This is a story a friend and I wrote while chatting. It is totally random and has no plot or whatsoever.

Disclaimer± I do not own these characters. I only wish for that.


This is written by me, Rowan.

Thisis written by Jeffrey, my friend.

Sirius pushed Remus against the door of their dormitorty,a weird look in his eyes.

'Siri?' Remus asked confused.

Sirius licked his lips and then leaned forward, smashing his mouth against Remus.

He stood there, doing nothing because of the shock, his best friend, kissing him This was wrong

"I've got to stop th- omg what the hell is he doing with that tongue"

But it felt so good, what was this feeling?

But he knew if anyone found out he would be banned.. So he took his staff and put it into his trhoat, causing sirius to choke.

' W-w-what the hell are you doing 'Remus yelled, trying to cover his state of excitement.

'What do you mean, what am I doing ?I I was kissing you And you seemed to like it damn well ' Sirius yelled back , gasping. Remus was silent for a moment, unsure how to retort to that.

Sirius was right, he had been enjoying himself, a lot in fact.

But wasn't this wrong? Wasn't he, being a werewolf, doomed to be alone?

He hugged remus, and cried out on his shoulder. "ahww poor boy, it's alright."said Remus.

"Come to my office, we'll talk over there, it's not safe with al those kids around." " What the hell, SIrius doesn't even have an office?" Remus thought, while following Sirius into the bathroom, where he pushed the red button..

They fell a thousand meters and suddenly landed in...DUNG DUNG DUNG... A prison OMG 'SHIT!, wrong button ' sirius cursed, pressing the reverse button.

But the button was stuck and they both knew that they wouldn't get out of here for a LONG time.

' Well, might as well enjoy ourselves.' Sirius said with a wicked grin. Leaning forward once again, he captured Remus lips into a dazzling kiss, that quickly became passionate.

REmus felt a weird, pulling feeling in the low pit of his stomouch.

'You sure as having a good time' Sirius chuckled, grinning down at his hard-onRemus mind went blanc and without emotion or really thinking, he bited softly in Sirius tit.

Sirius moaned and made Remus sucking the small nipple, which went bigger. And harder, just as his cock. Remus nibbled and sucked the nipple until it was bruised purple. 'Remus, Take me now ' Sirius cried dramatically, being ever the drama queen. Remus growled, ripped down sirius'pants and unzipped his own, freeing his aching cock. without preparation nor lube he trusted in SIrius fine, tight ass.

Crying out in pain , Sirius grabbed Remus closer.

Sirius eventually cried out of joyness, making Remus to come with spitpower 20. The Seamon dripped out of Sirius's ass but then something really unfortunate happened.

Sirius began to become smaller and less manly.. It was Harry Remus yelled at him: "What the Fuck?'

Harry eXplains that he was in love with Remus for a long time, and since it broke out with Malfoy, he ran to Sirius, disarmed him and took some DNA to make him change into Sirius.

'NOOOOO!!' I just fucked the son of one of my ex lovers!!'Remus cried out , revealing the truth about him and James. Harry sighed :' Guess loving Remus runs in the family.'

Okay, what do think? I personnaly think it's just random and such.