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Naruto sat with his back to the wall in the living room, sipping on a soda. Sakura had left to fetch them some dinner, and Sasuke was in the shower. He figured he'd better head home and take a shower too. And the thought of a wet Sasuke was indeed too intriguing.. He buried a hand in his hair and shook his head. Don't dream of things that would never happen, or could happen. Sasuke is about as emotional as a rock.

Naruto trailed down the streets towards his apartment thinking he'd better hurry, or Sakura would beat him into a bloody mess for not being there when she came back with dinner.

When Naruto reached the apartment compound, his mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide. Where was the building? He looked around and spotted a few men in yellow helmets, and ran towards them. "W-what happened?! Why are the building gone?" his eyes were brimmed with tears, and his lip was shaking. "Well, the manager decided to tear this old rats nest down, so he could earn more money by renting out the new luxury apartments he's planning to build" said a huge, ragged man.

Naruto fell to his knees. He couldn't believe this, what about his things? Though it wasn't much, it was all he had. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned around to see who it was. It was Sakura, and behind her was a man with a fat cigar in his mouth. "Naruto…" the man took a step forward and cleared his throat; "Your stuff is in the storage building next to the Hokage's office. You need to get them out by today, or they will be considered trash." Naruto felt the rage towards this man roar deep down in his stomach and leapt towards him, but Sakura held him back with one hand (A/N She's goddamn strong remember). "He isn't worth it Naruto, lets go fetch your stuff." Naruto growled, but Sakura turned him towards her and looked at him with pleading eyes. "Onegai.. Please?" Naruto couldn't help but surrender to that and turned to walk away. "Good riddance, little rat!" The man laughed. Naruto's shoulders shook, but he kept on walking. The cigar-smoking man turned to walk away to, but froze mid-step. His black top hat was pinned to the wall by a shuriken.

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