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"So, 'A' squared plus 'B' squared equals 'C' squared, making the Pythagoras equation and finding the solution of the missing side of a triangle" explained Jazz smartly. "The equation can also be switched, due to that some questions might give you a different set of sides and angles. Are you getting all of this, Danny?"

"For the hundredth time, Jazz, yes!" groaned Danny, massaging his temples from the massive math overload. Doing it with Felucca after school was one thing, but Jazz was a bit more complex in her teaching and studying after dinner was harder for him than it looked.

"Alright, Captain Grouch, take it easy! I'm just trying to help you study-"

"And it's not getting through my brain as fast as I thought it would!" Danny slammed his head onto his open math text book with exhaustion. "I'm done for the night…"

"Suit yourself," Jazz said with a shrug. "I still think you should study for at least another half hour, Danny. Felucca is expecting a 'C' or higher from you this term."

"I know, I know," Danny sighed while he closed his own textbook. "It's just that…I've got bigger things to worry about right now than some stupid math test. Phantom has an anti-fan club now, and mom and dad's jobs are at stake. Not to mention a petition to shut down the portal for good. " He ran a hand through his thick black hair. "I tell you, Vlad's going to have a field day with this one."

"Don't remind me," Jazz muttered with a frown.

Ever since Vlad Masters, otherwise known to the gang as the half ghost, Vlad Plasmius, had become the mayor of Amity Park, things weren't the same as they used to for Team Phantom. It was getting harder for Danny to keep a low profile when he went ghost since Vlad had the power to turn laws against him. Even though Jack and Maddie were proud that their old college friend had a political status, they still sometimes discussed if the power had went to his head. Jack usually stuck by Vlad, but Maddie was still unsure. Danny thought she still couldn't trust the half ghost since their unexpected trip to Colorado months ago.

"Even though Vlad is the mayor now," said Jazz, resting a hand on Danny shoulder. "He can't stop you from protecting the city. I mean, he's got his share of things to do now. Paperwork and such…"

"Are you siding with my arch-enemy now?" Danny demanded; his arms were now firmly crossed.

Jazz shook her head violently. "No! Of course not! I'm just saying he won't be appearing as often now because of his mayor duties, making it a bit easier on you to focus on other ghosts."

"He has his ways of getting around his loopholes, Jazz, and you've known that for a while. Skulker's sided with him since the beginning, and who knows how many of my enemies will be joining him next." He counted on his fingers. "Technus, Desiree, Ember, Bertrand, Spectra, Youngblood, Freakshow, Pariah Dark, the evil me…"

Jazz lightly chuckled. "You've got enough foes to form an army!"

"Let's just hope it never comes to that," Danny muttered worriedly. Suddenly, he gasped and shivered. A small stream of light blue mist that was his ghosts sense escaped from his mouth and loomed in the air for a few seconds until it finally evaporated. "Aw, man. Not now!"

"Danny, don't! Mom and dad are still on patrol!" Jazz exclaimed.

"I have to Jazz. I'm going ghost!"

As if on cue, a halo of bluish white energy formed at his waist and split into two as they moved up and down Danny's body. A black and white hazmat jumpsuit replaced his red and white t-shirt, baggy jeans and red and white sneakers. At the center of his chest, was his famous emblem of a large white 'D' with a black 'P' on the inside. Danny's pale skin on his face was now slightly tanned. His once raven black hair was now the color of snow and his icy blue eyes now shone neon green. Danny Phantom now hovered above the floor slightly, ready to take flight, but Jazz grabbed his shoulder tightly.

"Danny, please, "she begged. " Let mom and dad deal with the ghost hunting tonight. It'll give you more time to catch up on your schoolwork."

"Mom and dad don't know how dangerous my foes are," Danny said seriously, "and for all that I know, Vlad might be out there right now. I have to go. Call Sam and Tucker to tell them I'm out in the field and if I'm not back in an hour…" He paused for a second. "Just…form a search party, okay?"

Even though Jazz disagreed with her brother, she knew how serious Danny was about his duties and how dangerous it would be without him. Letting go of his shoulder, she smiled weakly. Danny smiled back too, turned intangible, and jumped through the roof of the house into the night.

"Just be careful…" she said softly.

The GAV drove through the vacant roads of Amity Park slowly. Maddie focused on the new Fenton Ghost Radar that was installed into the van's system mere hours ago. Hopefully, they would be able to track down Phantom a lot easier this way.

"Anything, Maddie?" Jack asked, making another right turn around the shopping district.

"Nothing," Maddie answered sadly, tapping at the screen with a gloved finger to make sure the invention wasn't defective. "It's very odd. Usually there's at least one ghost in the area and Phantom always seems to appear at the exact same time."

"You think they're taking some kind of ghost vacation or something?"

Maddie rolled her eyes. "Jack…"


The sudden blare of the siren and female voice caught the Fentons off guard for a slight second before they recovered. The ghost radar worked after all.

"All right!" cried Jack giddily, pulling out one of his ecto-guns from the back seat while Maddie tried to hold on the wheel to keep the GAV under control. "It's time to tear that ghost kid apart, molecule by molecule!"

"Turn left and head straight," said Maddie, who was now calibrating the coordinates on the radar. "We're getting this ghost boy tonight, by whatever means necessary!"

Danny flew as fast as he could through town, his ghost sense strangely going off every so often to keep the trail warm. The trail finally led him to Techno-Mart, an appliance and computer store Tucker usually went to for his PDA and other computer supplies. Danny suddenly knew what this obviously spelt for him.

Technus, the self proclaimed master of science and technology.

Danny rolled his eyes. "Of course…" he muttered to himself. For a so-called: 'master of science', Technus was as single minded as an ant. Every time Danny had fought him, it had always something linked to technology or computers, ending with Technus mostly being sucked inside the Fenton thermos.

What a loser, Danny thought.

Turning intangible once more, Danny flew silently into the store, with hopes that his parents weren't there first.

As the GAV finally pulled over near Techno-Mart, Jack and Maddie hopped out of the vehicle, heavily armed with their ghost hunting technology. Both the Fentons held their newly improved and fully charged Fenton Bazookas, along with other assortments of weapons and gadgets scattered along the ground.

"Jack," called Maddie, ushering her husband beside her. "Take a look at this."

Jack looked upon the Fenton Finder (which was already at its 5.5 version) with beaming eyes. Along with the massive red dot they had spotted on the RV's radar, another dot had somehow appeared beside it.

"Could it be the ghost kid?" he asked.

"Could be," answered Maddie. "But I wonder who's with him?"


"Oh, for Pete's sake, do you have to shout out your motive every single time I fight you?"

Danny was, of course, right with his theory. Technus was inside the store, trying to take control of the electronics with his ghostly energy, as usual. Danny had blasted him with a ghost ray, but the half ghost knew that Technus was more powerful in his recently upgraded form.

Unfortunately, it couldn't be the same for his enemy's habits of shouting at the top of his lungs.

"I grow tired of your meddling, child," Technus snarled in his high, nasally voice.

"Well, if you're so tired me of meddling, why don't you stay in the Ghost Zone where you belong?" snapped Danny. "You'll give me less headaches that way." He blasted Technus once again, only this time, the ghost of technology created a barrier using a bunch of CDs and floppy disks. Danny's attack bounced off the glowing green shield and was blasted back into a set of computers on display.

Weakening his defenses, Technus used the contents of his barrier and threw them at Danny with a wave of his hands. The half ghost jumped out of the way at the last second and let the disks dig deep into the wall like they were throwing stars. Technus' barrage kept going as Danny kept dodging the deadly disks and let them destroy numerous televisions, DVD players and computers.

Technus' ammo immediately ran out quickly and Danny used the advantage to throw an enormous ball of crackling ectoplasmic energy straight at him, sending the ghost flying back hard into the appliance section of the store.

"Jeez, Technus, why don't you just give up already so I can go-?"

"Freeze, Phantom!"

Danny quickly darted around, only to see the only two people he didn't want to encounter tonight, at least on ghost patrol: his parents. Maddie was already locked and loaded with a Fenton Bazooka, while Jack held a Jack-o-Ninetails. Both of them were definitely not in the mood to talk, but Technus was still loose and Danny couldn't afford to have his parents hurt.

"Mom-I mean, Maddie!" cried Danny, quickly correcting himself to avoid suspicion. "You and Jack have to get out of here. It's not safe!"

"You're not getting away from us this time, Phantom!" growled Maddie.

Pressing the trigger, Maddie fired from the bazooka and was thrown back slightly by the weapon's force. Giving a small yelp, Danny quickly flew out of harms way before the blast hit him.

"Please," Danny pleaded, "you guys have to listen to me! There's a ghost here that's trying to take control of all the technology in this store!"

"Yeah, and we're looking at him!" shouted Jack. "Have a go with my Jack-o-Ninetails, punk!"

Before he had time to react, Danny was caught in the crossfire of his father's invention. A whirlwind of metal cables with bright green clamps exploded from the center of a picture of Jack's head and curled around Danny's torso tightly so he wouldn't be able to go intangible and escape. Like a proud fisherman, Jack yanked Danny hard towards him.

"I got him, Maddie!" he cried. "I got him!"

"Great work, Jack!" cheered Maddie happily. Danny let out a gasp as he saw his mother pull out a Fenton thermos from her side pocket and unscrewed the cap. "Hold him still…"

Parents or not, Danny had to find a way out of this mess and fast. He couldn't phase through the ecto-resistant metal or blast his parents, so intangibility and ghost rays were out of the question. I wonder…

Shutting his eyes tightly, Danny focused on the inner core of his body. Freeze, he thought hard. I control you now. Freeze… All of a sudden, from out of thin air, Danny's normal soft white aura suddenly flared a light blue which engulfed his form, along with the cables he was currently bound to. The metal began to grow cold as it came in contact with the unusual blue light and a few moments later, they turned pale with frost. Jack and Maddie both turned their attention at Danny's new blue aura that made their jaws drop.

"What on Earth-?" Maddie began, but she was interrupted by a loud cracking sound from the metal cables as sold ice formed over them from Danny's ice powers. Before the Fenton parents had any time to react, one of the cables at Danny's neck snapped in half, followed by another and another. With enough strength, Danny broke free of the Jack-o- Ninetails and quickly flew high into the air from harms way.

"I really hate to do this, but…"

Firing large a blue blast from his fingertips, Danny froze Jack and Maddie's feet solid to the floor before they could get out of the way in time. They dropped their weapons to pull themselves out with no results.

"That should cool you guys off for a little bit while until I set Technus straight," Danny said. With a quick flick of his ghost tail, the ghost boy disappeared into the appliance section. "Sorry about this!"

Meanwhile, the Fenton parents were still pulling themselves out of the thick ice with still no signs of breaking free.

"Ugh! Darn that ghost kid!" growled Maddie through clenched teeth as she tried breaking up the ice with her fists. "He caught us off guard! Since when did he get the ability to conjure up ice out of thin air?"

Jack shrugged. "Who knows? Although it's really cool power…"

Maddie glared at her husband. "Jack!"

"Uh, sorry. I lost my train of thought for a second. So, how are going to get out of this?"

Maddie thought hard. "Well, we can't use the bazookas, the peeler or the thermos... Wait! My ecto-blaster! If I can concentrate the beam at a precise measure, it should cut through the ice and we can escape!"

"Good idea, sweet cheeks!"

Acting quickly, Maddie opened her small black pouch on the side of her jumpsuit and rummaged through it. "Hmm…smoke bombs, survival kit, first aid kit…Aha! Here we go!"

She pulled out a small silver lipstick container out of her pocket and removed the cap. She twisted the tube, only to find the lipstick was a shade of bright red instead of a lime green.

"This is my regular lipstick!" she exclaimed. "So where's my ecto-blaster?"

Jazz was pacing madly downstairs in the lab, arms crossed firmly with impatience. She was worried about her brother, being A) he was fighting ghosts while her parents were in the field as well and B) risking his grade point average by abandoning his studies. She bit her lip.

Maybe I should call Sam and Tuck, she thought. It couldn't hurt, right? I mean, I'm not being as overprotective like I was back then, right? I'm just going to check what's going on…

She slipped her cell phone out of her pocket and began to scroll through her contacts list, when she paused. Danny wasn't a baby anymore. He was fourteen and he knew more of this superhero business than she ever had in the past. Maybe it was best to wait. It had already been half an hour since Danny left the house, just have to wait another thirty to call the gang. She smiled to herself while she closed her phone and put it back in her pocket.

"He'll be okay," she said to herself. "Don't worry yourself, Jazz…"

She suddenly saw something familiar on the lab's workbench. It was a small silver tube with the Fenton logo etched on the cap. Curiously, Jazz picked it up and opened it up to find a stick of glowing lime green lipstick inside.

"What's Mom's ecto-blaster doing here in the lab?"

Maddie groaned and smacked herself in the head as she realized where she left her weapon.

"Ugh…this is going to be a long night..."

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