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Chapter two: Hello Futaba

Ranma-chan sighed, 'I wish Furinkan had been like this. Taking freshman English again is a pain, but that Futaba kid, Negiri and Misaki were there and it was kind of fun, not being hit by an eraser like Futaba. I can tell he likes her as much as she likes him. Of course, getting a good night's sleep made a lot of difference in how I feel.'

Ranma was teaching a surprisingly large group of students in her self defense class. It was an overwhelmingly female class, as the unspoken purpose was rape, mugger and chikan defense. The real surprise was the small group of males. Some of them were just small, willowy, fearful, openly gay, or in one case openly 'admiring' her body.

She spoke with several of the boys and found that they wanted to defend themselves from bullies who picked on them for looking weak or just different. They felt that the male teachers were little more than bullies themselves and looked to her for hope that they could learn without the humiliation that male coaches would heap on them. Some of their stories had her on the verge of tears. 'I am NOT going to cry! I REFUSE to cry!' she thought as a traitorous tear ran down her cheek after one poignant story.

The boy that she thought was leering at her was disturbing and flattering at the same time. Planning to have possibly violent words with the boy, 'Haruka, I think.', the boy in question spoke, "I'm Haruka and I am a girl, pulling down a turtleneck collar to reveal the lack of Adam's apple. I'm here not just because you're possibly the most beautiful woman in school, but because I think that you can help me improve my own martial arts. Don't worry, I already have a girl that I am madly in love with." Looking Ranma up and down, "Still, I'm not blind to the scenery."

Ranma noted to herself that PE would be very educational for the cross-dressing lesbian and she wouldn't have the energy to leer at her in class.

She then had her students perform the warm up kata that she had taught at the beginning of class as a cool down. This gave Ranma-chan a chance to go to the staff showers to change and change again. After drying and leaving the area through a secret passage to the men's restroom, happily male for a bit, he faced a urinal. 'Man! That four liters of watermelon juice from Negiri's bet is really hitting me.' He smirked broadly, facing the duration as his kidneys worked overtime. 'That Negiri is so much like Nabiki, but she split the winnings without weaseling out. Nabiki would have screwed me out of it, some way. She said that everyone needed to learn to profit from their talents. I think I'll take her up on charging admission to my morning workout before school at the soccer field. Yeah, I won't freeload mom's allowance. I can also repay Biki's help for the last year. She and Kasumi deserve to go to a good college though Biki's going to an extreme to be able to compete in business.'

While Ranma purged his system of the watermelon juice and pondered his changed fortunes, he noticed Futaba enter the restroom in a furtive manner, clutching a magazine to his chest. The younger boy entered a stall and the flipping of pages began to compete with the sound of a stream of liquid hitting the back of the urinal.

Ranma heard a cry from Futaba's stall and prematurely ended his session with the porcelain receptacle when the boy crashed through the door of the stall. Ranma saw the kid's hair turn green and zipping his pants, rushed to Futaba's side, rolling the boy over.

"Oh crap! Another Jusenkyo victim, poor kid. Oh Kami-sama! He's burning up with fever." Ranma began hitting some anti-inflammatory pressure points with ki enhancing the effect of the shiatsu. The unconscious girl's moans began to calm down. "Thank the kami that Tofu-sensei was willing to teach me the Healing Shiatsu Martial Arts."

The girl began to groan, bringing her hand to her head as if her head was in great pain. Ranma quickly moved to support her in getting up. She glanced into the mirror over the lavatory, looked at Ranma and then behind them at the stalls. Then she turned her shocked attention to the mirror and spoke in a sweet soprano. "Wha…What is this?" Futaba-chan then pulled open her jacket and shirt, staring at herself. She pulled down her pants to her ankles continuing to stare in numb shock. "What am I?!!"

Ranma said, "You mean you didn't know about this?"

The new girl just shook her head and continued staring.

'Her hair is really green. Amazon?' At this point Ranma quickly searched the room with his eyes, looking for water puddles or rivals. Finding none, he thought, If he got splashed, that fever might have evaporated it. Well, better let him know my secret. The kami know that no one deserves the shock and humiliation I went through. "Futaba. Look at me! I know what you are going through."

"How could you? No one I know changes into a girl!"

Ranma tiredly replied, "Yeah. Someone you know does. Look at me. Don't look away." He moved between the green haired girl and the mirror and ran some cold water over his hand, never taking his eyes from Futaba's. Ranma-chan saw Futaba become even more shocked, though she thought the other girl took it well, not having passed out, just a little red dripping at the corner of her nose. "I've been like this for a couple of years now and I want to tell you that you don't have to go through it alone. We have to find out how this happened." Ranma tightened her belt. "I'll be there with you to explain it to your family too. I found that I could have avoided a world of grief by bringing it into the open right away. Now why don't you get your clothes back…"

Ranma was interrupted as the wrestling team captain and two team members walked in on the two girls. With a shout of "Girls!!" The captain and one lackey leapt at them while the third took himself out in a spectacular nosebleed. Ranma-chan leapt high in the air astraddle the big guy's neck, hitting the backs of his knees with her fists. She burned up her momentum by throwing the huge young man spinning into the air to come crashing down. Futaba had reacted instantly, herself, literally leaping from her pants, throwing the other guy to the floor and doing an elbow smash on his head. She then took off running clutching a magazine to her chest. She ran through the door, across the hall, smashing through the glass window to land lightly in the yard. Ranma followed hot on her tail realizing that Futaba's panic was clouding her mind.

'Shit, he's flashing everyone on the school grounds. I gotta get this under control.' As they rounded the building, going behind a hedge and out of general view for the moment, Ranma-chan grabbed Futaba by the waist and leapt through the infirmary window. Thankfully, it was unoccupied.

Ranma held the shaking neogirl by the shoulders and said firmly, "Calm down Futaba, why don't you lay down on that bed and cover up. I have to go get my pack and have something you can wear until we get this figured out, okay?"

Futaba finally found her voice again, "Ranma-san, I don't know why you decided to help me, but thanks." She lay down and pulled the blanket over herself until her body and head were completely covered. She continued to shiver, though.

"You wait there now. I'll be right back." Ranma said as she ran some hot water in the sink. 'More hot water besides the showers.' He checked the hall way and ran off to his locker to get his school pack.

Coming back, Ranma halted and jumped up to cling to the ceiling when he saw Misaki between him and the infirmary. She halted on hearing movement in the clinic.

"Oh. It's you!" came the voice of the wrestling team captain. The outburst was followed by the three team members bursting out the door. "She's got to be here somewhere, come on!" The big guy rushed down the hall followed by his subordinates.

Misaki then, timidly, crept into the room for a moment and came out a bit later wearing a full face blush.

Ranma decided it was time for him and Futaba to get the hell out of dodge and slipped in as soon as Misaki was out of sight. What he saw was a male Futaba putting his pants on. "What happened. Did you use hot water to change?"

"No. I just dozed off and when I woke up I was a boy again and my pants were setting on this stool."

"Yeah. I guess somebody really likes you."

"Uhh. Whoever it was even sewed up the rip in the crotch."

Ranma had to reply to this, snickering, "Looks like true love to me."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I won't tell…yet. Come on, I'm going to your home, if you change again, it'll help to have backup."

"Thanks, though I don't really know why you would, or should go to all this trouble to help me."

"Hey, just chalk it up to my martial arts empathy. Now show me where you live. If your folks aren't understanding, you can stay at my house."

As the two boys entered the house a man, in a mustache came out of the kitchen. "Futaba. Who's your friend? Is he staying for supper?"

"This is Ranma Saotome. He just transferred to Komatane as a senior, with his sister. She's teaching a self defense class at school and I'm going to try to talk him into helping me with my wrestling."

Futana observed from a shadow in the hallway, but Ranma sensed her presence and recognized her aura right away. "Futana, why don't you come out, I'm not gunning for you."

"I must say, Ranma, I wasn't expecting to see you here." the black haired girl said .

"Well, Futaba and I had quite the adventure, which is part of the reason I'm here. Is Mrs. Shimeru here?"

Mr. Shimeru smiled and said, "She's at work and won't be home until dinner time."

"I guess this will have to do." Ranma said in a serious tone. "Futaba, I don't know if what happened will happen again, so I'll have to demonstrate…okay?" The boy nodded nervously. Ranma had been very convincing on the way home and offered to reveal his own secret to show support. "Futaba, could you bring in a bowl of hot and cold water?" The boy ran into the kitchen.

"I suggest that you sit down for this. I assure you that it has bearing on our little adventure today." As they sat down, Futaba brought in the bowls and set them before Ranma.

"A little over two years ago, my Pops and I were at our last stop at the end of a ten year training trip. It was supposed to be an ancient martial arts training ground. The place was called the Pools of Sorrow, or Jusenkyo, and many people and creatures had drowned in the springs that dot the landscape. Falling into a pool would leave a person with a condition, depending on what drowned in the pool.

"My pops and I fought, using bamboo poles that stuck out of the springs as platforms to attack each other from. I got the first hit in and knocked him into a spring, it was shonmaoniichuan. When he leapt out of the spring, he was changed into a giant panda. Let me tell you, I was surprised as hell. He didn't realize what happened and took advantage of my shock and knocked me into a different spring."

Noticing their skeptical looks, even Futaba who had seen him change, he decided that it was time. "I see you need proof. Watch closely." He placed his hand into the bowl of cool water past his wrist. She looked at Mr. Shimeru and Futana, expecting shock, but was surprised to see such an intense look of curiosity mixed with something that resemble hunger.

Mr. Shimeru hesitantly asked, "Does anything else cause you to change?"

"No. Hot and cold water are the triggers for change."

Futana shook her head and said, "Ranma, You are so…HOT." It was Ranma's turn to be surprised as Futana began to shift into a somewhat handsome blond…man…

Futaba noticed, really noticed Ranma's female form for the first time and began to change as a tinge of red hung from his nose. Soon he was the beautiful green haired girl again.

Ranma wondered, 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?' "Can someone explain to me what is going on?"

Mr. Shimeru shouted "Oh! My baby is now an adult. Your mother will want to fix up some red bean rice for supper!"

"Dad! What is going on? Why am I a girl and what is Futana doing as a guy?" Futaba asked in a tone that held confusion and anguish to equal parts.

Futana tore his eyes from Ranma who looked about to bolt until she heard Futaba's anguish.

Ranma said, "I know I'm not family, but I'm curious just like Futaba here."

Mr. Shimeru's eyes began to grow large and glow with specular lights, "Son, it is our genetic composition to switch gender when we get sexually aroused or are under great stress. Didn't you know?"

Futaba-chan shouted, "No I didn't know."

"Well, son, I'm the one who gave birth to you. We've never really hidden any...thing. Oh, I'm so sorry. We have to hide our family secret from society out of fear for what might happen, and I guess our deceit for the world hit you too. I'm sorry. Can you forgive us?"

Futaba-chan had tears welling up in her eyes. "Dad, I think that something this big could have had enough priority that you could have made sure I was prepared! For kami's sake! I was running naked across the school campus!" Now real tears were running down the cute girl's face. "C-c-come on Ranma. I'm coming over to your place for a few days. Thank you for your offer. Dad, Futana...tell mom that I can't forgive you right now and need some time alone."

"Don't you think that you're taking this a little too seriously, Futaba?" asked Futana.

"Didn't you hear me!!! I was running naked, being chased by hormone driven boys. It was humiliating! I could have been r-r-raped..." Futaba broke down into sobs, as Ranma-chan put her arms around Futaba and glared at Futana.

"Futana, you are acting as insensitive as my Pops and would be in for a world of hurt if Futaba didn't need someone who understands."

Futaba's father...mother...whatever fell onto his knees and began to sob and fountain like someone else that Ranma knew. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Futaba-chan turned her eyes away from her father... mother...and said quietly, "Can we leave, Ranma-san?"

"Sure." Ranma gently picked up the taller girl. "I think that this can be worked out, just give Futaba a couple of days to get over the feeling of Be-Tray-Al. That's what Futaba feels, even if it is only simple negligence. I'll give you my address and phone number. We'll talk. I've decided to be Futaba's advocate, which means helping the whole family come to terms with the stupidity that caused this." With that, the two girls were gone. A piece of paper with writing on it drifted down to the carpet.

Ranma and Futaba were both male and walking down the street a few blocks from the Shimeru's home when Ranma turned to the obviously depressed Futaba, "Hey, don't be so down and depressed."

"Why not? I just found out that to the overwhelming majority of the world, I'm a freak. Misaki will never accept me. And, even if she did, we could never have children. She's a girl and I could never be…you know, that way with her. I would have to find a man or one of my kind to have children. How could I have been so blind growing up. All of my ideas of what men were supposed to be like came from my schoolmates, when I should have been taught about my heritage at home. Now I have to learn to be a girl."

Ranma could taste foot, but he felt that it had to be said, "Hey, I can at least help you to be a tomboy. There will be no freaking doubt that you are a woman, though when you start having periods. If you're like me, you'll be locked for a few days. Oh boy! I never thought I'd have to go over this with another guy!"

"Thanks again, Ranma, I just know that Futana would have been the one responsible for my 'girl' training, She's such a lech."

"Yeah, I know. She got me slapped when she groped a girl at school. Here we are. This is my house."

Futaba stared, the gate, wall and partially hidden house up a drive screamed wealth. "This. This is your home?"

"Yeah, it will be, when I turn twenty-one in three years or so. Come on, I'll show you your room."

As they entered, Ranma sensed the presence of his mother, so he shouted out "Tadaima."

This brought Nodoka out of the kitchen where the smell of food made it feel like a home. Ranma spoke, "Mom. Could you help me polish my cooking? That smells too good to just wait for your visit."

Nodoka paused, "Of course, Ranma. Who is your friend?"

"Mom, meet Futaba. He may be staying here a few days until he can work something out with his family."

"Why? What did they do?"

They sat down to their meal as Ranma described the day that he and Futaba had had.

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