"It's Summers' blood, just like mine… She's more than that; she's me. The monks made her out of me…Be brave live. For me"

Dawn sat up straight in her bed. The same three scenes had been haunting her dreams for three months now, ever since Buffy had died. She hadn't told anyone about the dream. She knew what it was. It was what Buffy had been thinking right before she decided to jump. Tonight, however, the dream had a new meaning. Something had clicked and she jumped out of her bed and ran into the guest bedroom where Giles had been staying ever since the night.

"Giles wake up! You have to wake up!"

"Dawn are you all right what's the matter!" Giles was too worried about Dawn to notice that he had just been jolted out of a deep sleep.

"I'm Buffy! It's me. I'm her!"

"What on earth are you talking about?" Giles was utterly confused.

"I was made from Buffy and Buffy can be made again out of me. I can bring her back!"

"Now Dawn, I know how hard this is for you. It's been hard on all of us, I can only imagine what you must be feeling but this isn't the way. Haven't you learned by now not to mess with resurrection spells? We all wish Buffy were back with us, but magic is not the way."

"But this is different Giles. I'm not bringing her back from the grave; I'm doing what the monks did to make me. It's different. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. I can bring Buffy back as good as new."

"Now Dawn, I don't want to hear anymore about this, please. It's hard enough for all of us. All we need right now is to get false hopes." Giles couldn't let Dawn continue to think that she could bring Buffy back, even if he was now thinking just that. "I can't let her get her hopes up until I'm sure it will work" he thought to himself.

"You're right. It's a bad idea. " Dawn told Giles in a very disappointed tone. But that wasn't what Dawn was thinking. "I know I can do this. If you won't listen then that's fine. Maybe I'll talk to Willow tomorrow, she'll help me." Dawn left the room with a determination Giles never would have guessed.


"My god she's right"

Anya looked across the shop to the table where Giles was now sitting. "Who's right? Was it that lady in here before who mentioned your gray hair? I know she said 'distinguished' but I think she really meant old."

"Yes Anya, thank you for that wonderful self esteem booster. Actually I meant Dawn. We must contact the others at once. It looks like there is a way to bring Buffy back."


Xander, Anya, Willow, Tara, Dawn and Giles all sat around the table in the magic shop. They were going to get Spike but the sun wouldn't be down for hours.

"Last night Dawn told me that she had the power to bring Buffy back. It seems she was correct.

"You guys, resurrections are a really bad idea. We shouldn't even be considering this." Tara had reminded them before about the dangers in bringing people back from the grave.

"It's not really a resurrection. And I know this will work. It's been prophesized." Giles pointed to the ancient text sitting before him on the table. The scoobies immediately perked up in their seats. They knew that not all prophecies came true; they themselves had helped Buffy prevent several of them from coming to pass. The only prophecies that were guaranteed to come true were those written in the Paradem Codex and that was not the book Giles had out. But still, if it was prophesized that meant that it could happen, which meant that if they did what was necessary to fulfil this prophecy that they would have Buffy back.

"Prophecy, huh? Ya know I do believe this is the first good prophecy we've come across. What's it say? What's it say G-man?" Xander said with the enthusiasm he'd showed so much of until the day…the day Buffy died. Since then his engagement to Anya was the only thing that had given him reason to smile, and even that lost something. He could hardly imagine his wedding without Buffy there to share in the occasion.

Giles pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose then looked down at the open page that contained the words of the prophecy. "Roughly translated it says…
'The chosen one will give life to a sister and on the occasion of the slayers death, that sister shall return life unto she who shares her blood.' The rest goes into the process but I have not had a chance to translate it yet."

"But Giles, I know. I know what to do. We can go now." Dawn pushed her chair back from the table and stood up. "I've already waited three months, I can't wait anymore."

"Count me in!" Willow followed Dawn's lead and stood up.

"I'm there" Xander put in.

"It'll make Xander happy again so we have to do it."

Tara said nothing for a few moments then, even more quietly than usual, "OK, we'll try it."

"Well then, let's go. Umm, where exactly are we going?" Giles asked Dawn.

"Back. Back to where the portal opened, back to where she died."


The gang stood on the scaffolding that Buffy had thrown herself off of in order to save the world. They were all uncomfortable being up there but they had no choice.

"So…ah…what now?" Xander asked uneasily.

"You guys just have to chant. Nothing fancy. It has to call forth both Buffy's essence and her connection to me. It's the same thing I've been hearing in my dreams for months. It's some things she said about how she and I are connected."

"OK Dawnie, so what is it we have to say?" Willow asked a little impatiently but still very gentle and loving.

"It's Summers' blood, just like mine…She's more than that; she's me. The monks made her out of me…Be brave, live. For me."

"That's all? What do you have to do?" Tara knew spells were never that easy and she was worried about Dawn's part.

"I have to cut myself and let my blood drop where the portal opened."

"But wouldn't that open the portal again? And open portals definitely not a good. You can't do that Dawnie, there's no way to stop it this time." Xander couldn't let Dawn risk something so big.

"No, the portals can only be opened that one time, remember?" Willow reminded Xander.

"And there is a way to stop it." Dawn said quietly.

"That's not an issue, the portals won't open, but do be careful Dawn, cutting yourself can be very dangerous."

"I know." Dawn remembered the time she had cut herself after finding out what she really was. "I'll be careful. Now let's get started."

Dawn pulled a knife out of her bag; she had grabbed it from the magic shop on the way out. They all looked at it in silence for a moment then Willow began the chant. The others joined her and there voices became one. Dawn held up the knife and brought the blade down to her wrist. Dawn made a small cut across her wrist and turned her hand over to let the blood fall.

A few drops began the decent and stopped a few yards down. They hovered in midair and began to glow. The glow turned into a bright light and got bigger until they were enveloped by it. Nobody cold even hear their voice anymore but they didn't dare stop chanting. Suddenly the light disappeared and voices returned and lying before them was Buffy.

Everyone stood there unmoving, unable to say a single word. Finally Xander broke the silence.

"Buffy" he cried.

"Yeah, umm, hi. Who are you? And while we're at it, where the hell am I and how do you know my name? Did you go through my purse, because that is so not cool?"