So this is the mini-sequel to "Tear Your Love Apart" which was a 45 chapter monstrosity. This fic is absolutely ridiculous, and not at all something that I would normally write. And I blame that on Cess. And Chris.

But it's "good" (and I use that term loosely) in it's own way.

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October 31st


Addison lowered herself wearily onto the couch and sighed. She sank back against the cushions and closed her eye's. Never before had she been so glad to be home. Only 3 days and she was already exhausted.

Derek walked slowly into the living room, carefully maneuvering . He'd claimed that he could carry everything, and he was, but it was comical to watch. He set everything on the coffee table in front of her, then faced her and grinned, "We're home."

Addison couldn't help it, her face broke in to a wide smile, "We're home."

Derek sat down beside her and crossed his arms. They sat together in contemplative silence for several minutes.

"I'm not just biased am I?"

Derek chuckled, not at the question, at her tone. There was not a hint of sarcasm or satire. She was seriously asking. "Your completely biased," he teased.

"But she's perfect right?"

Derek watched their daughter yawn and stretch her arms then settle again still deeply asleep, "She's perfect," he agreed.

Addison nodded, "I thought so."



"Most people dress their babies in pink, or blue, or white to come home. Not orange."

"Most people don't bring their baby home on Halloween."

"Most people..."

"Most people," Addison cut him off, "Bring their baby home with a name."

"I started a list."

Addison smiled as he reached over to claim the baby. She settled her in Derek's arms and smoothed her hand one more time over the orange sleeper, "I never saw a list."

"Well we got busy and then all of a sudden she was here."

"She was 10 days late."

"It was still sudden."

Addison laughed and started gathering things to throw in the laundry. She'd only been home 90 minutes and already the place was a mess.

"I'll do that," he offered.

"No," she shook her head, "I need to move around."

"Still sore?"

Addison gave him a look, "Your daughter has a head the size of a pumpkin. I'm still sore."

"She looks like a pumpkin," he smiled at the baby, who was momentarily awake, "I like the name Adelaide."

Addison rolled her eye's.

"I have always liked that name."

"I know."

"You've never liked it."

"I wanted a boy," Addison paused, and pouted, "I love the name James."

"We have known it was a girl since May," he teased, "Stop whining."

"Pick a name," she shot back, a smirk on her face, "Or I'll put James on her birth certificate.".

"What do you think pumpkin?" He kissed the baby's forehead, "She likes the name Adelaide."

"Derek," Addison turned to him and smiled, "It's not that I don't like the name Adelaide, because I do, It's a beautiful name. I just think that it would get confusing."

"How?" he demanded.

"Derek," she took a step towards him and ran her hands up the arms that were holding their baby, "What do you call me?"

Derek's brow furrowed, "Addy?"

"And would you actually call her Adelaide? Or would you want to shorten it? To Adda, or Ade, or Addy?"

Derek sighed, "I'd shorten it."

Addison smiled at him, "It's a beautiful name, but..."

Derek smiled back, "You're not naming her James."



Addison was asleep. Completely unconscious. And Derek was under strict orders not to wake the baby.

Derek didn't feel this was quite fair. Addison had gotten the baby all to herself while she was at the clinic, the baby was never further then arms reach away.

He on the other hand didn't get to spend nearly enough time with her. Being head of a department had it's downfalls. He was paged way more then he'd like.

And of course, Addison made him answer every one.

But she got to carry the baby for 9 months, and she got stay home with the baby for the next few weeks, and she got Richard's permission to keep the baby with her in the maternity ward when she went back to work.

He got nothing.

He just wanted to hold her.

"Hey pumpkin," he murmured, gently lifting her into his arms. He smiled at her as she opened her eyes, "Your awake," He bought his face close to hers and they studied each other intently, "You're awfully pretty." he told her, then smiled "If you tell your Mommy I'll deny it, but your the prettiest girl I've ever seen."



By supper time Addison Shepherd was over the joys of parenting.

Derek took the baby from Addison, again, lightly rubbing her back trying to coax a burp.

Addison sighed, "I really look forward to the time when feeding her is a beautiful and magical experience, not awkward and uncomfortable."

"Looked beautiful and magical too me."

"Well it's not your nipples being suctioned."

"Thank god," Derek snuggled the baby closer, "I like this job better."

Addison just glared.

Derek chuckled and headed for the kitchen, still rubbing the baby's back,"Do you want something to eat or drink?" he asked.

"I want coffee."

"Well you can't have coffee. Will you settle for cocoa?"

The doorbell rang.

Addison sighed and stood up, tugging at her shirt, "If that is someone from the hospital I am killing Richard. He promised not to say anything 'til next week."

"Trick or Treat!"

3 sets of brown eye's stared up at her.

She stared back, "Wow," she paused, and took stock of the situation, "We don't have any candy..."

Three sets of brown eye's suddenly became very sad.

"It's all right," their mother spoke up from the background. She smiled at Addison. "We live just across the river." she explained, "The kids wanted to try one last house before going home."

Addison motioned them in, "We were just making cocoa, if that will do?"

The kids turned to their mother, "Okay," she relented.

Addison motioned them towards the kitchen, as she introduced herself to the kids mother, Anna.

"Your home is beautiful," she said to Addison as they walked after the children to the kitchen.

"Thanks. I bought it after the divorce," Addison smiled at her, "Actually, my ex-husband owns the land right beside yours."

"Really?" Anna questioned, "I didn't know anyone lived there."

Addison smirked as they entered the kitchen, "That's because he lives here."

Anna raised an eyebrow in amusement. "And you've been divorced how long?"

"A year and a half."

"Mom! They have a pet pig!"

"And a baby."

"The baby looks like a pumpkin."

"Marjorie!" her mother admonished.

"He said it."

Addison laughed, "Derek, this is Anna, our neighbor." She crossed the kitchen to stand by him, "Don't tell people our daughter looks like a pumpkin." She took the baby so Derek could shake Anna's hand.

"The baby doesn't even have a name yet," Marjorie piped up again.

"Hey," Derek said, mocking defensiveness, "We are working on it."

"It's not brain surgery."

"No that," Derek produced a large kettle of cocoa, "That I could do." Derek studied the children for a moment, "Would you like to roast some marshmallows?"

Addison shook her head at Anna and smiled, " Would you like tour?"

Anna nodded, "So this divorce?"

"Oh, it was completely necessary."


8:36 pm

"Addy," Derek whispered gently, "Add?"

"Mmm?" Addison murmured refusing to wake up.

"Sweetheart, I have to go to the hospital for a bit. Will you be okay on your own?"

Addison didn't justify that with a response more then an annoyed grunt.

Derek chucked and covered her and the baby gently with the blanket from the back of the couch. He kissed them both then ran his hand over Addison's hair, "When I get home we are naming this little girl."

Addison gave a very undignified yawn, "I already did," she yawned again, motioning to a piece of paper on the table.

Derek picked it up and smiled, "Jameson Adelaide Shepherd."

Addison finally opened her eyes, "We both win."

Derek bent to kiss her again, "We definitely both won."


October 28th

8:52 pm

"Addison! Just let me call Derek!" Izzie exclaimed.

"No!" Addison groaned, her face contorting with pain, "He's in surgery."

"He'd want to be here."

"He will!"

"Addison your 10 centimeters dilated. You've been pushing for almost an hour."

Addison fell back against the pillows panting, her face slick with sweat, "Is he going to make it?"

"He might, if you let us call him. Mark's over there waiting for him."

Addison attempted to calm her breathing, "Pass me my phone."

"You can't use that in here," a nurse warned.

"Do you know how much business I send thins clinic?" Addison snapped, "I'll call whomever I damn well want."

"Hello?" Derek answered his phone calmly.

"Agghhhhh," Addison practically screamed as another contraction hit.

Derek froze. He had just walked out of the OR and he suddenly wanted privacy more then anything else, "Baby?" he murmured slipping into an empty scrub room, "How long have you been in labour for?"

"Oh god, Oh god! OH GOD," Addison tried to breath through it, "Arrrrgh," she exclaimed forcing herself to push once again.


"How was your surgery?" she gasped.

"Addy? Are you already pushing," Derek panicked, "How long have you been pushing for?"

"How was surgery?" she demanded.

Derek groaned at her diversion tactics, "He's still on the table, we're waiting for some swelling to go down," he paused and ran a hand through his hair, "You were in labour when I left this morning weren't you?" he accused,not waiting for a response, "You should have told me."

"Had to. Save. Lives," she groaned, then relaxed and stopped pushing.

Derek sighed, "You had to have the baby across town."

Addison smiled weakly, "Your not going to make it," she whispered.

Derek had held him emotions in check until she said this, "Well I guess I'll just have to catch the next one."

Addison started to cry, "I want you here."

"I know. I want to be there. But I'm not leaving, I'll be talking to you the whole time."

"Oh God!" she exclaimed as she was consumed by another contraction.

Derek held his breath, she had barely recovered from the last one, "Add, just focus on my voice. Okay? Focus on me," Damnit, he silently cursed, if he had been there he could have at least talked her into taking more pain medication.

"She's trying to kill me!" Addison cried.

"No she's just anxious to see you."

"No!" Addison insisted, "She is trying to kill me. Oh God I hate you. I do. I hate you"

Derek chuckled, barely looking up as Mark entered the room.

"I will never forgive you for getting me pregnant. Never. Ugh, I hate you,". The contraction subsided and Addison started to become more rational, "I always thought that women claiming to hate the fathers were being overly dramatic," she panted, "but I really do hate you. This child has your massive head."

"You wanted a baby," he reminded her. Derek felt his heart rate quicken as he heard someone tell Addison she only had a few pushes left.


"I heard babe."

She started to sob, "I can't do it. I can't. You have to come now. If you drive fast you'll make it. Please. I can't do it."

"Sweetheart. You can do it. Your the strongest person I know. Childbirth is a cakewalk for you."

"I can't. I can't. I need you."

"I'm right here, okay love? Put me on speakerphone all right? I'll be right here."

The line was filled with the hustle and bustle of the delivery room, he could hear Addison panting unsteadily.

"Izzie?" Addison exclaimed, "Tape it."



"I'm right here love."

"Is Mark there yet?"

"Ya, he's here."

"Izzie, tape it and send it to Mark's phone."


"Tape the birth Izzie," Addison almost yelled.

"But I'm suppose to be helping to deli-"

"Tape the birth Izzie," Addison exclaimed as she was instructed to push, "Oh god, Oh God."

Marks cell rang. He answered and immediately got a look of disgust on his face, "Ya, it's definitely for you," he handed Derek the phone.

Derek sank down in the corner of the room.

"Can you see her?" Addison asked weakly.

"A little bit," he smiled, "No wonder you hate me."

Addison chuckled softly. then moaned, "Arrrgh."

Derek watched in amazement as is daughter began to enter the world, "Is she suppose to be face up like that? Addison, I see her forehead. Baby she looks smart."

"So she looks like me?" she groaned, pushing again.

Derek laughed even though he could barely see through the tears, "Ya, she looks just like you."

"Derek I can't do it anymore," she sighed, panting heavily, "I can't."

"Yes, you can," Derek brushed the tears out of his eye's, "One more push and we can see her her face. Don't you want to know what she looks like?" He could hear Addison crying softly, "Add, I know your tired, but you have to keep going. Come on, just a little longer."

She continued to cry.

"Add. Come on. Addison," he sighed, and spoke gently, "Am I going to have to bribe you to bring our daughter into the world?"

Addison laughed weakly, "You might," she replied, but pushed anyway.

Derek stared intently at the screen, "She is so perfect."

He frowned as he heard allot of commotion in the room, suddenly his screen went white and he was left staring at the delivery room ceiling. He started to panic, "Addison? What's going on? Addison."

"It's okay," it was just her voice on the line, she had taken him off speaker phone. Her voice was exhausted and slightly tearful, but calm, "It's okay. We had to stop for a minute but it's okay."

Derek was silent, "I can't see anymore."

She whimpered, "I know," she bit her lip to keep from crying out, "You don't want to see this."

"What's happening?" he demanded.

"It's okay. Trust me?"

"Addy?" his voice caught in his throat, "You'd tell me if something was wrong right."

"Nothing is wrong Derek. She just needs some help," her voice was unnervingly calm.

Suddenly his screen flashed to life. He was stunned, "She's almost here."

Addison was silent, she was concentrating on pushing again.

"Oh. My God. Addy you did it."

"Can you see her? Is she okay?" Addison demanded breathlessly.

"She's beautiful."

"She is?"

"Ya," Derek watched as they placed the baby on Addison's chest, "See I told you."

"She's perfect," Addison breathed.

"She takes after you."

beep! beep! beep!

Derek glanced at his pager.

"You have to go?" Addison asked distractedly.

"Ya, I do."

"Thank you."

"Tell her I love her, and I'll be there as soon as I reattach this guys skull."

"I will. Derek," she smiled at the baby, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Derek hung up the phone. He was an emotional mess and grinning like a fool. He stood up and just crossed his arms across his chest. "I have a daughter," he proclaimed.

Mark nodded with a smile, "Congratulations."

"I have a daughter," he repeated. His knees suddenly felt rather weak, "I have a daughter."

"Okay..." Mark hurriedly crossed the room and steered Derek towards a chair. Perhaps the closest contact the men had had in almost 2 years.

"I'm a father."

Mark smiled at him.

Derek sat quietly for a moment. Processing.

"I'm a father," he grinned.

Derek stood and walked proudly across the hall. He scrubbed in, a smile on his face, and entered the OR.

"It's a beautiful day to save lives," he proclaimed.


So that was chapter 1.

If you have ever read anything by me you know that I like to lull people into a place of happiness and rainbows and then make everything go to hell. And babies are not happiness and rainbows. They are stressful, and i feel no need to sugarcoat things, sugarcoated leads to monotony and cavities. But I feel bad, I mean poor Addison is already exhausted. It's 8:30 and the woman is on her second nap.

Oh but Derek is a proud proud Papa. I think my favorite part was Derek telling the baby she was pretty. Or Addison saying she hates Derek for getting her pregnant. OR Addison telling the nurse she is going to call whoever she wants, she's all like 'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

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