed to pieces, the front bumper had fallen off when he had stopped in front of a speeding taxi, and the side doors and the back were dented in a few different places. Bright red paint was scratched off everywhere on his car where the damages were and possibly more. Altogether, he estimated all the damages were around over 2000 dollars altogether.

"Valerie, are you alright?" he asked worriedly, poking his head through the driver's door.

His daughter, Valerie, gave a loud groan as she rubbed her sore head. "I think so, daddy. How's the car?"

Daemon gave a look of grief at his daughter. Valerie's eyes widened and scrambled out of the car to see the damage the ghosts' battle had left behind on her father's car. She clenched her teeth hard.

"Why that lowdown, rotten son of a-"

"That's enough, Valerie," interrupted Daemon sharply. "Forget the car. What would have happened if you were killed in this accident? The car, I can fix. I can't replace you."

Valerie temper faded from her eyes as she looked upon her father. "I know, daddy, but Phantom nowadays is picking up more than just a fight. Just let me go and get him-"

"No, Valerie. I know you want to bring the ghost kid to justice, especially what happened a few months back at the lab, but violence isn't the answer."

Valerie's face fell. "But, dad-"

"No means no, Valerie, and if I catch you going out ghost hunting again, you will be seriously grounded." He added a hard emphasis on 'seriously'. "Do I make myself clear, young lady?"

Valerie tightened her fists hard. "Yes," she said coldly, not even bothering to look at her father in the eye as she answered.

Even though Valerie's answer wasn't the most promising, it was still an oath she had to keep. Daemon couldn't still understand why or how his daughter had gotten hold of her new ghost hunting gear, but she could now mentally call upon it at will. He didn't even know to what extent it had on weapons and gadget, even after weeks of secretly analyzing the materials.

Satisfied with his daughter's answer, Daemon kissed her fatherly on the cheek. "Thanks sweetie." He then turned and walked away with his now open cell phone in one hand to call a tow truck.

Meanwhile, Valerie stared at her faint reflection in the spider webbed glass of the car's windshield.

No ghost hunting? She thought, thinking about what the consequences would be if her father found out. How can I bring Phantom down without my weapons? I could sneak out- She paused and shook her head. No. Dad would find out that I was gone in less than a few minutes. I can't ask Star to cover my back, either. She wouldn't understand. What can I do?

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