A/N: This is my piece to rant about Colossus's tiny part in the x3 movie.

Poor Piotr. T.T


Brett Ratner (director): Alright everyone got a script?

Daniel (colossus): -didn't get one- Uh

Ratner: Good. Now Kitty and Bobby over here, Wolverine, Storm, and Beast here. Got it?

Daniel: Erm.

Ratner: Now remember Bobby's confronting Wolverine about going to fight, you two, look indignant.

Daniel: Excuse me. -taps Ratner's shoulder-

Ratner: We ready to roll?

Guy with snappy thing: Take-

Daniel: Hey! -stands up close in front of camera- Did we forget I'm here? It said on my schedule…

Ratner: What the- why'd the screen go black?

Daniel: Sir!

Ratner: What's that sound?

Daniel: Brett!!

Ratner: -finally gets a clue- What? Oh, yeah, I forgot you're in this movie. -checks script- Oh, there you are. Geesh, the writers need to start using other than 5 point font for your parts.

Daniel: 0.o

Ratner: You stand over there by Kitty. Uh, look…

Daniel: -hopeful- Do I have a line?

Ratner: -exasperated- Didn't you already have your line!?

Danile: Yeah it was about 6 words….

Ratner: And?! What more could you ask for… that's not enough for ya, huh big shot?

Daniel: That's not-

Ratner: I don't want to hear it! Now stand in the corner, and be, I dunno…. the strong silent type. And when the camera turns to you and Kitty….

Daniel: Can I give a menacing look?! -hopeful again-

Ratner: Don't push it! You can nod.

Daniel: -sighs- Whatever.

Ratner: Ah, ah! Strong and silent!

Daniel: Argh!

Ratner: Hey!

Daniel: -rolls eyes-


CG Guy: So.. this scene look finished?

Other CG Guy: Yeah

1st CG Guy: Wait, there's the metal dude, ah what's his name again, anyways; lets do him huh? it'll look cool!

2nd CG Guy: Yeah! -nither really care that colossus is now a metal guy standing right in front of a metal wall-

Later again...

Me: -watching the movie- You can barely see him! Speak dangit speak! T.T


A/N: Someone put it best when they called Colossus in this movie a "virtual hood ornament." -licks closed the envelope to a strongly worded letter to fox- Anyways, though it frustrates me to no end, a glance is better than nothing…. -sigh- at least he's got more than a scene with his name (on a computer screen no less) unlike Gambit. -has to leave before she rips a head off- Push da button on your way out!