Dr. Hoshi's Niece

By Yoshizilla

Disclaimer: I own Dr. Hoshi, Helen Hoshi, and Peppy Ankylosaurus. The Super Smash Brothers belong to Nintendo.

Dr. Hoshi yawned loudly, looking out from his window as the bright sun started rising over the huge, bustling urban gathering that was Nintendo City, the largest city in the Nintendo Realm, and one of the largest cities in the Video Game Universe.

"Ahhh...what a great morning for a good adventure," Dr. Hoshi said, smiling. He then slapped his forehead. "Or, in this case, a misadventure."

"Speaking of adventures and misadventures..." Mewtwo said, as he appeared next to Dr. Hoshi, via teleportation, and holding a note in his hand. "Have I got the perfect way to win a girl's heart."

Dr. Hoshi rubbed his chin. "Really? Do tell."

Mewtwo cleared his throat. "Okay, to win a girl's heart, you have to follow the following: 1, Tell her your name. 2, Hit her in the face with chopsticks. 3, Drag her to your home. 4, Tell her your name...again."

Dr. Hoshi sweatdropped. "Um...Mewtwo? I don't think that's going to work at all."

Mewtwo sighed. "Guess you're right." He then got an idea. "You know, this reminds me of a saying when I was 2.5 years old."

Dr. Hoshi gasped. "Really? What is it?"

Mewtwo let out a hearty laugh, and then he pointed his index finger up at the ceiling. "When somebody twice your size is about to hit you, you have to stick them with your pointer finger."

Dr. Hoshi stared blankly at Mewtwo. "What, are you kiddin' me?"

Mewtwo frowned. "That's the best I can think up now..."

Dr. Hoshi shook his head. "Oy, this entire thing is getting stupider than my misadventures with Yoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus."

Mewtwo nodded. "You know, I can go for some booze. Hmmmm...booze..." He said, as he started drooling.

Dr. Hoshi's eyes widened as he gave Mewtwo a weird face expression."Did you say BOOBS or BOOZE?"

Mewtwo screamed, waving his hands in defense. "Nonononono! I said BOOZE...BOOBS are like the bouncy..."

Dr. Hoshi slapped his face in horror, and gasped. "OH MY GOD- he's RIGHT! My GOD, what the hell is wrong with me!"

Mewtwo smiled, and he started laughing goofily like a hillbilly. "You know, I got a degree in kick-your-ass-ology."

Dr. Hoshi slapped his forehead again. 'You see how stupid we're dragging this thing? In fact, it's so stupid, it's not even funny!"

"Duuur...mabee ur nat veeleng well, doktur hoeshe." Mewtwo said, acting like a dumbass.

Dr. Hoshi only narrowed his eyes at Mewtwo's sudden stupidity, and yes, he did it in the anime-style, too. "...No friggin' comment..."

Pikachu ran into the room. "Speaking of misadventures, stupidity, and no friggin' comments, we got a new, that's right, NEW, visitor at the door! And she's requesting that you come down, DR. HOSHI!" Pikachu explained quickly, in a hyper voice, as he pointed his index finger at Dr. Hoshi.

Dr. Hoshi gasped. "No...it could only be mone thing...it's...it's...IT'S..."

"UNCLE HARRYHAUSEN!!!" Shouted a loud, hyper voice from a female. The door fell down right after the scream echoed, and the provider of the voice was a pink, female Yoshisaurus, who wasn't wearing any shoes, but had lightblue glasses, 70s-style clothes, and also had a red bandana on. This, which you should all know by this point in the story, was Helen Hoshi, Dr. Harryhausen Hoshi's younger, crazier, and cuter niece.

"Uncle Harry!" Helen screamed in a fan-girlish way, as she frantically ran throughout the whole mansion. "Uncle Harry, I'm here!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Dr. Hoshi screamed in terror, and also in a dramatic, Da-

"I know, I know," Darth Vader moaned, having heard the same line for the 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000th time, "But I don't mind. I'm a shopkeeper!" He gleefully shouted.

Luke Skywalker giggled like a 5-year-old girl. "And I'm his helper! YAY!" He cheered.

Dr. Hoshi sighed. "Thank God. Anyway..." He started again, hiding behind Mewtwo and started screaming for help. "HIDE ME!! HIDE ME!! GET MY CRAZY YOUNG NIECE AWAY FROM ME! I'M TOO OLD FOR BREAKING IT DOWN IN DISCO PARTIES!"

All of the members of the Super Smash Brothers, including Yoshi, Peppy Ankylosaurus, Master Hand, Crazy hand, and Giga Bowser, gave Dr. Hoshi a very odd look. "Disco party?"

Dr. Hoshi chuckled nervously. "Ehehehe...what I mean by that is-"

Helen suddenly ran over pratically everyone and she hugged Dr. Hoshi tightly. "Oh, Uncle Harry! I finally found you!" She squealed.

Dr. Hoshi gasped, trying to get Helen's grip off of him. "Helen, please! Let me go, you're suffocating me! And I told you a thousand times now, DON'T CALL ME HARRY!" He shouted, as he managed to get himself out of the grip.

Yoshi and Peppy both looked curiously at Helen, and then at Dr. Hoshi. "Doc, you care to explain?" They said in unison.

Dr. Hoshi sighed. "Well..." He stood up, and pointed at Helen. "Everyone, meet my younger, and might I add CRAZIER, niece, Helen Margaret Hoshi."

Helen smiled. "Hiya! I'm a Mary Sue!"

Everyone gasped in horror.

Helen giggled. "Just kidding!"

Dr. Hoshi growled. "Helen, what did I tell you about that..." He looked at the chapter timer. "Oh my, I'm afraid we ran out of time for this chapter."

"What chapter?" Mario asked.

Luigi nudged Mario. "Chapter 1, you goof."

Mario growled. "I'm not a goof, spaghetti breath!"

Luigi fumed. "Spaghetti breath? Why you fat..."

Mario and Luigi started fighting.

"Shock," Link, Marth, Roy, Young Link, Pit, Snake, and Pikachu all said in shock.

Dr. Hoshi slapped his forehead. "Oh brother...here we go again..."

Helen giggled, and she started cheering wildly. "WOO! I can't wait until Chapter 2!"

"I can..." Dr. Hoshi moaned, as he placed an ice pack on his head, and followed up with a card that said "TO BE CONTINUED!" on it.

Author's Notes: Helen Margaret Hoshi...Mary Sue or not Mary Sue? You'll find out, in Chapter 2! And can Dr. Hoshi keep up with this insanity? I think not! And will Mewtwo continue to be stupid? You bet! MWAHAHAHA!!