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Chapter 12 Don't Tell Me That It's Over

Brandon ran towards Stella's lifeless body, he was really scared he had no idea if Stella was alive or dead.

Bloom watched as Brandon ran to Stella and her eyes welled up with tears, Stella would be standing right next to her if she went first, Flora, Musa and Tecna walked up to Bloom.

"Bloom are you ok" Flora asked.

Bloom shook her head, "Look" She said pointing to Stella, they all looked and gasped.

"Oh my god" Musa gasped.

"Stella" Tecna whispered.

"She did that saving me," Bloom said, tears rolling down her face.

"Is she…dead?" Flora asked.

"I don't know" Bloom said, "I don't know".

Brandon ran onto the remains of Alfea and to Stella, he body was hidden under pieces of brick and stone, her hair was burnt and had ash in it and her arms were covered in huge black and purple bruises.

Brandon desperately pulled the rock of off her, it was very heavy but he needed to get Stella out.

"Please hang on" He said, "Hang on Stella I'm here".

Finally he pushed off the final bit of brick on top of her, her body was in really bad shape and Brandon bent down and picked her up, Stella wasn't responding Brandon felt her pulse it was very weak.

"Stella please wake up" He said as he carried Stella's body out of the destroyed place.

Brandon walked to the grass where everyone was waiting, Bloom slowly walked towards them but kept her distance.

"Stella please" he said holding her body close to his, "Wake up"

Bloom watched in fear, she didn't want Stella to die but was this the end?

Brandon had tears rolling down his face he hugged Stella's limp body, then he felt something soft touch his face.

He looked down and saw Stella looking back up at him, her eyes were slightly open and Brandon could see that she could barely hold them open.

"Stella" He whispered.

"Brandon" Stella said weakly, her voice was very quiet.

Bloom was watching this and she gave a small sigh of relief, Stella was awake but she didn't know if she could hang on.

Sophie and Casey were hiding behind a tree in the forest, they were dreading going out and facing everyone.

"Sophie we need to tell" Casey whispered.

"What" Sophie said, "I'm not going to turn myself in".

Casey had tears coming down her face, "A girl could be dead because of what we did, actually it was what you did, I told you to stop and you didn't listen".

Sophie looked at Casey, she had a stone cold look o her face but it slowly turned to guilt.

Casey reached out her hand, "Come on, we're in this together", she said.

Sophie had tears coming down her face, "What will they do?"

"I don't know" Casey said turning to look at the burned down school.

Casey and Sophie slowly walked towards Bloom; they didn't want to go to the teachers just yet.

"Excuse me" Sophie whimpered.

"Bloom turned to them, "Girls go home, you don't want to be here" Bloom said wiping tears from her eyes.

"It was us" Casey said, "We burned down the building".

Bloom froze, "What" She gasped.

"We did it, we burnt it down" Sophie said, Tecna walked to them.

"Did I just hear what I thought I heard" She said, her face had no expression to it.

Sophie nodded, "We didn't mean to it was supposed to die out, not kill someone" She cried, Casey was shaking and crying next to her.

"Girls come with me, we need to tell the police about this" Tecna said, the girls nodded they were expecting this and they walked away with Tecna.

Bloom felt sick, those girls were they reason that Stella was in this condition; she looked back over to Brandon who was still cradling Stella in his arms.

"Stella just hang on ok, I'll get you better I promise" Brandon said wiping a piece of blonde hair out of her face, "Everything will be ok".

Stella gave a small smile, "Brandon, my time is up" She said.

"Don't say that," Brandon told Stella, "It's not over not yet and it won't be for ages".

"It is" Stella said, "But I did it all for a good cause" She said.

Brandon looked down at Stella's bruised face and gasped, it was translucent and so was the whole of her body, she was fading away, "Please Stella stay with me" He said.

"Brandon there's something I want you to know" Stella said, Brandon looked at Stella, he was trying to fight back tears.

"Brandon I…I…" Stella stuttered, "I love you" She finally chocked out.

Brandon's mouth dropped slightly, did he just hear Stella say that she loved him, Stella's body was becoming more and more faint and soon Brandon could see right through her.

Stella smiled, "Just thought you'd like to know," She said and then she gave a strangled gasp, her eyes closed and her breathing stopped, her body slowly disappeared leaving Brandon with empty hands

"NO STELLA" Brandon yelled, "NO its not over, don't leave me".

Bloom was crying into her hands, she was gone, Stella was gone and nothing could bring her back.

Brandon looked down at his hands it still felt warm where Stella had been, "Please don't tell me its over" He sobbed, "I Love you too".

The End

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