More Than Enough


Disclaimer: I did not write the Bible!

A/N: So, I deleted my poem "Why?" b/c I have been, apparently, giving out the wrong message which was not my intension. To some, they thought it was, so I hope this poem will not give anyone the wrong impression and if it does, I will delete it so that you all may read in peace.

He died for me,

So that I may be free,

He paid the heavy price,

All for me,

And my sinful life,

Hoping I may change,

And follow His light,

He knows I could reject him,

Or praise His holy name,

But He chose to die anyway,

So that I could have the choice,

When He was upon the cross,

They laughed at Him and said,

"Oh King of the Jews! If you are really God, then save yourself from us,"

But to be Christ,

He had to die,

And that's more than enough,

For me…

His light and His grace,

His holy way,

Is more than enough…

More than enough,

For me…

The End

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A/N: If this has offended anyone, I am sorry, but I read it and read over it again and found nothing that could offend anyone, but if it does, I will delete it. Thank you.