Love me

Summery: What if Brandon was with Bloom and only saw Stella as a friend and what if Stella had a huge crush on Brandon but couldn't do anything because he was with Bloom.

Disclaimer: I don't own Winx Club, but I do own the story.

Chapter 1 New feelings

Stella looked out of her balcony window at Alfea and sighed, everywhere she looked there were couples in love it made her feel kind of empty inside.

You see, Stella was single but not the single and loving it way she was single and hating it, this was partly because all of her friends had boyfriends and when they all went out with them she would be doing what she would be doing now, staring out of her balcony window.

She looked down at the grounds of Alfea, she could see Flora nervously running a hand through her hair and Stella could only smile. Flora had a date with Helia and Stella had helped her get ready for it

Stella thought of going down to her to wait with her but just as she thought of this Helia came up to her on a lever bike and gave Flora a kiss, Stella watched them leave and leaned on the railing around her balcony.

Stella watched as two lovebirds flew past her window, chirping sweetly to each other, that's what Stella wanted she wanted the perfect man to sweep her off her feet.

"This is stupid" Stella thought, "I can't live my life dreaming of the perfect man, I need to get out there and find him myself".

She looked at the floor, there was Sky that guy from Red Fountain, everyone knew that he had a crush on Stella but she didn't really want to be with him, she saw him more as a friend then someone she would date

She closed the window and grabbed her schoolbooks, if she wanted to find Mr right she needed to have an excuse other then sitting alone waiting.

She left the grounds of Alfea and walked out to the lake nearby, little did she know that two familiar faces were there too.

Bloom was with her boyfriend, Brandon they were sitting by the lake Stella was planning on going to, Bloom looked at Brandon and smiled.

"It's so beautiful here" She said, Brandon looked at her.

"I knew you'd like it," He said moving slightly closer to Bloom, She saw this and placed a hand on his chest and lifted up her head, Brandon then kissed her lips softly.

Stella walked through trees until she reached the lake, there she saw Bloom and Brandon kissing and couldn't help feeling slightly lonely.

When Bloom and Brandon pulled away, they realized that Stella was watching them.

"Oh don't mind me," Stella quickly said giving a smile "I thought no one was here".

"Don't worry Stell" Bloom said smiling.

"Well I was just coming here to get out of Alfea and go somewhere peaceful" Stella said shifting the book in her hands, "I'll just go to the other side of the lake".

She waved goodbye to Bloom and Brandon and left, when she walked away Brandon couldn't help staring, he never really noticed how pretty Stella was in sunlight.

Stella dragged her feet to the far side of the lake and sat down, she opened the book and started to read but it was no use, she felt a little bit of jealousy for Bloom.

"I'm happy for them but why did Bloom have to get such a cute guy" Stella said her eyes widened, did she just say what she thought she said. No way, She wasn't falling for Brandon; no she just needed to take her mind off of her friends having boyfriends.

She looked down at the book and started to read again, she became so lost in the book that she didn't even realize that afternoon had become evening, she closed up her book and started to make her way back to Alfea.

The sun slowly set and there was barely any light among the trees, Stella had to be pretty careful going through these trees, there were roots everywhere.

She looked up at the tinted pink sky and was memorized by it, she always loved looking at the sun setting, her mother said that it was her moon side showing.

Too lost in the sun she didn't realize that there was a big root in the ground, before she could see, she tripped over the root dropping her book and landing in heap on the floor.

Stella groaned in pain and also in the thought of damaging the couture dress she was wearing.

A hand came into view and a voice she knew spoke.

"Hey are you ok?" Brandon said looking down at her face Stella nodded.

"Yeah I'm fine," She said taking Brandon's open hand, he helped her up and then went to the book lying on the floor.

"So your in to romance Stories" He said looking at the title of the book.

Stella blushed "Yeah I find them…sweet" She said, Brandon handed her the book but Stella was a little bit shaky so she dropped the book again, Brandon gave a laugh and they both bent down to get the book.

As the both reached out, their hands touched and they were both filled with a feeling they never felt for each other before.

Stella looked at Brandon and was lost in his deep chocolate brown eyes.

Brandon's mouth dropped, purely lost in Stella's long blonde hair and her eyes that looked so soothing.

Stella grabbed the book "Um I need to go" She said and before another word could be said, she was already running through the night back to Alfea, trying to shake the feeling that had come over her.

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