I don't own a thing, I'm only playing and having fun. Rated R for sexual scenes (not overly explicit, I took them out.) It IS H/D Slash, and more of Draco taking control rather than our dear Harry. I've had this looked over, but I am not sure just how reliable the person who did it is. So, if you're up for beta'ing let me know. :P


His back was against the wall. Lips covered his in an attempt to swallow him and refuse all air that wanted to break through. This was so reckless. This - was so ridiculous. He heaved a sigh, his bright green eyes glowing in the darkness, he clasped his hand against the back of the pale blond's neck, and up into his soft hair. His other hand pressing into the folds of clothes, searching for something bare to touch. It wasn't planned, something like this never was. Just days before the two were fighting spiteful and the next moment, he's caught in the trophy room, during a very delicate moment and now, Harry Potter felt his body against the immobile wall and lips were covering his neck and bites were causing him to push his groin into the taller teen's in an attempt to get closer.

Harry had simply been staring at the golden cup that belonged to Cedric Diggory, a fellow student who was no longer around; perished by the return of Lord Voldemort. He had no idea, that being in the darkened room, would spark something when the Slytherin entered in all his pale and elegant glory. They ended up into a situation that was nearly out of control, how did this happen? Harry's eye lashes flickered, and he groaned, when Draco's hands ran up and down his chest, claiming him with his fingers, pinching against his pale skin and causing it to turn red. The two were supposed to hate each other. They were supposed to despise each other with their every being. But, instead, Draco's shirt was unbuttoned, Harry's pants were caressingly unzipped, and the two were unconsciously pulling and tugging at each other, in attempt to remove some of these articles of clothing that were obstructing their form of play. The torches on the wall displayed spider shadows of the flames and then larger shadows of them moving and pushing against one another, their breathing getting more and more laboured. Since when did he like guys? This was another thing his mind was trying to understand, but his mind was fogging over, with incomprehensible pleasures, flowing underneath his skin, prickling it sensually.

Draco Malfoy was taller than Harry who was much smaller than most people in his class. He was only fourteen, and he found his mouth against another's boy's lips, unable to help it, unable to comprehend anything but the bliss and passion that flowed between the teens.

This was not supposed to happen, his mind screamed once again, while his body and heart betrayed the logical part of his being; the two weren't supposed to be doing this. Only yesterday, the two were in big trouble for duelling in the middle of Transfiguration, and here they were in the Trophy room, Harry had been grieving as he stared at the gold cup that belonged to Cedric Diggory, and now, Draco was cleaning his neck with his mouth.

Oh, what a beautiful mouth though, thought Harry in utter bliss. His cat black hair falling across his shoulders and being pushed aside by Draco's forceful hands. What is it about making it with your enemy? What made it so damn sexy and licentious? He hummed, and ran his hands up Draco's fine chest. He was a good looking sight to behold. He thought to himself, as his fingers played against Draco's pale chest and upwards toward his nipples, and then he flicked against them, making Draco hiss, and bite against Harry's neck in a more sexual way. The smaller teen called out in heavenly surprise.

Harry didn't want to stop touching, he pressed his hands flat against Draco's chest. It was smooth and thin. Harry whimpered, and moved his head, raising it up and kissing against Draco's cheek, nudging him wantonly for his mouth. Draco's head rose from Harry's marked neck and pressed his lips robustly against the pleading boy. Harry's heart was thumping vigorously, as he touched Draco's beloved chest, and then around his back and down slightly where the small of his back was. He loved touching Draco. He shouldn't love it though; he should hate it, and cringe, but instead his body perked and his heart fluttered, even more then when the blond walked into rooms. But hadn't the fluttering been flutters of despise and hatred? Confusion - His brain screamed, along with much else. Harry's tongue massaged against Draco's in a desperate want for attention and affection. Harry hardly ever received such affection, and his small body was craving, his heart was hungry and desperate. Draco's hands came up and they brushed against Harry's hair, lips moving from his mouth to his cheek and then toward his ear, and down just behind his lobe was kissed and licked. Harry's eyes watered and they glittered so miraculously in the darkness of the room, his hands brushing and his face shamelessly pressing against Draco's smooth cheek. He tasted so good - it was - a flavour of - something he could not describe. But, it was something he wanted to stay around… no - no, he couldn't stay around. No, he shouldn't be doing this but his heart and body was having different ideas than his mind. Two against one was never a winning combination - for the one that is.

Harry's hands came up, the buttons on Draco's shirt were undone, and his arms wrapped around his neck, and through his hair, like he had many times within the last ten minutes. Or was it longer? He was at a loss for everything that did not contact hands and mouth groping and fondling for pleasure. He kissed the taller teen upon the shoulder, his mouth open slightly, when Draco's hand slipped from Harry's small abdomen and then down, causing the teen's green eyes to widen, and give a gentle gasp of surprise. Harry, unsure of his young self, stiffened, and not just his erection. He whimpered, into Draco, as the taller teen raised a free hand and titled Harry's chin up, so that they were eye to eye. He pressed chaste kisses against the boy's blush coloured lips. "Never been touched there - huh?"

With a shake of his head Harry answered him; Draco gave him a smile, "Good-" He licked his bottom and top lip that were pouted just slightly. Draco's finger slid across Harry's pink lips. "Who'd have thought, you tasted so delicious." Just then Draco's lips pressed against Harry's, his tongue invading his mouth, causing him to swallow. "You feel it too-"

Harry had been called many things, but he had never once been called delicious. Sure, he was small, long black hair, brightest green eyes in the school - and he had the most innocent face that could make anyone's heart melt, for the most part. But, he had never been described as delicious.

The burning sensation made its way deep inside Harry's body, surging and racing through his veins and opening up parts of him that had never been opened. Draco began to rub him through his trousers. The teen whimpered, and clung against Draco, his mouth against the teen, who grabbed him by the black head, and forced his head up so that Draco's silver/blue eyes were staring into his eyes of starlight emeralds. "Look at me." Harry's face registered pleasure and a foreign bliss that had not been there before. He could not lose his contact with Draco, as he began to shudder slightly and push his hips into the bigger teen's hand. Draco nodded, "That's it darling - let me watch your face…" Harry's forehead wrinkled gently, and he wanted to close his eyes, but the chaste kisses Draco placed against him was making it hard. Before Harry knew it he felt a sensation like electric shock shoot straight up his body, and a gentle moan escaped the teen's lips, as he felt himself jerked violently against Draco, who grinned and then kissed Harry so hard, that he felt his knees buckle under him, the kiss was so intense and so - feel worthy. But, before he could drop from Draco's touch, the blond held him, with both arms around his thin waist, and continued to kiss, even after the fireworks and bliss. Harry's mind was so clouded, was so fogged - that he could only cling to Draco, unwilling to let him go…