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Fists of Fury

Harry jerked himself awake. He blinked several times trying to focus his vision in the overly bright room. The yellow and orange hues of the rising sun illuminated the space over his bed. He lay still for a few moments, trying to remember where he was, his brow furrowed in concentration.

Oh yeah, at The Burrow.

He had been the recipient of an exuberantly celebrated home-coming by the Weasleys. Fred and George had been at their inventive best, including concocting a mysteriously smoking drink appropriately called "Smoking Cauldrons". Despite Molly Weasley's disapproving looks, he, along with the twins, Ron and even Ginny, had sampled the mixture. Harry frowned at the memory, mostly because he couldn't remember much of anything that happened after turning the cup up. He vaguely remembered a lot of spluttering and laughter, but not much else.

A slight movement to his right alerted him to the presence of Ginny. She was asleep sitting in a chair, but her upper body was draped across the bed, her head resting by his hand. Harry gave a small snort, knowing that she had to be uncomfortable sleeping like that.

"Ginny," he whispered, reaching out to shake her awake. "Wake up."

Wide brown eyes blinked sleepily at him and then brightened noticeably in recognition of her newly returned boyfriend.

"Harry. Sleep well?" she asked, rising slowly from her position.

Harry smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, I guess so. I didn't even remember where I was at first. What was in those drinks?"

Ginny snickered and pulled her long fire-red mane of hair back into a ponytail.

"I'm so glad that you're home. I missed you so much." She smiled mischievously. "And apparently you missed me too."

Harry looked down and blushed slightly. He had not noticed that he had his usual morning erection. He glanced up at Ginny's face and blushed even harder. He knew exactly what was on her mind. Despite his erection, Harry felt tired and irritable and wasn't in any mood for strenuous activity.

You are not going to get out of this, his mind yammered. He had vague visions of Ginny trying to kiss him last night, but he honestly didn't recall anything happening beyond that. He surreptitiously glanced down at his pants and was relieved to see there wasn't any stickiness or dried spots on him. Apparently, things were aborted after the kiss. One look at her face now told him there was no way she was going to be put off this morning.

Harry vaguely wondered what was wrong with him. What teenaged boy didn't want to have sex? Ginny was attractive and more to the point, willing and available. She was also staring at him like he was a last meal. Her eyes raked over him so shamelessly that Harry moved to cover his groin.

"It's been a long summer," she whispered, "How could you stand it?" She reached into her pocket and pulled out two pieces of candy. Or what looked like candy.

"It's a "snogging snack", she giggled as she popped one in her mouth. "Courtesy of my brothers, of course. They last for a whole day and they freshen…everything".

Harry raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything and Ginny reached across and pushed one the other candy into his mouth. She then moved in on him like a hawk on a mouse as she leaned in for a kiss. Ginny's tongue battled his lips for an opening. Harry decided to allow her to win. He didn't feel like an argument or worse, her crying. He gently put his hands around her neck and she leaned in further, kissing him more passionately. A low moan escaped her lips and she climbed on top of him, straddling him. His hands moved to her waist, holding her steady.

"Mmmm…Harry," she whispered. "Give me your hand…so you can see what you do to me."

She pulled one of his hands from around her waist and pushed it beneath her short green nightshirt. Her hand led his fingers to her soft, warm opening. Her soft, warm, wet opening. Ginny shuddered, as Harry's fingers began to massage her.

"Ahhhhh, yesssss," she moaned softly. She began to move her hips, working his hand. A soft wetness flowed over his fingertips.

She leaned forward, whispering in his ear. "Don't you want to taste it?" Harry definitely knew he was not going to get out of this one.

He smiled at her. She quickly changed her position from straddling to lying beside him. Harry scooted towards the bottom of the bed and turned on his stomach. Ginny moved and turned over on her back, pulling the nightshirt up. She opened her legs eagerly for Harry. The faint scent of strawberries flowed past his nose. Fred and George were absolute geniuses. Harry found her spot and slowly began to work it. Ginny arched her back, a cry escaping her lips. His tongue made small circles around her clit and then he gently sucked it, pulling it with his mouth. She gasped and grabbed both edges of the bed with her fists.

"Oh shitttttt, don't stoppppp. This feels so good," she rasped out. Her hips bucked under Harry's tongue. Harry could feel Ginny tightening under his tongue. He knew she was almost there. He roughly grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to him, rapidly picking up the pace, his tongue probing her warm folds and tasting her. Ginny's moans filled his head with a vibrating sensation. He felt her hand roughly grab his shirt and pull him forward.

"Oh God, I want to feel you now!" She hissed at him, her eyes glazed. Harry quickly dropped his sweat shorts. He moved up to Ginny, who was still holding him by the shirt. He guided himself into her throbbing passage. She was tight and had always had difficulty taking him in the beginning. He tried to enter her as slow as he could, but she had different plans. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in quickly. She pushed against him desperately and Harry concentrated on her rhythm. His breathing increased and pleasurable sensations coursed through him. Ginny was moving at a frantic pace and he knew she was there. Her grip on his penis tightened and he grunted in pleasure.

"Harry, oh God, Harryyyy, yessssssss, Harrryyyyyyy, fucccckkkkkkk meeeeeeee!"

She writhed beneath him, as her release came. Harry thrust deeply into her. Her legs were wrapped tight around his back and her arms around his neck. Harry laid his head by her neck, as he continued pumping into her. She clenched again and he cried out. Ginny began to work her hips against him, tightening against his stroking penis. Harry strained against her and his release came a moment later. He shuddered as his essence drained from him. He managed to roll off of her before he collapsed face down on the sea blue sheets.

Ginny turned to look at him, her eyes filled with love. She tenderly stroked his raven locks. She loved him with everything in her. She had almost lost her mind this summer while he was gone. Harry had surprised everyone by suddenly applying for a Care of Magical Creatures Internship at the end of the school year. He had not consulted her about it, just came and told her that he had been accepted. She had been furious of course, but had tried to hide it.

Harry had spent the last two months in Romania as a dragon handler apprentice. Her brother Charlie had been Harry's supervisor. Harry had come home yesterday from the program, tired, beaten and subdued. Her family and friends had thrown him a welcome home party.

Ginny took the time to marvel at Harry's physical changes. His skin had become a golden color, almost like honey caramel. All the days working out in the sun and possibly being singed by the dragon's fire ability, had perfectly bronzed Harry's skin. He seemed to glow now. He had certainly gained weight, but it looked like pure muscle. Ginny trailed a finger over Harry's bicep. The defined muscle curved nicely into his t-shirt. His back muscles were also well defined.

She noticed a small scar midway up his spine. She leaned over to kiss it. His butt had tightened up as well. She giggled as she thought about him in a thong, one of those horrible Muggle outfits. However, she felt that Harry would definitely not get one single insult against him if he chose to put one on. She would have to fight off a mob if he did. She had glimpsed his stomach during their love-making. Harry always had an athletic build because of all his years playing Quidditch.

He was eleven when he started playing, much younger than most boys. But his more defined six-pack abdominals were beyond amazing. Ginny knew how lucky she was. There were still times when she had to pinch herself to make sure it was real. After all the years of her unrequited love for him, she had finally got him. She would do anything to keep Harry.

Ginny quietly got up from the bed. Harry seemed to be asleep. She picked up her wand from the wooden floor and cast a cleaning spell over herself and Harry. She noticed his black leather duffle bag by the foot of the bed. She would help him get situated. She picked up the bag and began to unzip it. She was going to pack his clothes away in the tiny bureau by the aging window.

"You don't have to do that," a soft voice said from behind her. Ginny smiled at the sound of Harry's low rumble. She felt herself throbbing again.

"Oh, I don't mind. Who do you think is going to do this when we get married," she said matter-of-factly. She was not prepared for the anguished look that crossed Harry's face.

"You do want to get married right? I mean, not right now of course, but when school is finished. Well, when I finish school." She looked at him fearfully.

Harry was lying with his head on his arms facing Ginny. She looked so vulnerable, standing there in her short night gown, wisps of her red hair escaping the rubber band. Ginny had filled out nicely now that she was sixteen, but she still had thin legs. Harry looked at her with a deep pain in his chest. He did not want to have this conversation right now, actually never would be a better thing.

"Let's not talk about that okay? I just got home. Tell me how your summer has been," he said casually, hoping she would take the bait.

She wasn't biting.

"Harry, I asked you a question. Don't you want to get married? Have a family?"

"Ginny, one day I may want that, but not right now. I can't even think two minutes into the future. I have too much on my mind."

"One day you might want that? What does that mean? Are you saying that you don't want to get married?"

At that moment, Harry realized that his day was going to be a bad one. He pulled himself up into a sitting position and pulled on his pants.

"Ginny, please, I don't want to get into this right now. One day I will think about marriage and then whoever that person is, we will discuss it." Harry immediately realized his mistake, but it was too late to take it back. He stared fearfully at Ginny, praying that this would not get any worse. He should have known better.

Ginny's mouth had fallen open and her eyes had turned nearly black, her pupils pinpoints. "Whoever the person is," she snarled, "as in what? You don't think it will be me?" She started walking towards him. Harry stood up quickly.

"I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying that it will be a long time before I start thinking about getting married. I mean come on, Ginny; I've got Death Eaters and Voldemort trying to kill me. I can't really delude myself into thinking I have a normal life or could even think of having one until this mess is all finished. I shouldn't even be in a relationship. It's dangerous."

"Are you breaking up with me?" she asked incredulously.

"After everything I said, that was all you got out of that? Are you even listening to me?" Harry asked irritably.

"That's just an excuse, Harry and you know it! Your parents were married when they fought Voldemort. They fought him together!" Ginny yelled.

"Yeah and look what happened to them! They're both dead and left me an orphan! Would you really want to have that kind of life? Would you want to do that to your child?! I can't do that to another person or my child. I would rather be alone forever if that is what my hand in life is going to be! I'm not going to bring anyone in my life while I have this thing hanging over me! Maybe you need to find someone else, Ginny. I can't give you want you want right now!"

"FIND SOMEONE ELSE? What the hell are you talking about? Harry, please don't do this. Okay, I'm sorry that I brought this up." She moved over to Harry quickly. "You told me that you didn't want to talk about this and I pushed you. I'm sorry." She reached up to put her arms around him to hug him.

Harry looked down into Ginny's face. He could see the fear in her eyes. He sighed, but he knew what he had to do. Ginny needed to move on with her life. Harry was not ready for this relationship and all he was doing was giving her a false sense of security. He gently took her hands down from around his neck. He kissed them tenderly.

"Ginny, I'm sorry, but we need to take a step back here. I know I can't give you what you need and deserve. I want you to be happy and right now I'm a mess. I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have. Please understand that. That's part of the reason that I went away this summer. I just wanted to do something different and be alone for awhile."

He looked searchingly into her face, hoping to see that she would understand. He was so busy looking at her face, that he missed her right hook, which connected with his left jaw. He staggered back, holding his cheek, eyes widened with shock and pain.

"What the hell was that?" he gasped out.

"You think I'm going to sit here and listen to this shite, Harry! How dare you! I have waited my whole life for you and now you think you can just break up with me? Like I am going to actually let you walk out of my life with no questions asked? Why do you think that I'd let that happen?"

Ginny was livid; her face had turned as fiery red as her hair. Harry stared at her, true fear etched in his newly bronzed features. He wished he had listened more closely to his godfather when he had discussed how to handle women. He had often seen Hermione close to this level of rage, but thankfully it had never been directed at him. He tried to think of all the times his dorm mates had talked about this dangerous state of the female psyche. Their words of wisdom were not coming forth for him. He was on his own with trying to muddle through this.

"Ginny! I…I…I just want to make things easier for both of us," Harry stammered.

He was aware of the fact that he had started to move away from her. She advanced on him, closing the distance, a vicious snarl distracting him from her normal beauty. It was almost like watching a Veela transform. Ginny's right hook came out again, but he managed to twist away from the impact. Her fist whistled sickeningly close to his nose.

Harry did not underestimate Ginny in the slightest. She had grown up with six older brothers and already his jaw was throbbing from her punch. He knew that she was scrappy enough to give him a go or even kick his ass. In her present state, he figured he was going to be in for a right vicious ass kicking. He had never seen her so angry.

"Ginny, please! Don't act like that. I don't want to fight with you."

"How can you talk about leaving me? No! Tell me we're going to get married and that you love me!" She stood before him, her body trembling like a wind-strewn leaf. Harry swallowed uncomfortably.

"Ginny, yes, I do love you and I care about you. But I am not going to be pressured into something like marriage. I need some time to figure things out. When I'm truly in love and ready, then it will be right."

Ginny's eyes narrowed and she advanced on him again. Harry reached out and grabbed her wrists. She twisted to try to get out of his grasp, but Harry held on tight.

"Ginny! Stop! You're only making it worse." Harry pleaded with her.

She snarled again, and then whimpered. She glanced up at him, saw those beautiful green eyes staring down at her full of concern, but not love. Her anger rose full throttle in her chest. This could not be happening. With a shout, she banged her head against his forehead, in a full wrestling head butt. She felt his hands release his grip on her wrists. He fell back with a cry of pain.

Harry's world exploded in a brilliant red flash of light. At first he thought that she had grabbed her wand and hexed him, but he didn't think he'd seen her with it. Then he realized that she must have head-butted him! He shook his head, but that only made the room sway dangerously. The room began spinning and weird dots kept floating in front of his eyes. He blinked several times, trying to get himself together. The room finally came into focus.

Ginny was sitting on the bed, glaring at him, tears running down her face. Harry realized that that he was on the floor. A blinding headache was spreading across his cranial cavity and speeding down the back of his head. Harry sat up slowly, rolling his neck in a circle. Ginny got up and came across the room toward him.

With a grunt of pain, Harry managed to pull himself up without falling back down. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ginny advancing on him again. Apparently, she wasn't finished with him yet. He had no intention of hanging around for round two. He made for the door, but she headed him off and slammed herself against it.

"Harry, we aren't done here. How can you say these things to me? I love you! Don't you understand that? I can't just move on from that!"

Harry felt his temper rising. What else did she expect him to say? He knew that this conversation had come out of the blue and he was not blind to the fact that she was hoping to marry him. He just didn't know how to tell her that he was terrified of the future and that he just couldn't deal with a relationship with her right then. He wasn't even completely sure if he was still in love with her. He honestly hadn't thought too much about her while he was in Romania. But he couldn't find the right words to say all of that.

"Ginny, get away from the door. I don't want to talk about this anymore. I said what I had to say. Maybe we can talk about it later when you calm down, but I'm not going to say anything else."

He reached around her to grab the doorknob. She held herself against the door, but Harry yanked it open anyway, sending her sprawling. The Silencing Charm that had been on the room vanished once the door was opened.

Harry walked out of the room. He needed to go outside and get some air, so he headed for the stairs. He could hear sounds coming from the bottom floor of the Burrow, which was probably Mrs. Weasley cooking breakfast. Thank Merlin she hadn't heard the commotion. He would have been mortified. Unfortunately for him, he was in for a much worse experience.

He was about halfway down the stairs when…

"Harry Potter! Don't you walk away from me! How dare you use me and then just leave!"

Harry turned saucer-sized eyes to see Ginny standing on the landing behind him. He couldn't believe that she had just yelled that through her own house. He turned away in disgust and kept going down the stairs. He could only pray that no one had heard her scream like that. He really didn't believe that was possible though.

He heard the sound of her feet hitting the steps but Harry didn't want to be bothered with what that may have meant. He felt her body hit his just as he reached the bottom step. She tackled him by wrapping her arms around his neck, her feet pushing off from the step. The momentum drove him forwards and they both burst into the living room, Harry staggering with Ginny on his back. She was screaming.

With absolute horror, Harry caught a glimpse of the shocked faces in front of him. Hermione had been sitting at the kitchen table with Ron, George and Fred. Remus and Tonks were sitting in the living room, talking to Mr. Weasley, who had a Daily Prophet in hand. Mrs. Weasley had bolted from the kitchen, her mouth in a giant-sized 'O', as she looked on, appalled.

"Ginny! Harry! What's going on?" Mrs. Weasley cried out. Despite the madness of the moment, he noticed she had flour on her face.

"Get off of me!" Harry yelled. He grabbed Ginny's thin wrists and tugged at them, trying to pry them off of his neck. She only held on tighter.

"I love you, Harry! Don't go, please!"

Mr. Weasley and Remus rushed forward to help the struggling teens. Harry had collided with the coffee table and fell over it, Ginny still clinging to his body. They hit the floor with a thud and Harry let out a loud ummmph! Ginny rolled off his back and lay next to him, her breath coming in heaving spurts.

Remus reached down to help him up. He got to his feet and he gave Remus a grateful look. Remus raised an eyebrow, silently asking what had happened. Harry shook his head as if to say he had no clue. Arthur, in the meantime, had reached down to help his daughter, who was now crying. She managed to stand on shaky legs, but she was close to hysteria. Mrs. Weasley moved quickly into the living room. Arthur gave his wife a bewildered expression. When Molly reached her, Ginny came to life again.

"No, Harry! You can't do this me! Merlin, please! I'm sorry! We can work this out, okay!" Her voice was raising several octaves. She struggled against her mother, who was trying to hold her steady.

"Harry, don't leave me! I waited so long for you! Oh my God, I'll die without you! I'll do whatever it is you want, okay? I won't force you about the marriage thing!"

Harry stood dumbstruck. He had never expected this reaction from her. Ginny always appeared to be the epitome of self-control, even with the famous Weasley temper. What the hell had happened to her?

Ginny broke free from Molly and ran towards Harry, her face awash in tears. She grabbed him and held him tight in a hug, sobbing. Molly came up slowly behind her. She looked at Harry with the saddest face he had ever seen. Harry looked down at Ginny. He took a deep breath and attempted to un-tangle himself from her grasp. Arthur stood next to his wife and as Ginny began to struggle, he caught her arm.

"No, Dad! I have to work this out! Let me go!"

She tried to pull away from him. Arthur looked down at his only daughter. He knew that her obsession with Harry would one day get out of control. He had only prayed that she would be able to move on with her life if things didn't work out for her. He now saw that it would not be the case.

Molly pulled Ginny to her breast. The girl resisted at first, but then went limp. She shuddered and began to cry again. Tonks and Hermione stood around awkwardly, not sure what to do. Tonks finally put a reassuring hand on Molly's shoulders. The older woman nodded and gently pushed Ginny towards the stairs. Hermione followed behind them, glancing first at Ron, and then at Harry. The four women left the living room. A few moments later, Harry could hear a bedroom door close. He was sure a Silencing Charm would be placed upon it. Remus touched Arthur's shoulder.

"I have some Calming Draught in my cloak," he said.

Arthur nodded and headed to the cloak closet. Fred and George hurriedly decided to take their leave. Both were mumbling about "taking inventory" at the store. The sound of the Disapparating crack filled the room.

Harry didn't want to look at Ron. It had been incredibly awkward dating his best friend's sister, but Ron had seemed supportive of the relationship. Now what would Ron think now that he had witnessed such a horrible scene. He heard the pop as Ron Disapparated. Harry was left alone with Remus, who looked on sympathetically. Harry turned to the older man.

"Remus, I don't think I'm going to be welcome here anymore. I'm going to go and get my things."

"Harry, that's not true. You're like family to them. They aren't going to turn you out into the street."

"I think I need some space though. And after that…I know Ginny doesn't want to see me. I really need to go."

Remus looked like he wanted to say more, but closed his mouth. Harry turned and ran upstairs to collect his belongings. He hadn't unpacked anything since his return from Romania. Once he figured out where he was going he could send for the rest of his things. Or maybe even send them to Hogwarts directly.

There were two weeks left of summer before school started for his 7th year. He shrunk his duffle bag to fit into his pocket. He glanced at his Firebolt. He really wanted to take it with him, but since he didn't know where he was going, he decided against it. He sighed wearily.

His hand was itching to take one of the pills that Charlie had given him over the summer that helped with his pain. Dragon handlers used some pretty potent pain potions and pills. He wanted his throbbing headache to stop, along with all of the other injuries he may have sustained during Ginny's attack. He twisted his ankle when he fell down the last step and it ached horribly. He glanced back at the room once more and then he returned to the living room.

Remus gazed at him with sad eyes.

"You'll tell them for me, won't you, Remus?"

Remus sighed. "Yes, Harry. I'll let Arthur and Molly know. They're going to be worried. Are you sure you want to do this? It's not safe out there. Death Eaters can find you, or even worse…"

Harry glanced back at him. "You didn't know? I'm already dead, Remus. Nothing matters anymore."

And with a pop, he was gone.