Prologue – How It Began

(Chase stormed into his castle, angry at his defeat with Raimundo, Omi and Yugi. Jack and Wuya followed in his wake. Then Chase collapsed in his throne, angry like he never felt in a long time.)

Chase: That little runt! I cannot believe we still lost to a little insolent little brat! Now we must find a way to destroy Yugi and his Egyptian God Cards!

Jack: And how we meant to do that? Those things are like … like …

Wuya: (Indifferently.) The Warriors times a thousand?

Jack: Yeah!!

Chase: Alright! We know that Yugi's Egyptian God Cards are powerful, indeed. But he must have gone through some ordeal to receive them.

(He summoned his Heylin Eyeball to examine Yugi's past duels and experiences.)

Chase: Wait! This might be it!

(He was gazing into the Eyeball, but discovered it was a dud.)

Wuya: You gonna keep us in suspense?

Chase: The almighty powers of the Pyramid of Light could have vanquished those Cards, but it's destroyed!

Jack: What!! Then what now oh might one?

Chase: Hold!

(He examined another piece of Yugi's encounters.)

Chase: The powers of the Orichalcos!

Jack: The who the there of the what now?

Chase: The powers of the Orichalcos, you fool!

Wuya: What exactly are the powers of the Orichalcos?

Chase: The immediate sign of defeat for Yugi, my former disembodied head!

Jack: Details, man!

Chase: With the ancient powers of the Orichalcos, evil will spread in one's soul, and seal them forever! And once we use its power to gather many souls, we will summon the Great Leviathan, and it will spell doom for Yugi and the pathetic Warriors!

Wuya: Uh-huh. And where do we get this power?

(Chase triumphantly walked outside to the top of his domain.)

Chase: Oh mighty powers of the Orichalcos, hear my cry! Bring yourself forward to me, and help me eliminate my foes! Bring yourself down, in raining hails of green and black! Orichalcos, come to me!

(Then green meteors flashed the sky and landed on Chase as Jack and Wuya ducked for cover. When the three returned, Chase was glowing green, and had a strange symbol on his head.)

Chase: Spicer, Wuya! Behold the greatest card ever! The Seal of Orichalcos!

Jack: Ooooooh! What's it do?

Chase: Time will tell, fool! I shall gather the souls of the living and the dead! And the Great Leviathan will rise again! Now gather as much evil minions as possible. For now we will destroy Yugi and his friends and rule this world! Ahahahahahahahahahaaaa!