Happy Halloween

Chapter 2

"I'm home!" Bella called, bursting through the door.

"It's about time," Emmett snapped. "You've been gone forever. It's almost dark outside."

Bella waved that away, "Meh, the point is… I have all your costumes! Except Carlisle's of course."

At that point, Carlisle entered the room in his astronaut costume. Except that his costume was real. A real astronaut suit.

"Wow!" Bella gasped.

Carlisle said something that she couldn't make out through the glass visor.

Emmett knocked on Carlisle's helmet to remind him of this detail. Carlisle nodded and lifted his hood.

"This is what you wanted, was it not, Bella?" Carlisle asked nonplussed.

"Well, I didn't mean a real astronaut suit…," She said.

Carlisle looked disappointed, so she hastened to add, "But it's so awesome!! Everyone will love it! I just don't want to know how you got a hold of one of those though… anyways... where's everyone else?"

"Dunno," Emmett shrugged. "I'll go get them though," He volunteered, glancing excitedly at Bella's bags.

Bella smiled, "Thank you Emmett, that would be-"

"ROSALIE! ESME! EDWARD! JASPER! ALICE! GET down here NOW!" Emmett bellowed at them in the general direction of the stairs.

Bella winced and covered her ears. "Not exactly what I thought you meant."

Emmett shrugged.

Zip! Zip! Zip! Zip!

The fours young adults appeared in the room. From the kitchen, Esme strode gracefully in after them, not rushing.

"Just making sure we had enough candy for Bella tonight," She explained.

"But we're going to get more candy," Bella argued.

Esme smiled at her. "We just wanted to make sure there was enough."

Bella's left eye twitched ever so slightly.

"Costumes!" Emmett squeaked, unable to wait any longer. He made a dive towards the bag, but Edward and Jasper restrained him; each of them grabbing one of his arms.

"Tut tut," Alice chided. "Guess you go last now, Emmett!"

Emmett whimpered as the others nodded in agreement.

"Okay," Bella nodded, frowning in Emmett's direction, "Let's get started while the night is young then."

Emmett nodded eagerly, still restrained by Edward and Jasper.

"Rosalie," Bella began, "Here is your Galadriel dress. Did you watch the movies?"

Rosalie took the dress, looking it over as she answered, "Yep, watched them all. Hmm… this dress could use a few adjustments…" She wandered off.

Bella sighed. "I wish she would stop doing that! Esme, here's your costume." She pulled out several articles and handed them to her.

The Cullens stared bemusedly at Bella.

"A pirate?" Esme said after a moment.

Bella nodded. "You… don't… like it?"

Esme blinked, "Of course I do! It was just unexpected is all! I think I'll see if I can make a few adjustments on this as well, if you don't mind?"

Bella shook her head and Esme left also.

"MeMeMeMe!" Chorused Emmett.

Bella glanced at Edward, but he shook his head, signaling that despite Emmett's pleading, he still had to go last.

"Ok, Alice! Any luck with those fangs?"

Alice popped something in her mouth, then bared her teeth to show fangs that blended perfectly with the others. She snapped her jaws together and they held.

"Wonderful!" Bella exclaimed and handed Alice the pieces of the Vampire costume she bought.

"Let's see… who's left? Ah yes, Jasper. Well, err," Bella started, suddenly not as confident in her decision for him as she had been when she had bought it. "I thought you could be… um…"

Jasper looked definitely worried.

"Harry Potter," Bella finished.

Jasper dropped Emmett's arm in astonishment.

Emmett gasped and took advantage of his arm to pull something from out behind a china cabinet.

"If he's Harry, I'm Dumbledor, right?" He asked, snapping a fake long white beard to his chin with an elastic string.

"Uh no," Bella apologized while she handed Jasper his Harry Potter things. "I'll paint your scar on later," She told him, before turning back to Emmett. "Again, sorry! They only had one costume in your size."

She took out… a pair of green legging, a green tunic, a leather-y belt/sash, and some fairy wings. Bella smiled warily at Emmett, who looked to be in shock.

"A… fairy?" He finally managed.

"Uh no," Bella replied, "More like a tree sprite or spirit. Cool, huh?"

Emmett squinted at the costume. At length he shrugged and took the clothes. "Tree spirit it is." He agreed.

"Aren't you going to go try it on?" Bella asked when he didn't leave.

"Heck, no!" Emmett said, breaking into laughter, "I want to see what Edward is!"

Edward glowered at him. He was, as Bella commanded, dressed completely in black.

She took out his costume out of the bag…

Emmett burst into laughter as Bella put a kitty-cat-ears headband on him and handed him a tail.

"Black cat!" She said happily. Edward smiled wryly.

Emmett was practically rolling on the floor with laughter.

"Your costume now!" Rosalie said, entering the room.

Alice followed her in, bringing with her a costume for… a pumpkin.

"You're kidding," Bella said flatly.

"No way!" Alice said. "You have to wear it!"

"Noooooo!" Bella wailed. "That's HUMILIATING!!"

"Well, if you fall, your costume will catch you," Edward explained seriously.

Bella covered her hands in her face.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" Esme said, coming into the room to answer the door. She opened it and looked out. "Hello?" She called. Then, she looked down. And saw…

"I think it's for you, Emmett!" Esme called. Emmett, Edward, Rosalie, Alice, and Bella rushed over, first looking out, then down. And into the glowing red eyes of a hundred squirrels.

There was a shocked silence. No one said a word, merely staring at the fiendish beings they had thought were gone for good.

Then, the silence was broken.

"Trick or Treat!" Chorused all one hundred of the squirrels in unison, which, let me tell you, sounds very weird with their helium voices.

"Emmett. Rosalie. Get the candy in the kitchen. Now," Esme said, never taking her eyes off the squirrels.

Emmett and Rosalie hastened to obey noiselessly.

They returned shortly with bags of candy, which they distributed to the other vampires. Bella tried to take one, but Emmett shook his head seriously and said, "No, It's too dangerous."

Then the vampires went out and distributed candy, putting some small piece into each of the upturned acorn caps offered to them.

When the squirrels finally left, the Cullens ran inside and bolted the door.

There was more silence for a moment, then Alice giggled. "Did you see their costumes?"

Rosalie giggled too.

"What were they?" Bella asked.

"They all had two leaves stuck to their backs. I think they were demented fairies of something," Emmett laughed.

30 minutes later

"AcK! I'm NOT wearing THIS!" Bella yelled from the top of the stairs, decked out in her puffy pumpkin outfit.

"Nonsense!" Edward yelled back. "It looks great!"

"Does not," Bella mumbled and tripped down the stairs.

Edward caught her at the bottom. She was uninjured due the costume.

"See!" Edward said, giving her a crooked smile.

Bella scowled. "I'm not going if I have to wear this." Bella protested.

Alice, who had followed her down, sighed, "Fine. You can be a princess instead. Come on, Rose, let's get her upstairs. We have work to do." She cackled, bared her fangs, and rubbed her hands together evilly.

"NO! NO! I'll be a PUMPKIN!" Bella pleaded as they dragged her away. "I WANNA BE A PUMPKIN! AHHH!! EDWARD! DON'T LET THEM DRESS ME UP! EDW-"

The shouting stopped as a door slammed shut.

While Edward was pondering whether he should go see if Bella was alright, the doorbell rang again.

He answered it.

"Trick or Treat!" Chorused Mike and Tyler.

Edward blinked.

"Did you two drive all the way out here for candy?" Edward asked.

They nodded.

Mike ruined their charade by asking, "Is Bella here?"

"Go away, Mike," Edward sighed.

"But-" Tyler started to protest.

"You'll see her in school. Goodbye Mike and Tyler," Edward said as politely as possible and shut the door.

Edward heard their disappointed sighs through the door.

An Hour Later

"Done!" Rosalie declared as she and Alice lead Bella down the stairs. Bella was all dressed now to look like a Victorian Era Princess.

"Lovely," Edward said, smiling.

Bella mumbled something even the vampires couldn't understand.

"Fear me and my wand," Jasper said, entering the room. A red scar had been painted on his forehead. He held up his wand, in a very non-threatening manner.

"Take that!" Rosalie said, swinging a sword and taking off the top half of Jasper's "wand".

"Hey!" Jasper protested. "Galadriel didn't have a sword!"

"She does now," Rosalie smirked.

Screaming erupted outside, followed quickly by a car engine starting up, then driving away.

"What was that all about?" Asked Bella, forgetting her earlier annoyance.

The others shrugged. "Who knows? Let's go Trick-or-Treating!"

But, person reading this story, I know. Here is what happened:

What Happened:

Disappointed by not seeing Bella, Tyler and Mike started to walk away from house.

They went to their car, but did not leave, instead took out some supplies.

Then they tiptoed into the yard to wreak havoc by pranking the house. "Trick or treat," Tyler whispered, "They didn't give us any chocolate so we're giving them a treat. Trick, I mean. Heeeheeeeheee."

Mike started by throwing a roll of TP up into a tall tree. But it didn't come over the other side.

"Huh?" He said, staring up at the tree, wondering if it had gotten caught in a branch.

Then the branches started moving. Something big was coming down.

It was…. Emmett.

"What's up?" Emmett asked cheerily, handing Mike back his roll of TP. "I think you may have misplaced this."

Mike smiled sheepishly, but then took on a confused expression. "Dude, What ARE you?"

Emmett beamed. "I'm a tree fairy!" Then he started skipping to the house.

"Wait!" Tyler called.

"Sorry, can't chat!" Emmett called. "We're going to a party in ten minutes!" He lied.

Tyler and Mike exchanged glances. They would come back after ten minutes. With reinforcements.


"Why are we doing this again?" Jessica asked crossly, not at all happy going out to the Cullen's house.

"For fun," Lauren replied.

They got out their supplies and walked into the yard.

They were about to start when noises started all around them in the trees surrounded the area. Strange, skittering noises.

"What is THAT?" Jessica whispered.

"Nothing," Tyler shrugged.

"OH MY GOSH!" Lauren whisper-yelled. She was pointed at the trees. Red eyes stared at them.

"Good special effects," Mike said.

"I'm leaving," Jessica said, starting towards the car.

They were about to try to stop her, when they heard voices whispering in the trees.

Screaming and shrieking, they ran to the car and drove off.

If they had listened closely, they might have heard that the whispered words were really the lyrics to the Kim Possible theme song.

And if only they knew, exactly how close they had come to facing hundreds of Rabid Vampire Squirrels, all hyper from candy…

Author's Note: THE END! Unless you really really want more. :D