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A, "Naruto with any1 but yaoi", story

The pairings will be of the following Ayame/Naruto/Temari

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It was a sad day for konoha when normally it should be a day of celebration after all the Suna/Oto invasion had just ended with konoha as the victor all thanks to our number one idiotic blonde haired ninja Naruto Uzumaki container of the Kyuubi who barley defeated Gaara with the help of Sauske Uchiha Konoha's number one rookie. Naruto managed to deliver the final blow to Gaara after awakening him from his forced sleep jutsu and engaging in a brief taijutsu match but now Sauske has taken credit for the victory and without the hokage alive to defend him he was at the council's mercy and to make matters worse people spotted the transformed Gamabunta and think it was the real Kyuubi.

So now here he is in court being trailed for false accusations and there is nothing he can do about it, "Naruto you are accused of allying alongside Sunakure and Otokure in the war against konoha how do you plead?", Shibi asked Naruto.

Naruto stood up in disbelief, "You can't be serious right? I defended this damn village with my life even though you people treated me like crap my whole life!" he almost screamed at the people.

An elderly man from the council began to speak, "Well where do you want us to begin child? Or should I say Kyuubi, first you killed hundreds of people including our hokage 13 years ago (A.N. everyone is one year older in this fic) and now thanks to the Uchiha, we have proof that you are not the Kyuubi no Kitsune but instead are controlled by him"

"I have never killed a person in my life, let alone hundreds and I'm not the Kyuubi or being controlled by him!" Naruto said angrily. 'Dammit what are they going to do to me?, why can't these people understand I am Naruto Uzumaki! Not the Kyuubi no Kitsune god this is so unfair! And all these people who I thought were my friends aren't lifting a finger to help me out!' he silently thought.

"Don't give us that! and even if you didn't kill anybody we still know that you have some sort of physical relationship with that demon!, after all we all saw you from the village when you summon it to the field in the battle against Shukaku and then Sauske had to take you both on and knock you and the Kazekage's son out so the two demons would dispel and rescue Haruno Sakura from you two", Another council member said, but this time an elderly women spoke.

"That's a bunch of bull! I defeated Gaara while Sauske was injured and I never summoned the Kyuubi I henged Gamabunta into the Kyuubi!" Now an incredibly furious Naruto said finding out Sauske took credit for his victory, rescue of Sakura and told the council that he summoned the Kyuubi, 'Well then again I guess he doesn't know the council hates me, but aren't ninjas supposed to be able to tell when to keep secrets?'Was the last thought he thought before the council announced they're decision.

Now Hiashi decided to end the meeting, "Enough of this nonsense! and that's Uchiha-sama to you demon child you are here by expelled from this village and you must leave by October 10th as for now until then your ninja licenses are rejected now go and never come back!"

"But you can't do that!"

"Correction, we can do that with the Hokage dead we have absolute power over Konoha therefor us the council can do whatever we want under reasonable terms and giving the situation we all agree that these terms are indeed reasonable" said Hyuuga Hiashi. "You have violated laws of Konoha by summoning the Kyuubi, not only that you are poor, have no friends or family, making you nothing but a burden to this wonderful village", Hiashi replied smirking

'Is that really all I am a burden? Is this what everyone really thinks about me?'



Sauske looked at Naruto for letting the cat get away for the 5th time, "Can't you do anything beside screw up?"

"Naruto quit bothering Sauske-kun!" said Sakura hitting him head.

All the academy kids were beating up Naruto for getting them extra laps for flunking the test.

Sakura was talking to Sauske who was really Naruto in disguise, "Naruto is just so annoying"

"Get me the forbidden scroll and you can pass the exam by learning a technique from it" said Mizuki baiting Naruto into taking it for him.


Back to current times

'They're right I've been nothing but a burden to this village and everyone else here' but right when Naruto thought that someone spoke up in the crowd.

"Naruto is a ninja and a student of mine and I have yet to see him as a burden to Konoha since then, if anything he has helped Konoha by the missions and the displayed he did with his red chakra in the exams.", replied a confidant Hatake Kakashi.

Neji now deciding to go up against Hiashi, "Uzumaki is good person after all a caged bird will always protect his cage it is his home he may not like but the bird will defend it" (translation Naruto will always protect his village no matter how bad they hurt him)

"And Naruto helped out Father's and I ramen shop, if it wasn't for him we would of gone broke by now!", yelled Ayame cheering for Naruto to be set free.

Sakura was speaking up now, "Yeah Naruto may not have really saved me I know he would never attacked the village, hell I listen to him ever fricking day about how wants to be hokage!

"P-please don't t-take Naruto-Kun a-away from us" Said Hinata but noone heard her because of her soft voice.

"ANYMORE OUTBURSTS AND YOU CAN JOIN THE DEMON!", yelled Yamanaka Inochi. "So now that we have your attention the council's decision is final and without a Hokage it can not be overruled now court dismissed"


Later that night

Naruto was walking through the park contemplating everything that has just happened, Sasuke taking credit for his victory, being exiled from the only home he has ever had by...OCTOBER 10TH! THAT'S ONLY 2 DAYS AWAY! 'Oh crap' Naruto thought to himself, "Ug why me kami why, I've done nothing wrong why am I suffering, surely someone else deserves your wrath.!" The demon carrier shouted to the heavens.

"Yes there are" someone stated behind him

"Huh?" Naruto turned around to see none other than "ERO-SANIN!" exclaimed the now ex-shinobi pointing his finger at the hermit, "Why the hell didn't you help me during the court? I saw you there but you just stood there and allowed me to be prosecuted! Why? Why! Why didn't you defend me I thought I could trust you! You could have changed their minds, you could have told them about how I can summon Gamabunta and how you've taken me on as a student!" Naruto cried into his sensei's chest while pounding his fists on Jirayia's chest.

"Naruto please understand there is nothing I could have done." He sighed "As much as wish I could have, the council sadly only sees you as a burden, the only thing I was able to do when I was talking to them in private prior to the court meeting was talk them in exiling you instead os sentencing you do death" once again the man sighed "I'm sorry but I feel as though I failed you gaki..." It was then that he realized Naruto fell asleep while leaning on Jirayia's chest.

"I swear to kami kid one day this laid back attitude is going to get you killed" Then for the first time that day he smiled "but I hope that day never comes"

Then Jiraiya pick Naruto up and carried him to his house, ignoring all the stares he got for helping the demon child.


35 minutes later

Jiraiya arrived at Naruto house exhausted after about 25 assassination attempts from the villagers thinking this would be there last opportunity to kill him.

It was a sad thing indeed the white haired man thought to himself, 'all these people from 26+ trying to kill a child for something he didn't even do' , Then for the millionth time he sighed, 'what happened to this great village', he took a look around Naruto's apartment it was a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen combined into one with a bathroom that was the size of a porta potty.

But right before he dropped Naruto off on his living room floor he noticed a note laying on his door step and it read.

Naruto-kun please meet me tomorrow

Around 5:p.m. at training grounds 3 please I want

to see you one last time before you go so I can tell you

How I truly feel about you

Love anonymous

'Hmm maybe this village has hope after all I just hope Naruto wont get hurt' was Jirayia's last thoughts before he left Naruto small apartment.


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