Well, it has been peaceful for quite some time at the Super Smash Brothers Mansion. Even though it's a few days later, things are still going as if time hasn't passed at all. Helen was properly introduced to the Super Smash brothers by her uncle Dr. Hoshi, but the poor old scientist had to keep a tab on his crazy niece. And speaking of which, has good ol' Mewtwo regained his sensibility? Find out, right now!
"So you see, Helen, that's how I met your mother," Dr. Hoshi explained to Helen, sipping some green tea he made earlier.

Helen nodded. "Wow, that explains much, Uncle Harry." She cooed, smiling.

"PLEASE, just call me Harryhausen," Dr. Hoshi sighed, wiping his forehead and sighing.

Dr. Mario came in, and he whispered to Dr. Hoshi, "Mewtwo's acking up again. What shold I do?"

Dr. Hoshi rubbed his chin. "Well...what did he do this time?" The purple Yoshisaurus asked the human doctor.

Dr. Mario gulped, closing his eyes. "Well...it's pretty freaky, but I'll revision it in the best way possible."


"Look at me, I'm Simba. the Lion King of the Pride Lands! And I'm proud of Gay Prideness!" Mewtwo said, taking flowers and putting them around his neck.

Captain Falcon laughed, clapping. "Go, Mewtwo, go!"

"How can you clap when he's unintelligently making a fool out of himself?" Pikachu asked, "Look at him!"

Captain Falcon smiled. "Duh, that's why it's hilarious." He laughed, while Pikachu sighed and shook his head.

Mewtwo started dancing around, his horrid singing voice making Peach and Zelda scream.

"That singing is so terrible!" Peach screamed.

Zelda started crying. "For the Love of Hyrule, make it stop!"

Dr. Mario sighed, putting down his newspaper and getting out a crowbar. "I didn't want to do this, but..." He approached Mewtwo. "Mewtwo...I'm sorry."



Dr. Hoshi sighed. 'Fine. Show me where Mewtwo is and I'll see what I can do." He turned to Helen. "Helen, don't do ANYTHING that I'll regret."

Helen scratched her head. "Like don't do anything stupid, Harryhausen?"

"Exactly." Dr. Hoshi said, before he placed down his tea and left with Dr. Mario.

Helen watched as Dr. Mario and Dr. Hoshi left. She got an evil smirk on her face, and she started to laugh evilly.

Mewtwo was blabbering to himself, given a good bash by Dr. Mario from earlier. Dr. Mario and Dr. Hoshi came in.

"So what's the trouble now?" Dr. Hoshi said looking cautiously at Mewtwo.

Dr. Mario scratched his head. "This is exactly the problem. Mewtwo is just blabbering, and he's not making any sense!"

Mewtwo thn shook his head, and in a British tone, said, "My dear Doctor Mario, be it time for some tea?"

Dr. Mario's eyes widened in surprise. 'First he's babbling, and NOW he's speaking British?"

Mewtwo cleared his throat. "I must be going now. I'm going to be late for my show at the Theatre. Cherrio!" He teleported.

Dr. Mario and Dr. Hoshi blinked in unison.

"Who does he think he is? Kramer from Seinfeld?" Dr. Hoshi asked, shocked by Mewtwo's sudden change in intelligence.

Back to Helen things are seeming a bit...unnerving...

"Now YOU'RE a cheesecake! Haha!" Helen giggled as she pranced to the next room.

Pichu started crying, for he was stuffed in a cheesecake outfit. "Waaaaah! I love cheesecake, but I only want to eat it, not be it!"

Pikachu shrugged. "Dah well. That's what yo get for being obsessed by it." He smirked. "Lest that you'll be going on a ranting spree."

Pichu gasped. "Pikachu you're right!" He started rubbing his hands. "I'll SUE Helen! Yeah! And then, I'm gonna force-I mean, BEG- Dr. Hoshi and Dr. Mario to create a Mary Sue named Mary Sue!" He cackled evilly.

Pikachu blinked. " I think you need to lay off the sugar..." He said, moving an inch away from Pichu.

Dr. Hoshi came out of the basement with Dr. Mario. He growled. "Great T-Rex...Mewtwo could be anywhere in this mansion."

"Or, he could be out in the city." Dr. Mario suggested.

Dr. Hoshi rubbed his chin. "We need to be cautious. He could be anywhere, even in places we wouldn't expect."

"Or he could be out in the city." Dr. Mario suggested.

"What are you, a parrot?" Dr. Hoshi asked.

Parry the Parrot flew by. "Hey, that's my job." He said. (PS: I do not own Parry the Parrot, Game2002 does.)

Dr. Hoshi slapped his forehead and shook his head for several, sad seconds. "This isn't going anywhere..."

"Neither is Mewtwo, but hey." Dr. Mario shrugged. "Hey could be in the city."

"WOULD YOU SOP SAYING THAT!?" Dr. Hoshi bellowed, before he stormed out of the mansion.

Dr. Mario shrugged. 'Dah well, it's his loss." He said, walking away in the other direction.

Helen peeked into the swordsmen's room. She started to cackle evilly. "Oh MAN...this is gonna be soooooo SWEET..." She took out someeye liners and lipstick and continued to ackle evilly to herself as she continued watching...

To Be Continued? Oh noes!