My Sanctuary- Chapter One

The waves crashed down upon the sandy beach where Kairi sat, sending a shower of icy salt water all over her pale figure.

"Eek! Cold!" She yelled, jumping up. Her feet started to sink in the dark damp sand as she started at the beauty of the ocean, the sparkle of the sunlight on the water, the radiance of the waves in contrast to the sunset behind them, it was mesmerizing.

"Hey Kairi."

A voice from behind her knocked her back to reality. She whipped around to see who was calling her and ran into Roxas's perfectly muscled chest. Strand of stringy, wet blond hair hung in front of his sparkling blue eyes. Kairi surveyed him casually, he was white and black-checkered swim trunks and nothing else. He held a surfboard (slightly worn down, the paint was starting to crack.) underneath one perfect arm.

"Hey Roxas." She replied flirtatiously, flashing him a flawless smile that was almost as perfect as she looked in her white bikini and matching sarong. Roxas smiled as he looked her over, then he opened his mouth to speak.

"So Kairi, I uh.. was going over to the snack bar to get an, er, a soda, wanna come?"

Kairi thought it over for a second, just to be mean, then she nonchalantly replied, "Sure, why not?" And smiled.

"Cool." He smiled and started to walk in the direction of the booth with the words, EAT HERE, printed in large letters on it. She started to follow but stopped when she heard footsteps behind her.

"Yo Kai!" She felt the weight of a hand on her shoulder. Seifer..

"Hi Seifer.." Kairi replied stiffly, brushing his hand off her. "Excuse me Seifer, but I have somewhere to be.." She said as she headed towards Roxas and the sodas that he held in his hands.

"Kairi.. Kairi! Wake up!"

An invisible elbow nudged her arm leaving a red mark that, seconds later, vanished behind her pale skin.

"Ugh.. What?" Kairi muttered, suddenly all to aware of the uproar of laughter around her.

"Kairi! It's your turn now!" Naminé hissed in her ear. Kairi moaned, realizing that she wasn't at the beach, Roxas hadn't shared a soda with her and, most depressing of all, Halloween break didn't start until tomorrow.

"Miss Kairi! Would you kindly save the sleeping for home and grace us with your presentation and mental presence?" The teacher said with a malicious grin. Kairi had signed up for art because she thought it would be fun. But that was before she knew that Miss Lacroix existed, or was a teacher. She didn't even know how to spell fun, let alone define or, god forbid, be fun.

Yeah, whatever bitch. Kairi thought with a grin, though she hardly hear it over the roar of the class.

"Sometime today Miss Kairi!" Miss Lacroix yelled. As Kairi stood up she took a sidelong glance at Roxas. He was doodling on his folder and didn't even know what was going on.

He didn't notice, thank god! Kairi thought as she walked up to the board, placing her sketch on the front chalkboard.

"This is my painting, er no, sketch. This is my sketch." Kairi wasn't the best public speaker.

"The title is.. um, it doesn't really have a title." She took a deep breath before continuing. "It shows an angel on a cloud reaching down to a human boy underneath a tree."

"And what does this mean?" The teacher asked lazily, Kairi wasn't exactly her favorite student.

I didn't know I had to psychoanalyze my own sketch! She thought angrily, but she continued with the presentation.

"It's basically saying that something so beautiful and perfect that it seems the creature has descended from the heavens can reach out to something so pitiful and ugly that it looks like it fell out of an ugly tree, hit every branch on the way and landed in a pile of shit." Kairi's hands clasped over her mouth in a desperate attempt to push the swear back into her throat, but it was too late. Half the class's heads shot up as they eagerly awaited the punishment that Miss Lacroix would dish out to her least favorite student.

"My, my Miss Kairi, how eloquent." Miss Lacroix breathed sarcastically. Kairi fumed, oh how she hated that teacher, how she hated her.

Keep laughing hotshot, I'll teach you eloquent. Kairi let a protective veil of hair fall across her face as she stormed back to her seat.As she passed Roxas she felt extra weight in her left hand and a point pricking into her hand. She looked towards him once she reached her seat but he was, once again, drawing. Her hand, as if it had a mind of it's own, uncurled itself, revealing a small note containing the following message: Hey Kairi! Miss Lacroix's a bitch, eh? We hate her too; you're not alone. We should start a LaBitch haters club or something.. Anyways.. See you after class! Sora + Roxas

Kairi giggled, who cares if it was from both of them! It was in Roxas's handwriting! Kairi laid her head down on the white marble desk and waited for the bell to ring. Her thoughts slowly drifted to the party at that big old house the next night, where her band; Remembering Tomorrow, would be playing as part of the entertainment. Kairi was the lead singer and their band was pretty popular among the locals.

There once was a boy

His world built on sorrow.

Who sought his own thought,

His reminder of tomorrow.

That was the line she repeated in her head, the poem that they always used to open their shows. Minutes passed, 17 to be exact, and then the bell rang out its freedom call.

"Finally." Kairi moaned as Naminé helped her out of her seat and over to her locker. Her next class was chorus, and at least that teacher liked her a bit..


"Yeah?" Naminé replied.

"What're your thoughts on the gig tomorrow night?"

"I think it'll be fun!"

"You think everything's fun Naminé." Kairi laughed as she turned to her lock.

25 15 35 She thought to herself as she spun out the numbers on her lock. She then threw her books into her locker and slammed the door shut.

--------------------------- Chorus – 2:45 p.m.

Kairi proudly stepped up to the mike next to Naminé, whom she shared a duet with in this particular song. On the que of the teacher, they simultaneously took a deep breath and started to sing.

"Lift me higher than the mountains, when I'm lower than the sea! When I am alone in the darkness, will you stand with me? Your love is the moon to my sun, the yin to my yang. You are what keeps me going on."

"Very good!" the teacher purred, stopping the musical accompaniment.

"Now who did I assign the next solo? Ah yes, Sora! Please step down from the risers!" Sora nodded, scratching the back of his head. Kairi felt sorry for him, she knew he hated singing in front of people, although she also knew that he had an amazing voice. One thing that worried her was whether Sora would make it to the concert or not. Him and Riku were missing a lot of school. They would be gone for days at a time and no one would have any idea where they would go!

"Now on my que Sora, just like we practiced! Mrs. Aurum said in a serious tone before counting down from three on her fingers.

"You're love is the fuel of my soul, without it I would surely stop. I would lie in this dormant state of mind and body until you came back and filled me with you're love once more."

"Woo! Go Sora!" and anonymous girl yelled from somewhere on the risers, though no one wanted to be a snitch and rat her out to the teacher. Kairi made a wild guess that it was Selphie. She was always shadowing Sora, blushing whenever he said anything to her but shouting stuff out to him when she thought no one could recognize her. Stupid little 7th grader.. Kairi laughed, shaking her head. It would never work! He's two whole years older than you! It was sad really, because her dream boy was out of her reach. Kairi glanced back at Sora who was blushing furiously, his bright blue eyes pointed at the tiled floor and his brown hair hanging in from of his eyes.

"Sora.." She whispered empathetically. "Poor Sora."

"That's enough!" Mrs. Aurum yelled. "And if I hear one more shout like that, whoever did it will be headed straight for the principals office! Do you hear me!?"

"Yes Mrs. Aurum." The class moaned in unison.

"Good, well.. I guess that's all we had to cover today.. Well, we've got 15 minutes left.. Wow.. Anyone want to talk about something happy?" Half the classes' hands shot up. "How 'bout.. Naminé!"

"Yes!" Naminé shouted out. "Well, Halloween is day after tomorrow and me, along with Kairi here." Naminé pointed to Kairi who blushed at the attention. "Sora," She pointed to Sora who scratched his head and smiled. "Riku," Naminé pointed to Riku who sat there looking bored. "And Roxas, who isn't in this class are going to this mondo-humongo party way out somewhere, Riku's driving,"

"Am not!" Riku yelled in protest.

"Are too! You're the only one old enough!"

"Meh.." Riku agreed.

"Anyway, It's gonna rock and roll!" Naminé finished, throwing her arms into the air.

"Mmhmm.. Ok, how about Ollette?"

"Yay!" Ollette squealed. "Well I'm like totally going to like the same party as Riku and like the rest are going to." Kairi, Sora and Naminé simultaneously grumbled at being called 'the rest'.

"And like Naminé said, it's like totally gonna be like a blast. Totally." Kairi wanted to slap her; she had been cool last year, but when she walked through the doors freshmen year she had become a valley girl, using so many likes and totallys that every time she talked Kairi wanted to rip her throat out.

"Cool, How about Seifer!"

"Yeah, I was gonna go somewhere else but with all this talk about a party, I think I'm gonna stay now, how 'bout it Kairi?" Kairi's head shot up at the sound of her name.

"What? Huh?" She looked around dazedly as a roar of laughter deafened her. She didn't know it, but she had just shot down a party invite from an insanely popular guy.

"Settle down, settle down. There's time for one more. How 'bout.. Hayner!"

"Ok then, since everyone else has talked about this party, I'll talk about what really made my day. It happened about two seconds ago, oh yeah, when Kairi shot down that ass Seifer's party invite! You got rejected!" The second he said 'rejected' the bell rang and hayner raced out the door. Kairi, still dazed, gathered her books slowly and started to walk back to her locker..

"Nice one!" Sora yelled, slapping her on the back as she turned out the numbers on her lock combo. It was all very convenient that Riku, Kairi, Sora and Naminé's lockers were all in a row..

"Yeah Kairi! You just shot down Seifer! As in the cockiest asshole in the entire universe! I'm impressed!" Naminé added. Kairi just looked up with a blank stare and asked, "What exactly did I do again?"

"Never mind Hon," Naminé responded. "I'll call you later and explain ok?" She then turned and skipped off towards her bus with most of the gang. Kairi, on the other hand, walked home. So did Riku on occasion, but he was normally on the bus with Naminé and the others. Kairi slung her Hello Kitty backpack over one shoulder and, dazedly, walked in the direction of her house. What was the whole 'you shot down Seifer' thing about? She thought to herself. I just asked what was going on. Did he like, ask me out or something? These questions repeated in her head for a while until the almost abandoned intersection of Ocean Ave and Cherry St. where she heard footsteps coming up quickly behind her. If it had been anywhere else, she wouldn't have worried, but this area was normally vacant this time of day. Kairi spun herself around just in time to feel the warmth of a hand over her mouth and the cold roughness of brick at her back. She looked up pleadingly into the angry eyes of, who else, Seifer. In the few seconds of silence, Kairi could hear her backpack thump on the asphalt.

"Yo Kairi, so nice we could meet up like this." He said with a twisted smirk. Kairi could only think of one way out, she licked his hand, making him let go momentarily before she quickly bit down on his wrist. Seifer pushed away angrily while Kairi ducked under his legs and scrambled upright. But just when she thought that she was safe and broke into a run she was stopped. Two of Seifer's goons held her arms tightly. They turned her around so that she was now facing Seifer, who was standing right in front of her.

"I don't see why de gotta do this the hard way Kairi, I just wanna talk to you." He took a step towards her and she flinched slightly. "You see, I don't like getting publicly humiliated Kairi, and I also don't like not getting what I want." Through the fabric of her jumper she could feel his hand travel down her side and stop at her hip.

"What did you want jackass?" Kairi shouted shakily.

"Oo tough." He leaned closer to her. "What did I say in class today? Hmm Doll face?" Kairi pulled back as far as humanly possible from Seifer, who's hand still hadn't left it's place at her hip.

"What did I say today?" He leaned closer still, his face mere inches from hers.

"You asked me to the party.."

"And what did you say?"

"No.." Seifer chuckled with satisfaction.

"Now I beg you to reconsider." Before she had a chance to push away, Seifer had pulled her up to him and pressed his lips to hers. Kairi wanted to throw up but she couldn't pull away. He had one hand behind her head and one at her hip, both pulling her to him. She kicked out all her remaining strength and screamed out all her remaining breath before he pulled away.

"Now Kairi, you got anything to say?" Seifer purred, licking his lips. Kairi spat at him before adding, "Yeah, you're a terrible kisser!" She then kicked goon number one in the crotch and elbowed goon number two in the gut and as they were howling in pain she took a chance and ran for it. She could hear Seifer's heavy footsteps gaining on her. I knew that I shouldn't have worn sandals today! Damn it all! Kairi whined to herself. As she was about to round the corner her sandal slipped off her foot and she dropped to the ground, just in time for Seifer to sit on her back, grab her arms in one hand and yank her head up by her hair with the other.

"That's it Kairi, you've pissed off someone you didn't want to piss off!" He growled while wrapping a cord from his bag around her wrists and tying it off. She could hear a pocketknife click open behind her and his hand under her chin lifting her head up. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"Aww, don't cry for me baby." Seifer sneered, laying a soft kiss on her neck, then, right below the teardrop he put a small cut with his knife. Holy crap, he's insane! Am I gonna die? Kairi whimpered. I am, no one's coming for me.. it was a sad thought but it was true. More tears fell from her eyes, stinging the open wound on her cheek.

"Hey you! Stop that!" A yell came from a little ways away. "Get off of her!"

"Well, well." Seifer laughed, standing up and pulling Kairi up with him. He wrapped one arm around her waist and the arm holding the knife around her neck.

"If it isn't Pretty boy, come to Kairi's rescue." He taunted. Kairi's eyes were too clouded to see anything that was going on around her.

"I'll warn you once pretty boy. This-" he kissed Kairi once more, but harder this time, on her neck. "-Is mine, stay away from her or-" Suddenly his grip was released and Kairi started to fall, but she was quickly caught by whoever had knocked Seifer away.

"Or what Seifer? Oh yeah, and my name's not pretty boy, it's Riku." Her eyes started to clear and the guy holding her up was indeed Riku. Seifer was laying on the ground near him, with a bloody lip.

"Kairi, Are you ok!?" Riku said setting her down against a nearby wall. "Holy crap! You're bleeding! What the hell happened here!?" He yelled. She looked up at his worried face and just couldn't.

"It's.. nothing Riku.."

"Yeah I bet. Did nothing cut you're face and tie you're hands behind your back!?" He undid the cords on her hands and wiped the blood and tears from her face.


"Why won't you tell me what happened?"


"If that bastard Seifer did anything to you I swear I'll-"



"Seifer's gone." Riku turned to where he'd thrown Seifer and sure enough, Seifer wasn't there.

"Stay here Kairi, Call me if you see him. That little bastard's not getting off that easily." And before she could object, Riku ran off. She sat there in silence for a bit going over everything that happened in her head. A chuckle from a nearby corner alerted her attention, she drew in a breath to call Riku, but as she was about to yell, a hand slapped onto her mouth and her head hit against the wall behind her, giving her a massive headache. Seifer grabbed her and threw her to the ground, so that she was laying on her back.

"You filthy little whore." He growled. "Did you think that you wouldn't be punished!?" He backhanded her with his free hand. Kairi tried to yell, but all that came out were mumbles.

"You want to call pretty boy bitch? Huh? Do ya!?" She had never seen him this angry before. Kairi was starting to feel faint and lightheaded due to her impact with the wall earlier. I will not faint! She told herself. If I pass out, who knows what he'll do to me! She tried to shake off this drowsy feeling but she couldn't.

"Kairi! I couldn't find him." Riku called from a little while away.

"Shit!" Seifer hissed and scurried off to who knows where.

"Kairi? Are you ok?" Riku rounded the corner to find Kairi almost unconscious on the ground.

"Oh my god, Kairi!" Riku walked over to her cautiously. Riku didn't see Seifer coming up behind him, but Kairi did.

"R-Riku! Behind y-you!" Riku got the message just as Seifer struck. He turned, grabbed Seifer's hands and kneed him in the stomach. Riku then dragged Seifer over to a nearby lamppost and use his own cord to tie the unconscious Seifer to the pole.

"That should hold him." Riku hurried to Kairi's side, holding her up.

"Now will you tell me what happened?" Touched by his concern, Kairi started to explain.

"Seifer and his goons cornered me in this alley. He was angry about what happened in class today and wanted me to reconsider. I rejected him again and he got pissed. Seifer's crazy when he's pissed.." Kairi broke out into tears.

"What happened then!? How did you get that cut!? Tell me Kairi!"

"I tried to run and I tripped and he caught me and tied back my hands. He got out a knife and- Oh god Riku! I thought I was gonna die until you came!" Kairi grabbed his shirt and buried her face in his chest. After the initial awkwardness, Riku wrapped one arm around Kairi and stroked her hair with his free hand, and if Kairi had looked up just then, she would have seen him blushing like crazy.

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