A Fresh Start at Komatane, Sorry About That

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Endings and beginnings:

Ranma walked through the gates of his new school. The current school year had started three weeks before and he was nervous about the new start that his mother had insisted on, in spite of him being a senior.

Nodoka had gotten her world view changed, witnessing the events of the demolished wedding. She had become a different woman, foregoing kimonos in favor of less conservative clothing. She kept her mouth closed unless Genma began to spout off. Then she would post an impromptu sparring match with her husband, katana a mano, until the man forgot his son in favor of saving his own skin. After the wedding, she had declared Ranma free of all honor debts and told Ranma that his honor was his own. Genma was eventually divorced and forced to resume his former clan name. This allowed her to finally inherit her clan's estate near Komatane High School and college and a fairly sizable trust fund.

She insisted that Ranma move in and told him that the house and half of the trust fund's proceeds were his on his twenty-first birthday. Until then, she would deposit money into his account as an allowance and would visit on weekends to help maintain the place.

She was not moving out of her own house.

Ranma was told by a tearful Nodoka that she felt like she had been as bad as his father, in her hidebound tradition. He needed to make new friends and learn to be his own person. He found that on his twenty-first birthday that he would be the chairman of a very successful sporting goods and clothing company, if he wished it.

Ranma was really impressed and believed that reconciliation would be possible, now, with his mother.

So, the wild stallion entered the new, unexplored fields of Komatane High, hoping to graze knowledge in peace.


Ranma stood in the principal's office, staring at the man's big round head. "Well, Ranma. Do you believe in Justice?"

A slightly taken aback Ranma replied after a moment. "Well, yeah. I am a martial artist and it is my duty and honor to protect those unable to protect themselves."

"Great! Because at this school we try to teach with justice. There are a few heroes around here that work for justice and your help would be most welcome!, should you stumble upon any. Injustice, that is."

Ranma shivered slightly. 'At least this guy isn't quite as off his rocker as Kuno. That big, round head, though shudder.'

"Also, I am aware of your situation and it is not entirely unfamiliar to me. Our records are set up for both of your genders and here is a map of all of the hidden changing rooms to allow you to change into clothes appropriate to your gender of the moment. You 'will' be required to wear the appropriate uniform."

Ranma took the map and wondered to himself, 'What's going on? Its almost like someone else has a curse like mine.' "Okay principal Hirouin, my bank account should be working today and I'll get some clothes before tomorrow."

Hirouin the looked up at Ranma in the eyes, thoughtfully, "Ranma, knowing your martial arts abilities, do you think that Ranma-chan could be persuaded to teach a girl's self defense class in lieu of PE? I'll take care of the certifications. You would be allowed use of the faculty showers, which have lockable individual shower rooms, thanks to a grant from your family's business. It would also count as full college credit."

'I guess mom's really tryin' hard to make it up to me.' "That sound's like a real good deal to me, sir."

"Good. Take the rest of today to get school supplies and uniforms…after you get a tour of the facilities. I have a university student teacher that will show you around and she has been assigned to be your tutor to help you catch up. I'm afraid that I'll have to insist that you do this due to your transcript from Furinkan. Kari! Please send in Shimeru–san!"

The pigtailed boy did a double take when a girl walked in, looking a bit like a mature Akane. This was Akane as a woman who carried herself with all the self assurance that the Tendo girl lacked. Ranma felt his face redden as he was looked at, assessed, and judged. "Hi. I'm Futana Shimeru. I or my partner, whose name is also Futana will be responsible for helping you any way we can to graduate. Principal Hirouin says that you're a multiple dan ranked martial artist. We don't have a martial arts club, but you might want to join the wrestling team. My brother, Futaba is on the team and I'd appreciate it if you could help him out, if you join the club."

"Err. I'll think about it. Two Futanas?"

"Yeah, we're cousins." She said with a smirk that caused an uncomfortable feeling in the back of Ranma's mind. "Let's go look around your new school."

As they walked about the school, Futana showed him the major points. 'Well, I've seen at least half of the secret room entrances. Looks good for keeping my secret. It's a shame that the only hot water in the school is in the locker room showers. Still, wearing a girls uniform a lot of the time is worth keeping everyone from knowing. Hey, not even pineapple head had this many secret passages at Furinkan.'

The lunch bell chimes sounded and the halls rapidly filled with students going to lunch. He followed the student teacher against the tide of young humanity as he saw Futana do something that jolted him. 'Did she just grope that girl's butt?'

A sharp crack to his cheek brought him out of his stunned state as the groped girl rounded on him with a cry of "Pervert!" His look of confusion turned to hurt as he saw the catty smirk on Futana's face.

"You did that on purpose!" Ranma said with irritation.

"Yeah! So what? I usually get the slap myself, but you represented too good an opportunity to miss. Besides, she was cute."

Ranma replied, "Okay, it may be funny once, but a sister of one of my former fiancées taught me 'Don't get mad, get even." With a slightly cold smirk of his own. "This will 'not' happen again."

Futana frowned slightly and nodded. "Fiancées?"

"Yeah. I had at least a dozen confirmed at one time and who knows how many more that just haven't found me. My Pops, lazy, shiftless bastard that he is, sold me to get food and sake for his fat stomach during the years on the road that he was training me in the art. My mom FINALLY got a clue and declared that all of the engagements had no honor, since she, as head of our clan, was not consulted."

"So you got your freedom, huh?"

"Yeah, all except for one who claimed I was her husband due to a stupid Chinese Amazon law that says that any outsider male who defeats an Amazon female is married to her and is Amazon property. To get out of that, I had to defeat the matriarch and Shampoo at the same time to convince them to leave me alone. That's where I finally got over my training about not hitting girls."

(Ranma had finally gotten over his 'no hitting girls' attitude when his mother had tested his martial arts skills a couple of weeks after the wedding. She had proven to be as skilled her own way as Genma and just as sneaky. After he agreed to hit her back, they had several good sparring matches and his own kendo had improved by several degrees. She had also gotten him more comfortable with his femininity. He decided that he would be a tomboy, but a little makeup and the occasional skirt did look good on his female side, maybe even better than good.)

"I got them to agree to stop chasing me when I offered to be an ally, should the tribe be attacked for whatever reason. I'm also a full elder. That was offered by the tribal council when the sister of my longest running fiancee sent them a video of my fight with the matriarch as well as some of my other fights. Now, they're asking me to be the 'matriarch' of a Japanese Amazon tribe as soon as a location and the politics can be arranged. I'll tell you, though, dealing with those old women ain't easy. When three of them and the matriarch came to discuss a treaty, they insisted that I wear the same battle dress that their women warriors do."

Futana got a strange image of Ranma-kun wearing a dress. "I can't comprehend how bad your life has been, but I find what little I can imagine...disturbing."

"Hey, that's not even a fraction of what I could tell you. Now if you behave, it would be nice to have a friend. I don't have many of those, okay?"

"Sure." Futana bowed, getting one in return from a smiling Ranma. 'This guy's so nice, I'm about to change. Bad Futana, bad.' She produced a barely perceptible frown.

"Ahh. By the way, I have a twin sister whose name is also Ranma Saotome. That's why I thought the coincidence odd, I thought my family was the only one that used one name a lot for boys and girls. She will be around as well. If you pull a stunt like that on her you might pull back a bloody stump, got it?"

Futana's slight frown deepened a bit, then her look became pensive, followed by a bow and a tentative smile. "Sure. Sorry to embarrass you like that. Can we start over...again?" Her thoughts had gone, 'He's willing to threaten me? But…he has a 'sister with the same name? I thought that anyone with our 'gift' was a Shimeru. Maybe we're not the only clan. I'll watch and see, he wouldn't be able to hide from someone who knows what to look for. Maybe she's cute.'

"Okay." Responded Ranma with his first genuine smile, lighting his face like a floodlight.

Something about it caused Futana's insides to go all gooey once more and she shook her head to clear it, before sending her own radiant smile back.

Ranma saw this and thought 'Oh no. I hope she's not another one.' "Uhh. I gotta get going. Have to get ready for school tomorrow."

Leaving a stunned Futana looking out the open third story window at the pigtailed boy bounding off to the shopping district. 'Some of what he talked about sounded like a drug induced fantasy, but if he can do that?'

As Ranma roof hopped toward the shopping district, he pulled a cell phone from subspace and came to rest sitting on the parapet of one of the taller buildings. Pushing speed dial 1 Ranma was rewarded with a woman's voice on the other end. "So, Saotome, what have you got."

"Its going to arrive this afternoon. I know you've been thinking about this a long time, but please think again. You've seen my life first hand..."

The voice was cracking with emotion, "A week after you showed up, I began to contemplate this possibility. I want to be a MOVER in this world and will never do it as I am."

Ranma let his concern show in his voice, "I'll support phase one for you, but I want to wait at least six months to do phase two. I'll see you at the designated place in three days after school. Be careful and tell Kasumi-oneechan I miss her, and, not just her cooking. You two helped keep me almost sane the past year. I'll...I'll see you then Nabiki-chan."

Nabiki disconnected the cell phone and sat down, shuddering. 'Its finally going to happen, I want it, why am I so nervous?'

Later, Ranma walked out of a men's store with a shopping bag full of his trademark style chinese clothes and four sets of male Komatane uniforms. 'Well, I guess that takes care of my guy side. I guess I've put this off long enough.'

He went into the unisex bathroom in an alcove off the street and emerged as a girl after taking care of his bladder. She looked around for the ladies clothing store that was listed in the literature from the school but did a doubletake when she spotted the ice cream parlor next to the target store. With a light, skipping step she walked toward the purveyor of cold, sweet concoctions.

After two oversized sundaes and three banana splits with lots of extras scammed from the defenseless male attendant, Ranma finally entered the boutique. By now school had let out and a few students were perusing the shelves. She began to browse the uniforms, one arm under her ample breasts, the other rubbing the back of her neck.

"What do you think your doing?! Showing your assets for free!"

Ranma jumped straight up, momentarily clinging to the ceiling before dropping lightly to the ground, her 'assets' bouncing around in a manner that would have hypnotized any males watching, if any had been watching. Before her were two girls, standing with mouths agape at the demonstration of agility. "Sheesh! Why don't you find a better way to announce yourself!"

"Well. A good looking girl like you shouldn't flaunt herself like that unless there's money to be made." Said the freckle faced blonde with glasses.

"Negiri!" Exclaimed the dark haired girl beside her. "She looks to be new here and you should be more polite. Hello, I'm Misaki and this is Negiri. Are you shopping for some Komatane school uniforms? Of course you are! Sorry. Are you a new freshman?"

Ranma was a little dizzy at the one sided conversation and responded after a pause to think on her answer. "Uh, no. Actually I'm a senior, but I'll be teaching self defense to the girls PE classes too. And yes, I am trying to pick out some clothes for school…but. Ahh. Err. I don't know how to pick out my size. Oh. My name is Ranma"

"Where did you come from, not to know how to shop for clothes, Ranma?" asked Negiri.

"Yeah I'm a little curious too." Added a bowing Misaki, with a slight blush of embarrassment.

"You see. I was on the road for years while I was trained as a martial artist and was raised by my Pops. So I'm a bit of a tomboy."

"You poor girl." Exclaimed Misaki.

"For a reasonable amount of yen, I can make that handicap go away." Said Negiri.

Misaki remarked, "Shame on you Negiri. We've just met her and already, you're taking advantage…"

"That's okay Misaki-san, I know someone a lot like her. And if I need your services I'll remember your kind offer Negiri."

"At least someone recognizes a true offer of help." Negiri said under her breath.

Ranma heard it and filed it away for later.

"Negiri, just go get that perfume you were after and I'll help Ranma-san here."

Negiri brightened and nodded, "Yeah, they have Windbreaker Number Two cologne, the one that smells like teen spirit, for 80 percent off. I can sell it at school for fifty percent off." She then trotted off with a smile on her face, doing a happy dance.

Misaki sighed, "That girl, knowing her, she'll probably argue the price down another fifteen percent. And they'll probably give it to her just to make her go away."

"Yep, sure sounds like my friend Nabiki." The two giggled to themselves.

"So…do you know your sizes?"

"Nah. That's why I was standin' here, waiting for a clerk."

Misaki smiled brightly and said, "I guess its my duty to help out my new upper classman and sensei to get ready for school tomorrow, I think I'll switch to your class as soon as its announced." She grabbed a cloth measuring tape, some random bras of different sizes and led Ranma into the dressing room.

"Okay, Ranma, take off that shirt and pants and lets have a look... I mean measure your sizes."

Ranma began stuttering, "Are y-y-you s-s-sure Misaki-san? Usually w-when I have done this in the past, I'd get pounded by one or more tomboys."

"Sure I'm sure. We're friends now, right? And friends try to help each other. Now come on."

Ranma stumbled mentally, 'Friends? I hope so. Please don't betray me.' "O-o-okay."

As Ranma pulled her shirt off and bent down to take off her pants jealous thoughts went through Misaki's mind, 'Ohmigosh, she's waaay bigger than me, perfectly shaped. How DARE she not sag with those.'

She looked up to see Ranma's blue eyes staring at her. "Oh my! Did I say that out loud?" she asked, her face turning beet red.

Ranma smiled, "Loud enough." Misaki's inadvertent statement cheered Ranma enough to restore her courage to a level where she was comfortable with removing her pants, displaying a pair of boxers.

"You really are a tomboy, Ranma-san."

"Yeah, I suppose I'd best get some panties while I'm at it." said Ranma with a sigh of resignation.

Misaki took the measuring tape and reached around Ranma's back, getting a nose full of Ranma's generous cleavage and quickly pulled back to see the tape. "Wow, thirty-eight. And your waist…twenty-two…hips are thirty-six."(AN: I don't do metric well.) She grabbed a plain white bra and handed it to Ranma. "Try this first, put it around your chest like this, hook it and turn it around so the cups are in front."

When she saw Ranma was having trouble, she grabbed the bra from Ranma and picked a bra two cup sizes larger. This time, it fit. She helped the other girl get the adjustments made and Ranma looked in the mirror, bouncing on her feet, a bit.

Ranma backed away from Misaki and did a high back flip. "Well that 'really' helps, thanks Misaki. I didn't realize how much that was affecting my back."

"You can get some sports bras for PE and active stuff, They're the ones that look more like a small undershirt than a bra."

Ranma was doing some close in kata, getting the feel for how a bra fit when she landed on two plastic bags. The effect was like Teflon on ice and Ranma windmilled falling on her back looking straight up Misaki's dress. "Misaki? Why do you have a piece of paper with 'Futaba Shimeru' pinned to your panties?"

Ranma slid out and stood up, embarrassed, as was Misaki, judging by the redness of her face.

"Ranma, uhh, that's the name of a boy I like and that's supposed to act like a good luck charm to give me a chance at him."

"I may not be a good one to give advice, but why don't you just tell him you like him and ask him how he feels about you. That would have solved a lot of my problems a long time ago, if I'd done that. If he doesn't, then you know to look somewhere else, but if he does, that means a lot of time saved. I guarantee that I and my brother will be buggin' you til you do ask him."

About an hour later Ranma had a nice assortment of casual clothes and undergarments in addition to the required school and gym clothes. 'Its times like this that make me 'like' being a girl. I actually have a new friend or two and a way to get through school without the wrong kind of attention, or too much of the wrong kind of attention. This Futaba will have to like Misaki, she's such a nice kid as well as looking good, too. '

"I gotta go home now, Misaki, Negiri, but I'll see you tomorrow at school."

As Ranma arrived at home, a delivery truck pulled up. Ranma landed in front of the driver with her load of shopping in each hand, which caused the driver's eyes to bug out a bit.

"You ever live in Nerima, kid?"

"Yeah. Once upon a time. Watcha got for me?"

"This is a special delivery from Fujiyama Expediters and I'll need your signature Miss…Saotome?"

"Yeah, its Ranma Saotome." She said as she took the clipboard and signed several sheets. Meanwhile the deliveryman used a hand truck to bring out a washing machine sized box with large biohazard emblems on all sides. "Thanks. Just set it down there and I'll get it."

The deliveryman's eyes got bigger as Ranma shifted all bags to one hand and lifted the box with the other, balancing it on her index finger. "See ya." Ranma walked through the gate kicking it shut whistling a happy tune up the drive to the main house.


I think that's enough for the intro. The box will come into play at a later time. Let's just say that Ranma has some petty revenge plans and honor debts of his own to fulfill. This will follow most of the timeline of Futaba-kun change. By and large, Ranma won't use his god-like martial arts powers except in practice or in other words as part of a kata. This is one story that I intend to carry to the end, but don't expect too frequent updates or long chapters. I could use a beta or two for some critique or ideas. If someone really likes the idea and thinks that they can do a better job, let me know. Maybe I'll let you have it, or not. I mainly want to see it finished. Thank you Trugeta for the beta checkand ideas.

Next time: First day at a new school and Ranma feels less alone.'Here's Futaba'