Cliffjumper glared at the unmoving, boxy tank on the other side of the forcewall.

"I don't see why we have to keep him here. If you ask me, he should be melted down for scrap!" the red minibot spat.

"You're right." brawn walked over, his yellow and green armor reflecting the light slightly.

"Too bad Prime's gonna arrange a trial for the sleazy slag-sucker. He doesn't even deserve one." He gave the mech a sneer, wishing he could shoot him. To bad it would be against orders.

The tank snickered and mumbled something in his sleep. Brawn took a step forward.

"Don't do it, guys." Trailbreaker warned form a desk a few meters away.

"If he woke up, how would you explain it to Prime if he escaped?"

"He won't escape once I'm through with him." Cliffjumper cracked his knuckles.

"Calm down, Cliffjumper. You know we can't risk waking him. Besides, Prime'll probably have him deactivated anyway.


The trio of Daze, Jazz, and Jade walked down the hall, noticing Prime coming from the other direction.

"Hey, big guy. Wanna go have a drink and relax for a bit?" Jazz asked.

"no thank you." Prime responded "I'm going to check on Prowl."

"Oh...okay. Well, beware of Ratchet, he's been kickin people out all night." Jazz waved and they continued on.

Alpha smiled and took Compass' hand. She started to pull him towards the rec room so they could grab some energon.

The rec. room was unusually silent when they walked in. Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and suprisingly, Bumblebee were at one table, while Huffer, Gears, Hubcap, and a couple others were at another.

Alpha smiled a bit and then grabbed some energon.

Jade sat down, and pulled out a datapad, and started flipping through it's pages.

The jet set the datapad down and got up to get an energon cube. Jazz leaned over to get a look at what she was reading. Instead of reading material, there was a digital photo displayed. He picked it up and read the wording underneath.

"captain logic, working overtime. Beam me up, Scotty!" the picture was one of Prowl, from the previous April fools day, with Prowl sporting a pair of transformer-sized pointy ears. He chuckled at the memory.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had somehow gotten into the Datsun's quarters and superglued the oversized appendages to the sides of his helmet while he was in recharge. Prowl was none-too-happy, of course. But someone managed to get a snapshot of the 2CO before he could get to the repairbay and have them removed.

Jade came back and sat back down. Daze leaned over to see what the picture was.

"He looks funny with those." she noted.

Jazz handed Jade the datapad, and she smiled. "April fools day prank, courtesy of the local hellions. "

Daze gave her a confused looks. "Sideswipe and Sunstreaker." Jade amended.

She flipped to the next page. There was one of Prime, with Ironhide and Prowl standing on either side of him in front of a huge Christmas tree. Ironhide was sporting Christmas lights, and Prowl, who had obviously been gotten by another of Sieaswipe's pranks, was sporting a pair of reindeer horns. The tactician looked like he was scowling, but upon closer inspection, you could see the tiniest of smirks across his features.

"Christmas last year." Jazz pointed out.

Daze looked confused. "What's Christmas?" she asked.

"It's a human holiday." Jade said.

"Prowl finally came to, a searing pain racing through his midsection.

"...Ow" he coughed.

"Welcome back to the land of moving parts. You had me concerned there, for a while." Ratchet walked over.

"That Tank-bot ripped off your shoulder cannons and left so many dents in your chassis I'm gonna have to work on your hood for a week to get them all out." He walked over to one side and took a sip of energon from his mug on the counter.

"I just glad he didn't permanently damage any of your internal systems." he groused.

Prowl onlined his optics to full, and looked around. Prime was standing quietly in one corner. He walked over when Prowl glanced at him, placing a blue hand on the Datsun's shoulder. Prowl winced slightly.

"You took a huges risk, and perfomed above and beyond the call of duty, Prowl." Prime said. "You did very well considering the situation, and I apologize for not getting there soon enough."

"It's okay Prime." Prowl half-smiled. "It could have been worse."

Prime looked at Prowl a little suprised for using one of Jazz's favorite catchphrases, but his optics dimmed into a smile.

"Just don't scare us like that ever again. alright?"

"I'm not planning on it, sir." Prowl winced.

Prime nodded "Just get some rest. I'll go tell the others the news." Prowl nodded and Prime walked out.

The rec. room doors slid open, and Optimus Prime entered. Everyone had been whispering amongst themselves quieted. Prime looked around the room at the anxious faces.

"Well?" Jazz asked, almost afraid of what the answer would be.

"He's fine. Ratchet said he'll make a full recovery." Prime replied.

The whole room exploded into cheers and hollers. Jazz hurried for the door, but Prime put out a hand and stopped him. "He's resting, you all can visit him tomorrow." He said.

More chattering. "If Ratchet says it's all right." he added, knowing he would hear it from Ratchet about people saying Prime gave them permission to come visit Prowl, if he didn't add that part on.

The happy chatter continued, and someone even put on some music in the background.

He wasn't the one to take a risk. or a dare. Prowl would never walk into a situation without first knowing the outcome. Especially not one as risky as this. that was white the white Datsun pondered as he stared at the ceiling of the medbay.

"Sometimes, you have to take a risk. When there are too many variables in a situation." the tactician thought staring up at the darkened gold-colored ceiling.

"When there is a hostage involved, and too many escape routes. There is no way to tell what may or may not happen next. Out of all the millions of variables available in a situation, it is the hardest to predict the odds of any one of them taking place. In a way, jumping into a situation with no control over what may happen, and just rely on your backup to get you out of it and off the battlefield in one peice can be considered daring. I'm just glad it worked, though." he thought.

"Well, Jazz told me I should be more daring." he thought just before drifting of into recharge.


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