Author's Note: Hello! This is just a small little fanfic to celebrate Halloween! I hope you all enjoy it. Happy Halloween!!!!! (Sorry it's a tad late...)

Author's Note 2: This takes place before New Moon. Very important, that.

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A Cullen's Halloween

"Cullens!" Bella spoke sharply, so that all their heads snapped to look at her. "Happy Halloween!!!"

When she was sure she had all their attention, she continued.

"What are you all doing for Halloween?" She asked pleasantly.

Emmett opened his mouth to say something, but Jasper beat him to whatever he planned on saying.


Judging by Emmett's face falling, that wasn't what he was going to say.

Bella frowned also. "That's no good." She informed them. "It's Halloween! H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n! Only night of the year you get to go around in costumes asking for free candy!"

"Aren't you a little old for trick-or-treating?" Rosalie smirked.

Bella narrowed her eyes. "Not until I say I am."

Rosalie nodded taking a step back.

"I think you guys should celebrate with me!" Bella suggested. The Cullens looked hesitant.

"What are you proposing?" Carlisle asked hesitantly.

Bella grinned, "Well, first off, I get to pick you all a costume. Secondly, we will go trick-or-treating. Carlisle and Esme; you can should come too. You can say your escorts to anyone who asks."

"Can I be an escort?" Rosalie asked, elbowing Emmett who was currently jumping up and down with joy so enthusiastically his head nearly hit the ceiling.

Bella wrinkled her nose. "Technically… you're a teen in Forks… so… no. Sorry."

Rosalie looked about to say more, but Emmett gave her a pleading look and she just rolled her eyes instead.

"Thirdly!" Bella picked up where she had left off, "We will come back and decide what to do with our earning, since six sevenths of us can't eat. Finally, we will watch freaky movies that will prevent me from sleeping for weeks." She beamed brightly at the staring Cullens. "Any objections?" Bella asked.

Everyone shrugged.

Alice cut in, grinning wickedly, "Maybe we can end the evening going to a Halloween Dance!"

"Heh heh. You make jokes," Bella said dryly.

The subject was dropped as Rosalie pointed out, "You get to pick out our costumes. So who picks out yours?"

"Well," Bella explained, "I was going-"

"Nonsense!" Rosalie interrupted, grinning. "It only makes sense that we get to pick out your costume."

"Well, I guess," Bella said hesitantly. She shot a look at Edward. "You wouldn't let them decide on anything cruel, would you?"

Edward shook his head vigorously.

"Ok, let's see…" Bella mused. "I think that Edward should…"

Edward looked intently at Bella.

"Dress all in black. It's a good color on you," Bella finished.

Edward scoffed, "And would I be? A vampire?"

"A vampire! I want to be a vampire!" Alice cheered. "I could tell people what I am, and they wouldn't even guess I was telling the truth!"

"Of course not, Edward. My plan shall be revealed later however. I have to pick up the supplies for it," Bella informed him cryptically. Edward frowned, but Bella continued. "Rosalie."

Rosalie's head snapped up and she gave Bella a glare that would frost windows, wilt flowers, and melt Kelly Dolls all with one glance.

Bella took that as cue to do something good. "How about… Galadriel?"

"Say who now?" Rosalie asked, startled.

"She's a character from Lord of the Rings! Don't tell me you've never watched the LOTR trilogy!"

The Cullens hung their heads.

Bella slapped the palm of her hands to her forehead, saying, "Oi."

"Galadriel," Bella started to explain, "Is from the race of elves. She's really wise and all knowing and cool. Would… that… work?"

"Hmm…," Rosalie mused, "I think I need to see this 'LOTR trilogy'."

And without further ado, Rosalie walked off.

"Okay…," Bella said slowly watching her leave. Then she turned back to the others.

"I wanna be a vampire!" Alice chorused again.

"Okay," Bella repeated. "Try these on for size." She handed Alice a pair of plastic fangs from her pocket.

As Alice accepted them, Edward asked, "Should I be concerned you keep plastic fangs in your pocket?"

This question was ignored however, as Alice let out a squeal of joy. They fit well. She bared her new fangs, then clacked them together. Bad move. The fangs cracked, not strong enough for a real vampire's teeth.

"Oh no! I'm sorry, Bella!" Alice said, throwing away the broken fangs. "I can get you more."

Edward threw Alice a sharp glance. "Don't encourage her!" He hissed.

"No worries," Bella assured Alice, "I have plenty more."

Edward imitated Bella's earlier gesture of slapping his forehead.

"Ok," Alice said, "How about I go see if I can come up with some fangs that will hold up to my teeth?" Without waiting for an answer, she left the room.

"And then there were five…," Said a deep ominous voice that sounded straight off a horror film.

"Emmett!" Bella scolded.

Emmett's jaw dropped. "It wasn't me! I SWEAR!"

"Then who did it?" Bella.

"It was… uh…" Emmett glanced around. Then he pointed an accusatory finger at Esme. "It was HER!"

"Emmett!" Bella scolded again. "How could you blame Esme!! Of all the people- hang on. Esme? Why are you looking guilty?!"

"She can imitate voices, remember?" Emmett said, sulky for being accused.

Esme smiled sheepishly.

"Hmm," Bella said, but her mind had already wandered back to the costume conflict. "Carlisle!" She said suddenly, causing him to do the super-human-vampire equivalent of being startled.

"You should be an astronaut!"

Carlisle blinked. "An astronaut?"

"An astronaut," Bella confirmed.

"An astronaut!" Emmett repeated.

"Why?" Carlisle asked.

"I dunno…," Bella paused, "It just seems like it would be a good thing to be. But, alas, I don't where to find an astronaut costume, so do you think you could find one?"

Carlisle nodded and left faster than was necessary.

"Okay, I'm going to go pick up supplies!" Bella announced and started to leave.

"Wait!" Esme called, "What about Jasper, Emmett, and I?"

Jasper shrunk back into the wall. Emmett looked eager.

"Never fear!" Bella said as she went out the door. "I'll find something perfect!"

She shut the door behind her.

As they heard the motor going away, Edward remarked, "She talks in that Emmett-y way more and more. With those 'Never Fear's' and 'alas's' and whatnot."

Emmett beamed.