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What Happened To Forever?

Chapter 25: A Sacred Place

A daisy, simple and white, lay in my cool hand and I gawked at the note attached. 'Meet us at the sacred place,' it read in an articulate script. Who had sent this, and what did it mean? Where was the sacred place, and why was I supposed to go there?

"Bella?" May asked fearfully, staring at me from the doorway, afraid I would break into hysterics. I snapped my head to her, and then started to pack immediately.

"Isabella?" she asked again, concern lacing her voice. "What are you doing Bella? What is going on?"

"I must go," I answered her, scurrying out of the door. I should have known it wouldn't be that easy though, for as soon as I reached the bottom of the staircase, May grabbed by waist.

"You aren't going anywhere! Don't you remember what happened last time you went somewhere?! You didn't come back for months! I won't let you leave again!"

"Let me go!" I screamed, thrashing against her hold, "I can handle myself! I know what I'm doing!! LET ME GO!!!" The power started to seep from my skin, and May clung obstinately to me until wisps of the sinister force were lashing her skin, leaving it slightly charred. My 'mother' backed up, away from me in a perversely satisfying spell of terror. The monster cackled cruelly, enjoying her fear; drinking it in as much it could as I struggled to shut the beast back in its cage.

"You will not control me!" I shrieked, giving it a final shove into its dark corner, picked up my forgotten bags again, and raced out the door, leaving the sour taste of a dramatic departure in my wake.

- - -

I had wound up at terminal 6A; waiting in a chair and hoping against hope that no one would find where I was.

"Flight 2374 to Port Angeles, Washington is now boarding," a woman's voice declared over the intercom, the calmness of it sickening. I was on the run, and for some reason I seemed to think that the rest of the world would keep pace. It was a disappointment when everything continued at its agonizingly leisurely pace.

- - -

People must have thought I was a mad woman as I tore towards my old home in a new, shiny car that was the fastest I could find. I didn't stop for anything. Not for stop signs or red lights, nor pedestrians or other cars. I just continued on my way, swerving around all the obstacles that crossed my path. Nothing could slow me now; even the sight of the welcoming sign and my old home had no effect. I was determined to find out what that note meant, and I had a good idea of where the sacred place was. But I allowed myself to wind down a lane barely visible with a hundred years of overgrowth.

Before I knew it, the old house was in view, still beautiful even in its rotting state. I slowed the car and got out, walking toward what had once been my haven. It would serve my purposes for tonight.

The one thing I hadn't suspected was the sudden absence of the adrenaline and determination that had accompanied me all throughout my journey, and in my vulnerable state the emotion was crippling. Everything I had been shutting out came rushing back, and I was suddenly inundated with pain. The wave swallowed me whole, and I sank to the floor in despair, sobs empty of any promise of tears escaping my mouth. How had my life gotten so messed up? When had everything turned for the worse?

I wish I could pinpoint a specific point, but I couldn't. Everything blurred together, and my faded human memories were no help. When had everything turned hopeless, and why didn't I stop it? How could I have been so oblivious to my slipping happiness, and what had I done to deserve this?

The questions plagued me all night, as I lay crumpled on the floor of what had been my favorite place, my sanctuary, crying for every mistake I had made and every chance that I had foolishly missed. When the sun rose, it brought with it a small flash of faith, and I finally had the strength to rise.

I didn't stay long enough to do anything other than take a quick observation of the old house. It was in shambles, but every decomposing room brought with it another shred of happiness, the smoky memories coming to me one after the other. But the time eventually came when I couldn't put off my quest any longer.

- - -

The meadow looked the same as it had the first time I had seen it. It was still ethereally beautiful, with its small wild flowers and towering trees. The stream still garbled nearby, and the sun shone like it had on any other mild day of summer. I smiled at unconscious reminiscing. How sweet the days we had spent here had been.

I stepped toward the middle of the circle, laying on my back and spreading my arms like a holy sacrifice. The sun's heat soaked me through, and the mesmerizing serenity washed over me as I let time pass me as I enjoyed my fleeting joy. It would leave me soon; of that I was sure, and I wanted to take as much of it in as I possibly could.

"Bella?" A voice asked, the shock shining through without cover. I sat up slowly; afraid someone had caught me.

"Edward?" The words came out without inhibition, and I couldn't smother my surprise in time to allow it to escape his notice.

Wordlessly we joined together in an embrace, and I sensed that he wasn't here to just retrieve me. Our meeting was completely accidental. Or at least it was to us. But I had been right when I had guessed that my contentment wouldn't last long. Another voice shattered the feeling I had been so immensely enjoying.

"Finally you are here. We have been awaiting your arrival for so long. We are glad you have finally found your way to us. We had begun to think you weren't coming."

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