"I, I just don't get him! I was trying to understand him, but he won't let me! I don't know why he's like that! I just, I just wanted to help him! I want to ease his pain and I want to see him smiling and always happy!"Mikan hugged Hotaru and she blurted out those words. Then...

"Ruka, Natsume"Hotaru let go of Mikan and Mikan wiped her tears

'Mikan' Natsume and Ruka looked surprised by what they heard from Mikan

'Oh my gosh! Did he heard what I just said?!' Mikan gasped and the four of them stared at each other

"Mikan, Natsume was just..."Ruka was interupted

"Stop, crying little girl. Like what your best friend said, you're in UGLY mode again"Natsume said

"Why do you care?"Mikan asked

"Ruka, lets go"Hotaru said

"Yeah"Ruka said and they went on ahead, leaving Mikan and Natsume alone

"Ruka, are you sure, you wanted them to be alone?"Hotaru asked

"It's hard, but, that's how Mikan's heart works. If Natsume turns her down again, then, I won't hesitate to move and take Mikan's heart away from Natsume's hands"Ruka said

Hotaru took hold of Ruka's hand and Ruka was startled

"Just, don't hurt Mikan, just like what Natsume's doing right now, okay?"Hotaru said

"You can count on me"Ruka firmed his grip on Hotaru's hand and they walked together, hand in hand

Meanwhile...at the lab

"I somehow see them brother!"Haruhi said

"Oh, shit! What should we do?! Yuu is having a hard time here!"Koko said

"Wait, I think I have a plan" Anna went inside the van and looked for the emergency kit that Hotaru explained to them in cases like this. She found it and pulls the trigger for intruder mode. Then the van releases smokescreen and the students can't see anything. After releasing smokescreen, the van turned itself into a tiny capsule again and Anna took it . Then Yuu and the others got the chance to move away but sadly, some of the students were at the door

"Oh no! Some of them were at the door! We can't pass"Nonoko said

Back to the park, Mikan and Natsume sat together on the bench, but, each one of them were sitting at the other side...

"Natsume, tell me the truth, do you like me?"Mikan asked seriously

"No"Natsume said

"Oh, well, do you find me cute at all?"Mikan asked

"No"Natsume said

"Um, if I were to go somewhere and leave you, would you miss me?"Mikan asked

"No"Natsume said

"I see, well, I better go"Mikan stood up, her eyes were flowing with tears and she starts to walk away but...

"Wait, Mikan"Natsume said

"What now Natsume, I heard enough. I don't need to hear any of your harsh insults right now"Mikan said, feeling annoyed

"I don't like you, but I love you. I don't find you cute, but you're beautiful. And, if you go away and leave me, I won't miss you, but I will die"the way Natsume said these words, were serious, but gentle through the ears. Mikan can't believe that Natsume, the guy that usually bullies her and hurts her, would actually say those words.

"Natsume, do you mean every word?"Mikan asked

"Let's go Mikan, before they leave us"Natsume took hold of Mikan's hand and they walked really fast

"Natsume, thanks"Mikan smile and she hold, not only his hand, even his arm

While Mikan,Natsume,Ruka and Hotaru were on their way back to the lab, Yuu and the others were in trouble, especially when the smore screen starts to fade away

"Where is Hotaru when you need her"Yuu said, while coughing from the smoke screen

Then one of the students opens the window, letting the smokescreen out of the room

"Hey! Don't even try to escape!"Souichi jumped over Koko and Sumire took hold of Maya's hair

"Ouch!"Maya screamed then the students made a riot inside the lab

Back to Ruka and Hotaru

"Ruka, could you let go of my hand now"Hotaru said

"Oh, sorry"Ruka released his grip from Hotaru's hand

"Hey! Hotaru! Ruka!"a familiar voice exclaimed, making Hotaru and Ruka turn around to look

"It's Mikan"Ruka said

"Looks like, everything between her and Natsume is okay"Hotaru said

"Yeah, you're right. I'd never seen her this happy, except when she's with you. But this one is different, she's with Natsume"Ruka said. And Hotaru looked at him, when he said those words

"Hey!Mikan! That was fast!"Ruka waved his hand and released a fake smile on his face.Natsume noticed what Ruka is doing, so he just stayed behind

"We have to go back you know. That ridiculous crying of yours slowed us down"Hotaru said

"Hotaru!"Mikan said and tries to hug her best friend, but then Hotaru manages to dodge it

"I'm glad, that you finally told her"Ruka said

"Whatever"Natsume said

"Look at her, she's never this happy when you're around"Ruka said

"I'm sorry, Ruka"Natsume said

"It's okay, but, if you ever hurt her again, I won't think twice"Ruka said seriously

"I know"Natsume replied

The Mikan and the gang were at the second floor and almost near the lab when


The door of the lab fell and the smoke was released from the room.Mikan and the others saw Anna on top of Akiko

"Anna! What is going on here?!"Hotaru asked

"Please stop this! Right now!"Mikan exclaimed and then the students inside the room stopped fighting

"Huh"everyone looked at Mikan

"Hey, it's Mikan"Haruhi said

"Oh, Haruhi, Kanata"Mikan said, then Natsume showed up

"Will all of you just, remain calm"Natsume said and everybody went back to their places. Kanata, on the other hand, went to Mikan and Natsume

"Just like in my vision, you're coming. I miss you mom, dad"Kanata hugged both Natsume and Mikan, which startled the two

"Mom?"Yuu and the others said

"Dad?"Haruhi and the others said

"Anna, which one of you has the capsule?"Hotaru asked

"I have it"Anna gave the capsule to Hotaru. Hotaru pushed the button of the capsule and the capsule transformed into van mode again

"Yuu, tell the others to get in"Hotaru said

"But, wait"Akiko said and hugged Anna, Souichi took hold of Nonoko's hand, Maya hugged Sumire and Akira went to Ruka's side and hugged Ruka, and this kind of situation feels odd and downright weird for Yuu and the others

"Um, Kanata, what do you mean by vision?"Mikan asked

"My alice is seeing the future. I know what's going to happen around me and me alone"Kanata said

"Don't you think that's selfish? Seeing your own future, not the future of others?"Natsume said straightforwardly

"Do you?"Kanata asked, which made Natsume speechless

"Anyways, we have to go"Hotaru said

"So soon? We rarely see you"Tamaki said and hugged Hotaru(Hotaru: I find this strange, but then again, maybe it's not that bad)

"Yes, or else we might affect this time period pretty badly so we have to go home immediately"Hotaru said

"Sure, I understand. Guys, it's time for us to day our goodbyes"Kanata said and hugged each other and some even shed a few tears

"O-Okay, okay, that's enough, Mikan, Natsume, Yuu, Sumire, Ruka, Nonoko, Anna let's go"Hotaru went on ahead inside the van, then the others followed. The door closes and then spraycan appeared and sprayed Kanata and the others

"Hey Hotaru, what's with the spray?"Mikan asked

"For them to forget this ever happen"Hotaru said then she oressed the green button and the van vanished


"What's with this smoke?"Kanata asked

"I don't know! But, what are we doing here?"Tamaki asked

"Maybe, it's a fire drill"Maya said

"Hell, whatever it is, lets get out of here!"Souichi said and everybody runs away


In Hotaru's lab...

The van appeared and Mikan and the others walked outside

"Hey, how come?"Mikan asked

"What's wrong Mikan?"Nonoko asked

"The time, we took off after lunch, but the time, it's only five minutes after we took off"Mikan said

"Really?!"Anna said

"Whatever the time ,at least we have fun"Koko said

"Way too much fun"Mochi chuckled

"But, it's great that, we get to experience time travelling. Maybe we should do this again sometime"Mikan suggested but the others went outside

"Hey you guys! Why are you leaving?!"Mikan asked

"Obviously we're going back to class, idiot Sakura"Sumire said

"Why...yyyyooouuu SSSSSuuuMiRe!"Mikan growled

"Will you shut up? You're making too much noise here"Natsume said

"Fine..."Mikan said and then she smiled "Natsume!"Mikan took hold of Natsume's arm

"WHO TOLD YOU TO HOLD ME?! GET AWAY! LET GO!"Natsume exclaimed and kept on pushing Mikan away, but Mikan didn't utter a word and she only tighten her grip to Natsume's arm

"Hotaru! Get your stupid best friend away from me!"Natsume shouted, but Hotaru ignored him

"Ruka! A little help over here!"Natsume shouted

"No way Natsume! You have to deal with her by yourself"Ruka said with a smile

"And you called yourself a friend!"Natsume shouted

"YEAH! A friend who CARES!"Ruka laughed and Natsume continues to walk with Mikan clinging on his arm, AWE...


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