Chapter Twelve

A feeling of true serenity spread itself far and wide over Harry as he found himself wrapped up in Draco's arms underneath an old willow tree that resided about twenty feet from Hagrid's hut. The five o' clock shadow from the dim sun cast its shade across the teenagers and the breeze was warm and comfortable. Draco's back was against the tree and his legs were parted and Harry was between them with his head against Draco's thighs and his feet curled up under him. It wasn't easy being Slytherin and Gryffindor and having no place to simply sit with one another.

It had taken better part of the afternoon to escape their friends and wandering eyes. The castle seemed so large but it also seemed claustrophobic at the same time. It seemed that retreating outside was the only way for Harry and Draco to spend some time together.

"What are we going to do when it starts getting cold?" asked Harry, feeling Draco's fingers smooth the tangles in his hair.

"I was just thinking that exact same thing." He told the Gryffindor. "We can't sit out here forever and eventually we will be found."

Harry grimaced, "Yeah, that's the world of Harry Potter." He mumbled, "Never private."

Draco's right arm wrapped around Harry's shoulder and arms and he lowered himself until he was just centimetres away from his ear; he pressed kisses along the boy's cheek. He blew against his ear lightly causing Harry's skin to ripple with goose bumps.

Harry shifted from his side and captured Draco's pressing lips; raising up his hands ran up and down the robed body that was underneath him. He soon moved from his submissive position and onto his knees with his hands cupping Draco just under his jaw line next to his ear, he continued to the subliminal kisses that began aching readily against his lips. Draco's legs were straddled either side of Harry, and his hands moved into those restricting Hogwart's robes touching and feeling anything that might suppress his constant craving.

Pulling back with regretfully, Harry caressed Draco's lips with his tongue before speaking in a neatly broken voice, "I want to do this, without people spotting us and without gracing the front pages of the latest damn magazine…"

Draco's hand moved to the back of Harry's neck and pulled him down, kissing him hard, "I will work on it." He insisted, "I may have an idea."

Harry lowered himself and sat against his knees, brushing against Draco's hair simply because he could and no one else was allowed too. "Oh?" Harry's voice full of curiosity.

"Mhmm, trust me on this?" asked Draco. "It might take some time with that fat wench in the way. But, I might have it covered."

Harry laughed and bit against his lower lip, "Of course I'll trust you. I learnt my lesson the first time."

Harry was mildly confused by the time dinner came around that evening. He sat in the Great Hall and noticed that Draco and his friend's were nowhere to be found. Ron and Hermione were bantering, one was complaining about the ridiculous amount of reading they had to do because of their OWLs, while the other was complaining about Umbridge.

The brunette had been in such a tirade that she didn't even whack Ron over the head when he bad mouthed reading and the library. Harry sat back and listened; his eyes flickering to the double doors every so often, hoping to catch sight of Draco. Luna was sitting next to Ginny and the two were pouring over a questionnaire in the Quibbler magazine. Neville would make random comments about his plant and Seamus well; he remained at the very end of the table with Dean, Lavender, and Parvati.

Their talk under the willow tree hadn't slipped Harry's mind, and he wondered what Draco had up his sleeve. That Slytherin was always up to something, and Harry was beginning to enjoy the little surprises the blond always seemed to have in store for him.

"Hey, Harry? Where's Draco?" voiced Hermione, realizing that the blond hadn't come over.

"I'm not entirely sure. He told me to trust him on this." He gave a half shrug. "So, I'm going to wait and see." He went for one of the desserts on the table when a dark brown headed girl plopped herself down between him and Ron. She was tall, tan skinned, with the same dark eyes as her hair. She wasn't your sickly figured female, nor was she heavy either. Angelina Johnstone. If Harry had been interested in girls, he would have been interested without a doubt.

"Harry, I've been made Quidditch Captain by Professor McGonagall, and we have our first Quidditch practice Friday." Harry whinged as she said this; "Oh no-"

Her eyes narrowed, "What did you do?"


"On the first bloody day?" she practically shrieked.

"He got seven." Ron supplied for the seventh year.

"Seven?" Angelina's eyes bulged and her forehead crinkled, "How the hell did you round up seven detentions?!"

"Her fault!" defended Harry.

"It was her fault." said Hermione, trying to smooth things over.

"Bloody hell Harry, I need you." said Angelina throwing her hands up. "Now, what are we going to do? I only have it Fridays and Sundays."

"Well - I don't know. I'll make it Sunday?"

She scowled, "You better!" She said, firmly. "I need replacements and I need help!"

"The twins can help."

Angelina gave a derisive groan and glanced over her shoulder at two cunning smiles that were identical. "You don't say?" She voiced dryly.

"Well, what about Katie?" suggested Harry, nodding to the other dark haired girl who had light blue eyes. "I'm sure she knows more about Quidditch than I do!"

"I want your opinion though." insisted Angelina. "We need to get a Keeper-"

Ron perked at this, "Oye, when are you holding tryouts?"

"I don't know yet." said Angelina, with a smile. "I'll let you know though."

"Well, I'm sure Sunday; I can get away from the toad."

Angelina snorted, "I can't believe you. You out did the twins!" she said, jabbing her thumb over her shoulder. "That's remarkable."

Harry laughed lowly, "I think I out did my own father." And godfather combined, Harry thought this last bit to himself.

Angelina smiled and patted him on the shoulder, "Take it easy Harry, oh and before I go-" She gave him a peculiar look. "What is going on?"

Harry took a drink of his pumpkin juice and then looked innocently to his fellow Gryffindor, "Whatever are you talking about Angelina dear?"

She closed one eye and raised her brow, "You know what I'm talking about. The Slytherins you've been running around with?"

Harry smiled, "Oh, Draco."

"Yeah…" Angelina began slowly. "Last time I heard you two had your wands pointed at each other's throat-"

"Things change."


"Maybe." said Hermione out loud. "Some of the most unexpected actually have a brain." she turned and stared pointedly at Lavender. "They know the truth when it hits them in the face-"

Angelina smiled, "Oh, that, well I am a Gryffindor through and through." Was all she said, as she rubbed against Harry's shoulders. She winked before standing and leaving the hall.

Ron was staring after her, until Hermione slapped him on the arm. "Close your mouth." She ordered, with a distinct roll of her eyes.

Harry went back to the common room when he was sure that Draco wasn't coming to dinner. He tried not to be bothered by it, he knew that the teen was busy with something and couldn't always show up. He collapsed onto the settee that he had been laying on that morning. Ron plopped down and pulled out his chocolate frog cards, as Hermione sat between them after changing into shorts and a loose t-shirt. She had her books on her lap, and the three wiled away the time as they usually did, as Gryffindor's randomly filtered in and out of the common room.

It was a quarter to eight when there was a tap at the window and Neville opened it for a very familiar eagle owl to fly through and land on Harry's shoulder. "Hey Cledwyn, watchya got for me?" He asked, seeing a letter tied to his foot.

Ron and Hermione looked at it, "I remember him from last year!" said Hermione.

"Strangely enough so do I!" said Ron, scratching his head. "How long have you two been seeing each other?"

Harry laughed, "I told you already." He said petting the owl before it flew back out the open window. "Remember?"

Ron sighed, "I'm still bloody confused over this!" He admitted.

"You're doing an excellent job, accepting it though."

Ron scrunched his nose and stuck his tongue out, childishly. Hermione laughed and shook her head. "I accept it but I don't understand." He reasoned.

Harry continued to laugh, his shoulder's shaking. The look on Ron's face had been priceless. "You will, Ron. I promise."

"If you say so."

Harry opened the letter and was graced with Draco's neat handwriting;


I apologize for not showing up for dinner. I got sidetracked and swept up into warding charms and anything to keep what I have in mind unnoticed from prying eyes. Surprisingly enough I had help, otherwise, I never would have completed it. It has taken me and a group of others the better part of the night to get it right, it is not complete but it will do for now. The charms are up and in place, could you meet on the fourth floor behind that ugly Imp statue in your father's cloak at nine o' clock? If you can't just bring Cledwyn back with a response, otherwise I'll wait…



The curiosity of a cat crept along Harry's very senses, what in the world had Draco gotten himself into? He laughed out loud and closed it. "Draco wants me to meet him tonight. Apparently, he has something to show me."

Ron arched an eyebrow, "Really? What time?"

"Nine o' clock."

"That's roughly an hour from now. Most people will be turning in so I doubt anyone will notice." said Hermione, lightly.

Harry cocked his head to the side, and studied the girl a moment, his elbow was against the back of the scarlet couch and he was playing with his earring, "Hermione? What has gotten into you lately?" He asked, casually.

She laughed, "Nothing, Harry."

"Nothing?" Ron spoke up. "Hermione, you called Lavender a bitch - you didn't even smack me when I commented about reading and the library and if that wasn't enough you bad mouthed a teacher."

"A teacher? That hardly fits with that lump of a witch Umbridge." said Hermione, brazenly. "Besides, Harry here deserves someone that makes him happy and I'm not about to go against it. I may be wary of Draco Malfoy, and yes a little untrusting but I also have watched you two all day long and every time you speak that Slytherin's name you smile. What can I do? Yell at you for being happy? No, I'm not going to do that!" Harry stared at her with open shock, but she wasn't through. "Not to mention, he is actually genial! I still have doubts, but he seems genuine when in your presence, but to me only time will tell."

"Okay, I get the being happy for Harry - but what about the sudden lacking in rules? You were chastised by McGonagall, Hermione!"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "I am not lacking in rules." She said, prominently. "I am a tad bit older this year Ron, I care far more about you and Harry's happiness and wellbeing than I do about school studies."

Ron's mouth gaped, "Finally, you got your priorities straight." He crowed, "I remember first year, you stated you'd rather die than be expelled-" Harry's grin could only become wider as he recalled that very conversation and setting.

Hermione blushed at the recollection, "Yeah - well - I was eleven, what do you expect?"

Ron laughed, "I'm not entirely sure. You've given us one too many surprises today."

Hermione's cheeks continued to burn an attractive shade of red, "Well, I am glad I am finally doing something right."
Harry could only chuckle in response to Hermione's answer. Ron looked as if he were on cloud nine. The teen was beginning to have more and more suspicions about Ron and Hermione, but he kept them to himself, there was no need to start a mini-war.

That was Ron's job.


With his silky cloak draped over his small frame, Harry made his way down the empty staircase and into the half empty common room. There were a few students gathering up their last minute things and the darkness brushed into the room from the windows only to be evaporated by the flickering fireplace. Harry saw that Hermione leaning against the wall next to a statue of a beautiful winged Griffin. She had a book in her hand and was flipping through, while randomly looking up. Harry smiled and poked her in the hip.

Hermione laughed and cast her eyes around once more, before pushing against the entrance of the common room and held the door open long enough for Harry to slip through. Hermione walked out with Harry for a few moments. "I'll walk with you to the fourth floor." murmured Hermione, glancing over her shoulder at the Fat Lady who was eyeing the brunette shrewdly.

Harry smiled and headed off with her, they passed a couple prefects but no one bothered her because she was one herself. He chuckled, "Pays to be a prefect." murmured Harry, nudging her with his shoulder.

She stifled her giggles, and walked passed the Grey Lady who was headed off to the Ravenclaw Tower. "It has its bonuses."

They got to the fourth floor, and Harry invisibly hugged Hermione before padding off, leaving the Gryffindor girl to laugh and head off to Professor McGonagall's room to wait for Ron to get out of detention.

Harry sidestepped another ghost and rounded the corner of the corridors before he saw the ugly Imp statue that was standing upside down in carved stone and it had a smarmy look on its cheeky little face. He looked over to see his blond companion leaning against the wall between one of the abandoned classrooms and a thin corridor that was thinner than usual. If Harry remembered correctly, the corridor led to unused rooms and Harry had only ever entered the area two or three times in passing. Draco had his knee propped up with his foot against the wall, and he was staring at his nails, and would casually look up.

Harry grinned slyly and waited for a moment, hoping Draco would move up off the wall. He did and began to pace, with his wand twirling in his right hand. He looked around making sure the corridor was empty except for landscape portraits. Draco stopped and stared straight ahead, and that's when Harry walked up behind him, leaned up and then with a sweep of his invisibility cloak he encircled Draco.

Draco's laughter was louder than it usually was as Harry drug him down to his level. He was too tall so he had to hunch so that the cloak fit him. "Harry!" He whispered, turning around to face Harry fully. He graced him with a soft kiss while still fighting the urge to laugh louder. "You - damn! You nearly scared me, had I not been expecting you." He poked at Harry, who sniggered and nibbled against Draco's lips.

"Are you covered completely?" Harry asked, adjusting the cloak. They were body to body, and their scents mingled. "It's gonna look odd if someone walks by and sees shoes and nothing else…"

Draco laughed quietly and looked down to see the cloak touching the ground. "Yeah, I'm covered…" He smiled and kissed Harry again, "You taste good and smell it-"

Harry laughed, "This close, I hope so. What do you have to show me?" The curiosity eating at him.

Draco grinned, "Come on! I've been working on the damn thing for hours. I was so filthy you wouldn't have recognized me." He took hold of one part of the invisibility cloak, so they both had a free hand.

Harry's hand ran around Draco's waist and then teasingly moved down, "I'm sure I would have recognized you." he said, taking advantage of the close encounter, by touching Draco on the arse.

Smirking, Draco answered him with a kiss. "I was covered in dust and black from head to toe."

"What have you been doing?" asked Harry in shock, when they got to the end of the thin corridor. There were only two doors that remained empty and then between the two doors was an old fashioned mirror about the size of the a wardrobe and on either side there were tapestries.

"I discovered this at the beginning of second year." he admitted. "I never did anything with it, there was no reason. I just kept it in the back of my mind."

"Fred and George mentioned about a mirror. They said it had caved in!"

Draco grinned, "Caved in? Do you really think something so magical could cave in unless by force, Harry?"

The look of dawning washed over Harry, "Oh, you did it."

"Right in one," said the Slytherin. "I have been warding the hell out of this, since I cleared it out. Blaise helped, he's better at it than me."

"Warding - how do you know how to ward?"

"I have access to any reading material I desire." He answered, "Tap your wand against the mirror and say Gaelan." He smiled at the name.

"Okay," His wand already out he tapped against the reflection of nothing and murmured, "Gaelan." Harry should have been prepared but he wasn't, the mirror moved forward out of the wall, and before Harry could stall, Draco was already pushing him into the hole that was behind the mirror. Harry staggered into the darkness, and winced, "Draco?"

"Hold on," Draco closed the mirror back by repeating, "Gaelan." As soon as he mirror sealed itself back; Draco flicked his wand again and before Harry's eyes the room lit up in blazing artificial light.

The room was entirely blank but it was perfectly clean. The walls were grey stone and the floor was spotless and a dark granite. There was a threshold that went further on.

"If you keep taking the passage through you wind up coming out of a mountain side that overlooks the Shrieking Shack."

"Wow, the twins mentioned something like that - but they had stopped using it." said Harry walking through. It wasn't drafty like Harry would expect.

"It's completely empty. There isn't a damn spider in sight. Cherity, Blaise, and I worked our arses off."

Harry turned his hands on either side of the doorframe, "Why didn't you come and get me? I would have helped."

"It wasn't a big deal." Draco walked through with the Invisibility cloak on his arm. "There are two more rooms before the tunnel leads off, more narrow."

Harry descended into another room that was double the size of the one they came into, but the one next to it was small. It was all grey stone and same dark granite floors.

"I was thinking that you and I could fix this place up; no one can get to it. Well, Dumbledore probably could…" He said, offhandedly, "But, I highly doubt any other student in this school could open the mirror. It has a Notice-Me-Not charm on it and even a lock; it will never open without the password."

Harry smiled when he felt Draco's arms lock around him, and his lips pressing along his neck. "This sounds fun." He told Draco. "My Transfiguration skills and conjuring isn't exactly above fourth year."

"Well then, I am just going to have to teach you, now aren't I?" He smiled, "Not to mention anything else we need is just a passage away."

"When do you want to get started?" asked Harry, heading back to the front room, his fingers entwined with Draco's who was following him.

"How about Saturday morning?" He suggested. "We would have all day long. We'll alter your features as usual and we'll go into Hogsmeade."

Harry nodded, "Sounds wonderful. I can't wait to get started. The sooner out of prying eyes, the better."

"My thoughts exactly." said Draco, pressing his lips against Harry's soft skin.

"By the way, why the name Gaelan?"

Draco smiled, "Ah, I named it after you."

Harry blinked, and looked up, "Gaelan? Uh, Draco, my names Harry."

Laughing, Draco brushed casually against the boy's pitch black hair, "I know that, but Gaelan means calm, and you're a calm person."

Harry laughed, "So, you decide to call me, Gaelan?"

"Do you mind?" asked Draco, his kisses continuing along his neck.

"Keep doing that and you can call me whatever you want." he breathed. Draco sniggered and nibbled, against the pale skin. "Hmm, since you - have - re- uhhh, Dracooo." He hissed when his lips and mouth continued to taste him, forming a sensation of erotic thoughts and emotions. "You need a name." said Harry as fast as he could before he fell under the spell of Draco's touch.

"Hmm, whatever you want Harry."

"Don't say that-" whimpered Harry, his body reacting. "You might regret it."

Draco chuckled huskily into Harry's ear, "I doubt it."

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