First off, I'd like to forewarn you these ar modified RPG logs, pretty much. There's quite a few fancharacters, but also canon characters. The Decepticons won't be appearing, just to let you know ahead of time.

This chapter is just the fancharacter profiles, but they're here in case you get confused at any part of the story.
the list (In short:)

RedEyesDarknessDragonLady: Stardazer (Daze), Sandi

Rampage's Girl: Alpha, Omega, Orcas (not appearing, just mentioned)

Rattlecat: Compass, Rook

Lady Starscream: Hammertread, DriveBy, Beacon, Ty, Cap, Gunlock, Cable, Jade

Also, One of Tahalli's characters, Dragonsbane, is mentioned. I thought I'd point out that she is only mentioned, and not included in this story. So please don't be mad at me Tahalli!



Name: Stardazer.

Faction: Autobot.

Function: Hacker/ sniper.

Alt. Mode: RAF Tornado Fighter.

Personality: Very careful when she's doing things, gentle, shy, terrible at hand-to-hand combat.

Appearance: Silver body armour, black wings and hands, green optics, wings fold back down her sides and allow just enough clearance for her to move her elbows back.

Weapons: Sniper gun, small hand-gun.

Gadgets/ Equipment: Various computer-orientated things, portable laptop.

Special Abilities: None.

History: Stardazer was sparked an Autobot and just stayed with the army, she's quite young and naïve.

Love Interest: Bluestreak

Stories Featured In: None.


Name: Sandi.

Faction: None.

Function: None.

Alt. Mode: Armadillo lizard.

Personality: Normally hyper, easily scared.

Appearance: Sparkling, comes roughly up to Armada Prime's knee, dark browns and tans, tail remains in place in robot mode, claws fold back along hands/feet and lizard head becomes chest.

Weapons: Small blaster.

Gadgets/ Equipment: Spare plasma charges.

Special Abilities: None.

History: She's a neutral that lost her parents in a raid. Now she lives alone but somehow still manages to survive and be hyperactive most of the time. She's currently living on Earth.

Love Interest: None.

Stories Featured In: None.

Rampage's Girl

Name: Alpha (Short for AlphaFighter)

Age: (In human) 17

Gender: Femme

Faction: Autobot

Function: Medic/Warrior

Alt Form: A blue truck Bio: Alpha was once a 'Con medic, but after being trapped in ice and rescued by Jazz, the young femme turned to an Autobot. It took some time to trust her, but eventually most of the 'Bots came around. Her brother, Omega (Short for OmegaFighter) is still on Cybertron with the 'Cons. He thinks she's dead.

Name: Omega (OmegaFighter)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Faction: 'Con until he meets his sis

Function: Warrior Powers: He has an invisablity cloak like thingy...Alpha can duplicate herself

Family: AlphaFighter

Alt Mode: Black Jet

Name: Kit. (Short for Kittar)

Age: 3-4

Gender: Female

Faction: Autobot

Function: none yet

Powers: Eh...dunno.

Family: Alpha and Omega

Alt mode: A white tiger

History: Kit's family died when she was and she's lived on the streets. Coming from a planet that is runned by 'Cons, that's saying a lot. On a visit to their planet, Alpha and Omega met Kit while running from some 'Cons. They took her back to the base and she was made a mini-Autobot by Omega. While she doesn't fight all, she still considers herself an autobot and is stubborn. She has taken Alpha in as her mother and Alpha took her in.

The twins history: Before becoming 'Cons, Alpha and Omega were taken from their home as sparklings by Vector Prime, who saw potentional in the twins and trained them. He saw their powers and their names and knew that he had to save them from their fate. He trained them up until they were twelve then let them go. Vector Prime was saddened when he saw them join the Decepticons, but knew he couldn't interfer anymore with their lives.


Name: Compass

Faction: Autobot

Function: Navigator, Cartographer

Primary Weapons: Magnetic boomerangs and mounted crossbow right arm, laser targeting system

Transformation: GPS Navigational System (connects to Bluestreak's hood in alt mode)

Motto: "If you can't stick to it, don't do it." (Find me a good quote, my mind was so in the gutter here XD)

Strength: 05

Intelligence: 07

Speed: 04

Endurance: 04

Rank: 08

Courage: 06

Firepower: 03

Skill: 09

Profile: Compass is a light-hearted spark of the Autobots. His constant want to be out exploring always gives him something new to find and do, especially since landing on Earth. Beside his faults of having things stick to him every now and then, he doesn't mind the jokes that tend to show up, especially from Jazz or Sideswipe. He is usually mistaken as a long lost brother or twin of Bluestreak, mainly from the antics they cause together. Compass helps Bluestreak frequently whenever he notices the 'bot beginning to wonder off into bad memories, and the two don't mind the constant road driving, as long as the both of them have their minds on something else. When he's not around the Ark, he's usually creating maps to generate into his built-in navigation system for later use by the Autobots.

Strengths: Aside from being a more-than-effective navigational system for the Autobots on Earth, his ability to create weapons for battle is astonishing. He can manipulate the poles of the magnetics on his body in order to attract or repel items and weapons, or adjust them in order to create a weapon of his own, namely his well-known crossbow. While the firepower of his weapons aren't as efficient as one would like them to be, he still is able to supply the Autobots with information about the land enough to give them the upperhand.

Weaknesses: While Compass may have the ability to point the Autobots in the right direction, sometimes direction in itself is difficult for him. Being able to control the poles of the magnetics in his body doesn't always mean they'll obey based on the condition they're in, and he frequently finds himself stuck on someone else. In times of battle, he usually has the attention drawn to him when Laserbeak is magnetically attracted to his arm, or Ravage receives whiplash from the rear. In GPS mode, he is completely vulnerable to any attack, and depends on Bluestreak to keep him intact until they reach the battle. Sometimes his mind alone will become distracted by his constant state of the other Autobots, making it difficult for him to ressurrect a sufficient weapon to use against the Decepticons.

Trivia: Compass has a habit of shedding after using his magnetics for too long, leaving magnetic "shards" about the Ark and wherever he goes. At one point, Jazz becomes victim to the magnetic shards, and finds himself and Compass heading to Ratchet in order to assist in pulling them apart.

And yes...I know that there are tons of people who are into the whole Twins/Blue or Sideswipe having Bluestreak as a 'partner in crime', hence why Compass is usually at the end of the Tug Of War rope with Sideswipe. But yeah...this was a random thing that popped into my head when I imagined an arm for some reason repositioning itself into a cross-bow. Forgive me. ;

UPDATES: Just a few questions some cellmates asked me about him, so I can clear it up here.

hm... the "magnetic boomerang" is a bit weird... Not sure exactly how that works. Don't really know how effective that would be in a battle, but it's workable. A diamond edge, or something? I dunno... c.c"

It's a redundant joke between a cellmate and I. Boomerangs come back to you, and it's magnetic like him, so technically, if they're the same poles, it repels from him, or if they are opposite, it comes back to him anyway.

... how does he transform into a GPS system? o.o; That's more like a computer program, isn't it? Unless he's some sort of satellite/reciever?

He has a navigation built in system in his chest, the rest of him just morphs into the outer layers. His chest area contains the computer programming itself of the system, where he stores his hologram maps and such. When he tranforms, the magnetic parts of his body, become the upper and lower base of the GPS, which connect to whatever he wants---so long as the poles are right. His programming and other electronics are also not reliant on the magnetics, so if he walks by Teletron, he won't affect it other than the screen sizzling a bit.

(and why specifically Bluestreak?)

Specifically Bluestreak because originally, a cellmate and I were thinking that he came from Praxis, Bluestreak's home city, but then I was like "Because of his personality, people would think he's a Bluestreak rip-off" and I didnt want that. Also because Compass to me, seems like he'd get along with Bluestreak, especially when it comes to talking about randomness.

It sounds like he's a walking magnet. o.o;; Rather risky, that. c.c

This is why Compass has control of the poles on his body. But sometimes, they can be a problem to certain Autobots if they're not situated a certain way (which he changes constantly when talking to different Autobots. For example, there's a point where Ravage tries to attack him but gets whiplash since Ravage is on the same pole as Compass' feet at the time) And just like real magnets, after too much use, the magnetism within the poles dies out. If he changes the poles too much within a small time frame, they will die out quickly, and he tends to 'shed' and has to wait for them to recharge, leaving him a few hours of not having to worry about anything sticking.

Also, what do you mean about his mind beomcing distracted by the state of the Autobots?

He cares alot for the safety of the other Autobots, which is why he gets distracted in battle. If Bluestreak goes down, or Jazz, and he knows, he'll start worrying. And when he does that, he can't imagine the structure of whatever weapon he's trying to create on his arm in order to battle. To begin with, he isn't really meant for battle.

And... erm... how does one shed magnetics?

It's technically lead that stick to the magnets. When he's walking on asphalt or such, or he goes through a town, things stick as I say, and they're usually magnetically charged. So he sheds after the magnetism dies out. But by then, if he's picked up anything larger, it's usually crushed into little bits by the time it falls off.

What's with him having doorwings? Is that...possible?
His GPS alt mode has two door switches in the back which open to the main motherboard. They aren't honestly 'doorwings', but resemble them enough.

Lady Starscream

Name: Hammertread "I'm the reason they call us 'Ground Pounders"

Faction: neutral (ex-Decepticon) (lost his memory)

Function: Heavy Artillery/ ground assault Alt. Mode: tank (not sure. I think its an N:75 Weasel (not sure of numbers)

gender: male age: about 4 million years size: Huge. He stands shoulder height to Optimus Prime, but he's very bulky.

Personality: Loud, obnoxious (kinda), rude, likes to have fun and loves to fight. likes to beat up anyone who gets in his way, whether they be friend or foe. Always loking for a fight. Would rather rip an enemy to scrap metal by hand then shoot them.

Appearance: olive drab, camoflauge color. When he transforms, his main turret becomes a very large shotgun, treads become part of lower part of legs, arms from the sides of the tank. unsure as to what else goes where.

Weapons: carries two mini-missile batteries that can be used ground-to-air or ground-to-ground. Also has a missile turret with heast-seeking, energy-signal-seeking programmable, or radar-guided missiles. The radar-guided only have a ten-mile range, however.

Gadgets/ Equipment: is night-vision capable, but is easily blinded by bright light.

Special Abilities: none

History: Was a Decepticon who was part of the army that attacked Iacon just prior to the Ark's takeoff. Was shot off a ledge (where an explosion had created a hole in that level of the city) by the Autobot tactician, Prowl. Although Prowl was trying to save his girlfriend at the time, she was also knocked off the ledge by an explosion (Deceptijets dropped cluster bombs). They both survived, but lost their memories completely. The Autobot femme was rebuilt, and her name was changed to DriveBy. Hammertread kept his name. And his psychopathic ways. The two became boyfriend/girlfriend for a while, but DriveBy broke up with him because of his obsessiveness and abusive relationship,and he eventually left their group. He kept staking her, so she left the group. Gets flashes of his past, but not enough to realize who he really is. Is obsessed with finding and getting back his ex-grilfriend, and getting revenge on Prowl for trying to kill him.

Love Interest: DriveBy

Stories Featured In: none

Appeared in: 28 Prowls: Angsty Prowl (not mentioned by name, but the tank at the end who gets shot off the ledge. That's him.)

Name: Driveby

Gender: female

Faction: Kintari/Marauder

Function: sub-group leader/strategist (Marauders) (the marauders are a group of Kintari, led by DriveBy. Kind of like the Insecticons and Constructicons are a group of Decepticons)

Alt. Mode: white Toyota Camry Personality: calm under fire, much like Prowl. A thinker who can strategise in a difficult situation. Not as emotional as other femmes. Believes in achieving a mission first, rescues later. Appearance: white, pink, beige

Weapons: laser pulse rifle

Gadgets/ Equipment: none

Special Abilities: none

History: Rebuilt version of Verona, and Autobot femme who was knocked off a ledge on Cybertron just before the Ark's launch, while trying to rescue her boyfriend. Lost her memory in the fall/process of being rebuilt, and joined a group of refugees/neutrals. Fell inl ove with Hammertread, but relationship went sour. Left the group and later joined the Kintari to get away from her obsessive/psychopathic ex-boyfriend, Hammertread. Believes in her own survival first and foremost. Doesn't remember anything of her past as an Autobot, although she sometimes has dreams about it. Doesn't usually remember them, though.
Love Interest: none (too busy trying to forget the last one)
Stories Featured In: 28 Prowls: Angsty Prowl Appeared in: 28 Prowls: Angsty Prowl

Name: Cable

gender: male

Faction: Kintari/Marauder (the marauders are a group of Kintari, kinda like insecticons and constructicons are a group, but still decepticons)

Function: communications/ communications surveilance and signal interception

Alt. Mode: Ford Festiva hatchback Personality: Always talking to someone, or listening to some intercepted transmission, whether it be a local radio station, or the television at a nearby house.
Appearance: about the height of a minispy, yellow and blue in color, although he seems to change his paint job from time to time. Weapons: laser pistol, force-shield

Gadgets/ Equipment: a variety of audio/visual equipment. Anything from AV cables to specialty tools.

Special Abilities: has very good hearing, Has fingetip sensors that can pick up sound vibrations through 1 foot of wall. metal or wood is the best. He had trouble with cement. Rock is impossible for him to hear through. Fingertip "microphones" also extend to 2 (transformer) feet in length, and can be used to spy around a corner.

History: undetermined Love Interest: none Stories Featured In: none yet Appeared in: none yet

Name: Gunlock

Gender: male

Faction: Kintari/ Marauder

Function: weapons specialist, sniper

Alt. Mode: delta-wing stealth jet with hanglide mode Personality: takes everything seriously. Very quiet, even when he speaks. Also walks quite quietly.

Appearance: midnight blue, black, dark (almost-black) green Weapons: varies. Anything he can get his hands on, really. Always trading his weapons for better ones, or getting upgrades somehow.

Gadgets/ Equipment: carries extra ammunition, scopes, silencers, night-vision binoculars, other various stuff.

Special Abilities: none

History: unsure

Love Interest: none

Stories Featured In: none yet

Appeared in: none yet


Gender: Male

alt mode: recon. jet (MQ-1 Predator)

color: grey, grey-blue, white and black markings here and there

size: medium height. Taller than a minispy, maybe about chin height to Jade

faction: Kintari/Marauder designation: aerial reconnisance, communications personality: undecided as of yet.

gender: male age: about 18 if he were human origin: Cybertronian, neutral (anything else yet undecided)


Gender: Male

Faction: Kintari/Marauder F

unction: Demolitions/Heavy artillery

Alt. Mode: small tank (Challenger2)

Personality: a happy, sprigtly fellow, allways chuckling at some made-up joke in his thoughts. Likes to see how may mud-puddles or how much muck he can tromp through without getting stuck. Loves offroading ("Baha-ing", as he calls it) Allways taking shortcuts. Whether it's a single tree or an entire forest, he'll mow it down and tread over it, just to get to his destination. Likes to think no obstacle can stand in his way.

Appearance: mud colored. (actually camoflauge painted, but he rarely ever washes)

Weapons: artillery cannon in tank mode that shoots both missiles and high-level plasma-pulses, in robot mode has a handheld rocket launcher, photon rifle, shrapnel, pulse, and Ion (flash) grenades.

Gadgets/ Equipment: the usual. Radio, radar, signal tracker.

Special Abilities: can roll over about anything you put in front of him (or at least he'll try to), takes things lightly, easygoing.

History: Was an Autobot who got seperated from his troup on a mission, and when he found his way back to where they had been, he found he was the only survivor. He camped out in the ruined city where they had been, near the location of his friends, and was soon found by a traveling group of neutrals. He never told them his actual name, just goes by 'Cap'. Those neutrals later became known as the Kintari, who after a while found their way to Earth.

Love Interest: none Stories Featured In: none yet Appeared in: none yet.

Name: Tie-Rod (Ty for short)

gender: female

Faction: Kintari/Marauder (the marauders are a group of Kintari, led by DriveBy. Kind of like the Insecticons and Constructicons are a group of Decepticons)

Function: mechanic/ transport

Alt. Mode: Chevy Blazer

Personality: same as the rest. Down-to-business

Appearance: black with bright teal sidestripes Weapons: laser rifle, also has a shrapnel gun that can be loaded with any leftover metal bits and whatnot.

Gadgets/ Equipment: various spare parts, mechanic supplies Special Abilities: none History: undetermined Love Interest: none Stories Featured In: none Appeared in: none

Name: Jade

Faction: Kintaari/Autobot

Function: aerial reconnisance/combat support

Alt. Mode: f-15E eagle (jet)

Personality: young, sarcastic, sometimes quite spontaneous. Uses sarcasm to conceal the fact she's uncertain of the outcome of the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. And, somewhat, of her own place in the Autobots and her own future.

Appearance: similar to Starscream (colored body, grey wings), muave (rose) upper body and helmet, blue torso, shoulder plates, and forearms. Red and white wingstripes (white inner stripe, red outer stripe) Has a helmet style similar to Hot Rod, rather than the classic seeker style. Green optics.

Weapons: two energy pistols, an extra set that are usually stored in subspace, but holstiered barrels-crossed at the back of her waist. Also has small, usually-sheathed spikes on her forearms (wrist spikes) and the underside of her arms (elbow spikes) which are prettymuch never used.

Gadgets/ Equipment: just the stuff a jet normally has.

Special Abilities: none

History: was a human that was was transported to the TF-verse via a cylindrical-blinky plot device... uh.
the story is longer than that, but that's pretty much it. with a bunch of her friends (five, I think), who were trying to survive and not get blasted to bits before they could find a way home (the Kintari). Eventually they did, but Jade stayed behind because her husband (High Road) was there.

Love Interest: High Road (hubby's fancharacter)

Stories Featured In: fanchar100 (writing challenge)

Appeared in: Ey, Macarena; April Fools are Fools, Allways; Transformers: Rebellion, 28 Prowls (ficlet challenge)

((Tahalli's character doesn't appear in the fic, but she is mentioned. I'm hoping I don't get in trouble by putting her fanchar profile in this.

Name: Dragonsbane.

Faction: (Armada) Autobot.

Function: (rookie) Warrior.

Transformation: Four-legged wingless dragon.

Weapon(s): Dragon claws, firebreath, standard blaster.

Personality: In a word: moody. She can be as hyper as a sugar-high 6 year old, and as depressing as a serious goth. She is kindhearted, always ready to help her friends, and gets along with just about everyone.

Background: Began life as a human - was captured by (Armada) Decepticons and used in the disposal of a toxic run-off from their labs. It metamorphisized her into a Transformer - somehow, she managed to escape and join the Autobots. The Decepticons tried the same trick a number of times over.

Interesting fact: Doesn't handle horror movies too well - yet watches them with the (Armada) gang on a weekly basis.

Appearance: Beast mode - skinny white, wingless dragon with short, golden claws, blue emo tears and blue optics.

Robot mode - primarily white with red joints and gold claws. Sort of a mix between two types of dragons; the European and the Lung.Has the traits of a European - minus the wings - and the body of a Lung. The two just can't mix without drawbacks. Can't fly OR swim well, which is a trait of a Lung dragon.

Love intrest: (Armada) Sideswipe.

Stories featured in: Dragonsbane: Unleashed series - in progress, Driving On, Interruptions

Stay tuned for chapter one!