I think I'm going to be really nice and give you a sneak peek for my sequel, One Last Time. Plus, I'd also like your opinion on another idea for a story. I believe the term would be prequel. I was wondering if maybe you guys would like a prequel for this trilogy on when Sam and Danny had Lily and Drake. Be sure and tell me. On with the sneak peek! By the way, I'm telling it in third person, so you guys know who's talking. There will be some chapters with Drake's point of view as a bonus for you guys! Yay bonuses!

It's A Time for Lies...

"I thought they were dead! I saw it! You told me; you confirmed it! How could you lie to me?" Lily cried.

"We didn't lie to you!" Maddie argued. "We told you what we knew to be the truth! We thought your parents were dead, too!"

...A Time for Help...

"Father, I thought you were dead," Drake responded in disbelief.

"Well, you thought wrong!" Vlad snapped. "Now do you want my help or not!"

...A Time for Family...

"Mom, Dad, please help me. I can't do this alone," Lily begged.

"Of course we will, honey," Sam answered, putting a hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"We'll always be there to help," Danny finished.

...A Time for Mistakes...

"I've been looking at the wrong time stream the whole time," Clockwork explained.

"You're the master of time! How could you make such a foolish mistake for two years?!" Lily shouted.

"I know my error, but you have to listen. Your parents and Vlad weren't supposed to die in this timeline, it's not their time yet. It's supposed to be you or Drake who dies."

"Which one?" Lily inquired.

"I can't tell you without damaging the time line," Clockwork said sadly.

...A Time for Doing What We Believe Is Right...

"Lily, don't!" Clockwork yelled. "You'll permanently alter the time line and ruin time as we know it!"

"I don't need your consent on this, Clockwork!" Lily screamed. "I'm doing what I believe is right!" She then took off into the time portal, flying into her alternate time line.

...A Time for Deception...

"Sharon, how could you? What are you doing?" Lily fearfully inquired.

"Ridding the world of ghosts once and for all," Sharon answered. The shot of the ecto-gun then rang through the air, the bullet moving in slow motion towards Lily's heart.

...A Time for Love...

"Lily, I-I-I love you," Leo choked out, small tears coming out of his eyes.

"And I love you, too," Lily responded, pecking Leo gently and quickly on the lips. "But I'm doing what needs to be done."

...A Time for One Last Plea...

"Drake," Lily pleaded, "please leave Leo out of this. Put him down."

...A Time for One Last Stand Between Good and Evil...

"You think you can win this time, Lily!" Drake screamed. "You think you have what it takes to defeat my army and me!"

"I have an army, too, Drake, and we're not going down without one hell of a fight to the death!" Lily hollered back.

...A Time for Loss...

"Leo!" Lily screamed, her cry echoing through the streets of Amity Park as she watched her loved one fall from the sky.

...And A Time When A Long, Grueling Battle Is Ended With Two Simple Words.

"I win."

Suspenseful, aren't I? Hope you enjoyed this special sneak peek! This story will be coming out as soon as I finish my other stories, I promise! L8r all!