Twisting Paths of Twilight

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Chapter 1

Soon the light vanishes as does the monsters that had been battling before on the street and a boy with a red stuff animal lies on the ground before two kids. Then the girl around the boy's age begins to call out, "Don't you want to play with me?! Greymon!" The older boy looks first at his sister and then over at the young boy with his stuff animal. Confusion is plastid on his face as he looks up into the sky, the rising sun appearing over the horizon.


He groans as Gigimon dives head first into the bowl of cereal. His adopted sister just giggles and he just shakes his head in frustration. He turns to see if Tai has woken up from all of the noise they were making. He smiles slightly at the position Tai's sleeping in on the couch.

He then turns as Gigimon proudly proclaims, "Done!" He touches the yellow goggles that are roped around his neck. He bites his lip to keep from laughing at the mess that the little red Digimon made. He glances over to Kari and finds that his sister's smile is a bit sad. He moves closer to his sister and asks, "What's wrong?" Red eyes meet and Kari says, "I think I'm coming down with a cold." He looks sad and he glances at Gigimon before saying, "Are you sure?" His sister nods and he just sighs. "I can stay home to keep you company." He adds sincerely.

His 'twin' sister smiles and says, "Thanks, but I think you should go anyway." He says, "It's not like Gigimon and I can have any real fun with us worrying about you." His sister smiles and nods as they turn to find Gigimon currently trying to get cereal from the box by walking into the opening, but the opening is small and tight so the little Digimon couldn't squeeze in to get more cereal from the box. Soon they were giggling at this and he picks up the red Digimon. "You're a bottomless pit, you know that?" He says to his partner. "Yip! You keep telling me that, Takatomon." Gigimon states as he holds the Digimon in his arms. Kari picks up the cereal box as she takes the bowl to the sink.

He turns to glance at the TV and sighs as he notices the monsters on the screen. Tomorrow is when camp starts and if Kari is ok for tomorrow, they'd be going with their older brother. He feels Gigimon moves around as he holds him. "Quit it, Gigimon. You can't do anything about it!" He says sharply. Gigimon stops and sighs in defeat.

Another one appears outside the window and then fades within a minute of appearing. He turns to look at Kari and then moves to the kitchen. He lets Gigimon onto the counter as he sits on the stool. He notices an invitation to a birthday party a dressed to the 'twins', Kari and Takato. He shakes his head at the word twin. Kari and he weren't twins, though they have the same reddish brown eyes and brown hair. He kind of showed up after this disaster that occurred at Highton View Terrace and the police thought that he was a sibling to Tai and Kari. Within the week, Tai and Kari's parents adopted him and they then moved to their current apartment.

Once Kari and him started school most of the kids at school took one look at them and decided that they were twins. Also didn't help that he also wears goggles similar to what Tai wears, his were yellow while Tai's were white. They had once tried to straighten the kids out about how they were related, but they rarely got to the part about him being adopted.

He rests his head on his arms as Gigimon snores softly. He just lets his thoughts drift to the dreams he has. He kind of wonders why they feel so real…


He watches as Kari holds onto the little Digimon as they both sleep. It's real late, but he just couldn't sleep. He looks towards a particular spot on the desk in the room he shares with his adopted sister. He sighs and walks over and pulls the box towards him, he then picks it up and walks out of the room as quietly as he could.

Once in the living room, he opened up the box. He looks at the weird white and gold device resting on some old pictures he drew once upon a time. He picks it up and smiles at it as he moves it around in his hands, he places it down by his side and then picks up the alter weird card deck that lies within the book. He opens the pocket up and looks through the cards within.

'I still don't get it, how come some of those monsters look similar to some of these cards? Are they Digimon too, like Gigimon? If so, then why don't they seem solid?' He thinks to himself as he glances at the cards with pictures of Digimon. The other cards seem to be modify cards; he didn't know just what they're used for though. He sighs and put the cards back into the card pocket.

He frowns and can't shake the feeling that something was about to happen, something big. He glances at the pack of cards and then at the odd device. He touches the goggles around his neck as he looks thoughtful between the two items. He sighs and puts the lid back onto the box. He then places the two items on top of the box.

He then walked back into the bedroom with the box in his hands. He sets the box onto the desk and the grabs the two items. He then rolls up the front of his shirt and places the device and the card deck into the fold. With one hand holding the top of the fold, he climbs up the latter to the top bunk. Once he's done, he straightens out his shirt and the two items fall out. He then goes about covering himself with the blankets. He clutches the device in his left hand.

He drifts off into a dream that kind of seems like a memory. He sees this humanoid golden fox battling this fire cat monster. He notices the red head that's wearing a trench coat. He tries to focus on the girl, but he can't seem to make out the face. It wasn't long before the fox beats the fire cat and he watches as the fire monster breaks apart. The bits that once were the fire cat began to flow towards the fox.

He gasps as the dream ends. His breath is rapid and shallow as he tries to make sense of what happened during that dream. He looks out the window, knowing that it'll be a while before he can go back to sleep again.


"Takato. Takato!" A voice says as he's being shaken. "Tai?" He says tiredly and looks up into the concerned face of his adopted older brother. "Late night, little bro?" Tai asks with a bit of worry in his eyes. "I couldn't sleep and then I had this weird dream." He answers softly as he loses the battle to keep his eyes open.

"Guess I'm the only one going camping." Tai says and he only grunts something unintelligent as he drifts into slumber land. His just do tired…


He smiles at the slumbering form of his adopted little brother. 'It seems that both Kari and Takato won't be joining me today. Well, I just hope they'll be ok on their own. Mom and dad are going to visit grandma today too.' He thinks to himself as he gets down off the latter.

Kari's got a little cold and was fast asleep, holding on tightly to the red pushy toy that Kari and Takato love so much. He sighs and wonders how long it'll take them to get pass the stage of being dependant on the stuff toy that they called Gigimon. He would admit that there was something about the red pushy toy that often made him wonder if he might not hallucinating went at times he thought that the toy might be responsible for food disappearing.

Sighing, he closes the door and turns around. He picks up his pack and walks out of the apartment. He was uneasy about leaving the pair alone at home, but then, he really wanted to go to camp. 'I'll make it up to them later.' He tells himself as he waits for the elevator.


Despite being afraid, he still charges forward with his partner at his heels. His thoughts drift to his younger siblings that he left in the real world. He want's nothing more to see them again, to hold them, to see their happy faces once more.

"Greymon Digivolve to… MetalGreymon!" His partner cries out and he grins in relief and feels more confident that they will win against Etemon, even if the Digimon was merged with the huge black ball of negative energy. "We can win this, we are destined to win this. Get him MetalGreymon!" He shouts the last part as he tones out Etemon's voice. "Giga Blaster!" MetalGreymon roars out as the chest plate opens and two organic looking bombs shot out of the chest and towards the black wired mesh that is the dark network.

He cheers as the missiles hit and soon corrupt the huge wiry ball of black cables. His cheers are cut short as it doesn't stop the pull that the negative energy started. His partner does try to keep him from getting sucked in, but in the end, they both were pulled into the dimensional hole created by the dark network.

He blinks and finds himself standing with Koromon under his arm. He's within a park with many people going on about their lives as he stands there. "This looks like my home town." He says slowly and softly. "You mean we might be in your world?" Koromon asks. "Maybe." He says, unsure as to what to make of this turn of events.


"Something crossed over." Kari's voice says close to his ear. His eyes open up wide and ask, "Are you sure?" Kari nods and she looks by the window. Kari moves and he sits up to glance at his partner. Gigimon seemed so… seldom by the window. He sighs and looks around to check the time.

He sighs as he realises that he missed out on going camping. Kari is already climbing down the latter and he stops as his hands hit something. He looks puzzled at the device and then at the deck of cards, until he remembers how they got here, in his bed. He sighs and picks the two things up and calls out to Kari, "Here, catch!" Kari catches the two items and he grins his thanks to his sister.

Once he's down off the latter, Kari hands them over. He takes them and places them on the desk as he changes his cloths. He noticed that Kari must be feeling better as he puts on a black hoody and pants. He then pockets the device and grabs a belt to hold the card deck. He then moves to pick Gigimon up and heads into the kitchen.

Just as he's about to set Gigimon onto the counter, the front door opens and he turns to find Tai saying, "I'm home!" "Tai?" He says as he looks surprise as his adopted older brother comes into the kitchen. "Takato! How are you buddy?" The goggle wearing preteen asks. "Fine. Why aren't you at camp?" He answers, noticing that Gigimon seems to stiffen in his arms. Tai blinks at this and asks, "I've been missing how long and the first question you ask is about camp?"

He cocks his head in confusion and says, "Today's the first day of camp. See." He points to the calendar that's on the fridge. He blinks as Tai drops the pink ball that his older brother had been carrying. "Tai!" The ball shouts and Gigimon bolts out of his arms shouting, "Hot Bite!"

"GIGIMON!" He shouts as his partner rams into the pink ball. "Koromon!" Tai shouts as the pink ball hops over the charging Gigimon. He grabs the red Digimon as Tai moves to grab Koromon. "Calm down, Gigimon." He says to his partner as his partner tries to get at the other Digimon. "But Takatomon!" Gigimon protests. "No buts, Gigimon. Now apologise to the… pink ball." He says as sternly as he could to the red in-training Digimon.

"But he intruded into my territory!" Gigimon says grumpily. He sighs and wonders just when his partner got territorial. "What, Gigimon's a Digimon?" Tai asks once the older boy recovers his voice. He looks at Tai and shifts uncomfortably under Tai's gaze. "Well, I think so." He says and at that moment, Kari exits the bathroom. "Koromon?" Kari says in a daze voice as his sister stares at the other Digimon.

"Huh?" Both Tai and he says at the same time. "This is just getting weirder and weirder…" Tai says softly as Kari seems lost in her thoughts. He sighs and shakes his head as he places Gigimon onto the counter. "I don't suppose you could make us some breakfast?" He asks hopefully at his older brother. "I'm hungry." The two in-training Digimon say about the same time, they look at each other and then smile. He's relieved that it seems that the pair of Digimon got over whatever issues they had about a few minutes ago. He did wonder just what's going on as his hand moves to where that odd device is resting. He really hoped that whatever happened that it'll turn out for the best though.


He watches as Gigimon falls asleep on his stomach as Kari and Koromon were playing patty cake. Takato was busy doing dishes from breakfast. He Studies the in-training Digimon that he had thought was a stuff toy for the longest time. He also can't believe that the little guy belongs to his little brother. He had asked if Takato had a Digivice like his, but all Takato had was this weird device that didn't resemble his in the least.

He had also tried to contact the other Digidestine, only to discover that they haven't returned home yet. He was beginning to worry that he and Koromon might not be the only ones to return to the real world. "Are we going to pack stuff?" Takato asks out of the blue. He blinks and looks over at his little brother. "What do you mean?" He asks. "It's not over, you know. We're going to help your friends, right?" Takato asks. "Either of you are coming with me! We don't even know if Gigimon can Digivolve? Besides, this doesn't concern either of you!" He says a bit more loudly then he intended.

He studies the reddish brown eyes of his little brother and stiffens at the look that's reflected in them. "It might not, but that doesn't mean much. As long as they're in that other world, you'll need to go back, Tai. You might as well go back a bit more prepared then what you had at the start of this." And after Takato says that, the look disappears and he lets out the breath he had been holding. "Besides, I think Gigimon will be more then enough to protect me and Kari." Takato adds, beaming at the red ball that's currently on his stomach. He sighs, feeling like Takato's right. He can't run away from what's happening in that other world.

"Kari's staying here though." He says sternly. "But I want to go too!" Kari says. "Absolutely not! It's bad enough that I'm dragging Takato into this. I'm not going to drag my only sister into this." He says, attempting to put his foot down. Kari's eyes flash in anger and his sister stands up abruptly and marches into the bedroom she shares with Takato. "I think I know how Matt feels right now." He says softly as he notices that both Koromon and Takato were looking at him. "She wouldn't survive for long in the Digi World. So stop looking at me like that!" He says and Takato's eyes look at the closed door with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"She's not going." He says and his little brother looks at him and replies, "You think you forbidding her will stop her? You should know better then that, Tai. She did give us a scare when she climbed that tree to get Miko when you told her not to." He grumbles and moves, then stops as he remembers who's on him. "He really sleeps like a log." He comments to his adopted brother. "If you think that's weird, I've seen him fall of the couch and then jump back on it still fast asleep." Takato says in an amused tone. He blinks and looks between Takato and Gigimon, not sure if he believes that or if Takato is some how pulling his leg.

"So, what does Gigimon Digivolve into?" Koromon asks, changing the topic. Takato frowns and says, "I don't remember." He blinks and Koromon and him glance at each other. "You sure he can even go rookie?" He asks. "I know he can, I also know he can go to the highest level with my help though. I just can't remember his other forms are call either." His little brother says in a frustrated tone. He blinks, greatly surprise that his little brother's partner could be so powerful.

"What is the highest level that Digimon can acquire?" He asks, curious as to just how much the eight year old knows about creatures he hadn't known existed just months ago. "Mega, it's a step above ultimate." Takato answers, looking at Gigimon like the red in-training Digimon was the answer to everything. He once more glances at his partner and he has to wonder, what happened to the younger goggle wearing boy before being adopted by his parents.

Just then, the computer comes on and he scoops up the little red Digimon and stands before the computer. He's stunned that Izzy seems to be trying to relay a message, but between the static and it flickering, he couldn't make out much other then Izzy telling him that the group was in danger. He looks at the computer in confusion. "I think someone doesn't what you to return." Takato says softly. He blinks and glances at Takato, he shifts uncomfortably. He can't help but agree that it didn't seem like Izzy to discourage him when the group's in danger.


He feels this odd sense of this happening before, but at the same time, it's different. He also had to wonder just what lies in his past, before he came to be adopted by the Kamiya's. He also can't help but wonder if that dream he had just last night might not be more then just a dream.

He snaps out of his thoughts as the bedroom door opens and Kari steps out in her usual cloths. He smiles as he notices the steely look in her eyes. She also had to knapsacks with her, a yellow one on her back and his navy blue one in front of her. He moves and picks it up, as he shoulders it, Gigimon wakes and lets out a snarl.

Tai drops his partner on the floor out of surprise. "Where?" He asks his partner. Without saying a word, the red Digimon races to the door, he opens it and Gigimon once more races forth. He's right behind the virus Digimon, he can hear Tai try and tell Kari to remain, but to no avail as he enters into the stair way following the in-training Digimon.

He can't help but grin as he begins to get the feeling that this was so familiar. Like he's chased after his partner plenty of times and it almost brought out memories of another time, chasing after a much larger red Digimon… He sighs and tries to keep Gigimon within his sight range.

He pauses as he finds just where they are. They were around a busy street, he begins to fear that Gigimon might get stepped on as he begins to move among the people in order to search for his partner. He lost sight of him and sighs until his Digivice begins to beep. He takes it out and notices this red arrow. He rushes in the direction where the arrow's pointing. He can hear Tai and Kari behind him as he weaves among the crowds of people.

He finds his partner, but as he looks up, he finds a large green Digimon standing across the street. "Ogremon." Tai says as they stop behind him. "What's he waiting for?" Kari asks. "I think for the walk sign to change colour." He replies, he clenches his Digivice in his hand, not sure what to make of the rush of emotions making their way to the surface.

"Um, why can't they see him?" Koromon asks. "I don't think we'll have time to worry about that." Tai says as the walk light turns green.


She sucks in a breath as the green transparent Digimon launches itself across the street. She watches as both Koromon and Gigimon charge towards the large green Digimon. She watches as Gigimon uses Hot Bite and Koromon uses Bubble Blow. She glances at her 'twin' and could tell that Takato seems tense as he watches the battle unfold, never looking away from Gigimon for more then a few seconds.

She did have to admit that she never expected Gigimon to be fighting any of the monsters they have noticed recently. Yet here they were, with Gigimon and Tai's partner Koromon battling against a much larger and perhaps stronger opponent. She feels so useless, for she couldn't help either of the Digimon that were her brothers' partners.

She blinks as she feels something on her shoulder; she looks up and finds Takato looking at her with worried eyes. "Are you going to be ok?" Her adopted brother asks in a whisper. She blinks and then nods, "I just want to be useful." She tells him. Takato smiles softly and says, "I just know you'll be anything but. Just give it time." She nods once more, amazed that Takato could easily make her feel better so quickly. 'But then, he's always been good at that. I'm so glad to have him as my brother.' She thinks as they return to watching the battle between the three Digimon.

Her breath hitches as it looks like the pair of in-training Digimon couldn't take any more. "Gigimon!" "Koromon!" Her brothers shout out about the same time. As the green Digimon leaps to finish the job, Tai's Digivice begins to beep. "Koromon Digivolve to… Agumon!" The light surrounding disappears revealing an orangish yellow dino now stands where the pink ball Digimon use to be. "Pepper Breath!" Agumon shouts and a ball of fire comes out of the rookie's mouth and hits the green Digimon called Ogremon.

Then it was like the sky cracked open, for now above the grounds where the battle took place was a large hole. Things began to get sucked in, she feels Takato grab her hand, his other hand that has his Digivice it already glowing and was beginning to pick her 'twin' brother up. She tightens her hold, not wanting to be left behind.

As Takato is lifting off the ground, so too does she feel herself being pulled upwards as well. Though it was getting hard to hold onto Takato's hand, she refused to be left behind. Takato smiles encouragingly and as she's about two feet above the ground, she finds that nothing's pulling her downwards, but as beginning to float upwards and she loosens up her hold on Takato's hand and can't help but smile as Takato lets out a large breath that he must have been holding. Soon she glances down and as she looks back, they began to fade into the hole. She blacks out but she keeps a firm hold on her adopted brother's hand.


She opens her eyes; she finds sunlight playing across Takato's face. She looks around once she sits up, letting go of Takato's hand as to not to wake him. She smiles as she notices that Gigimon's sleeping on his back. She then looks around for Tai and Agumon, but can't seem to see them.

She does note that they were in a forest with tall trees and some large ferns and flowers around some of the tree trunks. She listens carefully, but doesn't hear any bird song or buzzing of insects. 'Does the Digi World even have birds and insects?' She asks herself, but can't remember if her older brother mentioned it as she looks around. She stands out and then remembers what's on her back.

She quickly takes off her backpack and looks around to make sure nothing's broken. She sighs in relief and closes it. She decides to let the other two rest and she takes out a book she brought with her and begins to read, trusting that Gigimon will wake at any signs of trouble.


He woke to find the heat unbearable, he quickly got up and glances around the desert around him. "Takato! Kari! Where are you guys?" He shouts once he notices that either were within his sight. "Come on you guys! This isn't funny!" He shouts once more. "I can't smell Gigimon, Tai. I don't think their with us. They might have landed somewhere else." Agumon tells his friend and partner. Tai swallows and a chill races up his spine. "But they could be in danger! We got to find them Agumon! They're my siblings!" He says in panic, as he races forward he calls out Takato and Kari's names until something beeps. He picks up his Digivice and notices that someone's close by. "Maybe that's them! Lets go Agumon!" He says and paces himself as he races in the direction of where his Digivice is indicating. He prays that they're alright as he goes.


He blinks as he wakes up. He cocks his head to the right and then grins. "I can't wait to see them again! I wonder who's with them. I hope they brought Cream Puffs!" He says out loud, cheerfully as he begins to move out of the cave that he's been sleeping in for who knows how long. He can't wait to see Takato and Guilmon again. He just knows that things will definitely get interesting now that they're here, where ever here is.

To be continued …