She'll Still Care


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.

A poem about how Kagome will always love Inuyasha no matter how he feels…

She tries to think of what to say,

Whenever you come her way,

She looks for you in silent dreams,

She calls for you in silent screams,

She tries to get your attention everyday,

What will you say?

Push her aside?

Add ego to your pride?

She's tired of watching you walk away,

She wants a love to stay,

She needs you to tell her,

If she's right or wrong,

She sings a song,

That explains how she feels,

But you're never there,

You never care,

So now that you know,

Why don't you go?

Because either way,

Hate her,

Love her,

She'll still love you…

The End

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