"Of course, the Hellmouth. It's all about the connection. Dawn and Buffy were connected through the construction site. It's where the depth of there connection manifested itself. Faith and Buffy on the other hand are connected through the Hellmouth. Just as all things supernatural are drawn here so is the slayer essence." Giles shared his eureka moment with group as the walked through the chared remains of the highschool.

"Yeah, plus, I mean, what good stuff in Sunnydale doesn't go on at the Hellmouth. Its like, the Sunnydale hotspot. We've had everything from apocalyptic rituals to mayor bakings here."

Faith stopped short as she was reminded of the death of her mentor.

"I'm sorry Faith, I didn't…" Xander tried to apologize for his statement. "I know that he really, that he meant a lot to you."

"No, it's OK. He was just, he's a part of my life that's over now, a part of my life that I'm not proud of, so."

"It's OK Faith. He loved you. I've been there, and evil or not, it's hard to get over the loss of someone that important to you." Angel reminded her.

"I know." And Faith continued walking.



"What do we have to say?" Spike was trying to distract Faith form the painful memories and be productive.

"Huh? Oh, yeah" Faith snapped back into the present. "umm…We're slayers girlfriend, the chosen two…Look at you all dressed up in big sisters clothes…and something made us different. We're warriors."

"Got it" Spike said as they approached the site of the old school library.

"I can feel it. The power. I can feel the evil." Buffy looked towards the Hellmouth.

"It's OK Buffy. But you have to face it. We need you to." Willow pep talked her friend.

"OK." Buffy took a deep breath. "I'm ready." Buffy stepped forward into the old library and the rest of the gang followed her."

The group automatically circled around Buffy and Faith. "I guess it's go time then." Faith pulled a knife out from the waistband of her pants. The group was silent for a moment. Spike looked at Faith then began the chant. The group joined him and like before the voices merged into one. Faith took the knife to her wrist and sliced her flesh. Her blood dropped to the ground and a bright light flowed from the floor up into Faith. Faith lit up, glowing from head to foot and then she touched Buffy. The light grew to encompass both of them and then the entire group. The voices were drowned out as they had been the last time. And then, suddenly it was over. The light went away and the chanting stopped.

Buffy looked up and turned in a circle so that she could see everyone. "Hi guys."

"You… are you…do you?" Willow stammered

"Yeah Will, I do." Willow ran forward to embrace her friend as did Giles and Xander. The four remained wrapped in each others arms for a few moments before pulling away. Buffy looked up and saw her sister. "Dawnie!" Buffy started walking towards her.

"It's… it's really you, isn't it."

"Yeah, it's me. All of me."

"And you remember everything?"

"The whole kit and caboodle. I'm super slayer-gal, and you guys are my family." But that wasn't what Dawn meant and deep down Buffy knew.

"But I mean… everything? Even not remembering? Even what you remembered when you didn't remember?"

"Dawn, sit down." Dawn sat on a piece of charred wood and Buffy joined her. "I've learned a lot of things since I died. Like Faith..." Buffy looked up at the other slayer, "How she's changed." It was Buffy's way of saying "thank you" and "I forgive you." Faith knew that. Maybe they'd get a chance to discuss it latter but now was Dawn's turn for the pep talk. "Or how Spike continued to help you guys even without me." Another thank you. It was more than Spike deserved. Spike had betrayed Buffy, had almost allowed himself to choose the concept of the slayer over the reality of Buffy. He did love Buffy, as much as any creature with a soul could have, maybe more but that was why he had given up the idea of them being together. For now just her existing was enough, and seeing how much she and Dawn meant to each other, you didn't need to have a soul to be touched by that. "And I learned about another life, one that didn't have you in it. I didn't miss you in that life, how could I? But now, I know better. And, Dawn, I learned more then just the memories I had from before I became slayer. Somehow I got the memories of life without you even after I was called. And do you know what the best memory of all of them is?"

Dawn looked up at Buffy "your uninterrupted make-out sessions with Tyler?"

Buffy gave Dawn a playful shove. "Well aren't we just the comedian." Buffy got serious again. "Actually, it was when we first met. Remember that frame you made me, with the seashells? I was walking along the beach alone that day, missing Sunnydale, missing mom. And Dad was busy with work and his secretary, as usual. And I was thinking to myself that it might be kinda cool to have a little sister to make things less lonely, and then poof, you were there. It was like you were always there. The moment you appeared you were bending down to throw a sea star back into the water."

"And while I was down there I picked up a huge pile of sand too."

"Hey that was hell to wash out of my hair."

The two girls giggled and hugged each other. Their relationship was no longer that of sisters, forced together by fate. Buffy knew now what it was like not to be sisters and still she chose Dawn. Now they were friends bound together through their own will.