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So cold:

Of Prologue

(Sasuke's POV)

I can never go back, by no means can I ever return to my 'home'. I had betrayed everyone. The village, my sensei, my morals, and my friends. No, they were clearly not my friends. They hated me and I loathed them. They were weak, and the weak only get in the way of my goal-a goal that must be accomplished.

Weak, that is what Itachi was referred to me as. What he would tell me I was every time he came to visit before he claimed my lips with his. And even after all of the touches he would give me, he would tell me that I was weak, that I needed to find a path to power. I knew what path I needed to use, Orochimaru. He was the only one I could use; the others in the village were nothing and would not help me if they knew why I truly wanted to be strong.

I refused to stay with them I could easily have just ended their lives in a blink of an eye. It would be so simple, child's play as many would put it. In reality it truly was.

It would be simple to take their lives, oh so effortless, and there would be so many ways to do such. The fools, they put their pathetic trust in me. I don't know why they did when I clearly did not have a care in the world about them – though at times I did put on that 'act'- an act that they feel for.

Trust was nothing, yet it was everything. I had put my trust in Itachi, again and again, even after he slaughtered the clan, I still put my trust in him, in his touches, in his actions, in his words... Trust was a weakness. I didn't trust them, nor have faith in them.

Even Kakashi was nowhere near strong enough for what I desired….


It was plain and simple really. I craved power; someone to teach me to surpass that of Itachi's. That bastard may have known how to control it, but I would learn to master it. No one was strong enough to teach me, but then there was Orochimaru. He had true power and strength. I needed his training. He had at one point told me to come to him for power, and I'll be damned but that is what I will do. He was a prowess, and that is what I need. I was never one to be docile but for him I would, I would so anything to avenged my family.

I would kill Itachi.

I would make Itachi recognize that I had great power.

No more nightmares, no more childish flamboyancy craving my Nii-san's attention, no. Now I would be the one who would have someone craving after them. There would be no words of kindness no familiar touches.

Just my strength, my power that he would crave to touch once more.

"Run, run, foolish Otouto and cling to life"

His sadistic voice still rings in my head and I have never been able to get rid of it, but no, I grinned to myself, I will not run, I will train and then kill him. Making him regret everything he had ever done. Making him regret those last few touches before he came to me and told me to kill Naruto. I had almost killed him, I left him there to die, but I knew that he would not; I would not kill him and give that man the pleasure of me doing what he wanted. Orochimaru will help me surpass that bastard. It will happen, I will make sure of that, no matter what the price.

Itachi's touch was still raw on me as his hands touched my tainted body as he caused me to moan his damn name. His words were as blunt and harsh as his body;

"You are weak, come to me when you have enough hate, then and only then, can you hate me enough to love me. Hate me so much that you could kill me, but instead of taking that kunai to my neck, you will take your lips to it in its place."

My ignorance would be no more, I would give up all that a child had and I would do what I had to do.


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